Making a birthday card on your own is the best way to show your sincerity to the gift receiver.

Here are some simple birthday card ideas that might help you a lot.

1.String balloon card

Top 11 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas
Photo: The thrifty ginger

Designing a card that’s cute on the outside is definitely a good idea, but we also like cards that are cute on the inside too! The Thrifty Ginger suggests cutting out paper balloons and banner flags and then using pieces of coloured string to actually make a little pop up party scene when the card opens, according to diys.

2.Sharpie whale card

When it comes to customizing things with bold colours, Shaprie markers are an awesome tool. You could technically use this idea to make any image you like, but in case you’re having trouble thinking of what to do, check out this adorable birthday whale design from Img Kid!

3.Paper cutout age card

Sometimes upcycling can be shabby chic in a way that’s surprisingly beautiful. That’s how we feel about this cute age cutout birthday card from Sally Etc.! You could use any type of scrap or reclaimed paper you can find that you enjoy the pattern, colour, or texture of.

4.Washi tape candle card

Top 11 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas
Photo: Make and Takes

If you love bright colours and patterns but you’re not very confident in your drawing and painting skills just yet, then try using washi tape to make pictures with nice straight lines and clean edges! It comes in so many patterns and colour combinations that we doubt you’ll have trouble making a fun birthday candle design like this one by Omiyage.

5.Easy Sprinkles Lollipop Card Tutorial

I don't know anyone who doesn't adore sprinkles! Why not add some fun to a birthday card? Paper lollipops are covered with sprinkles and glued onto a matching card. How cute! The inner child in all of us will just love a birthday greeting like this!

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6.DIY Letterboard Birthday Cards

Top 11 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas
Photo: Canva

The letterboard design trend is going strong. Make a card using a sentiment that is personalized for the recipient in this cute style. How trendy!

7.Free Printable Pom Birthday Card

Celebrate a birthday with this adorable pom ice cream cone card. White House Crafts offers a free printable and tutorial for this card project. Very cute!

8.DIY Embroidered Cards

Add some craftiness to your birthday card projects with embroidery. When you finish the embroidery, attach some fabric tags to keep up the handmade theme, cites the spruce crafts.

9.Scrapbook Birthday Card

So I end of giving lots of cards each year, namely handmade DIY birthday cards, but there is one card I make that has to be the most special of all. My Mom’s birthday is in the summer, and by spring, I am always on the lookout for the best birthday card to make for Mom. Usually, I look for a creative idea with lots of handmade details, one she is sure to appreciate and be able to proudly display so all her friends can see it. This adorable gift box card was my top pick to make for my mother, and it did not disappoint. I have to admit, mine actually turned out cuter than the picture. I used a plaid paper and red ribbon, and it was so colorful and cute, I wanted to keep it for myself. Say Happy Birthday to your favorite special person with this do it yourself birthday card project.

10.Rainbow Birthday Cake Card

This creative, artistic card requires no previous art skills. Simply learn how to make this rainbow birthday cake card and have your gift recipient be wowed by your thoughtfulness and artistic abilities. A cute handmade card for him or her, I made one of these for my father’s birthday, and he still has it on his desk almost a year later. When you need an impressive DIY birthday card idea, this crafty card is a winner. If you need a homemade birthday card idea that looks fabulous but does not take hours to make, try this fun Happy Birthday greeting.

11.Birthday Bunting Card

Top 11 Homemade Birthday Card Ideas
Photo: Free Vector
Sweet and thoughtful, this is an adorable B-day card to make for her. Whether you need an easy birthday card to make for your wife, sister, mom or BFF. With a cute homespun banner made from string and craft paper or fabric, this card is sure to be proudly displayed. Write a custom message inside and help make your favorite person’s birthday extra special, suggests diyjoy.
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