top totally free apps to watch movies online
Top totally free apps to watch movies online right now

Are you tired of paid subscription-based apps to watch movies? Or if you’re looking for free movie apps to stream online or download. There are a lot of free movie apps that will let you watch and download movies.

Here are the best free movie apps that will let you watch and download movies. All for completely free, and all legally, so you can comfortably enjoy the full movies.

We offer the review and comparison of top Free Movie Apps. Select the best movie app for watching movies online.

If you wish to watch a movie for free, you simply open one of these platforms on your desktop or mobile and enjoy an uninterrupted HQ movie-watching experience anytime and anywhere you like


*It's important to remember that when it comes to movies, copyright is a big concern. This means that the apps in this list are available in a limited number of countries.

*If one of these free movie apps is not available in your country, you might want to consider using a VPN, rather than sideloading apps from unreliable sources.

*You can easily download all apps from Android, iOS, etc.

1.Tubi TV Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Tubi Free App to Watch Movies

Tubi TV has a catalog of free movies, neatly sorted into categories by genre, like horror, romance, and comedy. You can also browse through featured and most popular movies. As far as the movies go, they're high quality, and the movie player works smoothly.

As a bonus, all the films have subtitles available. Logging in will give you the option to add movies to your queue, which is accessible across devices, and even on the web version of Tubi TV. You also get an option for screencasting.

Tubi is available on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, some smart TVs, and the web.

Is Tubi safe?

Answer: Tubi is a legal platform that holds legitimate licenses for all the movies and TV shows it harbors. In fact, it is considered one of the best platforms available today to watch movies online for free. You can rest assured that you will not receive security alerts while streaming movies on this platform.

Tubi is considered to be a pinnacle of free online content distribution. The site with its professional, clean design is extremely simple to use. You will have absolutely no problem finding the titles you seek to watch, thanks to Tubi’s well-organized movie library. It is undoubtedly one of the best apps to watch movies for free.

2.Popcornflix Movie App

Popcornflix is a free movie app that offers a great collection of movies. The app presents you with a wall of free movies, sorted by categories, with the new arrivals shown right on top.

Popcornflix also has exclusive content, called Popcornflix Originals. The movies are of good quality, and streaming works smoothly. The movie player can be a tad overwhelming, but is feature-rich and smooth. Popcornflix will also let you stream TV series for free.

It's available on Android, iOS, the major gaming consoles, and the web.

We would like to recommend PopcornFlix for hardcore action lovers. The platform is brimming with movies, action films in particular, from all over the world. There are ads, but they are bearable and do not ruin your viewing experience.

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3.Cyberflix TV Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Cyberflix TV Movie App

Cyberflix TV is arguably one of the best free movie apps with thousands of free movies and shows available in HD quality. Cyberflix supports Chromecast so you can cast movies or TV shows directly on a smart TV.

With over 255 language subtitles, you can also watch in your regional language. Unlike other free apps for movies, it doesn’t display annoying advertisements. So you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows without distraction.

4.Disney+ Movie App

Disney+ has been a resounding success since it launched in late 2019. At the time of writing, it is available in most of North and South America, most of Europe, and parts of Asia and Africa.

It is estimated that the service has more than 7,000 television episodes and 500 films in its library. That includes most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the endless Disney "princess" movies, several Star Wars films, and many other Disney hits such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Benji, and X-Men.

The diverse amount of content makes it a great family option. It costs $8/month or $80/year and is available on all smart TV and mobile platforms.

5.Cinema HD Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Cinema HD Movie App

Cinema HD is one of the latest free movie apps surfacing on the web. This app is a mixture of all the best features of ShowBox and Terrarium TV. Moreover, this app is the close alternative to the ShowBox HD app and allows users to watch movies and shows for absolutely zero charges.

To watch a movie or show, just type the name and click on the various streams generated as a result. For the best video quality and streaming experience, you should have decent and stable internet connectivity.

