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Zodiac signs. Photo: Bonobology
Zodiac Signs Who Are Born Leaders

Which zodiac signs are born leaders?

While all zodiac signs have their own strengths and weaknesses, some are natural-born leaders. While some members of the zodiac may steer away from being the decision maker, others are great at taking charge, making rational decisions and putting themselves out there.

Let’s take a look at these zodiac signs which always lead.

1.Aries - Born Leaders

Aries. Photo: Deccan Herald
Aries. Photo: Deccan Herald

Leadership is in Aries' blood. They represent all the qualities one would expect from a "firstborn," given their position as the first zodiacal sign. They are rational, dogged, and at their best when they are facilitating the success of others.

Because they are motivated by cooperation rather than ego, and can separate their feelings from their decisions, people born under the sign of Aries often make excellent managers. Genius in both creativity and innovation is common within this group (Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Vincent van Gogh were all Aries).

The above-mentioned individuals, like most Aries, have a wealth of original thought and were also highly productive in their chosen fields; this is a potent combination that makes them extraordinarily effective. They are the most effective leaders despite possibly being the coldest.

2.Virgo - Born Leaders

Photo: Melinda Marie Alexander
Photo: Melinda Marie Alexander

Humanitarians are Virgos. They take charge with integrity. Virgos make excellent managers since they aren't just concerned with expanding their company's offerings or increasing profits. Contrary to popular belief, Virgos are not cold and calculated.

What makes them so nice to work for is that they virtually always have a bigger picture in mind.

Although they may appear overly cautious and risk-averse due to their tendency to dwell on the worst-case scenario, they are generally able to overcome their apprehensions due to their strong desire to see those they care about succeed.

3.Sagittarius - Born Leaders

Photo: India TV News
Photo: India TV News

Sagittarius leaders are effective because they rarely resort to micromanagement. They hold fast to the belief that the best results can be achieved as a team when everyone is free to express their ideas and try new things.

Walt Disney, a well-known Sagittarius, once said that parents shouldn't treat their children like delicate flowers. This outlook is also shared by Sags in the workplace.

They hope you will develop your own sense of curiosity, critical thinking, and autonomy as a result of this. In addition, they are the least likely to worry about the problems of others since they are preoccupied with solving their own problems.

In the end, Sagittarians are excellent managers because they can delegate authority without micromanaging. They'd be an ideal employer in every way possible.

4.Leo - Born Leaders

Photo: askAstrology
Photo: askAstrology

Obama, by reference, is a Leo. A Leo employee is one who volunteers to take on more work. She is very dedicated to her work and takes pride in producing the highest quality results possible. When everything else fails, she can take charge and find a solution. Leo is well-known for her joyous occasions. She plans annual office Christmas parties that are legendary.

Nonetheless, a Leo can be overly sensitive to the views of others, especially when it comes to matters of the ego. She has been known to be haughty, boastful, and defiant at times. Yet a Leo will always have your back. You may rest assured that she always has your back. And if you're on her team, you can count on her undying praise.

5.Capricorn - Born Leaders

Capricorn. Photo: India TV News
Capricorn. Photo: India TV News

Another sign of the Zodiac that is born with natural leadership abilities is the Capricorn. Because a Capricorn does not believe in letting other people down, she is a driven and fearless leader. The Capricorn persona exudes composure and mastery of the situation. She is a tenacious worker who is driven by her passion and she does not give up easily.

There are times when Capricorns lack compassion for other people, and she may allow her tendency to follow the rules to prevent her from recognizing what is right and what is wrong. However, she will stand up for her employees to the very end, she will set clear expectations for them, and she will always use her authority for the greater good.


Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio are all natural-born leaders, and the primary reason for this is that these zodiac signs are fearlessly and unapologetically themselves.

If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and if you think the article is interesting, please give it a like and share it with the people in your life who might also find it interesting. We appreciate you listening in.

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