Top 30 Most Common Jobs In Los Angeles You Can Find
Top 30 Most Common Jobs In Los Angeles You Can Find
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The 10 largest occupations in America employ 30.5 million workers, representing 21% of all workers. Keeping America’s economy moving would be impossible without office workers, package handlers, food prep workers, and truck drivers.

By the end of 2022, experts forecast that Los Angeles, California’s GDP per capita will reach $73,117. California’s economy has been growing steadily for the last several years, and so is the job market. This is especially true for high-paying jobs.

Keep reading if you want to discover the most common jobs that you can find in Los Angeles.

Things to Know About Working in LA

Competition is Everywhere

Thanks to the reputation of the entertainment industry, everyone knows the general job market overview of LA is that it is competitive and fast-paced. Just thinking about the city calls to mind waiting rooms full of identical looking actors and actresses all vying for a spot in a TV commercial. This competitive nature spills into the business world as well. Whether you are looking for a career in the tech sector, marketing, or service industry, know that there may be hundreds of applicants behind you also trying to make a living in one of the most expensive cities in the US.

Even when you land a job, be aware that this fast-paced environment is still present in the workplace. Workers in LA are often driven and highly motivated. If you move at a slower pace, you may find it hard to connect with your coworkers.

Expats moving to Los Angeles will do well to update their CV and find angles which make them stand out among the rest. Unless you are auditioning within the entertainment industry, it is not common practice to include a photo with your CV.

Office Attire is Casual

Thanks to the nearly year-round warm, sunny weather, office attire in Los Angeles skews towards casual. The laidback West Coast culture of California also lends to a large lack of suit-and-tie wearing attitude. Depending on your workplace, shorts and flip flops may be commonplace around the office.

It is Normal to Work Odd Hours

If you go to a coffee shop in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday, you may be surprised to find it packed. Do these people work? How can they afford to lounge around in a café mid-week?

LA is full of employees who do not work in traditional, office-bound 9-5 jobs. Instead, many people in LA are freelancers, who work at all hours of the day. Even those with jobs in the entertainment industry may not be needed on set until near sundown. Because of this, cafes and restaurants are often filled wall-to-wall with freelancers and entrepreneurs typing away on their laptops.

Average Salary

Everything to do with this bustling California city comes down to one thing: it is expensive. The average salary in Los Angeles ranges between 50 – 60,000 USD, whereas the average salary to live comfortably is estimated in the 100,000+ range. This means that the majority of Angelenos are living uncomfortably, with much of their salary going towards general living expenses alone.

An April 2019 study by GOBankingRates estimated the average salary needed to live comfortably in 50 of the US’s largest cities. They based these averages on a 50/30/20 budget: 50% of your salary goes towards essentials like rent, utilities, and food; 30% for nonessentials; 20% for savings.

For LA they estimated:

  • Income needed if you are a renter: 136,208 USD
  • Income needed if you are a homeowner: 150,392 USD

Unfortunately, making this six-digit annual salary is not common throughout LA.

How to find a job in Los Angeles: Effective tips

Make a List

If you’re starting from the bottom with nowhere to go, it’s important to define exactly what you want. What does your dream job look like? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are 5 adjectives you’d like to describe your career-self as? The sooner you define these characteristics, the sooner you can find not just any job, but the perfect job.

Think Positive

There’s nothing worse than looking for a new job. Maybe you’re juggling the search with your current job or maybe you’re currently not working yet and feeling lost. But take it from a girl who’s been unemployed once or twice (or thrice), it gets better. People will only see your beautiful and worthy attributes if you seem them and put them out there. Keep your nose to the grind and keep hunting, but make sure to give yourself some love through positive affirmations, journaling and the occasional spa day.

Look to Your Network

In LA, your job search will only be as good as your connections in your address book. Networking is key and looking to your inner circle will help you push past online job posting sites like Monster or Indeed. So dig out those business cards, call some old friends and maybe ask your family for a little help in the right direction. Limited on some solid connections? Try local job fairs, meet and greets, job-specific Facebook groups and conferences to find some quality connections.