6.Kodi Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Kodi Movie App for Free

Kodi is a 100% free and open-source entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user-friendly package.

This app allows its users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. You can install this entertainment hub on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android.

7.Sony Crackle Movie App

Crackle is perhaps the best-known free streaming TV and movie service. Crackle boasts TV shows and movies from the 80s through the 00s. Some recent selections include Bewitched, My Favorite Martian, and What's Happening.

You'll also find newer films on it sometimes. It also has a bit of original content such as StartUp, a dark show about technology companies. Call it organized crime 2.0. It's a hidden gem of a show with actors such as Martin Freedman, Ronald Perlman, and Adam Brody. Give Crackle and StartUp a try.

When it comes to watching free movies online, Sony Crackle lives up to its reputation. Sony Crackle has one of the best collections of free movies out there, with a mix of old classics and new hit movies.

The movie player works smoothly and is easy to use. The free movies are ad-supported, so you have to watch a few ads. However, the ads are not too intrusive and seem like a fair price to pay for the kind of content Sony Crackle provides. Crackle also lets you watch TV shows online for free.

You can watch on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire devices, PlayStation, Xbox, and more.

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8.Crunchyroll Movie App

Crunchyroll is another staple Android and iOS app for movie lovers. The app specializes in Japanese anime movies and TV series. It offers a mix of classic shows and new releases, along with its own library of widely acclaimed original content.

Some of the shows you can watch on Crunchyroll at the time of writing include Dr. STONE, Tower of God, Re:ZERO, Black Clover, Food Wars, Fire Force, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

You can watch Crunchyroll for free, but a premium service is available. If you pay the $8/month fee, you get access to new shows just one hour after they air in Japan, an ad-free watching experience, support for six simultaneous screens, and a way to download movies for offline viewing.

You can watch on Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

9.Tea TV Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Tea TV Movie App

This app is mainly for Android, iOS, and Windows users for free and allows you to watch, stream, and download Movies and TV shows for free. It also supports 1080p and you can access TV shows and movies on your Fire devices.

Moreover, it’s the best alternative to acclaimed movie streaming apps like Terrarium TV and ShowBox. You can even download the content. The app also has a movie guide that offers information related to new movies launches, movie reviews, and their trailers.

10.Pluto TV Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Pluto TV App

Pluto TV is one of the most feature-rich free movie apps on this list. It has a simple user interface, despite packing in so many features. When you open the app, you're greeted with Pluto's free TV channels, with a dedicated tab for free movies and TV shows.

There are also live channels on which you can watch free movies as they play, and a range of other free TV channels with a variety of other content. The movie player is nice and clean, with subtitles available for most free movies. You can sign in to customize Pluto TV to your needs.

The app is available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more.

Pluto TV offers access to dozens of other streaming networks with a single interface. Some of these "channels" aren't that interesting, but then there are others, like the classic Dr. Who, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (classic MST3K shows), and RiffTrax, which bring a smile to my face.

Since ViacomCBS bought Pluto, it also includes live TV shows such as CBS News and CNET. (ViacomCBS is the parent company of Pluto TV, CNET, and ZDNet). It also now includes free on-demand movies and TV shows. As of June 2020, these include Shaft (2019), Flashdance, and The Last Action Show.

11.Vudu Movie App

Vudu has a great collection of ad-supported free movies. The catalog is one of the biggest for any free movie app, and new movies are added regularly. You can choose to watch free movies in your preferred choice of quality.

Vudu lets you browse its catalog immediately, but you have to sign to watch movies. While Vudu has a focus on their rentals, you can select the Free tab to see the collection of free movies. The free movies are easy to spot otherwise, as well, having the Free with Ads label on them.

All the major platforms are supported.

Is Vudu free to use?

Answer: Vudu is absolutely free to use, which is why it makes it to our list. However, tolerate plenty of ads if you wish to enjoy movies on Vudu for free. You need to buy or rent a movie on the platform if you want to enjoy an ad-free movie-watching experience.

