Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Top Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online

There are so many streaming services, so it’s easier than ever to watch movies online from anywhere in the world right now. However, the costs quickly start to add up, so you try to find some pages, platforms or sites to stream movies online for free.

Most of movie services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime offer limited-time free trials. It is so good, but you still can’t really call it FREE.

Here are the totally free sites that you can actually stream movies for free – you can even find some blockbusters to stream without paying a single penny.


*All the free streaming movie services we’re going to list belo, are perfectly legal.

*Be careful when you search online – many websites will send you to dubious destinations that not only stream illegal content, but also slam you with spammy warnings and pop-up windows…

*From any country in the world, you can copy and paste a link in the list below to watch the movie for free.

*Some services listed here work in the UK and many free streaming services, like Tubi, Vudo and more – that unfortunately only work in the US.

*Most of these will work directly on your browser, but some (like the Roku Channel) require a special app or device. We’ll note this in the site’s description.

Here are the best sites for watching movies free. Make sure to bookmark your favorites so nights at home can be just as amazing as going out to the movies. Just remember, like all streaming services, content changes periodically.

Here Are Top 25+ Completely Free Sites to Watch Movies Online


10+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Kanopy - Watch movies online for free

If you love art house or classic movies, Kanopy is the best site for free streaming. With entries from the Criterion Collection as well as contemporary indies, Kanopy shows high-quality and critically acclaimed cinema, all at no cost to its users.

To use Kanopy, your local library, university or college needs to be connected to it. With a library card or your college email login, you can access Kanopy’s catalog at any time.

Movies playing now: “Ladybird,” “Moonlight,” Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis.”

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Popcornflix is another completely free video streaming site, offering something short of 2,000 movies in a variety of categories. It's available as an app for a variety of devices, and you can also watch in a web browser.

There's no account required; just open the website, select a movie and start viewing. Many of the entries at Popcornflix fall into the category of guilty pleasures ("2-Headed Shark Attack") and cheap knock-offs of mainstream properties ("Atlantic Rim" and "Almighty Thor") but there's something charming here about the movies you can binge for free with limited ads.

For those who prefer more mainstream movies, Popcornflix perfectly fits its name. The ad-supported service accesses tons of movies and TV shows. You can stream through the web, but you can also download the app on Roku, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon and Xbox if you’d like to watch on a TV screen.

Movies playing now: “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “The Firm,” “Roman Holiday.”

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

3.The Internet Archive – Feature Films

Do you love classic movies? Many golden age films are now live at Internet Archive, a site that captures all public domain media. Most copyright-free titles date back to the 1920s and 1930s. For classic movie buffs, it’s a treasure trove.

I interviewed Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle about digital time travel.

Movies playing now: “Plan 9 from Outer Space,” “The Three Stooges,” the Charlie Chaplin collection.

The Internet Archive is a free digital library that includes a massive collection of digital books, games, old websites, and – movies.

All the movies available to stream for free on the Internet Archive are in the Public Domain – so most of them are pretty old. But you can find a lot of real classics there, as well as strange titles you’ve never heard of.

They offer more than 6,500 free movies (as of this writing), both feature-length and shorts, divided into categories like Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Film Noir and more. There are also a few curated collections, that help in finding those hidden gems.

You can stream the movies online for free, directly from the website – or even download them as a file to then watch anywhere.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Crunchyroll is an anime-focused streaming platform. It's completely free and lets you watch shows online without having to register for an account. Using Crunchyroll's free version means you'll have to brave ads, though.

If you're an anime fan, you're bound to find something to enjoy on the free streaming service. It offers over 1,000 titles of various anime features, both well-known and established ones like Attack on Titan, as well as original content like Onyx Equinox.

Apart from a Shows category, Crunchyroll also has a Manga section, allowing you to keep up-to-date with your favorite title. The streaming site is set up with the viewer in mind, so the platform is easy to navigate.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


YouTube gets an honourable mention, because there are indeed A LOT of free movies you can stream for free in there – but… they’re often hard to find.

