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After a spring and summer that saw most of us remotely working and socializing, it's fair to say that the idea of shoes can feel a bit novel. The bravest and boldest may have clomped around their bedrooms and kitchens in special kicks, but there's no judging those among us who retreated into slippers, socks, or bare heels and toes. No more, though, come next spring! Designers are placing bets on a world that requires footwear, and they are giving us some seriously luxe options to look forward to.


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Harking back to the 1850s, ankle boots (as they were simply known then) were invented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, as an alternative to lace-up riding boots, which were almost impossible to remove unaided. The name we use today to describe these stylish stompers unsurprisingly hails from London’s well-heeled Chelsea area, where they were the de facto king of footwear during the 1950s and 1960s on King’s Road, be it on the Sloane Rangers that lived there, or the Mod subculture riding through.

This practical version of the ankle boot has never really gone out of fashion, but this year it is really back in vogue. What’s new this season? The flat platform sole, which makes it very current and different from the past!


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Moccasins’ origin can be drawn back since the Asians came in the United States, around 30,000 years ago. The first Indian ancestors in North America were the first to adapt and modify moccasins to fit their climate. Almost all kinds of durable shoes and boots you see in the mall and stores are derived from Mocs. This footwear is mainly characterized by its lack of heel and genuine comfort through its loose leather fabric.

Gucci had already brought them back into vogue in past seasons, but the moccasins are here to stay! The novelty of the moment, in addition to the classic “Gucci inspired” moccasins, is a bright or shiny detail, typically in the buckle.


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Another strong shoe trend for 2020 2021 that we have taken over from previous seasons are over-the-knee boots, i. e. the type of boots that reach beyond the knee.

This year they reappear in a slim and snug version, combined no longer with skinny jeans and mini dresses, but rather with the new midi and maxi lengths that we see everywhere in dresses. A practical and also comfortable (and warm!) solution to the long-standing problem of “what shoes to wear with my midi and maxi dresses”!


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Another new trend of the season that is definitely worth trying. My favorite combinations, in this case, are those made of two different materials, but in the same shade of color. For example, suede and calf leather or some sort of synthetic fabric and suede.


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This trend is really cool cool autumn winter season 2020 21. And if you like green or if it goes well with what you usually wear, you should definitely try it! Also because there is a huge choice this year.

For those who maintain a wardrobe consisting of uniforms. A uniform for the work week…a uniform for the weekend…Mostly muted tones: navy blue, midnight blue, charcoal grey, medium grey. Polish with black wax and it will maintain that untraceable green hue. It will not erase the green; it will only keep the green deeper and richer. If you are willing to be a bit more daring, use a neutral wax and allow the green to show a bit. Yes, I am suggesting you pair these with your suiting and separates, in navy, charcoal and medium grey. A cap-toe oxford or plain toe oxford…two timeless, elegant models.


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First appearing in the 19th century, the Mary Jane shoes are very popular proven when they completed an array of looks for people leaving the most popular fashion shows this season. These simple ballerina shows, mixed up with a strap that dresses the instep, are the latest fashionable accessory for most stylish girls.

Sometimes pretty combined with tartan pants and a quilted jacket like Blanca Miro, sometimes in a neo-grunge style from Nodaleto worn by Courtney Trop or even in a glitter version from Miu Miu, here are 7 inspiring looks and our favorite models to finally dare Mary Janes this year.


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Combat and biker boots are reconfirmed as a strong trend among the fashion trends for fall winter 2020 2021, combined in many different ways. They are really a powerful and simple way to stay comfortable all day long and make any outfit more gritty.

Spring is always the perfect time for boots and ankle boots: after giving up of sandals and espadrilles, many of us jump directly off the pumps to adopt directly more autumnal shoe models. We have already talked about the new shoe trends of autumn-winter 2020 2021 fashion: in terms of footwear, there is really something for everyone! And among the new fashion trends for 2021, biker boots, or combat boots, are one of the most popular ones. But how to wear biker boots according to this season’s fashion rules?

In any case, having at least one pair in your wardrobe can be very useful. Also to modernize, rejuvenate and add an edgy note to many romantic and feminine outfits! A pair of biker boots or combat boots, in short, proves to be precious to rotate a bit all of our wardrobe workhorses – from skinny jeans to midi or maxi dresses, from winter shorts to boyfriend jeans! Check out the list of top 9 shoes brands in the world here.

If you find the abovementioned information effective and useful, don't hesitate to share it widely, thanks a lot!

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