Top 30 Highest-Paying & Popular Jobs In Dallas Top 30 Highest-Paying & Popular Jobs In Dallas
30 Highest-Paying Jobs In Miami Without A College Degree 30 Highest-Paying Jobs In Miami Without A College Degree

The economy of Texas is the nation's second largest. The total economic output of the state is $1.887 trillion. Second, six of the top fifty companies in the United States are headquartered in Texas. More than $264.5 billion a year was earned from exports, putting Texas ahead of California.

If Texas were its own country, it would have the 10th largest GDP in the world.

Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience in the workforce, it's natural to want to increase your income.

Here are the 30highest paying and most popular jobs in Texas without a degree:

What constitutes a high-paying job?

A high-paying job may depend on a variety of elements, including local output and living standards. However, these elements have an impact on an area's cost of living as well as an organization's capacity to pay high salaries to its employees. You must enroll in a reputable school if you want to find a high-paying job in Texas.

Is it Possible to get a High-paying Job in Texas without a Degree?

If you land one of the highest-paying jobs in Texas without a degree, you might be able to live comfortably there even if you don't have a college degree.

A degree can help a graduate in their career, but it cannot ensure success. In Texas, it's important to keep in mind that finding a high-paying job without a degree is feasible and will enable you to maintain a respectable standard of living.

What does it Mean to Have a High-paying Job?

Simply put, a good-paying job is one that pays well. A job that earns more than $150,000 a year is typically regarded as high-paying.

It's best if you are aware that high-paying jobs frequently have low starting salaries, though. You will then be paid less than half of the amount mentioned above.

In any field where there is a sizable demand for expertise, however, you can advance to being a highly paid expert with more experience and skill.

There are numerous ways to earn a good living doing what you love, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Tips To Work In Texas

1. Consult the locals. Talking to people while you're out and about is the best way to learn about your new city. In order to avoid being alone while running errands, engage with those waiting in line at the pharmacy or grocery store. Say hello to your neighbors as you stroll through your neighborhood. Request recommendations from them to learn more about the area.

2. Be a and other online resources can give you suggestions for meeting people who share your interests. Join a hiking club, for instance, to meet new people if you enjoy hiking. Whatever your interests, you can join a group online or in your neighborhood.

3. Begin to frequent. A fantastic way to get to know a new city is to eat and drink at local establishments. Your server or bartender will typically be happy to make more suggestions. Additionally, chatting with locals while sitting at a bar in a new town is a great way to meet new people.

4. Get to know the area. Do some research on your city using websites like WikiTravel and Trip Advisor before you arrive. Even though these websites are targeted at tourists, they can be useful for a visitor who has never been to the city before. Attend a gathering or go on a tour of the local history.

5. Participate in community service. Volunteering locally is a further way to meet people in your community. Pick a cause that is important to you, then look up local organizations that support it. You could work as a volunteer at a food bank or an animal shelter, for instance. You'll meet people who share your values.

Top 30 Highest-Paying Jobs in Texas Without a College Degree Today

As we all know, a bachelor's degree is a requirement for employment in all of Texas' highest-paying positions.

In any case, this article lists the Texas jobs that pay the most but don't require a college degree.

To prove your training and qualification for a position, you might be required to obtain a certificate or diploma for some jobs.

You can quickly find a job in the field of your choice with your certification, which you can obtain from a community college or a vocational training facility.

Some employers will still hire you even if you lack any kind of certification or relevant experience for the position you're applying for if you're willing to undergo on-the-job training for a predetermined period of time.

After completing the training provided by the company, you will be hired right away.

1. Commercial Pilots

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Commercial pilots don't need to go to college, but they do go to specialized flying schools to get the training they need. They can then fly small aircraft for freight companies or for wealthy individuals who own private jets and are willing to pay well for the service. Pilots typically make around $110,830 a year, but some have been known to make as much as $153,990.

Commercial and airline pilots control and pilot airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft. The work schedules of pilots are frequently unpredictable, with overnight layovers being more typical for airline pilots.

Between 2020 and 2030, it is anticipated that overall employment for airline and commercial pilots will increase by 13%, which is faster than the average for all occupations.

Over the next ten years, there are expected to be, on average, 14,500 openings for airline and commercial pilots. Many of those openings are anticipated to be brought on by the need to replace workers who change careers or leave the workforce due to retirement.

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2. Transportation, Storage, And Distribution Managers

Photo: Longview Daily News
Photo: Longview Daily News

As you may already be aware, Texas is a logistics hub because the state is home to a number of businesses that need to ship their goods across the nation. Managers of Transportation, Storage, and Distribution, one of the highest paying jobs in Texas without a degree, are in high demand to support this commercial growth.