With millions and millions of clips and titles, YouTube is also full of movies that get uploaded illegally – and it’s often hard to distinguish between what’s under copyright and what’s not.

YouTube has its share of feature-length films uploaded illegally, and those tend to disappear quickly thanks to YouTube’s algorithms. But the service also has a good number of licensed films you can watch for free.

To see what’s available, just go to the Movies & Shows channel, available from the YouTube homepage, and click “View All” next to the “Free to watch” category.

Quality varies, but there are a few gems, plus tons of kid-friendly content.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

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Vimeo is a video platform like YouTube, allowing users to upload their own movies and clips to share in HD quality. You have to pay to watch some movies on the site, but many are free — particularly short films.

Bonus: It’s a great alternative if you’re not into the idea of Google knowing what you’re watching.

Vimeo exists as a website and as an iOS and Android app. You can watch movies by streaming directly or downloading them for when you’re not on Wi-Fi.

Movies playing now: “Staff Pick Premieres,” a channel of “the best short films on the internet.”

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Xumo - Free site to watch movies online

XUMO is a streaming platform that lets you watch live and on-demand TV for free. It doesn't require you to sign up and gives you access to over 190 channels.

The free streaming service's On Demand category presents all of its available channels neatly divided into categories. You can easily browse through them and select what to view.

You have Holiday Hub, TV & Movies, Comedy, and more. For example, from TV & Movies, you can select American Classics and see plenty of titles to choose from, including The Lone Ranger and The Immortal.

XUMO offers an impressive library of movies and shows, and the best part of the viewing experience is you won't see any ads.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Funimation is another free anime-centric streaming service. It offers more than 720 features, divided between familiar classics and newly created content.

You can browse the streaming platform and select what to watch next based on genre or even your mood. The free service offers subbed or dubbed titles and lets you mess with the fonts and text background until you're happy with your viewing experience.

Funimation is free with no sign up requirement, but you do see ads. Depending on the length of what you're watching, you can sometimes get three to five ads per video. As annoying as that can be, at least you're consuming free content.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

9.Channel 4 Films

Channel 4, the free commercial broadcaster, is a great curator of films. Not only that, they also back films via their Film4 production company.

While Channel 4 is normally available live, via Freeview, it’s also available to watch on-demand via the “All4” service.

The All4 streaming service is totally free – you just need to register, and then you can watch it directly on your browser, or via an app, which is available for most of the streaming devices and mobile phones in the UK. The one downside? There are advert breaks.

All4’s Film category has an ever-changing collection of films – from romantic comedies to thrillers, dramas, and everything in between. While you won’t usually find the most recent blockbusters – there are some real classics there, plus a few hidden gems.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
ShareTV - Watch movies online for free

ShareTV is a free streaming service, and you don't have to sign up to view the content it offers. As something a bit different to the rest of the sites on this list, ShareTV deals exclusively with TV shows, so you won't find any movies there.

Handily, if ShareTV has a show with episodes that aren't available on it, it links to where you can get the missing episodes and watch the complete season. That's a pretty great feature.

ShareTV also has a decent online community, as it offers a guide for the best shows to watch, alongside video clips and detailed episode information. There are even community discussion boards available you can join. It may not offer movies, but it's still a great free option for streaming conten

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Movies Online Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Movies Online

Aside from popular and well-known websites to watch movies such as Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, etc, there are also several sites that provide ...

11.My5 Films

Another free-to-watch commercial channel that normally airs on Freeview, Channel 5 also has an on-demand service, called My5.

It’s totally free (with adverts), and you just need to register for an account. Then, you can stream the movies directly from the website, or via the app, which is available on many streaming devices.

Many of My5’s on-demand free movies come from Pluto TV Movies – which is another streaming TV company owned by ViacomCBS (which owns Channel 5). Most of the films are obscure titles you’ve never heard of – but there are several hidden gems, as well as some older Hollywood hits.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

12.Pluto TV

While most of the services in this list offer on-demand movies (and TV shows), Pluto is different, in that it focuses on a long list of “live” channels. You still stream them via the internet – but they work just like live TV channels, where you can only watch what’s streaming RIGHT NOW.

