Best Educational Games for 6 Year old Kids
The best education games for 6 year-old kids!

Top 6 Best Education Games for 6 Year-Old Kids

1. Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper stands out as an exceptional game for children, providing both entertainment and an opportunity to sharpen their critical thinking skills. The game’s main goal is to clear a mine-laden rectangular board without triggering any mines, using numerical clues that indicate the number of mines adjacent to each cell. Players use logic and the process of elimination to deduce mine locations, fostering a strategic mindset and enhancing their problem-solving capabilities. For decades now Minesweeper has proven to be a fun and educational tool that helps kids develop attention to detail while developing their strategies.

2. MentalUP Learning Games

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MentalUP Learning Games. Photo: Real Mum Reviews

Children should be given time limits and a suggested amount of time to spend on computers, phones, and tablets. Children can make the most of this time while having fun with MentalUP Learning Games. More than 100 educational games and daily worksheets are available on MentalUP.

MentalUP offers memory games, visual-verbal brain games for 6-year-olds, and brain teaser puzzles for children. It provides educational games for preschoolers as well as learning games for older kids, up to age 7. The program picks games for your kids automatically, matching the best titles for their cognitive abilities.

3. Magic Pyramid

0748 magic pyramid
Magic Pyramid. Photo: Mentalup

The version with numbers is the most widely recognized. Instead of using numbers in the same game, you can use animals or other images. The objective of the game is to visit each number or image once in order to make it to the bottom line from the top without missing any boxes. It might be more effective to use distinct images to grab the attention of 6-year-olds.

4. Soma Cube Game

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Soma Cube Game. Photo: Worth Point

This time, the game involves creating new models using ready cubes rather than joining a cube's edges. In this game, wooden cubes are typically used. The game's objective is to design the models that are provided in the sample booklet. Once more, cubes are utilized to compute distances like depth, height, and width.

For instance, count the number of cubes that separate the first x cube from the last cube. Between the bottom and top cubes, how many cubes are there?

5. Eva Cube Block Game

0359 eva cube block game
Eva Cube Block Game. Photo: Happy Cube

Consider a regular cube with six square faces. This cube's connection points have a unique design. In order to finish the cube quickly, one must find the related edges. For six-year-olds, it's a fairly entertaining game that's harder than it looks.

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6. Trax Game

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Trax Game. Photo: Amazon

It is made up of 64 identical square tiles with red and white track sections connecting opposite edges on one side and adjacent edges on the other. Making a ring or the winning line in your own color is the aim. It goes without saying that you must stop and block your opponent's moves. This is one of the educational games for six-year-olds that is a clever strategy game.


Games are a big part of keeping a child's mind, body, and soul in good shape because they provide a lot of exercise for building a strong physical foundation. Our bodies and minds are becoming more resilient to many illnesses. It supports students in maintaining a calm and pleasant demeanor in spite of their mood swings. Conversely, games are essential to a child's development of a healthy brain.

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