You also get to enjoy 4K video streaming on Vudu if you choose to pay for the digital version of the movie you wish to watch.

12.FilmRise Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Filmrise is arguably one of the largest independent distributors of movie and TV content across the globe

FilmRise offers a free movie and TV app experience that lets you jump in right away with limited ad interruption. Like most movie apps, you can scroll through a category-heavy home screen at launch. If you want to explore another way, the browse button allows you to filter between movies, TV, and recently added titles directly.

The search feature also offers an in-built trending list, so you can see what others are watching. While browsing, you can also select any title and add it to a watchlist for later. The only downside is that its catalog is mostly filled with older movies, with the occasional newer title thrown into the mix.

In addition to the major platforms, you can also watch via The Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus, Amazon's IMDb TV, and Vizio.

For another good free VoD network, check out FilmRise. Its movies tend to be more obscure, but it offers a good selection of popular TV shows such as Third Rock from the Sun, 21 Jump Street, and Roseanne.

13.Viki Movie App

With the internet closing the distance between nations, people now have access to quality entertainment from around the world. Viki brings a ton of critically acclaimed Korean, Chinese, and other Asian dramas to your smartphone screens.

All available content can be streamed in high definition with embedded subtitles so you can enjoy these shows, regardless of your familiarity with the language. We also like its filtering feature. You can filter content according to genre, country, subtitle languages, and release schedule.

Note:If you are a fan of Asian cinema or TV shows, you’ll love Viki. You can legally stream your favorite Korean, Japanese or other Asian movies for free on the platform and even leave your opinion about the same on the platform.

14.Plex Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Plex Movie App for Free

Plex is a free movie app that works on almost any media device. If you own it, you can use Plex on it. On top of offering free movies and TV, you can also stream web shows, news, and podcasts.

Plex allows you to enjoy over 20000 on-demand movies for free. Its content library harbors movies from some of the biggest production houses in Hollywood. From Warner Bros. to MGM, you’ll get to enjoy their movies without paying a dime.

The platform also allows you to stream over 130 channels, giving you a full traditional TV viewing experience with live streaming of news, sports, and other popular programming. The platform also gives you the freedom to create your playlists with all of your favorite movies and TV shows curated together so you can go back to them whenever you like.

The only obvious downside to Plex comes in the mandatory account linking before you can start streaming. Plex offers a very basic search engine, so you need to try different titles to see what you like. To help encourage exploration, this free movie app also remembers where you left off on multiple titles, so you can easily continue watching.

The Plex app is available on all platforms.

15.VideoMix Movie App

If you’re interested in streaming tons of movies and TV shows, then VideoMix is one of the best free movie apps you can definably try. Though the user interface is not up to the mark, you can find amazing web series and movies for absolutely zero cost.

All the content is hosted on external servers, so in order to watch something, just click the link, choose a player (like MX Player or VLC), and wait a few seconds. The catalog is updated very frequently, so you can always find the latest releases.

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16.Roku Movie App

Roku is best known as one of the leading streaming device manufacturers, but did you know it also has its own movie channel that is packed with free content? And better yet, did you know that you do not even need to own a Roku device in order to be able to tune in?

The Roku Channel. It borrows free movies and TV shows from other streaming networks and its own free content. It offers a mix of older and current TV shows and films. Some recent selections include Growing Pains, Trouble with the Curve, and The Beverly Hillbillies.

Some of the most popular free movies on the platform at the time of writing include American Animals, the original Sherlock Holmes films, Batman (1989), Fight Club, Memento, and Halloween.

In August 2021, Roku announced it was also expanding the app to include regular TV channels. They include AccuWeather Now, CBC News, El Rey, IGN, and Real Madrid TV. Sure, they're not premium offerings, but more content is never a bad thing.

Best of all, The Roku Channel is not limited to Roku devices. You can also watch on Android, iOS, streaming boxes, and smart TVs.