Get a Second Opinion

This day and age, qualifications changing. Your once beautiful resume may suddenly be out of date. But all you need is a fresh perspective. Take your resume, cover letter and references for a makeover. This could be through a friend you trust or a local resume-writing workshop. Either way, make sure that your resume is stellar and matches the current look and feel of the times.

Call On Some Help

If all of these tactics aren’t working, there is nothing wrong with asking for outside help. Headhunters and recruiters are individuals whose job is to get you a job. The options they present you may not be your first or second choice, but the experience and connections you may make at these jobs are priceless.

Never Stop Learning

Whether you’ve got the job or are still on the hunt, you always need to hone your craft. From languages to computer literacy to getting a degree, being the best of the best does not just happen overnight. The most successful business moguls are always learning a new trade secret to put them on top, and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What are the 30 most common jobs found in Los Angeles, California? (Ranked by Zippia website)


Job Title


Average Salary

Entry Level Salary












Sales Associate





Administrative Assistant





Customer Service Representative










Production Assistant





Office Assistant










Security Officer





Research Assistant










Executive Assistant





Medical Assistant










Sales Representative





Account Executive










Office Manager





Assistant Manager





Security Guard





Project Manager










Teacher Assistant





Personal Assistant















Graphic Designer










Marketing Internship




1. Internship

Photo: WikiAbroad
Photo: WikiAbroad

Average Salary: $39,857

Interns assist the company with tasks set out by various teams, such as research, data capturing and working closely with different team members to learn more about the company.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Fulfilling tasks set out by supervisors from several departments.
  • Attending meetings and taking minutes.
  • Performing research at a supervisor's request.
  • Updating social media platforms and writing copy for posts.
  • Creating images for social media posts.

2. Cashiers

Average Salary: $27,024

Cashiers scan items, ensure that prices are quantities are correct, and collect payments. They also assist customers by explaining or recommending items, answering questions, and processing exchanges or refunds.

Cashier Responsibilities:

  • Welcoming customers, answering their questions, helping them locate items, and providing advice or recommendations.
  • Operating scanners, scales, cash registers, and other electronics.
  • Balancing the cash register and generating reports for credit and debit sales.
  • Accepting payments, ensuring all prices and quantities are accurate and proving a receipt to every customer.
  • Processing refunds and exchanges, resolving complaints.
  • Bagging or wrapping purchases to ensure safe transport.
  • Following all store procedures regarding coupons, gift cards, or the purchase of specific items, such as alcohol or cigarettes.
  • Maintaining a clean workspace.

3. Sales Associate

Average Salary: $37,387

Sales associates are most commonly found working for retailers who sell clothing, jewelry, office supplies, and sporting goods. Alternative titles for this role are retail sales associate, sales floor associate, and retail salesperson.

Sales associates greet customers on arrival then assist the customer with any questions they have about the purchase they want to make. They often help the customer with returns, refunds, and resolve common complaints.

Sales Associate Responsibilities:

  • Greeting customers, responding to questions, improving engagement with merchandise and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Operating cash registers, managing financial transactions, and balancing drawers.
  • Achieving established goals.
  • Directing customers to merchandise within the store.
  • Increasing in store sales.
  • Superior product knowledge.
  • Maintaining an orderly appearance throughout the sales floor.
  • Introducing promotions and opportunities to customers.
  • Cross-selling products to increase purchase amounts.

4. Administrative Assistant

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $41,576

Administrative assistants provide support to managers, other employees, and office visitors by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure that all interactions between the organization and others are positive and productive. These professionals may also be referred to as administrative coordinators or administrative specialists.

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Handling office tasks, such as filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up for meetings, and reordering supplies.
  • Providing real-time scheduling support by booking appointments and preventing conflicts.
  • Making travel arrangements, such as booking flights, cars, and making hotel and restaurant reservations.
  • Screening phone calls and routing callers to the appropriate party.
  • Using computers to generate reports, transcribe minutes from meetings, create presentations, and conduct research.
  • Greet and assist visitors.
  • Maintain polite and professional communication via phone, e-mail, and mail.
  • Anticipate the needs of others in order to ensure their seamless and positive experience.

