Top Halloween costumes for kids

It's raining cats and dogs

Top 5 easy and uinique DIY Halloween costumes for kids
Rainy cats and dogs costume for Halloween. Photo: MyBankTracker

This may seem a little off the wall, but it's actually a great use of those excess stuffed animals strewn around the house. All you need is an umbrella with hanging stuffed cats and dogs, a simple solid tee and pants and rain boots.


Top 5 easy and uinique DIY Halloween costumes for kids

Make some felt logs (fabric glue should do the trick if you're averse to sewing—or roll up tubes of brown paper for the same effect), add a little felt fire and put a marshmallow on the end of a stick. That gives you the perfect costume for your budding outdoorsman or woman!


Top 5 easy and uinique DIY Halloween costumes for kids
Halloween unicorn costumes. Photo: The Gifted Gabber

Unicorns are all the craze right now—and making an on-trend costume is really easy! All you need to do is put your little one in a solid white or pastel outfit, make a rainbow-colored tail with different colors of yarn and then make a horn using Styrofoam and glitter.

DIY Minions Costume

Top 5 easy and uinique DIY Halloween costumes for kids
Minions Halloween Costume. Photo: Snappy Pixels

According to GH, Minion Halloween costumes are a great idea for kids adults, couples, families or groups. The Despicable Me movies are loved by kids and parents and when we talk about costumes, a Despicable Me character is definitely holding one of the top ten positions for popularity.

If you're feeling despicable, dress up the whole family as adorably mischievous Minions — just dig in your closet for yellow shirts and overalls, and get a few pairs of Minion goggles.

Watercolor Paint Tray

Top 5 easy and uinique DIY Halloween costumes for kids
Watercolor Paint Tray. Photo: DIY Network

According to the DIY Network, the narrow tray with ovals of watercolor paint is a part of growing up. Turn this classic childhood toy into a colorful costume. Top it off with a handmade French-inspired beret and a jumbo paintbrush made from a pool noodle.

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