Funniest and Weirdest Holidays in USA
Funniest and Weirdest Holidays in USA
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Every day in the US, especially after the Covid pandemic, there are dozens and hundreds of festivals and holidays and you might be surprised at the funniest and strangest events that are celebrated rignht now.

There are pointless holidays, bizarre holidays and downright wacky holidays. For this list, we are looking at the most surprising holidays people celebrate in America.

Top 60+ Funniest and Weirdest Holidays in America

These are not official holidays in the United States. They are just used for fun.

Top American Strangest Holidays in January

♦ January 3 National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

♦ January 14 National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

♦ January 21 National Hugging Day

♦ January 21 National Cheesy Socks Day

♦ January 26 Clashing Clothes Day

♦ January 29 National Puzzle Day

♦ January 31 Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in February

♦ February 2 Ground Hog Day

♦ February 8 Kite Flying Day

♦ February 11 Make a Friend Day

♦ February 16 Do a Grouch a Favor Day

♦ February 24 National Tortilla Chip Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in March

♦ March 1 Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

♦ March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day

♦ March 5 Multiple Personality Day

♦ March 14 National Pi Day

♦ March 25 Waffle Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in April

♦ April 2 National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

♦ April 9 Name Yourself Day

♦ April 13 Scrabble Day

♦ April 18 National High Five Day

♦ April 26 Hug an Australian Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in May

♦ May 4 Star Wars Day

♦ May 6 National Tourist Appreciation Day

♦ May 8 No Socks Day

♦ May 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day

♦ May 31 National Macaroon

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Top American Strangest Holidays in June

♦ June 4 Hug Your Cat Day

♦ June 15 National Hollerin’ Contest Day

♦ June 22 National Chocolate Eclair Day

♦ June 23 Take Your Dog to Work Day

♦ 29 Hug Holiday

Top American Strangest Holidays in July

♦ July 1 International Joke Day

♦ July 4 Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

♦ July 6 National Fried Chicken Day

♦ July 14 National Nude Day

♦ July 29 National Lasagna Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in August

♦ August 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

♦ August 13 Left Hander’s Day

♦ August 16 National Tell a Joke Day

♦ August 25 Kiss and Make Up Day

♦ August 30 Toasted Marshmallow Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in September

♦ September 12 Chocolate Milk Shake Day

♦ September 16 National Play Doh Day

♦ September 19 International Talk Like A Pirate Day

♦ September 22 Elephant Appreciation Day

♦ September 28 Ask a Stupid Question Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in October

♦ October 2e Name Your Car Day

♦ October 9 Moldy Cheese Day

♦ October 11 Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

♦ October 17 National Name Your Car Day

♦ October 31 Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in November

♦ November 4 King Tut Day

♦ November 7 Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

♦ November 15 Clean Your Refrigerator Day

♦ November 21 False Confession Day

♦ November 23 Eat a Cranberry Day

♦ November 29 Square Dance Day

Top American Strangest Holidays in December

♦ December 5 Bathtub Party Day

♦ December 7 National Cotton Candy Day

♦ December 17 National Maple Syrup Day

♦ December 21 Don’t Make Your Bed Day

♦ December 24 National Egg Nog Day

♦ December 27 Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

♦ December 31 Unlucky Day


Top 15+ Weirdest Holidays in the U.S

In addition to the 60+ funniest holidays mentioned above, we ranked 15+ weirdest holidays in the US that you should experience for yourself at least once in your life.

1.Fruitcake Toss Day - Jan. 3

Kick off the new year by hurling your fruitcake as far away from yourself as possible. Pictured above are the catapults used for the annual fruitcake toss in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

2.National Hugging Day - January 21

U.S National Hugging Day was allegedly celebrated for the first time on January 21, 1986, in Clio, Michigan, USA. The idea aims to encourage everyone to hug their family and friends more often. National Hugging Day is celebrated every year on January 21st.

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Squirrel Appreciation Day

Sharing the same date as National Hug Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day is observed every January 21. Regardless of how you want to celebrate, we recommend not combining the two events. Why do we need to appreciate squirrels you ask?

We aren’t entirely sure. But we are sure that the best way to appreciate squirrels is to do so from a distance. One way to do so is to prepare a source of food for the squirrels in your area, especially in the northern parts of the world where squirrels may be running out of nuts and other delicacies.

3.National Weatherperson's Day - February 5

February 5 marks the 1774 birth of John Jeffries, one of America’s first weather observers. This is one occasion that celebrates the weather announcements, turning either true or false.