5. Customer Service Representative

Average Salary: $32,300

Customer service representatives help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services, take orders, and process returns. By helping customers understand the product and answering questions about their reservations, they are sometimes seen as having a role in sales.

Customer Service Representative Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward customers at all times.
  • Responding promptly to customer inquiries.
  • Communicating with customers through various channels.
  • Acknowledging and resolving customer complaints.
  • Knowing our products inside and out so that you can answer questions.
  • Processing orders, forms, applications, and requests.
  • Keeping records of customer interactions, transactions, comments, and complaints.
  • Communicating and coordinating with colleagues as necessary.
  • Providing feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.
  • Managing a team of junior customer service representatives.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support.

6. Volunteer

Average Salary: $33,249

Volunteers are individuals who freely offer their time, labor, and expertise. Volunteers often work for schools or NGOs, where they typically receive training and report to designated senior staff.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Understanding your role and responsibilities as well as the rules and safety regulations of the organization.
  • Completing the relevant training and asking questions if you are uncertain about anything.
  • Completing all duties assigned by the supervisor and reporting any issues immediately.
  • Observing the rules and safety regulations of the organization while carrying out tasks.
  • Arriving on time for duty and remaining professional in your interactions with all stakeholders.
  • Making recommendations for improvement where feasible and appropriate.
  • Delivering presentations or reports if necessary.
  • Communicating with the supervisor or relevant stakeholders when you are running late or unable to fulfill your duties.

7. Production Assistant

Average Salary: $34,539

The Production Assistant gets the cast and crew ready to film each day. They help communicate instructions from a director on set with clear communication that doesn't hinder creativity. Sometimes they may be required to answer phones, do paperwork, clean areas, transfer equipment from one location to another and drive actors and crew members.

A Production Assistant’s tasks can and often vary from day to day. Generally, they are responsible for printing and distributing scripts, running errands for Directors and Producers and relaying messages between other members to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

8. Office Assistant

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $33,253

Office Assistants are a vital part of any office. They may go by other related names, such as an Administrative Assistant or Secretary, but they all have one thing in common; their role is to support the staff members at hand and make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

An Office Assistant’s responsibilities include taking calls from customers and delivering messages while also using basic office equipment like faxes or scanners. They help maintain files to keep track of important documents, organize travel arrangements, manage supply inventory and perform data entry as required.

9. Receptionist

Average Salary: $32,492

A Receptionist’s duties and responsibilities include greeting visitors, helping them navigate through an office, and supplying them with refreshments as they wait. In addition, they maintain calendars for appointments, sort mail, make copies, and plan travel arrangements. In some environments, they can even assist security by monitoring visitor access.

Receptionists work within an organization to help it run smoothly. They greet visitors, answer phone calls, and run errands while maintaining professional composure throughout interactions with customers or potential clients.

10. Security Officer

Average Salary: $32,764

Security officers are responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of a company's employees, visitors, and associated property. Security officers are tasked with patrolling a designated area, responding to safety and security threats, and establishing a security presence. Security officers work in office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, colleges, casinos, and much more.

Security officers do not need to have a formal education aside from a high school diploma or equivalent. Many employers require security officers to be licensed. While licensure requirements vary by state, most states at least require security officers to be 18 years old, pass a background check, and complete a minimum number of hours of training. Requirements generally vary for unarmed versus armed security officers. Security officers must be alert, strong communicators, and physically fit.

11. Research Assistant

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $44,821

A Research Assistant is a professional who supports research projects by conducting literature searches, data management and maintaining files for project Researchers.

As a Research Assistant, your job is to make sure that all of the information in research databases are up-to-date and accurate. You will also be responsible for handling samples from experiments and implementing testing methods on them so they can give us better results!

A Research Assistant needs to have excellent written and verbal communication skills to share information with lead Project Researchers. They also need to have excellent critical thinking skills to support their research, and they need to have attention to detail to ensure their research documents are accurate at all times.

12. Assistant

Average Salary: $39,442

An assistant is responsible for the smooth and efficient running of an office through performing administrative and clerical duties, as well as providing reliable support for managers, staff, and office visitors. An assistant is also known as an administrative assistant, office assistant, personal assistant, or office clerk.

Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Greeting and directing visitors, answering questions, and responding to complaints and requests.
  • Making arrangements for meetings and travel.
  • Performing basic office tasks, such as data entry, answering phones, taking messages, sorting mail, maintaining and updating filing, operating office machines, and arranging equipment maintenance and repairs.
  • Planning and preparing for office events, such as meetings, conferences, and promotional activities.
  • Ordering and distributing office supplies.
  • Maintaining positive relationships with vendors, clients, and coworkers.
  • Reviewing and updating office procedures to reduce errors and costs.
  • Following and enforcing relevant policies, procedures, and regulations.

13. Executive Assistant

Average Salary: $55,798

An Executive Assistant is a professional responsible for managing the schedules and communications of key executives in their company. They prioritize emails and phone calls and arrange meetings and business events.

Executive Assistant responsibilities include:

  • Acting as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients and other external partners
  • Managing information flow in a timely and accurate manner
  • Managing executives’ calendars and set up meetings

14. Medical Assistant

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $34,358

Medical assistants provide physician support services that ensure that healthcare facilities run smoothly. They are responsible for administrative as well as clinical tasks, such as maintaining patient records, preparing patients and rooms for examination, assisting physicians with exams, and performing front-desk tasks. Medical assistants typically work in physician's offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

Most medical assistants have a high school degree or GED, and some positions require medical assistants to be certified through an accredited medical assistance program. Medical assistants need excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

15. Manager

Average Salary: $96,123

Managers ensure that their assigned department, store, or district is well staffed and provisioned, adheres to quality and service standards, increases revenue and market share, and helps the business accomplish its goals. They hire and train employees, help develop and implement business strategies, and perform a variety of other tasks to ensure the business is thriving.

Manager Responsibilities:

  • Delegating responsibilities and supervising business operations
  • Hiring, training, motivating and coaching employees as they provide attentive, efficient service to customers, assessing employee performance and providing helpful feedback and training opportunities.
  • Resolving conflicts or complaints from customers and employees.
  • Monitoring store activity and ensuring it is properly provisioned and staffed.
  • Analyzing information and processes and developing more effective or efficient processes and strategies.
  • Establishing and achieving business and profit objectives.
  • Maintaining a clean, tidy business, ensuring that signage and displays are attractive.
  • Generating reports and presenting information to upper-level managers or other parties.
  • Ensuring staff members follow company policies and procedures.
  • Other duties to ensure the overall health and success of the business.

16. Sales Representative

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $51,584

A Sales Representative is a professional who initializes and manages relationships with customers. They serve as their point of contact and lead from initial outreach through the making of the final purchase by them or someone in their household.

Sales Representative duties and responsibilities include:

  • Selling products and services using solid arguments to prospective customers
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses of existing and potential customers
  • Maintaining positive business relationships to ensure future sales

17. Account Executive

Average Salary: $59,989

An Account Executive is someone who can work in many fields and help grow their companies by finding leads and closing sales deals with existing clients or new prospects. They also act as intermediaries between other departments within an organization to ensure the success of their clients.

Account Executive responsibilities include:

  • Creating detailed business plans to reach predetermined goals and quotas
  • Managing the entire sales cycle from finding a potential client to securing a deal
  • Unearthing new sales opportunities through networking and turning them into long-term partnerships

18. Server

Photo: The Balance Careers
Photo: The Balance Careers

Average Salary: $31,485

A restaurant server takes orders, answers questions about the menu and food, sells the restaurant's food and drinks, takes payment, communicates orders with the kitchen staff, seats customers, and helps with customer service and cleaning. Also known as a waiter or waitress.

Server Responsibilities:

  • Take food and drink orders from customers accurately and with a positive attitude.
  • Write patrons' food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.
  • Engage with customers in a friendly manner.
  • Knowledge of the menu, with the ability to make suggestions.
  • Ensure tables are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.
  • Collect payments from tables.
  • Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes.
  • Help food preparation staff when necessary.

19. Office Manager

Average Salary: $45,951

An Office Manager oversees staff, implements procedures, maintains administrative systems, and works closely with other departments such as human resources or legal counsel.

