Top 5 Most Frugal Zodiac Signs
Top 5 Most Frugal Zodiac Signs. Photo: knowinsiders.

What astrology says about the frugal zodiac signs

Being economical is not always a bad thing. However, there’s a difference between saving your money and being a cheapskate.

Have you ever wondered if there's a reason why someone is less likely to grab the bill? Perhaps they're a bit more frugal out of necessity, or they prefer not to spend money on others.

You don’t have to blow all of your money all the time. When it comes to defining a personality as frugal, astrology has a part to play. Looking to astrology can help you better understand why people are the way they are.

Keep on reading to find more things with most frugal zodiac signs.


Top 5 most frugal zodiac signs

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancers are known for their homebody nature, as Best Life reported. Because of that, oftentimes this sign would rather curl up with a good book than go out on the town and spend money on martinis.

Hint astrologer and bestselling astrology author Marion Williamson agrees. "Moon-ruled, nurturing Cancers are conservative and shrewd providers who look after their own first," she says. This sign is also famous for its sentimentality. "Protective of their privacy and home life, Cancer can be a hoarder, attaching sentimental value to empty crisp packets and old train tickets," Williamson adds. An inability to part with items can translate to Cancers wanting to keep their money in their wallets.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and loves to feel secure, which is why Cancerians are the ones most set on making 2021 the year that they master money management. Their property home and family will be their number one motivation when considering their investments.

Whether it’s buying a house for themselves or paying off their parent’s mortgage, secure investments with limited risk exposure make sense for people with planets in Cancer. That being said, Cancer is not absolutely risk averse; security is a priority so a healthy pension that makes them feel safe will be top of the agenda.

Cancer is suspicious about a lot of things and spending money without thinking about it first is one of them. In fact, he treats spending any amount of money as if he were buying something big like a car or a house.

He weighs his options, he looks around for a cheaper option (even on something inexpensive like a burger and fries!) and asks himself if he really wants whatever he’s buying. Usually, the answer is yes, unless it IS a big purchase, but he still goes through his act every single time.

Cancer would hate to be known as the guy who bought something dumb or useless and became the face of what happens when you’re not conscious about your money.

How does Cancer deal with Money?

Cancer is a very economical person, and for that reason, Cancer is good with Money. These people often dream about how wonderful the future could be. Still, Cancer also recognizes that not all of their dreams are possible. They put their effort into things that are realistic and work hard to finish all that they have started. It is not part of Cancer’s nature to give up on something, even if it is not worth their while anymore.

Cancer money astrology reveals that these individuals are always serious when dealing with finances. Cancer can seem to be relaxed and fun and sometimes even naïve until the topic is about their finances. They are suspicious of all things connected with possible fraud or schemes. Still, a talented salesman can persuade Cancer to make completely ridiculous investments or purchases. Cancer learns from their mistakes and never does them again. But their mistakes usually cost them quite a lot, as reported.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus is the number one sign to watch out for if you want to split the bill, because it's more than likely you'll wind up paying. "Taurus is mistrustful of anyone who persuades them to part with their cash, and probably still remembers you owe them $10 from three years ago," Williamson says. She warns that they're not the best dinner guests: If you "invite them to dinner at a new restaurant they'll order the most indulgent item, but they might mysteriously vanish when it's time for the bill."

And Taureans definitely love to be treated. They are known for their likable personalities, which is why others desire to be around them. But this sign can take advantage of this popularity. These are most likely straightforward people. Whenever out for lunch or dinner, they would prefer paying for themselves. They prefer to take advice from their trusted group in matters where money is involved. You wouldn’t see a Taurus investing too much in unimportant things, as Pinkvilla reported.

Depending on who you talk to, Taurus can either be described as a cheapskate or a serious saver. When he does want to spend money on something, he spends a LOT of time researching. He weighs the pros and cons and asks for opinions before handing over any money.

And even then, it’s not uncommon for him to experience buyer’s remorse afterward. So it’s probably safe to say that Taurus is never one to just throw his cash around for anyone or anything.

Top 5 Most Frugal Zodiac Signs
Taurus Traits. Photo: Sunsigns.

According to Your Tango, Taurus is also known to be someone who hates owing people money. Look at it this way: if he doesn’t know exactly where each cent of his money is, there’s an issue.

Whether you’re going out to the movies or to dinner with him, chances are pretty good that he’ll suggest you both pay for yourselves, instead of one person picking up the check for both of you.

Taurus is obviously very conscious of his money, almost to the point where it’s hard to enjoy any plans with him that involve spending money.

