Some people are creative enough to see a photo on Pinterest and figure the rest out on their own. Others need instructions, detailed instructions!

1. DIY Gold Dipped Magnets

14 Last-Minute Self-Made Gift Ideas For Friends
Photo: gina-michele

Here’s a really cool idea for a last minute gift. Gold Dipped Magnets! Check out this tutorial from Gina Michele to create your own Gold Dipped Magnets to gift your friends on their next party. Its really easy to make an pretty inexpensive too. All you need are a few; Jasper Nuggets, Martha Stewart Metallic Paint, a Paint Brush, Tape, Magnets and Glue!

2. Hand Painted Dish Set

Running out of time and ideas on what to give your friends for their house blessing? Check out this DIY tutorial from a beautiful mess on how to make your own Hand Painted Dish Set! Create your own pretty little dishes that you can customize for your friends! This is the perfect last minute gift idea! Go check it out now! All you need is some ceramic dishes and some food safe markers and an oven!

3. Transformed Imprinted Clay Bowls

Valentine’s day is just right around the corner, so if you want to give your sweetheart something special on lover’s day get a head start on creating your gift! Go ahead and check out this really cool step-by-step tutorial from Camille Style on how to create Transformed Imprinted Clay Bowls. You can give it to your sweetheart this valentine’s day together with that necklace that you bought her!

4. DIY Confetti Cups

On this next tutorial from Smarty Had A Party you will learn to add a little confetti to your plastic party wares at home for your next party or celebration. Because who doesn’t love a little colorful confetti? Confetti is a must at every party! This tutorial will teach you on how to put a little confetti theme on your plastic party wares with just using some plastic cups or dish, some paint and pencils with unused erasers, according to diyjoy.

5. DIY Crushed Glass Coasters

14 Last-Minute Self-Made Gift Ideas For Friends
Photo: Pinterest

I know crushed glass doesn’t sound like a good idea but look at this really cool tutorial from Tell Love and Party on how to create a really chick coaster using crashed glass particles, cork coasters, spray paint, mod podge dimensional magic glue. Check out the step-by-step tutorial now so the next time you have a pool party you could rock it with this really cool, really chick DIY Crushed Glass Coasters!

6. Healthy Cookies

That’s right – healthier cookies are possible, thanks to real food ingredients! Plus, who doesn’t love cookies? Here are my favorite cookies to give as a holiday gift:

  • Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies – Chocolate chip cookies are fairly common, but THESE chocolate chip cookies are the bomb! For real! Bring these as a hostess gift and you’ll be known as the cookie friend!
  • Candy Cane Cookies – These are a super cute variation of the sugar cookie that tastes like peppermint! They are my daughter’s favorite!
  • Healthier Sugar Cookies – These can be made into different shapes depending on the holiday, like Christmas tree cookies in December and heart-shaped cookies for Valentine’s Day.
  • Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies – I’m a recovering peanut butter addict so these cookies are high on my list of favorites!
  • Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting – These naturally sweetened cookies are amazing!! All things pumpkin are ok in my book.

7. Homemade Instant Hot Chocolate

14 Last-Minute Self-Made Gift Ideas For Friends
Photo: The Yummy Life

Homemade Cocoa Mix is super easy to make. You can put it in a jar with a ribbon. Add a mug and a mini whisk to your gift if you’d like!

8. Canned Goods

If you like to make canned goods, use a bit of fabric and ribbon to make them look pretty along with a label saying what they are. Easiest gift ever, according to don't waste the crumbs.

9. For the animal-lover: Beginner Crochet Penguin Kit

These adorable crocheted penguins are a perfect stocking stuffer: cute, tiny and easy to make. Reviewers who had never tried crochet before rave about how simple the instructions are (they even demonstrate the best technique for holding the crochet hook in the first place). You’ll have the hang of it in no time and a tiny little penguin friend shortly after.

10. For the family member with deep roots: Family Tree Fill-in-the-Blank Poster

The person in your life who appreciates family history will adore this family tree art illustration from FreshRetroGallery that creatively displays ancestry branches back six generations. When filling it out, you may have to do a little sleuthing to unearth historical basics, like maiden names, birth, marriage and death dates and place of residency, but once compiled, it presents a stunning, vintage-style vision of a family's history. Each order includes two 19-by-13-inch prints in natural or white parchment-style paper. Roll it up with a ribbon or have it framed.

11. DIY Plastic Snow Globe Kit

14 Last-Minute Self-Made Gift Ideas For Friends
Photo: Hearth and Vine

Gift your loved one with a sense of whimsy with this DIY snow globe kit that places everything from rainbows to dinosaurs inside a glittery sphere. A bestselling product that comes with two globes, it's earned fans of more than 1,800 reviewers, who say that it's a great kid-friendly project as well (no doubt thanks in part to its shatterproof plastic design).

12. Sunflower String Art Kit

Brighten up any dreary space with a happy sunflower design from StringoftheArt. The Etsy bestseller takes less than a day to complete and reviewers have noted how easy it is to assemble. If you can wrap a piece of string around a nail, you can make wall-worthy art in no time. Even still, it comes with step-by-step instructions and a template.

13. DIY All Natural Dark Chocolate Making Kit

Show your friend's sweet tooth some love with this DIY chocolate making kit that lets you load up bars with everything from pistachios to coffee to edible glitter. The dairy-free and vegan ingredients are all pre-portioned, so you're only a few steps away from a homemade treat perfect for anyone on your list—just try to resist digging in yourself.

14. Macramé Key Ring Making Kit

14 Last-Minute Self-Made Gift Ideas For Friends
Photo: usatoday
If you’re hesitant to commit to a large DIY project, consider something that would work as a stocking stuffer. This DIY macramé-making kit lets you start small, following step-by-step instructions (with a link to a video), to create a keychain in one of 10 dusty pastel colors. It’s perfect for the person in your life who can use extra help finding them at the bottom of their bag. The kit also includes a cute drawstring bag that’s perfect for gifting, illustrates usa today.
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