Top 10 Jobs Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat
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65% Women Admit Cheat at Work

The workplace is a pretty common place for romance to blossom. The latter is a problem at times and when it is an issue, the word "love affair" enters the conversation and nobody wants that but sadly it does happen quite a bit.

The some studies claim that certain careers have higher rates of cheating. Infidelity seems to be more common in one area of employment than in another.

Victoria Milan (a dating site designed "for men and women looking for a secret, off-the-cuff relationship) surveyed 5658 women who have cheated or are cheating on you. their life about their profession.

As a result, 65% of women admitted that they had an affair at work. However, 85% of respondents do not want to sleep with co-workers even though they think that having an office relationship will make life more interesting and fun.

According to latest statistics (2022/2023), women working in these 5 jobs have a higher rate of adultery than other occupations.

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What Profession has the Highest Rate of Adultery for Women - Top 7 Jobs?

1.Office Staff

The office is a very easy place for adultery to arise. Here, women have daily exposure conditions; have common professional interests with male colleagues.

Besides, because in this environment there will be many successful men; power, women are very easy to soften before objects with eye-catching appearance; such an easy and successful way of speaking…

2.Alcohol and Tobacco Marketing Staff

When women work in the marketing profession, contact with many customers occurs everywhere, including offices, cafes, even at home.

That often makes people unable to control their emotions. Not only that, they also have to try to please customers, so the possibility of developing feelings for customers is very high.

3.Secretary, Assistant

Top 5 Jobs Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat
Secretary, Assistant - Jobs Are The Most Likely to Cheat

Because of the specifics of their work, the women who work as assistant directors have to hang around their boss every day like a shadow.

Every day texting, calling, meeting; contact easily causes feelings to arise between two people. Sometimes, longtime secretaries also know every little habit of the boss. So whatever you do, please the leader.

Over time, in the eyes of the director, they are not only secretaries but also like a dutiful second wife; so resourceful. And when a high-ranking boss leans his arms out to welcome him in his lap; It is rare for a woman to refuse such a gentle temptation.

4.Entertainment Industry

People who are active in the entertainment world often live emotionally. Although they have to keep a good image in the public eye on the outside, when someone empathizes, they will easily fall into the arms of others immediately.

In addition, because working in the entertainment industry is exposed to many elegant and handsome men, women are also prone to heatstroke by their looks.

At the same time, because the work environment has opportunities for physical contact, they are also easily aroused the desires in their hearts.

This may seem surprising, but only 4% of female celebrities and 3% of male celebrities in the entertainment industry were found to be cheaters. While news reports, social media, and magazines talk about all the infidelity with actors, singers, and comedians, it’s mostly rumors.

5.Flight Attendant

Top 5 Jobs Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat
Careers Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

In recent years, behind the entertainment industry, women working as flight attendants have been assessed as having a high risk of adultery.

First, to be recruited for this position; they are all people with beauty, well-proportioned body, beautiful; know a foreign language at a good level or higher.

Next, because of the nature of the job or having to fly in the country; overseas, so they are often away from home, so they can easily have outside relationships without worrying about being discovered.

The Medical Field-Women

Some surveys show that the medical field was the most common workplace of women cheaters.

This could be due to the high-stress levels and long hours. In one source, 20% of women in the medical field are said to commit adultery, with only 8% of male cheaters falling into this career category.

However, in another source, it seems men are more prone to cheat in the medical field. Now, before you pass judgment, consider a few things.

Note: This doesn’t mean that every doctor, nurse, or practitioner is a cheater.

6.Brokerage Specialist

Women in marketing are often good at diplomacy; have the ability to persuade others. Especially real estate consultants. They learn how to speak when a customer is not satisfied with the first product introduced; they will immediately direct the customer's attention to another option right away.

In addition, the male audience they come into contact with; Most of them are successful men. What woman is not attracted to good men?

7.Business Woman

Entrepreneurs have a high rate of infidelity. This is because research results show that the risk of infidelity is directly proportional to their pocketbook. Successful entrepreneurs with huge assets are more likely to have an affair.

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It’s important to note that the infidelity rates found by these surveys are not a failproof predictor. So, you must be careful not to use accusations according to your loved one’s job choice.

Women cheat on their partners for different reasons. There are also varying levels of cheating, from microcheating to full-blown affairs.

In fact, many people (both men and women) were happy to take the risk of cheating simply because it makes their life more enjoyable.

The survey rankings above do not mean that all people in that profession are having an affair.

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