Taurus is one of the most abundant signs of the zodiac, as Glamour reported. Notoriously stubborn, Taurus is reliably bullish on a life of luxury. The sign most associated with money, those of us with planets in Taurus know how to earn, save, spend and generate wealth.

Calm and patient, Taurus understands how to invest and they also have a level headed and steady approach to life so will not panic buy or sell during market fluctuations. Taurus is pragmatic, security focused but also likes to enjoy ‘the good life’.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgos are the true budget babes of the zodiac. As practical and detail-oriented earth signs, a Virgo always has a plan (and a spreadsheet) detailing how she’s going to spend her hard-earned cash. Virgo’s second house of finances is overseen by Venus—planet of love and connection. This makes Virgos especially attuned to making considered, balanced decisions before swiping that credit card. This can also lead to a tendency to avoid things that are fun just to save money. So, though it’s good to follow your Virgo friend’s lead on responsible spending, you should also remind her that she needs to live a little sometimes.

Virgo is thrifty about his money, but for a completely different reason. Virgo is often considered to be a worrier and, when it comes to his money, he worries HARD.

Not only does he have to know where his money is at all times, but he also has to keep files and accounts of pretty much every penny he spends. While it is a good idea to keep track of your money, Virgo tends to take it too far.

There are some instances that are out of his control – like his credit card being stolen or an accidental charge – but that doesn’t stop him from pretty much freaking out until things are handled.

That means having his bank on speed dial until the charges are resolved and constantly refreshing his account balance on his phone until he sees something different.

And forget about borrowing a few bucks out of his wallet — if you don’t explicitly ask him beforehand, all hell will break loose.

Virgo financial horoscope also shows that these individuals will only spend their money on something that is of high quality and practical. They enjoy having all sorts of gadgets. When it comes to gifts, Virgos are always very practical. These people don’t like to go to restaurants or bars because they are not very social and they don’t approve of such expenses.

They are quite reluctant to get in deals with their friends and family – Virgo will rather avoid lending or borrowing money from them. These people value their families because it gives them a sense of stability. Virgo likes to be the provider if their family appreciates the hard work Virgo has put into earning. These people will take good care of those w

Top 5 Most Frugal Zodiac Signs
Virgo Zodiac Sign. Photo: knowinsiders.

How does Virgo deal with money?

Virgo money luck today would indicate that Virgo is very cautious when dealing with finances. They have to work hard to gain the stability and safety they are looking for. Money for Virgo is a way to ensure that they are secure. These people rarely are broke because they know how to save money. Virgos are the kind of people who count every penny. They don’t like to spend money on things that have no practical value.

These people usually are well situated, because they treat money with respect. They never spend more than they earn. Virgo is not impulsive when it comes to their expenses. Sometimes it might seem that they are too thrifty, but it is usually for a good reason.

Capricorn (December 20 - January 19)

Some say that Ebenezer Scrooge was a Capricorn. And though most of our lovable sea goats are nowhere near as frugal (or miserly!) as the villain of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, there’s some truth in the comparison. Capricorns don’t do anything without thinking about their long-term plan, so they’re always on top of saving and making smart investments. According to PureWow, you won’t ever catch a Capricorn frittering away their cash on the instant gratification of brunch, an overpriced Uber or even Farmer’s Market produce that they don’t already have a plan to use.

While you might think that Capricorns would want to spend money because they appreciate life's finer things, it can be just the opposite. "The ambitious, business-minded Capricorn has a serious attitude towards money," says Williamson. "They'll live on fish fingers for years if it means saving for a Ferrari, or paying off their mortgage."

Johanna, an astrologer at Ministry of Numerology, agrees. "Capricorns are cautious spenders. They enjoy seeing their money grow and genuinely appreciate saving for the future." However, if they have to give something away to their coworkers or friends, "they will go out of their way to be as inexpensive as possible," she adds.

Capricorns want to keep things simple and crystal clear. They exactly know where to spend the money and where not. They wouldn’t hesitate in thinking twice before spending a handsome amount of money even on what seems to be an important thing.

According to, Capricorn is good at making money and excellent at saving money. They have a keen mind for investments, and genuinely love putting aside money for a rainy day. A Capricorn knows the value of a dollar, and loves couponing and saving money, even if they don’t “need” to do so. A Capricorn may comparison shop for ages until they finally bite the bullet and buy a product, and a Capricorn doesn’t like spending unnecessary money, and may need to be coaxed into spending money on luxuries—and for a Capricorn, even a coffee bought out is a luxury.

When spending their Capricorn money, these people always consider everything before making a purchase. Sometimes they can ever become too thrifty. At the same time, Capricorn loves to give gifts to themselves and also their loved ones. Still, they always stay practical, and they will get something the other person truly needs.