You must plan, oversee, or coordinate the storage and distribution activities while keeping in mind the policies of the organization and any relevant laws or regulations. The annual salary for this position is typically around $105,100, but some employees have been known to make as much as $163,580.

Managers of transportation, storage, and distribution are responsible for supervising staff members engaged in logistics-related tasks for a company. They may be responsible for ensuring that the business complies with all applicable laws.

3. First-Line Supervisors Of Police And Detectives

As you may already be aware, a career in law enforcement can be very fulfilling. The average yearly salary for a first-line Supervisor of Police and Detectives in Texas is $98,750. But one cannot just apply for this job; instead, one must first apply, go through the recruitment process, and then, after working for a while, be promoted to this position.

It's interesting that this position can be obtained through the police's training programs without a degree. Before moving up to this position, where one is in charge of recording, saving, retrieving, and transcribing data prior to trials, one would need to pass a few exams.

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4. First-Line Supervisors Of Firefighting And Prevention Workers

Firefighters are among those who earn the highest salaries in Texas because they make significant sacrifices to protect the public from harm. While some have been known to make up to $127,380 annually, the average salary for this position is around $93,350. In order to ascertain whether there have been violations of local, state, or federal laws, one's position places them in charge of investigating teams. These inquiries may be used to stop or solve crimes.

Directly oversee and plan the work of employees who fight fires and prevent and control them.

On the job, you would:

Assign firefighters to positions at key locations to make it easier to rescue people and use extinguishing agents to their fullest potential.

When necessary, provide emergency medical care and carry out light to heavy rescue tasks.

To determine the needs of the crew or company, evaluate the type and extent of the fire, the building's condition, the threat to nearby buildings, and the availability of water.

5. Court Reporters And Simultaneous Captioners

It is obvious that court reporters and simultaneous captioners deserve to be among the highest paying jobs in Texas without a degree because they are such crucial participants in the judicial process.

Planning, directing, or coordinating the sale, purchase, or leasing of commercial, industrial, or residential real estate properties are all required duties of the position. This position maintains the ownership of the homes, lands, and properties in legal records.

The typical pay for this position is $92,150, but some individuals may receive as much as $117,770. Additionally, one gains valuable real estate market experience from this job, preparing him to start his own real estate company when he retires.

6. Detectives And Criminal Investigators

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Although college degrees are not necessarily necessary for the jobs of detectives and criminal investigators, intelligence is. They frequently begin as regular police officers but undergo extensive training and pass tests to prove their competence.

By pursuing leads and spotting preset patterns, detectives and criminal investigators are sent to solve complex crimes. Without them, horrifying criminals would escape punishment while many innocent people would end up behind bars.

Without a doubt, these individuals need to be well compensated; not only due to the significance of their work, but also because criminals may attempt to corrupt them while they are at work. In Texas, the average yearly salary for detectives and criminal investigators is $91,630.

7. Property, Real Estate, And Community Association Managers

The property market is lucrative in part because of its significance. One need that everyone has, housing is just as essential as food and clothing.

Working closely with real estate brokers, community associations, and property developers is required by the job description. One would then sell homes and other properties within the newly formed estates to people who would later make up the communities. This places one at the center of the real estate business in the town.

The average yearly salary for this position is $88,920, but some individuals have been known to make as much as $109,540. One can become a real estate investor or dealer after retirement thanks to the additional benefit of having extensive knowledge of the real estate market, which is provided by the job.

8. Postmasters And Mail Superintendents

Postmasters and Mail Superintendents play a significant role in society as a whole; their dedication keeps the nation running. At the postal system's mail delivery offices, postmasters and mail superintendents oversee teams.

The postal service is still a major source of information for the nation, and the manufacturing sectors still use it to advertise their newest goods and services.

Thus, given the importance of the position, the pay should be adequate. Postmasters can make an average annual salary of $88,250.

9. Insurance Sales Agents

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

The amount of money an insurance sales agent can make depends on how well they perform as salespeople and persuade potential customers that purchasing the insurance products they are promoting is necessary.

This could entail going from workplace to workplace or home to home to inform people about the fantastic products and the benefits of signing up for different insurance plans.

The average income for insurance sales agents is $87,360, but it must be emphasized that a lot depends on the individual capacity of the sales agents. If you are not a good marketer, speaker, and persuader, you simply cannot earn much from this job. It's possible that some insurance sales agents earn much more than the maximum salary of $119,270.

10. Lodging managers

- Annual mean salary: $67,770

- Employment: 35,920

A hotel, motel, resort, or other lodging establishment is managed by a lodging manager. Managers make sure the facility's standards are upheld in all areas. They ensure that visitors are satisfied and well-looked-after. They also oversee staff management, supply inventory control, and facility maintenance.

