Top 25 Easiest Crafts To Make For US Independence Day (July 4)
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Try these patriotic 4th of July crafts to deck out your home in red, white, and blue colors.

1. Patriotic wooden necklace

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Wear your pride on your sleeve—or around your neck! Kids will love creating holiday-themed jewelry for themselves and for you with this patriotic wood necklace kit. It comes complete with colorful beads, charms, and nylon cord, and it’ll keep them busy on the big day or on any day you need a little peace and quiet.

2. Red, white, and blue wine glass charms

While this 4th of July craft isn’t necessarily for the youngest of crafters, any DIYer over the legal drinking age is sure to adore this patriotic wine glass charms kit. These fun and fancy beads will add the perfect stars-and-stripes touch to your Independence Day party—and keep everyone’s glasses safely sorted.

3. Wooden flag

For anyone who loves a rustic aesthetic, this is the 4th of July craft for you. Drill together planks of wood, and then paint the American flag design on top. This cool DIY can be displayed even past Independence Day.

4. USA letters

Nothing says “Independence Day” more than “U-S-A.” Pick up some wooden letters at your local craft store. From there, it’s all about decorating! Let your patriotic spirit—and your creativity—shine through.

5. Independence Day pin cushion

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Photo Getty

This craft is for all of the sewers out there. Using patriotically patterned cotton fabric, cut out the pattern of a pin cushion (this example used a heart shape). Stuff with Poly-Fil stuffing, put it in your go-to kit, and it can be the 4th of July all year long!

6. Red, white, and blue pinwheels

Make a bunch of these old-school decorations and stick them in your flower beds on the 4th or simply let the kids see how fast they can get them to spin. They’re easier to make than they look—we promise. Cut up a square piece of paper and then fold and pin in the center to create the pinwheel shape. Stick a straw through the middle and away you go!

7. 4th of July embroidery kit

If you love all things embroidery, this crafting kit is most certainly for you. You’ll get 18 embroidery designs with both classic and fun sayings, from “All American Cutie” to “Party Like It’s 1776.” Bonus: The stitch-out is super easy and can be done by both embroidery pros and novices alike.

8. Foam glasses

Photo Amazon
Photo Amazon

Show off your love for America this Independence Day with some patriotic specs. Kids will love the foamy feel of these glasses and the fact that they’ll get to customize them with self-adhesive foam pieces in stars-and-stripes designs of their own making. Get the whole family laughing with these 4th of July jokes anyone will find funny.

9. Uncle Sam head

Uncle Sam wants YOU to create this adorable and fun 4th of July craft. He’s one of the most recognizable symbols of the good, old USA, along with the bald eagle and the Statue of Liberty, so of course, he made it onto this list! This cute craft uses card stock, construction paper, and googly eyes, and even comes with a downloadable template to make things extra easy. Get the full tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts.

10. Paper salute

They look like mini sparklers, but you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers with this super simple 4th of July craft made of paper. Using cardstock, a long toothpick, and scissors, cut small pieces of the cardstock into thin strips in order to wrap around the toothpick to create the classic salute silhouette.

11. Red, white, and blue hair bows

Calling all pint-sized fashionistas! What’s better than buying a 4th of July–inspired hair accessory? Making one, of course! This patriotic hair bow craft kit comes complete with everything you need to create a showstopping party piece. It makes eight three-layered bows, so you’ll be able to match with family and friends.

12. Independence Day door wreath

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Photo Getty

Make your front door festive with this simple yet sophisticated DIY wreath. You might be able to find most of the materials right in your backyard, or you can purchase artificial holly berries and birch branches online. Spray paint a section of the berries white and another section blue to create the colors of the American flag. Then place a mini American flag in the center of your wreath for a picture-perfect display.

13. Firework pencil toppers

While this 4th of July craft may be mini, it certainly packs a big punch. Using pieces of cardstock, construct these small firework rockets with glue, and then decorate as you see fit. Stick them on top of pens and pencils to give your home office a festive upgrade.