Office manager duties and responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, making office supplies arrangements, greeting visitors and providing general administrative support to our employees. Previous experience as a Front Office Manager or Office Administrator would be an advantage. A successful Office Manager should also have experience with a variety of office software (email tools, spreadsheets and databases) and be able to accurately handle administrative duties.

Ultimately, the Office manager should be able to ensure the smooth running of the office and help to improve company procedures and day-to-day operation.

20. Assistant Manager

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Average Salary: $50,144

An Assistant Manager, or Associate Manager, is responsible for implementing workflow procedures based on direction from the company’s General Manager. Their duties include supervising employees during day-to-day tasks, providing customer support in escalated situations and managing the overall workflow of a workplace.

21. Security Guard

Average Salary: $32,797

Also known as a security officer, security guards are responsible for protecting property or individuals by patrolling and acting as access control for visitors.

Security Guard Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that guests sign in upon arrival and exit.
  • Make guests aware of rules that must be adhered to.
  • Remove trespassers or unwanted individuals from the property.
  • Contact the relevant authorities if a crime is committed or an accident occurs.
  • Report to supervisors on a regular basis.
  • Record any suspicious activities to the supervisor.

22. Project Manager

Average Salary: $98,675

Project managers are responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget. Project managers plan and designate project resources, prepare budgets, monitor progress, and keep stakeholders informed the entire way. This is all done within the confines of a company's goals and vision. Project managers are needed on a wide variety of projects, including construction, IT, HR, and marketing.

Project managers generally need to have a Bachelor's degree in computer science or business, as well as several years of experience in the relevant line of work with increasing responsibility. Many project managers choose to pursue a Project Management Professional (PMP) cerfication. To obtain a PMP certification, one must have a degree (associate's or Bachelor's), a certain number of hours leading and directing projects, a certain number of hours of project management education, pass an exam, and participate in ongoing professional development. Successful project managers are detail-oriented and have excellent communication skills.

23. Consultant

Average Salary: $76,473

Consultants play an advisory role in their field of expertise. They find solutions for various business functions and implement strategic plans.

Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing projects to address issues and needs.
  • Collaborating with management and staff to understand their needs.
  • Conducting research on the organization and its customers.
  • Analyzing data to identify problem areas.
  • Developing plans to implement solutions.
  • Keeping abreast of changes in the industry.

24. Teacher Assistant

Photo: Glints
Photo: Glints

Average Salary: $31,801

A teacher assistant provides support to a lead teacher in charge of a classroom. Also known as teacher’s aides, these professionals reinforce lessons by tutoring individual students or small groups. Their duties include creating lesson plans, documenting progress, and overseeing lesson preparations.

Teacher Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Working with the lead teacher to monitor the class schedule.
  • Assisting teachers with lesson preparation by getting materials ready and setting up equipment.
  • Revising lesson material with students individually or in small groups.
  • Ensuring the classroom environment is safe and clean.
  • Overseeing students during non-classroom times including in-between classes, during lunch, and on-field excursions.
  • Collaborating with lead teachers to recognize issues students are facing and recommend solutions.
  • Documenting student progress and communicating with parents to keep them informed.
  • Helping lead teachers to create lesson plans.
  • Complying with state, school, and class rules and regulations.
  • Attending all training classes, parent conferences, and faculty meetings.

25. Personal Assistant

Average Salary: $49,430

Personal assistants perform secretarial work and provide senior managers with day-to-day administrative support. Their duties include answering phone calls and managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and making travel arrangements. They may also be required to organize events.

Personal Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Reporting to senior management and performing secretarial and administrative duties.
  • Typing, formatting, and editing reports, documents, and presentations.
  • Entering data, maintaining databases, and keeping records.
  • Liaising with internal departments, answering calls, and making travel arrangements.
  • Managing internal and external correspondence on behalf of senior management.
  • Scheduling appointments, maintaining an events calendar, and sending reminders.
  • Copying, scanning, and faxing documents, as well as taking notes.
  • Preparing facilities for scheduled events and arranging refreshments, if required.
  • Ordering office supplies and replacements, as well as managing mail and courier services.
  • Observing best business practices and etiquette.

