1. Coney Island in Brooklyn

Top 5 magnificent beach escapes in and around New York
Sunset at Coney Island. Photo: Nyhabitat

Out of all the beaches in New York City, this famous one is probably the most well-known. The beach, boardwalk, and related amusement park, according to some New Yorkers, have passed their prime. It's true that after World War II, the once-famous resort area started to deteriorate. Coney Island, however, has recently undergone a revitalization: the boardwalk has been updated, new restrooms and showers have been put in, and the 2.5-mile beach is once again inviting and clean. Furthermore, it helps that Coney Island is easily reachable via public transportation.

You can take the D, F, N, or Q train to Coney Island/ Stillwell Avenue station, which is only two blocks from the beach, for a reasonable subway ride that will take you there in less than an hour from Midtown Manhattan. Ride the renowned Cyclone Rollercoaster, eat a Nathan's Famous hot dog, stroll along the boardwalk, unwind on the beach, and go swimming! Check out the Coney Island Fun Guide for a list of additional attractions and events.

2. Rockaway Beach in Queens

Top 5 magnificent beach escapes in and around New York
A Rockaway life. Photo: NYT

The largest urban beach in the US is reportedly Rockaway Beach. There are two distinct stretches of the beach designated for surfing, making it the only beach in NYC with such a feature. Beginners can learn to surf on the small waves in the summer, and experienced surfers frequent this beach in early autumn during hurricane season. The beach has plenty of sand for your beach towel, swimming areas, a long boardwalk, food vendors, seven playgrounds, and public restrooms. The subway makes it simple to reach Rockaway Beach as well.

Take the A train to Beach 90 Street for the surfer beach or change to the S at the picturesque Broad Channel. Take the S to Beach 116 Street for the swimmers' beach. Join the surfers, cool Brooklynites, and neighborhood families at this multipurpose beach just 1.5 hours on the beautiful subway from Manhattan's Midtown!

3. Orchard Beach in the Bronx

Top 5 magnificent beach escapes in and around New York
Orchard Beach. Photo: Nyhabitat

Previously known as "the Riviera of New York City," this artificial beach. It certainly has some appealing aspects: the promenade is lined with playgrounds and food stands, and the crescent-shaped beach overlooks Long Island Sound. We advise ending the day at City Island, which is just a short stroll from the beach, after an afternoon of swimming and sunbathing. This charming island is well-known for its seafood restaurants and has a real small-town feel to it.

Amazing crab cakes can be found at City Island Lobster House, and delicious seafood pasta can be found at the Original Crab Shanty Restaurant. Take the 6 train all the way up to Pelham Bay Park to get to Orchard Beach, and then take the Bx12 bus from there.

4. Great Kills Park in Staten Island

Top 5 magnificent beach escapes in and around New York
Great Kills Park in Staten Island. Photo: Nyhabitat

The Franklin D. Roosevelt beach, which has a 2.5-mile boardwalk, is the most well-known beach on Staten Island. The Great Kills Park is less well known, so the beaches there are less crowded and more exclusive. Staten Island is already a very scenic destination. You can first travel to South Ferry Station in Lower Manhattan by taking the 1, 4, 5, or R subway lines downtown. Once there, you take a ferry for nothing over to Staten Island.

The ferry passes Liberty Island as it travels through New York Harbor, providing breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan. Staten Island has its own railway, and using your MetroCard to pay is convenient. You can get to the Great Kills Park in just three blocks to the east if you take the train down to Bay Terrace. You will find a picturesque marina full of small boats if you continue walking south from here. A peninsula with a small harbor and a lovely, serene beach area is to the east of this marina. Bring your own picnic basket because there isn't much else on this side of the marina besides restrooms and showers.

5. Long Beach in Long Island

Top 5 magnificent beach escapes in and around New York
Long Beach Barrier Island. Photo: Nyhabitat

The white sand is soft, the beach is clean, the water is refreshing, there are great waves for surfing, and parking is free, according to Nyhabitat, making Long Beach a true gem. Additionally, even if you don't have access to a car, the beach is simple to reach. From Penn Station in Midtown, Manhattan, the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) will take you there in less than an hour! The only drawback is that the beach itself is not free; beachgoers must purchase a 12-dollar ticket at designated beach entrances in order to access the beach (weekends only from May 16 – June 17 & daily from June 23 – September 3).

If you live in New York, we suggest getting an LIRR Beach Getaway Package, which costs just $21 round-trip and gives you access to the beach. You'll feel miles away from bustling New York City as you watch the sun set over the Atlantic.


We really hope that this overview of some of the most beautiful beaches in the New York City vicinity was enjoyable for you. There are, without a doubt, a great deal of additional beaches in the area that we did not include here. Have any of your favorites not been mentioned here?

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