Don't waste your New York trip with only tourist attractions or shopping addresses, but forget that New York also has delicious and attractive food.

Quickly summarize 5 most delicious dishes to try when coming to New York to get the most complete trip. Above all, this is an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes from halfway around the world that anyone should not miss.

1. Hot dog

5327 hot dog

Hot Dog. Photo: Culture Trip

Known as a traditional New York street food. So when visitors come to the tourist city of New York, it is impossible not to enjoy this dish. Hot dog is a simple dish made from bread and sausage. That's why many people call this a hot dog sandwich. The hot dog sandwich is not too complicated to prepare, but it brings an unforgettable taste every time you enjoy it. Besides the two main ingredients, the hot dog is also served with chili sauce, mustard, onions, and cabbage.

Therefore, this dish in New York has very specific flavors that are hard for diners to resist. Hot dog is considered a delicious and attractive street food of New York, so you can come across this dish easily when walking around the streets of this city.

We’re not referring to the “dirty water dogs” peddled on sidewalks across the city. A true New York hot dog should be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and, ideally, secured from local institution Gray’s Papaya.

Hot dog bread

Hot dogs have been around for a long time in New York City and the first person to sell this dish was Charles Feltlman. It was originally sold along the Coney Coast Trail via a trolley and has since been found in a few stores in New York. Then gradually this dish appeared everywhere, from the street to fast food stores. And this is also the person who introduced this dish to many New Yorkers. Now visitors to New York can easily find this dish to both replenish energy for travel and experience delicious food.

2. Pizza

5937 pizza

Pizza. Photo: Wanderlustingk

Pizza is known as the most famous food in Italy and above all this dish originated from Italy. However, when this dish was spread to New York City, it was considered a delicious dish with its own characteristics.

After a period of development in New York, Pizza has become a must-try dish when traveling in this city. Pizza is made from a variety of ingredients according to the preferences of the diners. It can be made from seafood, beef, pork, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc., blended with fatty cheese to create an attractive pizza.

For a good slice, head down to Coney Island to visit one of the oldest pizzerias in New York City: Totonno’s. Also in Brooklyn, consider visiting Roberta’s. I used to always recommend Grimaldi’s , however the original owner has left and opened up a new pizzeria: Juliana’s in Downtown Brooklyn. In Manhattan, head to Joe’s Pizza and Keste.

New York City is one of the largest and most diverse cities in the world. So the food here is very diverse and rich because it was brought with the immigrants. And Pizza is a dish brought here by Italians since the 1900s. Unlike Pizza in California or Chicago, New York City people are proud of their pizzas with extremely thin crust. It's even thinner than the tomato sauce on top of the cake.

Barbecue Sandwich

Top 5 Delicious Foods You Must Try in New York
Barbecue sandwich

This cake with grilled meat is probably a dish that is too familiar to New Yorkers. However, many tourists still do not know the unique taste of this dish.

Grilled pork sandwich is made from pieces of meat that have been seasoned with rich spices. Bake until cooked then cut into large pieces to serve with a crust similar to dumplings. Grilled burgers give diners a new culinary experience with the price of only $ 5 for a cake.

4.Grilled American Corn

Top 5 Delicious Foods You Must Try in New York
Grilled American Corn

When it comes to the delicious dishes of New York, there is one dish that diners can't forget in their culinary and discovery tour is grilled American corn.

Grilled American corn is a familiar name for those who love American cuisine. The name is American corn, but this dish is only famous for its extremely attractive corn flavor in New York.

Grilled American corn is enjoyed with chili powder, mayo, lemon and cotja cheese. Thanks to that, it brings a unique flavor to this dish. Each of these delicious grilled American corn costs only about 3$.

5.Bagels (and Lox)

2313 bagels

Bagels. Photo: A Well Fed Life

Can you visit New York City without having a bagel? (Even if you’re gluten intolerant, don’t worry: there are gluten free bagels!) It’s traditional to have your bagel with smear (cream cheese) and/or lox (salmon).

We recommend Russ and Daughters, Zabar’s, and Ess-a-bagel to get your fix. That said, it’s much harder to go wrong here…and a bagel is perfect for a quick breakfast! Get it with a regular coffee (coffee with milk and sugar) and you’ll be on your way to becoming a New Yorker.


In fact, donuts are not a dish originating from New York or the United States. This cake originated from European countries.

It was introduced to New York in the 19th century and gradually improved and became more perfect. Later, banh doo became an extremely popular dish for locals and tourists alike when coming to New York.

Top 5 Delicious Foods You Must Try in New York

Basically, donuts are made from an extremely simple and easy-to-find ingredient, which is flour. The workers will mix and process flour and then put it into a bronze mold with a round hole in the middle. Then boil until the cake is completely cooked. Finally, fry the cake one more time to make the crust an eye-catching golden color and then sprinkle some sesame seeds or chocolate seeds on top of the cake.

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