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For centuries, these mineral-rich waters have either gathered naturally into pools or have been channeled into man-made spas, both options providing therapeutic and medicinal benefits—and some good old-fashioned relaxation. Soaking in the relaxing hot waters is something everyone should try at least once. So, we’ve listed 7 of the world’s most beautiful thermal baths for you to check out.

1. The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal seawater pool complex set amid a striking black volcanic landscape. Located in Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, Blue Lagoon is currently going through an expansion that’ll include a luxury hotel to accommodate travel demands. The water is also known to be helpful in curing skin diseases, as it contains silica and sulfur.

This luxury spa is not a natural wonder, as it was originally a run-off pool next to a geothermal power plant. Bathe in the same thermal waters as Beyoncé with a drink in hand, a free silica-rich face mask, and beautiful scenery.

2. Pamukkale, Turkey

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Located in Denizili Province, the recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, where locals have developed an impressive tourism system including various accommodations is one of the most stunning sights in Turkey. This truly magical hot spring is formed of terraced pools created by pure white travertine.

Pamukkale translates as “cotton castle”. This refers to the shimmering cotton-like limestone that towers over the hot, calcium-filled mineral pools. The Ancient Greeks and Romans so admired this natural wonder that they constructed the city of Hierapolis at the top of the mountain. Alongside, allowing tourists to bathe in designated areas, there are plenty of well-preserved Roman ruins.

3. Arenal Hot Springs, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano is surrounded by beautiful, natural hot springs and although the volcano itself is now dormant after decades of regular eruptions, the geothermal hot springs remain as soothing as ever.

There are a wealth of hot springs in the area surrounding the volcano which originate in a geothermally heated underground river. Local hotels tap into this source and bring the water to the surface, creating mineral-rich hot springs for their guests to enjoy. You’ll find a whole variety of hotels that you can visit, some even have swim up bars and water slides!

4. Chinoike Jigoku, Japan (Bloody Hell Pond)

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This spectacular hot spring is strikingly different. Its dark orange-red colour has given Chinoike Jigoku its dramatic nickname The Bloody Hell Pond.

The region itself is known to have at least 2,500 hot springs, and is only the second largest source of thermal spring water (first being Yellowstone National Park). The uniquely red-colored hot spring is only one of the eight “Hells of Beppu” – meaning the Beppu region has seven more hot springs, each with a different theme, composition and color. Collectively, they cause the region to get so hot, almost to the point that summer becomes unbearable for residents.

5. The Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

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This star of Yellowstone National Park is the third largest hot spring in the world after Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand and Boiling Lake in Dominica. Its kaleidoscope of natural colour makes it unique in the world. With a diameter of 370ft, the centre of the pool is a boiling 87C. The vivid rings surrounding it are created by microbial mats (multilayered sheets of bacteria and archaea) around the edges of the thermal spring.

The park welcomed approximately four million visitors in 2015, and is expecting to see more growth as popularity continues to peak. One of the ‘cool factors’ behind tourism is the prismatic spring and its vibrant colors, ranging from blue and green to red. The dominant colors continue to change by season, such as orange in the summer and green in the winter to match the weather.

6. Cascate del Mulino, Italy

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Located in the grounds of an old mill, Cascate del Mulino is a dreamlike Tuscan thermal spring where you can bathe in comfortable warm water with a temperature of 37C. Peacefully tucked away in Southern Tuscany, the hot spring is repeatedly praised as a hidden gem away from the mass tourist scene. Perfect temperature of water and beautiful scenery are a given, but make sure to leave time for the impressive local restaurant scene afterwards.

Cascate del Mulino is public and doesn’t cost a penny. Also, the waterfall at the top opens up to form natural pools on different levels, making for an unforgettable experience as you bathe in your own space.

7. Hot Springs Cove, Canada

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Based within Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, this hot spring is only accessible by boat or plane. On your journey, you have chance to spot a whole range of sea life including sea otters, sea lions and even whales.

Relax on the rocks as warm water from the waterfall spills over you. Choose your temperature – you can bathe in cooler pools closer to the ocean, or warmer pools closer to the waterfall. Choose your temperature of desire as you can bathe in lower temperature pools closer to the ocean or higher temperature pools closer to the waterfall. The incredible enchanted atmosphere will make for one of the best experiences in one of the best locations ever.

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