If you miss that live TV experience of flipping channels and dropping in on whatever’s airing at the moment, Pluto will scratch that itch. They also offer, however, a limited selection of on-demand movies.

There are currently 11 live channels dedicated to movies, which are divided into topics – SciFi, action, westerns and more.

You can watch Pluto TV’s content directly on their website, or via one of their apps, for mobile phones and the leading streaming devices.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Your library card can get you access to hoopla as well. Hoopla is the digital service of Midwest Tape, a company that provides media products and services like DVDs, CDs and audio books to libraries.

Just sign up for hoopla with your email and library card, and you’ll have access to tons of movies and TV show seasons, plus the ability to use the hoopla app on your phone, tablet, Amazon Fire device, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and Android TV devices.

Hoopla doesn’t work with every library system, so make sure to ask the next time you’re at the library.

Movies playing now: Varies by local library systems.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

14.Tubi TV

Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Tubi TV - Watch movies online for free

Tubi TV doesn't ask you to sign up to enjoy its services. The streaming site lets you access an array of free content: movies, shows, docuseries. Everything is neatly organized by genre, and there's even a section for kids' content.

You can access Tubi TV from any device as long as you're connected to the internet. Tubi TV also has an app you can download for your smartphone or tablet. A handy feature that the streaming service offers is how it lets you sync your activities and favorite movies or shows across all devices. You can pick up where you left off, regardless of the device you're using.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

15.IMDb TV

For a long time, IMDb TV (which is owned by Amazon) was only available in the US – but thankfully, in 2021, it launched in the UK as well.

The premium service features licensed content from a variety of studios and production companies, as well as original productions.

Therefore, it has a lot of films you’ve actually heard of, such as Zero Dark Thirty, Chicago, American Beauty, A Streetcat Named Bob and many others.

And, everything is free to watch – but with advert breaks.

It’s available both as a Prime Video Channel, which you can access directly on your browser or with a standalone app which is currently available for Amazon Fire TV devices. And while you do need a (free) Amazon account – you DON’T need to be a Prime subscriber.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

16.Plex Free Movies And Live Channels

Plex is a normally a popular personal media streamer, that helps people organise and watch their own media. However, they also launched two services with free content – the on-demand Movies and TV section, and the Live TV section.

The on-demand Movies and TV part of Plex offers an eclectic list of movies you can watch for free (with adverts). In the US, the list includes many known titles – but in the UK, you would be hard-pressed to find movies you’ve heard of.

Still, they’re all free – and there are some interesting finds, especially if you’re a fan of some specific niches.

The Live TV section, which launched this year, offers live channels in a variety of topics and niches – some of which also show movies – mostly older classics and niche oddities.

Plex’ on-demand and live free movies can be streamed directly on the Plex website, or via their apps (which are available practically anywhere).

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

17.The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel, which launched in the UK this year, is a free service from Roku, that gives you thousands of free movies, TV programmes and kids content on demand.

The Roku Channel in the UK features a selection of popular global and British content. Most of the movies are pretty old or obscure, but there are some classics, especially if you like specific niches like horror.

Unlike most of the other services on this list, The Roku Channel doesn’t work directly on a browser – but instead only works via one of Roku’s streaming devices (see our Roku comparison here). In the US, you CAN stream The Roku Channel from the website – and hopefully, this functionality will reach the UK at some point.

Roku isn't just an excellent streaming media device; the company also has a free streaming channel that you can access from any Roku device or the web. Here you'll find an impressive array of TV shows and feature films you can stream for free. The selection isn't enormous, but there's a mix of classic and contemporary movies ("Driving Miss Daisy" to "Syriana") to choose from. There's no need to create an account (though you can if you want to) and ads, while present, are not overly intrusive.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

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W4Free is the UK version of a service with several versions of free movie streaming sites around Europe. Everything is free – but with advert breaks.

The site currently offers 500 movies on-demand, as well as some TV series, with plans to go up to 1,000 movies by the end of 2021. The films are divided into categories, and they have a nice selection of genre films, such as horror and crime.