One interesting twist is you can watch these not only with your Roku but on the web via The Roku Channel for the web.

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17.IMDb TV Originals Movie App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
IMDb Originals Movie App for Free

You may be wondering why IMDb is on the list of free apps for movies and TV shows. Let me tell you, though IMDb is known for ratings, casts, plot and operates as a guide to watch.

But very few people know, it has a section named IMDb Originals where you can watch many interesting titles for free. All you need to sign in to your free account and you get instant access to IMDb Originals with SD & HD resolution up to 1080p.

IMDb TV. This is a video-on-demand (VoD) service. It features older TV shows such as Boston Legal, Malcolm in the Middle, and Little House on the Prairie. And, since the M stands for movies, it also includes films such as Paddington, Spider-Man (the 2002 version), and Elf.

IMDb TV is only available in the US. It's also the only free channel not available on Roku. You can either watch it on your computer or with an Amazon Fire TV device.

18.Old Movies

Old Movies has a huge collection of free full movies from the classical Hollywood cinema era. Delight yourself with the performances of great actors and actresses as Charles Chaplin, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, etc.

You can enjoy critically acclaimed classic movies and browse from action, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, war, and western. You can watch with a big screen on your Android TV, Chromecast, or Chromecast built-in TV.

19.SnagFilms App

Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
SnagFilms App

SnagFilms is one of the free apps for movies and TV shows where users can watch Philanthropic Movies and TV shows online for absolutely zero subscription fees. With over 2000 movies, web series, eye-opening documentaries, and exclusive original comedy shorts across all genres, especially the ones you don’t find on any other platform.

Note: All the apps mentioned on this list are legal and provide free movies at no extra cost.

More Best Free Movie Apps for You Try

-OneBox HD





-MovieBox Pro

-Typhoon TV

-MediaBox HD


Top Best Movie Apps, But Not Totally Free


Top 10+ Totally Free Apps to Watch Movies Online
Yidio Movie App

If you get tired while browsing multiple platforms yet unable to decide what to watch, then look no further than Yidio. It allows users to search and discover over 1 million movies and shows from free and paid content providers including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and many more.

2.Movies Anywhere

Similar to Vudu, Movie Anywhere is like an online marketplace where you can buy digital copies of your favorite movies and TV shows from vendors online. You don’t need to register on the platform, you only pay the price of the movie bought.

The platform grants you all the information you need like the movie’s synopsis, IMDB rating, cast info, etc. to help you pick your movie.

You can create a list of your movies and share them with other users online via the screen pass link. You can stream movies directly on the Movies Anywhere platform with 4K, UHD, and Dolby Atmos support.

Price: Free, Pay for each movie individually.

3.Sling TV

Sling TV allows you to stream content from over 200 channels in the US. The platform is also home to over 80000 on-demand movies and TV shows. Popular News channels like Fox News and NBC, as well as renowned Lifestyle networks, can all be streamed live for free with Sling TV.

Sling TV is also great as an international streaming service. As it allows you to stream some of the most popular American content dubbed in over 22 languages, which include Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi. The app also features Nielsen’s Proprietary Measurement, allowing you to contribute to a particular show’s Nielsen TV Rating.

Price: Free, Sling Orang – $30/month, Sling Blue – $30/month, Combined Plan – $45/month.


UkMovNow with 600k+ downloads, allow its users to access the largest collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies from the comfort of their smartphone. You’ll find a huge collection of movies with a brief synopsis of the movie and its trailer to make an informed decision.

You can also choose from two different quality options for watching any movie. For quick browsing, you can also use a filter of category, quality, and release year. Here you can find top-rated shows such as GOT, The Walking Dead, Vikings, Arrow, and many more.


Viu is another decent freemium OTT Platform for Movies and TV Shows. Though you can only find content in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Korean languages. Here you can also watch VIU Originals. Like other free movie apps on this list, you can Chromecast and pair your Viu account with your smart TV to enjoy movies and web series on the bigger screen.

