5435 gear animal jam
Parents seem to really like teaching their kids about things with learning games that are also fun for the kids.

It's time you let delightful animated monsters teach your kids everything from basic ABCs to complex sentences. If you want your children to learn more new things

Top 5 best educational games for children

1. Animal Jam

Ages 6-12 (Computer, iOS, Android)

Animal Jam is an online virtual world originally created in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. It teaches kids about zoology and ecology with games, adventures, and parties and online social elements. With 160 million registered users, this is one of the largest virtual worlds for kids. If the online play gives you pause, know that the parental controls are pretty good, allowing you to lock down the game if you desire.

5545 vocabulary spelling city
Vocabulary Spelling City. Photo: prodigy game

2. Vocabulary Spelling City

Age 4-18 (Computer, iOS, Android)

This program is a K-12 supplemental literacy tool designed to help children at every learning level learn spelling and hone grammar skills. Plus, it helps them build vocabulary retention and reading comprehension. According to the prodigy game, you can try out 40+ free online spelling games that come with pre-populated word lists. They also offer a premium membership that gives your child access to all of Vocabulary Spelling City’s games with customized lists, homework practice, and more.

5643 gear tinybop simple
Tinybop Games. Photo: wired

3. Tinybop Games

Ages 4 and Up (Computer, iOS, Android)

Tinybop has dozens of learning-oriented apps and we've been fans for years. You can purchase them in bundles for iPhone or iPad (Android users there is one Tinybop bundle in the Play Store which has six games.) My kids love the Curiosity Kit ($16), which includes apps about the human body, animal anatomy, and space. Tinybop is currently offering its Tinybop Schools subscription, which features ten science apps and classroom support, for free through the summer to help out parents and kids while schools are closed (no credit card required).

5749 learning games for kids health
Learning Games for Kids: Health. Photo: prodigy game

4. Learning Games for Kids: Health

Ages 4-13 (Computer)

When it comes to health, it’s important that children learn about their bodies early to stay healthy. Although this website is outdated, there are 36 health-related games across four categories that will help children love to care about their health.

From allergies and body parts to dental hygiene and staying fit, playing these games can introduce them to new concepts and help reinforce what they learn in school.

5853 endless alphabet
Endless Alphabet. Photo: wired

5. Endless Alphabet

Ages 3 and Up (Computer, iOS, Android)

It's time you let delightful animated monsters teach your kids everything from basic ABCs to complex sentences. It has puzzle games with talking letters and well-illustrated definitions to help your child learn to read. As the Wired, riginator, the publisher of Endless Alphabet, has many other games as well, including Endless Reader, which helps kids learn sight words, and Endless Spanish which helped my kids significantly improve their Spanish vocabulary.

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