Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered. Photo: knowinsiders.
Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered. Photo: knowinsiders.

What zodiac signs say about the kids who love being pampered

Of course, everyone likes to pamper themselves. When someone pampers them, they feel loved, needed and cared. Some of us are practically trained from birth to allow the things in life that prove to be indulgent or pampering. They give more priority to their things and somehow get themselves to be loved.

Wondering what kind of personality your baby might have? Will they be shy, stubborn, or perhaps creative and flamboyant? Their astrological sign can give you some fun insights into what to expect as your kiddo grows.

Find out the zodiac signs who love being pampered and take pleasure in enjoying the finer things in life.


Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Even as a baby, your Taurus child is sweet, affectionate and cuddly. He is also likely to be strong and cheerful.

Introduce your baby to the great outdoors as soon as possible because young Taurus children will thrive in a natural environment. As he gets older, he might enjoy having a small area of your garden or a pet to take care of. He’ll take such responsibilities seriously.

As Baby Centre reported, children of the Bull experience the world through their senses. They like the way things taste, feel, sound and smell. In fact, from the moment they're born, they love to eat. If your little one develops a very short list of foods he’ll go for and stubbornly refuses to try anything new, don't worry! Keep calmly offering him other options and he'll eventually branch out. Try to avoid giving him too many sugary snacks, which can interfere with his naturally healthy appetite.

Your Taurus baby will like to be swaddled and held because it makes him feel safe. Some Taurus children are clingy, while others develop an attachment to an item that reminds them of home, like a cuddly toy.

According to Pinkvilla, this zodiac sign is all about living a life full of comfort where their needs and desires are taken care of. They like to work smart and not work hard and take pride in enjoying the finer things in life. They love it when others pamper them and do things for them to set things in order. They are lazy but efficient and love to enjoy a day at the spa.

You wouldn't think that the Bull would also be the biggest hog for pampering, but nobody in the zodiac wants it more.

Yes, it's obvious that we'd all like a day in the spa over a day at the office, but it's Taurus who will simply take that day in the spa, while we stick to our cubicles, thinking about how great it might be... someday. Go Taurus!

To encourage your Taurus baby to flourish, consider these zodiac-based characteristics, adjust your parenting accordingly, and you’ll have a happy baby on your hands.

Parenting Tips

*Teach them the rules about hitting others, and don’t laugh it off. Taurus babies love to punch and kick, but they need to know that their actions can do damage, as Astrostyle reported.

* Nip their lazy streak in the bud. This sign likes to feel useful, so start them doing chores around the house as early as possible. Feeling appreciated motivates them, so let them know how much of a difference their help makes for the family. Use the reward system sparingly or they may come to expect a shiny quarter every time they lift a finger.

* Taurus babies are the thumbsuckers of the zodiac: this is a baby that loves putting things in his/her mouth! Think twice before popping a pacifier in this baby’s mouth. While it may quiet little Taurus, it can also become a hard habit to break.

* Taurus can be stubborn, so keep the rules simple and straightforward. The broken record technique is a good tool for disciplining these kids. If they don’t listen, continue to repeat the same boundary or rule over and over again (without losing your cool) and your bull will bow to your wishes.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer sign people are loving with all their heart. They are for all feelings and sensitive gestures. They like to think of someone else who gets mad at them and prioritizes their needs. Cancerian babies need as much love and affection from their parents as they naturally have.

They love the idea of ​​being loved by someone and thus when someone pampers them they absolutely love it.

According to, emotional and intense, parenting a Cancer child can feel like you're giving everything you've got. Well, you are—and it will pay off. As infants, Cancer children may seem needier than other signs of the Zodiac, and those infamous Cancer tummy troubles may put them at greater risk of colic than their other peers. Cancer children also have an intense need for physical touch, and a Cancer infant may seem like they're never happy—unless they're in your arms. Normal! Cancer craves love and affection and can almost never have enough, so "baby wearing" (holding baby close to you as you go about your day) can help you both stay sane and happy!

