4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Never “Forgive and Forget”
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Forgiveness is a very difficult, if not near-impossible, thing to harness. It takes a level of strength that most of us mere mortals just can’t summon, no matter how hard we try.

While to forgive is divine, according to some philosophers, and there are those who are capable of it (under duress, I imagine), there are simply those who can not, under any circumstances, forgive. No way, no how. And not even an inspiring horoscope can convince them otherwise.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Never “Forgive and Forget”
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Capricorn is a difficult sign because when they’re in a mood, no one is safe from their wrath. Between their need to put people down when they’re having a bad day and their overall negative mindset, once you’ve found yourself on the top of Capricorn’s sh*t list, you’ll never get off of it.

They are notoriously unforgiving and considering how disciplined they are in everything they do, they can easily dismiss you from their life, even going so far to convince themselves that you’re dead.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Never “Forgive and Forget”
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"Aries is the doubter of the zodiac, so they already start out with a little bit of mistrust in their heads," Jasmine Hoover, an astrologer, transmuter, and new earth healer with Spirit & Spark, tells Bustle. "Aries rules over the brain and when cheating occurs they may get stuck in their head over the situation."

If you're an Aries, you might be able to go through the motions of telling your partner that you forgive them for the infidelity, but in reality, your mind will probably have trouble truly forgiving them. While you won't hold a grudge, you might feel angry and resentful for a long time, Hoover says. Keep in mind that you're never obligated to forgive a partner for cheating on you, so be honest with yourself about whether your mind is truly past the incident.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Never “Forgive and Forget”
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These individuals take a long time to find the right person and when they do find them, they give them their entire trust and devotion. Geminis are loyal partners and won't cheat on their partner and expect the same. However, if they are cheated on they will go silent. They will immediately stop communicating with the person who betrayed them. They expect 100% commitment from their partner and if they can't have it, they will not think twice before leaving. They are likely to be very rational about their choice and not show emotions. Once betrayed, it might take them a long time before trusting another person again.

PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

4 Zodiac Signs Who Can Never “Forgive and Forget”
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Pisces may be compassionate and artsy-fartsy, making people think they’re an easy-going person, but it doesn’t take much to piss off a Pisces. While pissing someone off might not be the end all, be all for some signs, with Pisces they immediately become a martyr when insulted, resulting in whoever upset them being banned from their life forever.

You don’t get a second chance with Pisces. Ever. Honestly, on the unforgiving scale, Pisces and Capricorn definitely give each other a run for their money because they're so neck-in-neck.

Every relationship goes through a few bumps in the road, from disagreements to times when you just aren't connecting. But sometimes things get even worse, and you have to decide whether to forgive a partner who cheated or if you want to end things altogether. A big decision like this can depend on a number of different flavors, but your zodiac sign can suggest whether or not you'll be able to put the infidelity behind you, according to astrology experts.

Above is a list of the 4 zodiac signs who are not easy to forget and forgive the cheating partner. If you have any suggestions for KnowInsiders, please feel free to add them to the comment section below, and don't forget to follow KnowInsiders for more. Thanks for tuning in!

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