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Biggest Cities in the World

There are a lot of people in some cities, while others are simply massive. It's high time we started exploring the largest urban areas. When comparing the size of major cities, the United States clearly comes out on top.

Check out the population distribution in today's seven largest cities by land area:

#1 New York - Newark (United States) - 4,669 miles

The City of New York encompasses an enormous metropolitan area that is 8,683 square kilometers in size. One of the world's largest natural harbors is located close to the megacity. As a hub for research, media, culture, education, politics, and tourism, the City has expanded quickly.

New York City has a population of over 17 million. There are 2,050 people per square kilometer in the area. The New York, which was first used by colonists as a small trading post, has grown to the point where it now houses the headquarters of the United Nations.

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#2 Boston - Providence (United States) - 3,683 miles

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Boston - Providence (United States). Photo: Agoda

One of the oldest cities in the country, Providence serves as the state's capital and major population center. Roger Williams, a theologian and religious exile from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who was Reformed Baptist, founded it in 1636.

He gave the area the name "God's merciful Providence" in recognition of the fact that he and his followers had been shown this safe haven, in his opinion. The city is located at the head of Narragansett Bay, at the mouth of the Providence River.

#3 Tokyo (Japan) - 3,178 miles

As the administrative center for a municipality, Tokyo was founded in May 1889. The sizable city, which is in Japan, is divided into 35 wards, or political subdivisions.

More than 33 million people live in the city. In order to accommodate the enormous population, skyscrapers are a common sight here. Tokyo has a total area of 6,993 square kilometers and a density of 4.750 people per square kilometer. Tokyo is home to some of the world's densest populations.

#4 Atlanta (United States) - 2,857 miles

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Atlanta (United States). Photo: Dispatch Health

More than 3.5 million people live in the 5,083 square mile metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the least densely populated major cities with a population density of 700 people per square kilometer.

The city, which was first used as a transportation hub in 1837, later served as the focal point for the civil rights movements led, among others, by Martin Luther King Jr. Information technology, logistics, media, and business services are examples of economic activities. Due to the numerous trees that have been planted in the city, Atlanta is known as the "city in the forest".

#5 Chicago (United States) - 2,705 miles

The American city of Chicago has a sizable land area. The city has expanded quickly since its incorporation in 1837 despite the Great Fire of 1871, which left behind massive destruction. The construction industry's boom accelerated the expansion. Professionals from the Chicago School of Architecture developed new construction styles for the city's urban planning and zoning initiatives.

5,498 square kilometers are currently occupied by the city. Over 8 million people call it home. A renowned center for business, industry, finance, transportation, technology, and telecommunications, the city. One of the busiest airports in the world is O'Hare International Airport.

#6 Los Angeles (United States) - 2,452 miles

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Los Angeles (United States). Photo: Occidental College

Los Angeles, the hub of the country's film and television industry, is a large city in Southern California. Studios like Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours close to the famous Hollywood sign.

The Walk of Fame honors thousands of luminaries, the TCL Chinese Theatre displays celebrity hand- and footprints, and street vendors offer maps to the residences of famous people on Hollywood Boulevard.

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#7 Moscow (Russia) - 2,274 miles

The cosmopolitan capital of Russia is Moscow, which is located on the Moskva River in western Russia. The Kremlin, a complex that houses the president and tsarist artifacts in the Armory, is located in the city's historic center.

Red Square, the focal point of Russian symbolism, is outside its walls. Lenin's Mausoleum, the extensive collection of the State Historical Museum, and St. Basil's Cathedral, renowned for its vibrant, onion-shaped domes, are all located there.

Vatican City - the smallest city by geographical area

Vatican City is only 0.44 square kilometers (0.17 square miles) and is completely encircled by Rome. Although it was once a walled-enclave, it didn't become a city-state until 1929. There are only 800 people living in Vatican City, and 572 of them are citizens. Only 32 people, or 5.5%, of those citizens are women.

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