26. Driver

Average Salary: $37,305

Drivers undertake various transporting duties and typically work for hotels, restaurants and delivery services. Their primary responsibilities include transporting clients from airports to hotels, carrying out vehicle maintenance checks and interacting with clients in professional conduct.

Driver Responsibilities:

  • Transporting clients from airports to hotels and vice versa.
  • Carrying out vehicle maintenance checks.
  • Delivering packages to customers in a timely manner.
  • Picking up office purchases or other administrative needs.
  • Utilizing navigation apps to find the most optimal route.
  • Interacting with clients in professional conduct.
  • Working at night and on weekends.
  • Maintaining an organized travel schedule.
  • Ensuring that vehicles have sufficient gas and are always ready for use.
  • Arranging for vehicle repairs when necessary.
  • Updating monthly mileage records.
  • Driving a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, cars, buses and trucks.

27. Tutor

Average Salary: $34,057

A Tutor is an education professional who works with individual students to reach their academic goals. They are responsible for meeting with students to clarify and review concepts learned in class and help students solve specific problems.

A Tutor is responsible for helping students learn and understand new concepts and complete assignments. They prepare lessons by studying lesson plans, reviewing textbooks in detail to understand the topic they will be teaching and providing additional projects if needed during a session.


  • Contribute to student learning, growth and advancement
  • Demonstrate academic competence in the subject area(s) and build a curriculum
  • Maintain a growth mindset toward student learning and teaching practice
  • Facilitate problem-solving with a curious mind and critical thinking skills
  • Collaborate effectively with parents and the organization to increase student performance

28. Graphic Designer

Average Salary: $50,467

The Graphic Designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos. You’ll be the one to shape the visual aspects of websites, books, magazines, product packaging, exhibitions and more.


  • Study design briefs and determine requirements
  • Schedule projects and define budget constraints
  • Conceptualize visuals based on requirements
  • Prepare rough drafts and present ideas
  • Develop illustrations, logos and other designs using software or by hand
  • Use the appropriate colors and layouts for each graphic
  • Work with copywriters and creative director to produce final design
  • Test graphics across various media
  • Amend designs after feedback
  • Ensure final graphics and layouts are visually appealing and on-brand

29. Teacher

Photo: Freepik
Photo: Freepik

Average Salary: $54,148

A teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and educating students at all levels. Their duties include assigning homework, grading tests, and documenting progress. Teachers must be able to instruct in a variety of subjects and reach students with engaging lesson plans.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Developing and issuing educational content including notes, tests, and assignments.
  • Supervising classes to ensure all students are learning in a safe and productive environment.
  • Organizing supplies and resources for lectures and presentations.
  • Delivering personalized instruction to each student by encouraging interactive learning.
  • Planning and implementing educational activities and events.
  • Ensuring your classroom is clean and orderly.
  • Preparing and distributing periodic progress reports and semester report cards.
  • Attending parent-teacher meetings.
  • Evaluating and documenting students’ progress.
  • Allocating and grading homework, assignments, and tests.

30. Marketing Internship

Average Salary: $33,148

A Marketing Intern is a professional who assists in advertising and promotional efforts within a company. They are responsible for completing clerical and administrative duties, building social media campaigns, or preparing promotional materials. They may also be called upon to create presentations that advise their managers on promoting certain products.


  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data from marketing campaigns
  • Perform market analysis and research on competition
  • Support the marketing team in daily administrative tasks
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  • Prepare promotional presentations
  • Help distribute marketing materials
  • Manage and update company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM)
  • Help organize marketing events

Top Average Salaries in LA

Software Engineer 90,215 USD Project Manager (General Type) 79,371 USD Mechanical Engineer 76,094 USD Marketing Manager 66,940 USD Operations Manager 66,240 USD Account Manager 60,246 USD Executive Assistant 55,569 USD

So what is a good salary in Los Angeles?

The answer to that question depends on your personal needs and lifestyle. A solo individual living in a middle range LA neighborhood can get by on an annual salary of 42,825 USD. A family of four can make it on 92,295 USD.

Please be advised that these estimates are based on the minimum salary needed to live well in LA. If you are prone to dining out, have your children in private schools, or enjoy taking advantage of cultural events, you will need to increase your salary requirements.

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