As your little Cancer gets older, he or she still needs the physical connection to Mom and Dad. Plenty of cuddles can help ease transitions. Meanwhile, being aware of your little Crabs' big emotions and letting them know that they're not "good" or "bad," is key. Cancers cry but they aren't crybabies, and shaming them will make them less likely to share what's going on in their life. Always let them know that you're there to listen, but don't pry. Knowing they can come to you is key, and trust that they will—eventually.

Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered
Cancer zodiac sign. Photo: Style Caster

As Kidspot reported, Cancerian babies find great comfort in sleeping with their parents (especially as toddlers, where their demand is commonly placed on parents to allow them to cuddle up at night).

Self-soothing is a common problem with Cancerian babies, as they seek comfort from others not independently. The Cancerian babies have a strong protective instinct, which means that sharing is not something that comes naturally to them.

Parents can expect the toddler and early childhood years to be filled with many arguments over allowing others to play with their most valued toys.

Cancerian children will fight in a bid to “protect the treasure” rather than risk having someone else spoil or break something they hold so close to them.

Tips for parenting a Cancer child

Give them space. While Cancer kids can be emotional and clingy, they also need their independence. Give them the time and physical space to quietly sit with their own thoughts and emotions. Let them recharge and they'll be snuggling up to you again in no time.

Nourish them with healthy food. Cancer babies love food and may some day grow into emotional eaters. Provide them with the best possible nutrition from the very beginning. That way, when they reach for comfort food, they'll be nourishing body and soul.

Make family time fun time. Family connections are important to little Crabs. Try to be intentional about the way your family spends time together, and include extended family, too!

LEO (July 23 - August 22)

According to Cosmopolitan, Leos are the star sign born between July 23-August 22 and are ruled by the Sun, and this perfectly represents their innate belief that they are the centre-of-the-universe! That sounds annoying AF (it can be), but mostly you’ll be happy to let them take centre-stage because they work hard for it. This sign of the zodiac is charming, warm, welcoming, funny, protective, and generally great company.

Leos love to be pampered and be the centre of attention everywhere they go. They love it when people adore them, shower them with compliments, click their pictures without asking for it. They like it when their eccentric aura and the radiant personality gets noticed by everyone. This zodiac sign loves to be charmed and taken away by showering them with gifts, compliments and attention.

Really, any compliments, flattery, or positive attention makes Leo happy. It's practically a requirement of the Leo to receive flattery and praise, and they'll seek it out everywhere they can.

Leo wants to be pampered, and photographed while it's taking place. For Leo, it's not just about the pampering, it's about how everyone notices the radiant after-effect it has, not to mention the compliments that follow, as Your Tango reported.

"Oh, don't you look healthy and at peace! You must have done some pampering!" This is the stuff Leo lives for. They pamper themselves to feel good and to hear how good it looks on them.

Nobody pampers like a Leo. It is true and only true that the lion loves indulging in all things good. People who belong to this zodiac sign believe in grand gestures to show how important people are to them and being the people they are, they expect the most for themselves always. The way to a Leo child’s heart is pampering and a lot of attention for sure!

Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered
Photo: Elle

Parenting Tips for the Leo Baby or Child

* Don’t pressure them to win. Leos are naturally wired to strive for the best, so unless you want to create a mini-dictator, you’re better of teaching them to be good sports than urging them to go for the gold.

* Encourage their artistic expression. Leos need to decorate everything from their rooms to their clothes. Skip the fussy outfits and forget about having their bedrooms look like a designer showroom. Instead, give them fabric markers and cover their walls with chalkboards so they can go to town. You may have a future fashion designer on your hands.

* Heap on the praise. Leos thrive on positive reinforcement and encouraging words are often all that are needed to keep your Leo working hard and on the right path. On the flip side, they hate to fail and can turn into quitters if they don’t learn that it’s okay to make mistakes. Teach them to find the lesson in each experience–whether it turns out good or bad in the end.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

As toddlers, they need lots of affection from their favorite adults and may annoy quieter siblings with their constant demands for attention. Libra is the sign that rules marriage, so divorce or the loss of a parent can hit them harder than most. They need to be reminded that they are loved over and over again. Without that reassurance, they may become brooding or hardened, like Libra Eminem, whose angry songs about his mother have been heard around the world. Symbolized by the scales of justice, little Libras are keenly aware of right and wrong. Their sense of balance and harmony makes them highly creative.