14. Star-spangled crafts

Is there anything more fun than decorating for a holiday—or more all-American than adorning your home with red, white, and blue for Independence Day? While there are plenty of awesome and affordable 4th of July decorations you can buy, this holiday also seems tailor-made for DIY decor with its distinctive colors and patterns. Because of that, even if you’re DIY-challenged, you can create some showstopping 4th of July crafts for the big day.

From blinged-out centerpieces to paper pinwheels reminiscent of fireworks, this list has just the thing for both adults and kids who want to get creative this year. It’s also a great activity if you’re looking for 4th of July ideas, aside from the traditional barbecues, fireworks displays, and 4th of July games. Even better, these DIY projects won’t break the bank or take a lot of time. They’ll also help you remember why we celebrate the 4th of July and exactly what makes this country amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the good, ol’ USA by raiding your craft supply bin and adding a festive flair to your home!

15. Born in the USA T-shirt

Photo Etsy
Photo Etsy

One hundred percent American made and proud of it! This T-shirt craft kit will let kids proudly display that fact—and their handiwork. Using fabric markers, you and your child can color in a “Born in the USA” T-shirt. Bonus: Now you have your kid’s holiday wardrobe sorted out, too!

16. Colored rice jar

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Photo Getty

Who knew uncooked rice could get a festive 4th of July face-lift? For this craft, use food coloring to dye pieces of uncooked white rice blue and red. Then, put layers of the colorful rice in a round glass bowl to create the illusion of the American flag. Just remember not to eat it!

17. Patriotic platter

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Photo Getty

Give a basic serving tray a patriotic face-lift with this easy and fun 4th of July craft. You’ll need a wooden serving tray and acrylic paints in red, white, and blue. Paint on an American flag design, let it dry, and top it with some delicious 4th of July appetizers or drinks. Cheers!

18. Stars and stripes votive

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Photo Getty

Start with an old crushed-tomato jar or another thoroughly rinsed metal can. From there, use acrylic paint to draw red, white, and blue stripes directly onto the can. For an extra special touch, punch small holes around the top of the can and place a tealight inside for a festive glow.

19. Red, white, and blue bug magnets

Don’t worry—this craft is much cuter than it sounds. These foamy, friendly bug characters will become your little one’s new best friend, and with their festive stars-and-stripes designs, they’re perfect for the 4th of July. You could create your own with supplies you have around the house, or you can pick up a craft kit full of all the items necessary for this fun and fresh DIY.

20. Paper fireworks

Recreate the magic of 4th of July fireworks using tissue paper. Get a pack of red, white, and blue tissue paper and fold back and forth, accordion-style, to create the fan-like shapes. Either tape or staple together the ends to make it round and voilà! Instant firework.

21. Chalk flag

Get the whole neighborhood involved with this fun and inclusive 4th of July DIY. Create a huge American flag right on your sidewalk or driveway using red, white, and blue chalk. No, it won’t last past the next rainfall, but you’ll have the memories forever. Hey, that’s what Instagram’s for! Speaking of which, here are dozens of clever 4th of July captions for your social media feeds.

22. Stars and stripes garland

This DIY garland takes a little sewing skill, but really, just a little bit. Cut some flag-patterned material into triangles, stitch each triangle together so it’s double-sided, and loop a piece of twine through the top in order to create a hanging garland shape. Then, sit back and marvel at your handiwork.

23. Festive vase

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Photo Getty

Upgrade any leftover tin can to patriotic proportions with this easy 4th of July craft. Tape strips of red, white, and blue project tape or duct tape around the can to create perfectly crisp lines. Add some star stickers and you’re done! Use these spruced-up cans as drink holders or centerpieces for your barbecue and your 4th of July fest is sure to become that much merrier.

24. Patriotic windsock

Both spirits and crafts will be flying high with this DIY project. To make one, you’ll need a toilet paper roll, crepe paper, paint, some star stickers, and a small piece of string. Once you assemble it, wait for the perfect breeze and watch as your windsock proudly flies the red, white, and blue.

25. Freedom ornaments

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

This 4th of July DIY proves that ornaments aren’t only for your Christmas tree. After picking up some fun wooden shapes from the craft store, paint on some American flag-inspired patterns to create the ultimate freedom ornaments. Display these as centerpieces, table settings, or wherever you think the stars and stripes can be admired the most.

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