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To celebrate Christmas is to experience the world coming together under one beautifully decorated tree. Some celebrates the festival at home while some loves to explore various destinations of the world. Everyone, regardless of their background or where they live, gets into the spirit of the holiday and joins in the celebrations. With Christmas quickly approaching, you may be making preparations for your own unique take on the holiday.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is consistently ranked as one of the world's happiest nations, making it an ideal winter vacation destination. The charming, alpine-village style Christmas market in Copenhagen's Tivoli Gardens is open from the beginning of December until the end of the month, and it is surrounded by beautifully lit, vintage amusement park rides. Half a million lights and hundreds of Christmas trees are put up every year to make the streets of the city a spectacular setting for your holiday stroll.

2. London, England

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Traditional themed Christmas displays can be found in Covent Garden, while a massive topiary reindeer Rudolf decorated with lights can be found in Piazza. During December, the streets sparkle, as do all of the malls, which make Christmas shopping an exciting experience.

Christmas in London has enduring appeal, thanks to the decorated Georgian townhouses, cozy, crowded pubs, and a dash of Dickensian charm.

3. New York City, USA

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On Christmas, the city that never sleeps will always be in charge. The massive tree at the Rockefeller Center and the breathtaking store displays make December and Christmas in New York City truly magical.A number of films have already shown how important Christmas is in the Empire State.

The city is transformed into a destination celebrating one of the greatest Christmases in the world with the addition of Christmas lights, tacky muzak, and a light dusting of snow. At the Rockefeller Center, guests are in awe of the world's tallest Christmas tree and ice skate beneath it. A great storefront showcases items in the most appealing ways.

4. Cologne, Germany

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Cologne, the birthplace of mulled wine, is well-known for its abundance of Christmas markets. The remarkable cathedral is surrounded by a lovely Christmas tree, and the aroma of German delicatessen fills the air. The Christmas market is the epitome of classic yuletide charm, and Germans are the ones who celebrate them the most—four million people visit Cologne's Christmas market each winter.

It's the ideal place to pick up all those gifts, with a ton of glühwein stalls and a plethora of gift ideas. Cologne makes a grand impression at Christmas with its towering, magnificent architecture.

5. Dublin, Ireland

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You can get into the spirit of Christmas and do a lot on Dublin's streets. The Docklands is home to the 12 Days of Christmas Market, which features a ton of pantomimes, festive lights, and holiday cheer.

Christmas is celebrated with gusto and glee at St. Patrick's Cathedral, where ice rinks, lights, and carols abound. The city's streets are infused with an irrepressible sense of festive cheer. Check out our guide on where to stay in Dublin and make sure you're close to the attractions you want to see.

6. Lapland, Finland

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Father Christmas's hometown is a must-visit for anyone who still believes in the magic of Christmas, and it is a fantasy come true for children and any adults who refuse to grow up. The most admired person in this city is the happy man dressed in red and white. You can trail him through forests dotted with reindeer and watch his elves as they get the toys ready. The city creates a wonderful world, and it's the ideal destination if you enjoy celebrating Christmas in the white. Lapland, one of the best places to go for Christmas, has a fantastic "Santa Park" where you can have fun.

In addition to all the fun, there's a chance to see the northern lights, one of nature's most amazing spectacles.

7. Nuremberg, Germany

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The Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market) in Nuremburg, Germany, is well-known. On the Hauptmarkt, 180 stalls selling toys, trinkets, and gingerbread treats are arranged side by side. It appears even more magical at night. You can't beat the atmosphere, and it's the ideal place to shop for stocking stuffer Christmas gifts for loved ones back home.

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