Being the sociable kind that they are, it’s only natural for Libra kids to want attention. Don’t you agree?! Their innate desire to please just about everyone may also make you wonder if they are just doing it for attention. Hmm!

Librans prefer peace and calm in every situation, and that’s what prevents them from getting into arguments. They may not raise their voice if they don’t agree with something, and try their best to avoid conflicts. They may also ignore their friend’s petty behaviour to avoid confrontation.

Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered
Kids Of These Zodiac Signs Love Being Pampered. Photo:

The children of this sign need a warm family atmosphere, a cozy house where you can hide from all hardships and relax peacefully. Quality sleep is needed by Libra more than other signs. These children are not so hardy, quickly get tired, but rarely complain and demand to themselves attention. They are happy to communicate with peers and adults, like when the house guests. Sometimes Libra’s kids are difficult to understand, they are constantly painfully looking for harmony and balance of life.

You can not shout at the children, Libra, their soul is so fragile and delicate. As Astrologyk reported, teach them to weigh the possible options for action calmly, without drama. Let the child learn to analyze everything and painlessly discard the excess. Develop in it independence, do not support the status of my mother’s son (daughter). Teach your child practicality and punctuality. Take care of its financial literacy. Teach Libra to say no and calmly perceive the changes in life.

A young Libra is also very sensitive and is quick to pick up on the moods of others. They can sense when the people around them are unhappy and hearing arguments or disagreements upsets them deeply. A Libra child needs balance and thrives in harmonious, peaceful environments.

Parenting Tips for the Libra Baby or Child

* Ruled by the scales of justice, their favorite battle cry is, “that’s not fair!” Ask them to explain why they feel this way. A logical discussion often helps them understand why the rules are in place. They’ll get it.

* Time management is an issue for Libras; they won’t want to stop playing and socializing. Teach them to pay attention to the clock and set up clearly defined consequences for them when they are late.

* Since they love special treats, Libras will respond well to the reward system. Use this sparingly, and only when they go above and beyond the call of duty. Libras get spoiled easily and need to learn how to be responsible for themselves without always being given a cookie.

* Shower them with love, love and more love. Show up to all their special occasions and don’t forget their birthdays. They’ll pay it forward by being sweet and kind to siblings and other kids.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces child has a rich imagination and early sets parents complex, sometimes strange questions. He worries about who he was in a previous life, where he finds himself, when this one ends. Such children early begin to dream of prophetic dreams. Do not be afraid of the unusual abilities of the child, because in the future his intuition will help to make the right decisions and avoid the danger. Pisces instantly absorb the mood of others, so it is important that they communicate only with kind and calm people.

For Pisces, it's not so much a desire for pampering as it is a need. Pisces are extremely giving people — so much so that they can become quite drained of energy. This is one of the reasons they come across as hyper sensitive and even weepy at times: because they are worked to the bone.

They give and give and they deplete. Because they are also highly intelligent, they know that when it's time to do something nice for themselves, they do it without hesitation and without guilt. They know they need it.

Your Pisces child will have a wonderfully creative imagination that enhances her life.

Don’t be surprised if you find your little one staring off into space a lot. There's just so much going on in that mind of hers. It’s a whirlpool of feelings and impressions and she also has her own perception of the world to ponder.

Pisces children are incredibly tender and kind, so they need extra affection from you. Your little Pisces may want to be held non-stop as a baby and will still need plenty of cuddles, kisses and encouragement as she gets older.

Let your kid be the kid. Compassionate Pisces may actually try to parent their parents. If you are upset, your Pisces will race to comfort you. Sweet as this is, it could steal away your Pisces youthful and trusting spirit. Be responsible with your emotions, so your Pisces doesn’t have to grow up before his/her time.

Pisces children are often more in touch with their instincts than with logic, and more interested in their dreams or fantasies than in "real life". Your little one will need you to help keep her feet on the ground because she will have grand ideas of the way life could and should be, which unfortunately just won’t live up to reality.
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