It is crucial to note that managers must be focused on providing excellent customer service in a job description for a lodging manager. They also require a thorough understanding of the hospitality sector. They ought to be equipped to handle facility and staff requirements as well.

A hotel manager is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that visitors have a positive stay. Use the following example as guidance as you write your job description for the lodging manager.

11. Aircraft mechanics and service technicians

- Annual mean salary: $69,470

- Employment: 125,440

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Sample of reported job titles: Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Aircraft Maintenance Tech), Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Restorer, Aircraft Technician, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic (A and P Mechanic), Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT), Aviation Mechanic, Helicopter Mechanic


To find cracks, breaks, leaks, or other issues, examine and inspect aircraft parts, including the landing gear, hydraulic systems, and deicers.

As required by regulations, conduct regular and special inspections.

Verify the quality of the finished work and the readiness of the aircraft for operation.

Determine the viability and approach for repairing or replacing defective or damaged components by reading and interpreting maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications.

Keep repair logs that detail all preventive and corrective maintenance on your aircraft.

12. Elevator And Escalator Installers And Repairers

Installing and repairing elevators and escalators is the only task listed in this job description. When a person lives or works in a high-rise building, a broken elevator can be a big problem.

Because of this, the technicians who service these machines are paid well so they can give their all. Escalators are similarly prevalent in large shopping malls and retail centers, and one malfunctioning escalator in a mall can cause major issues.

Installers and repairers of elevators and escalators typically make $82,100.

13. Actuaries

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Consider acting when looking for lucrative careers in Texas. Actuaries examine the monetary costs associated with risk and uncertainty. They assist companies and clients in creating policies that reduce the cost of that risk by using mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to assess the risk of potential events.

Actuaries: What do they do?

assemble statistical information and other materials for analysis

Calculate the likelihood and likely financial impact of an event, such as a natural disaster, accident, illness, or death.

To reduce risk and increase profitability, create, test, and manage insurance policies, investments, pension plans, and other business strategies.

Create reports, charts, and tables to illustrate calculations and recommendations.

Inform company executives, government officials, shareholders, and clients of their conclusions and recommendations.

Earnings: $111,030

Job Prospects: An 18 percent increase in actuaries' employment is anticipated. It will be necessary to create, assess, and evaluate a range of insurance products as well as figure out how much new, emerging risks will cost.

14. Inspectors of transportation

Starting with the following obligations: Verify the safety of cargo or passenger-carrying equipment or items.

rail inspectors, including those who oversee freight, trains, and other forms of transportation not otherwise listed.

Dallas transportation inspectors make, on average, $86,630 a year. There is a slight increase over the $82,740 for Houston.

But this only denotes a steady average across the entire state.

15. Hotel managers

The activities of an organization or department that provides lodging and other accommodations are planned, directed, or coordinated by hotel managers.

You need a high school diploma for entry level positions. In Texas, the average yearly income for a motel manager is $83,310.

16. Captains, Mates, And Pilots Of Water Vessels

Texas's captains, mates, and pilots of watercraft are in charge of moving everything from people to agricultural goods. They command or oversee the operations of ships and watercraft, such as tugboats and ferryboats, which is a very important part of their job. Despite the fact that a university degree may not be necessary for this position, candidates must complete extensive training and obtain a U.S. Coast Guard license.

They typically make around $73,970 annually, though some of them can make up to $97,980 depending on the company they work for.

17. Claims Adjusters, Examiners, And Investigators

With the assistance of insurance companies, claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators review claims to ascertain that payments and settlements are made in accordance with corporate policies and procedures.

To put it another way, they make sure that the money they are about to pay to the insured parties was not paid inadvertently.

They typically earn $73,820 annually, but some can earn up to $97,980.

18. First-Line Supervisors Of Mechanics, Installers, And Repairers

First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers are supervisors who coordinate the activities of mechanics, installers, and repairers. They may also recommend services to customers or counsel the businesses they work with on the best course of action. They collaborate with mechanics and auto engineers.

They can make up to $95,680 a year, but typically make around $73,600.

19. Model Makers, Metal And Plastic

To create working models of objects made of metal or plastic, model makers use tools like lathes, milling, engraving, and jig borers. These models can be either realistic representations used in sales pitches or toys.

On average, they make around $73,480.

20. Power Plant Operators

In the power sector, power plant operators are the unseen workers without whom the industry's machinery would soon come to a halt.

Controlling, running, or maintaining equipment that produces electricity is what they do. They are crucial employees who don't have any vacation days. Their annual salary ranges from $81,890 on average to $114,420 for some.