How does Capricorn deal with money?

Capricorns are very serious when it comes to their Capricorn financial situation. These people don’t joke about money. They are efficient in their earning and spending. Capricorn sets very high goals for themselves, but they are all very realistic. They work hard to get where they want to be. Nothing can distract Capricorn from their path. These people can be too stubborn in all aspects of their lives.

According to Capricorn money astrology, having money is very important for Capricorn because it guarantees safety. They need to be able to afford anything they want. Capricorn’s ambitions are always very practical. These people care a lot about their family and home. They must be able to provide for their loved ones. Capricorn is quite economical.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpios are notoriously secretive, which can lead to them keeping their finances private, even from close friends and family.

Accordin g to Premastrologer, Scorpions are extremely interested in all transformations of nature including life, birth and love. Scorpio born personalities see money as a power that transforms and controls everything. Scorpios are more fascinated by the power exhibited by money. They should be extremely careful to avoid materialistic behavior. At certain point of time, Scorpio may think that money rules the entire world.

Top 5 Most Frugal Zodiac Signs
Scorpio zodiac signs. Photo: Star Naming

The Scorpio ruler, Pluto helps Scorpio to achieve their financial prosperity. Scorpio does this job very carefully. Mostly Scorpio born personalities are involved in handling other’s money like corporate managers, stockbrokers, lawyers or accountants. Hence they exhibit extreme cautious and honesty in doing their job. While pursuing this job, Scorpio has to come across various significant lessons. Scorpio should learn and acquire various important characteristics like generosity, trust, faith, optimism and vision.

There are many reasons for someone to not want to spend their money frivolously — saving for school, wanting to buy a house, needing it for loans — but when it comes to Scorpio, he’s just cheap; plain and simple.

Ask him if he wants to go to a bar on Friday night and he’ll say no. Ask him if he wants to split a pizza instead of cooking and he’ll give you one of those no-nonsense stares that’ll make you wish you never asked.

But why is Scorpio so cheap? According to Your Tango, he doesn’t really worry about his money or think of it as flaunting something that others don’t have. In reality, he’s just a Scrooge.

He’d rather lock his money away in the bank and never touch it instead of spending it at all. Like I said, it’s great to be conscious about your cash, but when it starts becoming an obsession to hide it away, that’s when you know Scorpio is just plain cheap.

Scorpio money prediction reveals that Scorpios love to save money because it gives them a sense of security and power. These people will cut all the smallest of their expenses if it is necessary. Scorpios are also too paranoid to save all of their money in one place. These people usually have different sorts of investments and at least two different bank accounts. Scorpios make sure that no one can follow their expenses and earnings.

They always think about the possibility that something bad could happen and they feel safer if they have savings. It also gives them the freedom to act on their current feelings suddenly. If Scorpio feels unhappy with their situation in life, either it is a job or relationship they don’t like, these people can quickly change everything. Scorpio will plan if they wish to do something, and in that case, they will have enough savings. Therefore, Scorpios are good with money.

Scorpio is the master at detail and control, a forensic sign who understands energy, financial rhythms and the power of wealth. Ruled by Pluto, the God of the underworld who holds dominion over all the riches of the earth, Scorpio possesses the same depth of power and understanding.

Scorpio understands what is worth investing in and they have innate power to encourage others to invest in them. Their need for control means they know where all their money is kept and could resent spending it. A fixed sign, the constellation in the sky opposite Taurus, Scorpio will usually be financially savvy and they have an understanding for what might work. Scorpio is connected to joint investments, joint accounts, insurance schemes and anything where “other people’s money” is involved.

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Gemini: This Star is highly considerate and kind with their money. They don’t have many personal interests. They are prepared to work with whatever is given to them. He does, however, have a tremendous heart for his folks. They are willing to go to any length for them and will not hesitate to pay a large sum of money to make their dear ones happy.

Leo: Individuals born under the sign of Leo have exceedingly costly hobbies. Anytime they purchase something, they do so with care. They do not, however, spend money until they have a healthy bank account. Whenever it comes to their dear ones, though, they also use their savings to ensure their pleasure.

Scorpio: Individuals born under this sign are unpredictable and prefer to live their lives in their own manner. They are quite frugal when it comes to money. They are unwilling to change as long as their goods work. They, on the other hand, are deeply concerned about their dear ones and will go to great lengths to provide for them.

Libra: Individuals born under the sign of Libra are naturally wealthy. They don’t really stop when cash comes his way. They have a strong desire to help others. They spend the cash on others. They may have to deal with financial difficulties as a result of this.

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