As is usually the case with free streaming, you’re not likely to find any blockbusters or many films that you’ve heard of – but you might find a few hidden gems.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

19.Top Documentary Films

Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Top Documentary Films - Website to watch movies online for free

If you’re looking to learn something, you’ll find thousands of full length documentary films, as well as series and shorts, divided into categories – from history to health, sports, nature and the list goes on and on.

While the user interface makes finding things a bit messy, we like the fact that each documentary has a long description, and often also user ratings and reviews – so it’s easier to decide what to watch.

Many of the films are simply embedded from YouTube – but the fact that someone took the time to curate all these selections, makes things so much more comfortable.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

20.Films for Action

Top 20+ Totally Free Sites to Watch Movies Online
Films for Action - Free Site to Watch Movies Online

This is another great collection of documentaries, with their official goal being “to provide citizens of the world with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society.”

You will find more than 4,000 documentaries – from feature-length films to shorts and clips, divided into categories like Economics, Racism, Gender, Politics and more.

The interface is a bit confusing, with so much stuff to watch, but if you dig into it, you’re going to find a lot of food for thought.

Most of the titles in the digital library are free (without adverts!), with a few films only being available to the Patreons who donate to the site, and also a small selection of Pay-per-view titles.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Filmzie is yet another service with free films (and TV shows), with advert breaks, but there’s one thing that sets it apart from some of the others – there are lots of indie films here, and Filmzie say they pay the filmmakers for the views, so you’re supporting the people who made the film when you’re watching.

The selection is, for the most part, what you would expect – a mishmash of films you’ve never heard of, some interesting hidden surprises, reality shows and – as promised – a selection of films from independent creators.

You can watch directly on the site, and they also have an impressive selection of apps – for mobile phones, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TVs and more.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

22.Sony Crackle

Crackle is one of the best free online movie streaming sites available. It doesn't ask you to sign up for it, and the fact that Sony Pictures own it gives the site credibility.

Crackle doesn't just offer movies and TV shows, but also the latest film information. You can opt in to get notified of any new or upcoming flicks. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the latest full-length films and series at no cost, and that's quite the bargain.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

23.CONtv Anime

Formerly known as Viewster, CONtv Anime is a free video streaming site that focuses on anime. It also offers a selection of the latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. CONtv provides its users with high-quality content of pretty much every genre there is: action, sci-fi, drama, comedy, adventure, and more.

Though CONtv has in-video interruptions, it does its best to limit them, so they don't get impossible to handle. It's still a great option to consider given that it offers free content.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

24.BBC iPlayer Films

BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s on-demand player, is a treasure trove of content. It’s both a catch-up service for movies (and TV programmes) that aired on the BBC recently, plus an on-demand library full of interesting things to watch.

And, yes – it’s all free (though you do have to pay the annual TV licence) – you just need to register for an account first. You can watch the movies either directly from your browser, or via the BBC iPlayer app (which is available practically everywhere).

The list of movies you can stream online for free changes often, but it includes both classics AND big Hollywood blockbusters (though usually not very recent ones). As I’m writing this, they’re offering Paddington 2, Gravity, The Revenant, Looper and many more – that’s quite the collection, and all for free (and without adverts!).

*Link to the free site to watch movies:


Vudu is the streaming video arm of Fandango and offers both free and paid videos. It's easy to find the free content thanks to a Free link at the top of the page, and there you'll find thousands of movies, both new and old, popular films, and schlock.

The site also does a good job of sorting the movies into categories (like Most Watched, Big Time Movie Stars, Family and Dramas) for easy browsing.

*Link to the free site to watch movies:

Conclusion - Free Movie Streaming Sites, Pages, Platform and Apps

All the streaming services listed above are free and don't require a sign-up for you to enjoy them. You'll be watching something new and exciting with a few clicks.

There are other free movie streaming services out there, though you will need to register to some. If you've exhausted the selection here, be sure to check them out.

All the streaming services listed above are free and have no sign up requirements. However, you may need to use a VPN to access the content if it's not available in your region. If the listed sites are blocked for you, a VPN is the only way you can enjoy it.