21. Tax preparers

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

- Annual mean salary: $51,080

- Employment: 83,190

A tax preparer is a specialist who assists clients with filing their taxes. These clients are met with in order to go over financial records and ensure that all the information on their tax returns is accurate. Additionally, the Preparer makes sure they won't be audited.

A tax preparer typically has a degree in accounting or finance. They are proficient with MS Office and tax preparation software. It takes meticulous attention to detail, as well as excellent mathematical and communication skills, to become a proficient tax preparer.

Make sure to include these skills in the prerequisites when creating your own job description for a tax preparer.

22. Food service managers

- Annual mean salary: $63,970

- Employment: 210,680

Restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels, cafeterias, and other similar establishments frequently employ food service managers to oversee all food service operations. They manage staff schedules, hire and train workers in the food service industry, and address client complaints.

Food Service Manager Responsibilities:

hiring, training, and supervising workers in the food service industry.

scheduling employee hours to guarantee that every shift is properly covered.

completing payroll and keeping track of employee information.

ensuring that customers receive timely, high-quality food service.

ensuring that all work areas are routinely inspected for compliance with food safety and health laws.

taking stock of the food and other consumables, placing orders for what is required, and receiving deliveries.

counting all cash and charge slips accurately.

examining sales data to identify the most lucrative menu items.

arranging for deep cleaning, pest control, trash removal, and equipment maintenance as necessary.

At the conclusion of business, turning off all lights and activating the alarm system.

23. Sound engineering technicians

- Annual mean salary: $67,360

- Employment: 10,800

In recording studios, sporting arenas, theater productions, and movie and video productions, sound engineering technicians—also known as audio engineers or sound mixers—operate computers and equipment that records, syncs, mixes, or reproduces music, voices, or sound effects. They capture audio from performances or events and may mix individual audio tracks. to create a multilayered final product.

24. Crane and tower operators

- Annual mean salary: $65,270

- Employment: 43,400

To lift and move heavy objects like machinery, materials, or other objects, crane and tower operators use tower and cable equipment. Operators can raise and lower hooks attached to cables at the end of their crane or tower from a control station, rotate the superstructure, and extend and retract horizontal booms. The majority of the time, operators are led by ground personnel who communicate via radio or hand signals. The majority of crane and tower operators are employed at large ports or construction sites where they load and unload cargo. Operators are employed by iron and steel mills.

25. Human Resource Manager

Photo: META
Photo: META

What Human Resources Managers Do?

To make the most of employees' talents, an organization should plan and coordinate its workforce.

Connect the management of an organization with its staff

Organize and manage employee benefit plans

serve as a consultant to other managers, providing advice on human resources matters like sexual harassment and equal employment opportunities.

Coordinate and oversee the work of the support staff and specialists.

oversee the hiring, interviewing, and selection procedures within an organization.

Manage personnel matters, such as overseeing disciplinary actions and mediating conflicts.

Salary: $121,220

Job Prospect: The number of human resources managers is expected to increase by 6 percent as more businesses and organizations grow. However, these organizations need human resources managers to administer and monitor their programs and make sure that businesses follow evolving employment laws.

26. Computer numerically controlled tool programmers

- Annual mean salary: $62,360

- Employment: 25,800

Develop programs to control machining or processing of materials by automatic machine tools, equipment, or systems. May also set up, operate, or maintain equipment.

On the job, you would:

Create programs in the controller's native language and save them to media like punch tapes, magnetic tapes, or disks

Determine the order of the machine operations and choose the appropriate cutting tools to shape the workpieces.

Retest programs to ensure that issues have been resolved and revise programs or tapes to remove errors.

27. Tank car, truck, and ship loaders

- Annual mean salary: $55,330

- Employment: 12,090

- Metros with highest average pay:

--- Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI ($94,390)

--- New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA ($72,530)

--- Boston-Cambridge-Nashua, MA-NH ($68,750)

28. Occupational health and safety technicians

- Annual mean salary: $57,560

- Employment: 21,750

- Metros with highest average pay:

--- Evansville, IN-KY ($77,880)

--- Anchorage, AK ($77,690)

--- Oklahoma City, OK ($77,100)

29. Private detectives and investigators

- Annual mean salary: $60,970

- Employment: 28,860

- Metros with highest average pay:

--- Jackson, MI ($93,360)

--- Bakersfield, CA ($91,080)

--- Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO ($87,760)

30. Aircraft cargo handling supervisors

- Annual mean salary: $62,080

- Employment: 8,590

- Metros with highest average pay:

--- Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN ($79,660)

--- Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA ($72,800)

--- Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA ($71,910)

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