4.Pi Day - March 14

A day for people who love math or love eating pie, Pi Day is celebrated every March 14th, because 3, 1, and 4 are the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi. People celebrate this day in a variety of ways, although the most common tradition is eating pie. The first official celebration of Pi Day occurred in San Francisco in 1988 where people marched around in circles and ate fruit pies at the San Francisco Exploratorium. While perhaps not as strange as some of the other days on this list, it is still a bit weird to have an entire day dedicated to a mathematical constant. Although we aren’t complaining – any excuse to eat pie is fine by us.

5.Barbershop Quartet Day - April 11

Celebrated every April 11, this day allows people to return to the early 20th century when barbershop music found its popularity. This day is mainly celebrated by members of the SPEBSQSA, also known as the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America. Trying saying that five times fast. Or singing it acapella.

6.National Ex-Spouse Day - April 14

If you have a decent relationship with your ex, send flowers. If you and your ex both hate each other with a fiery passion, then maybe “Ex-Spouse Day” should remain unobserved.

People complain about Valentine’s Day as being nothing more than a holiday invented to sell products, but what about National Ex-Spouse Day?

Observed every year on April 14, exactly two months after Valentine’s Day, this day is dedicated to recognizing one’s former life partner. Now – some people may find that they actually get along better with their ex once they are divorced, but it still seems a tad strange to have a day dedicated to a failed relationship. If your divorce was not friendly, however, we recommend skipping this holiday. A Happy Ex-Spouse greeting card could potentially do more harm than good.

7.Talk Like Shakespeare Day - April 23

Celebrated on April 23, the same date that’s traditionally observed as Shakespeare’s date of birth – and is also his date of death - Americans walk around town reciting famous Shakespearean sonnets or lines from his plays. Or they jump on social media and add the ending ‘est’ to every word. Something tells us Shakespeare would have loved Twitter.

8.National Hairball Awareness Day - Last Friday of every April

Celebrated the last Friday of every April, the day is supposed to help raise awareness and encourage people to implement preventative measures to help their cats manage their hairballs. Still, this is certainly one of the stranger days that people celebrate. Perhaps a pamphlet would make more sense.

9.National Two Different Coloured Shoes Day - May 3

Celebrated in US, this day is celebrated by wearing the mismatching pair of shoes on the 3rd of May. This unofficial holiday was created by Dr. Arlene Kaiser to recognize and celebrate human diversity. This day celebrates human diversity.

10.No Socks Day - May 8

Celebrated May 8 every year, No Socks Day is a chance to let your feet have some fresh air and breathe. It was created by actor Thomas Roy and his wife, and is one of the many days that owe their existence to these two.

Lost Sock Memorial Day, May 9: Held only a day after the joyful “No Socks Day,” this holiday is an opportunity for us all to come together and light a few candles in honor of the socks that have fallen in action.

11.National Doughnut Day - First Friday of June

National Doughnut Day
National Doughnut Day

This day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of June with savouring of delicacies. The occasion is commemorated to the women who served doughnuts to the soldiers of World War 1. Sumptuous indeed!

12.Flag Day - June 14

Or, so we’ve heard. Celebrated on June 14, this day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on the same date in 1777. It has been celebrated for 100 years, and while the flag is a great symbol for Americans, it makes some people wonder whether they really need a whole day to celebrate it. The day is celebrated by flying the flag, but Americans already do this on other days like it is going out of style. Regardless of your feelings towards Flag Day, we are pretty certain this is Michael Bay’s favorite holiday.

13.Middle Child Day - August 12

You can look forward to August 12 each year for the famous Middle Child Day! Or not so much. Middle Child Day may seem like a well-deserved day for those who may be overlooked, but we are willing to bet your parents don’t know about this day. And that pretty much sums up the life of a middle child.

14.National Ugly Christmas Sweater

National Ugly Christmas Sweater
National Ugly Christmas Sweater

This event is celebrated with wearing (well not the beautiful sweaters) but the hideous ones. The point however of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is to raise money for a global charity that works to fight premature death in children from diseases like pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria, etc. A noble cause indeed!

15.National Bicarbonate of Soda Day, Dec. 30

It's as if someone decided that, between the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s, we all needed to have the most boring holiday ever—sort of like a palate cleanser.


Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the funniest and weirdest holidays in USA?

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