6.MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD provides access to users to enjoy hundreds of movies and TV shows. You can also select if you want to watch your content in 360p or HD in 720p or 1080p resolution.

You can use the search bar to look for a specific movie or TV show from the category. Inside each category, you’ll be able to filter results by popularity, latest releases, and positive user reviews.

7.Hoopla and Kanopy

These first two -- Hoopla and Kanopy -- require you to have a library card with a library system that supports either of them. Their offerings aren't quite identical, but they both offer high-end movies and documentaries. They also come with a lot of PBS titles and The Great Courses (a personal favorite). Hoopla also offers ebooks and music, while Kanopy comes with movies from the Criterion Collection.

Unfortunately, you almost certainly can't get both services. And, I'm sorry to say, in some places you can't get either.


Xumo is a lot like Pluto TV. It has a wide variety of networks with an even wider variety of shows. If you're a golfer, you'll like that Xumo carries the PGA Tour's streaming channel. One nice feature is that as it learns what shows you like and offers you selections it believes you'll want to watch.

9.Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar is a paradise for Indian movie lovers and is popular among free movie apps. It offers many TV shows, movies, and sports accessible to primarily India. Hotstar, an entity of the Star TV Network, gets access to different content.

The collection available on Hotstar is free as well as paid. The free collection of movies and TV shows isn’t bad at all. The premium subscription will give you access to international movies and TV shows. Give it a try for free if you haven’t yet.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best Free Movie Apps

Are these apps safe from viruses for your device, are they legal to use in your location, and so on and so forth?

Answer: The apps mentioned in above list hold a collection of some amazing movies and shows titles and are really worth your time. The best part is all these free movie apps for Android and other OS devices are 100% trusted, legal, safe from viruses

What is the best free movie app?

Answer: Based on overall customer reception and each application’s popularity, we believe the following are some of the best apps to watch free movies:

  1. Crackle
  2. Tubi
  3. Popcornflix
  4. Vudu
  5. Yidio

Can you download movies from Tubi?

Answer: Tubi is a great platform that provides its users with a massive gallery of movies to watch for free. The app works just fine on both Android and iOS devices and possesses a ton of great features.

Unfortunately, offline viewing isn’t one of them. As of this moment, Tubi does not allow its users to download content from their site. This may change as the app evolves further as time flies by.

How can I watch free movies on my phone?

Answer: It is easier today to stream movies directly on your phone, thanks to the availability of movie streaming applications, some of which we’ve mentioned in the list below.

The apps mentioned in this article are some of the best free movie apps for Android and iPhone. You can avail of their services by going to your device’s app store, finding the app you feel is best for you and installing it on your phone.

Conclusion of Totally Free Movie Apps

Movies that would have otherwise been hard to find can be easily enjoyed over the Internet via a good movie platform. Such platforms now have their own apps that work seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

The movie apps mentioned above are some of the most widely used free apps to watch movies from the comfort of your home or anywhere you like. No need to stick to a strict schedule either. Simply switch on the movie apps for free streaming of your favorite movie or TV shows.

As for our recommendation, if you want free access to a massive library of old and new movies as well as TV content, then look no further than Tubi or Crackle. If you are a fan of Spanish entertainment, then we suggest you give Pluto TV a try.

Moreover, all these free movie apps are 100% genuine and trusted. But to be on the safer side we recommend you to read their terms & conditions prior to creating your account and start streaming content.

All the apps mentioned on this list might not be available in your country. You might consider connecting to a VPN before you log in. It is always better than just using modded APKs. So why are you still waiting? Go ahead and try these apps out and enjoy free movies on demand. If you still have any queries regarding this post, you can leave them in the comments below.

Apart from movies, if you’re interested in songs, here’s one of the best free places for music and lyrics. Comment below and let us know which of these apps, you’re going to try first.