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If you’re buying your very first speaker or adding a new one for a different setting, you should be aware of the brands out there today. And there are plenty of good ones even beyond the mainstream.

Here are the top 25+ best and most popular speaker brands in the U.S and around the world that we think produce quality products.

We consider many factors, including customer service, product quality, reliability, and reviews on eCommerce stores. We also looked at the price to see how these brands compare regarding affordability.

1. JBL (USA)

Price: $375.00

Website: jbl.com

Instagram: @jblaudio

Twitter: @jblaudio

JBL is a company that manufactures audio equipment that was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing and is currently owned by Harman International in America.

JBL speakers come in a variety of designs and are intended to be used in a wide range of settings, from many family karaoke sets to professional karaoke. To produce the best hardware possible for the market, parts are painstakingly chosen and assembled on current production lines. A delicate inclination and high feeling are created by strong, delicate lines and adjusted corners.

The speaker bureau is made of high-quality wood for durability and solidity. Stretch plates at the front hold the speaker driver and the inner part framework in place. An arrangement of association ports, signal lines, and crucial decisions are placed behind to make sure the blend is simple to use and profitable.

JBL currently offers well-known speaker lines, giving you more options to meet your needs, such as:

The typical JBL karaoke speaker series include the JBL Pasion 10 karaoke speaker, JBL MK12 karaoke speaker, JBL CV1652T karaoke speaker, and JBL CV1852T karaoke speaker.

JBL speakers focus on extraordinary music, incredible sound, and a rich modern design.

You can mention the JBL STAGE A180 Music Speaker, JBL STAGE A190 Speaker, JBL Stage A170 Speaker, and JBL Studio 680 Speaker, among other well-known speaker models.

With each new line, the JBL speaker line offers a variety of options and models.

JBL speakers have such exceptional sound quality that it surprisingly improves music by allowing listeners to feel each note contrasted and carefully.

JBL has a wide selection of speakers that are appropriate for any situation. If you want to listen in silence, they have options with boosted bass and clear highs. JBL has portable party speakers or outdoor-friendly models that will blow your mind if you like your music loud! The best part is that all of these items are reasonably priced.

2. Bose (USA)

Price: $149.00

Website: www.bose.com

Instagram: @bose

Twitter: @bose

Top 10+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the U.S and World
Bose - Most Popular Speaker Brand in the World

In Framingham, Massachusetts, there is a privately held consumer electronics company called Bose.

A US-based speaker company is called Bose. Established in 1964 by Mr. Amar Bose, the Bose Company produces audio equipment, and its headquarters are in Framingham, west of Boston. Amar Bose transformed a small business into Bose Corporation, one of the leading organizations in the global electronics industry, with a track record of success in both domestic and international business sectors.

Bose Speaker is a well-known brand that has been around for more than 50 years. It is regarded as the king of premium karaoke speakers. Bose speakers frequently have a lavish plan with a current, complicated plan. This is the reason you can enjoy your sound system with just a few certified Bose speakers. Bose speakers bring with them the power of clarity, vivacity, and solidity in the sound's dispersion throughout the room, as well as flexibility in interacting with music enhancers and karaoke intensifiers.

In addition to the standard items for listening to music at home, the company has expanded its product line to include large limit speakers for arenas, sound channels for theaters, sound systems, etc. Advancement innovation aids the Bose brand in quickly solidifying its position by planning to offer customers the highest quality product offerings.

As a result, the company rose to prominence as one of the biggest manufacturers of audio equipment both domestically and abroad. One of the larger tabletop models offered by the company is the SoundTouch 30 Wireless Speaker. It's not something you're going to bring to parties with you because it measures 17 x 10 x 7 inches and weighs almost 26 pounds.

3. Bang and Olufsen - B&O (Denmark and USA)

Price: $3,199

Website: www.bang-olufsen.com

Instagram: @bangolufsen

Twitter: @bangolufsen

Top 10+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the U.S and World
Bang & Olufsen

Danish reformers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen founded the company Bang and Olufsen in 1925. One of the most prestigious and expensive electronic brands in the US is this one.

Bang and Olufsen (B&O) has never been the brand name of any home for a very simple reason: high costs. "For the people who care about plan and quality before cost," is the organization's motto. This is the difference between Bang and Olufsen. Through the use of the models of "imaginative plan, premium materials, trailblazing innovation, and standard sound quality," this amazing Danish brand has introduced electronic items to customers.

B&O built its empire on the idea that innovation can be beautiful and useful at the same time for a very long time. The most cutting-edge electronic products the world has ever seen have been introduced by this incredible Danish brand. B&O products provide people with enjoyment, relaxation, and especially association.

Since its core values revolve around authenticity, credibility, simplicity, and innovation, B&O isn't mistaken for any mass brand. Every media campaign that B&O completes is painstakingly designed for a detailed show. B&O never overstates their intentions; instead, they focus on giving technology unique and interesting shapes that complement interior design. With a wireless speaker with True 360 degree sound that is available separately, you can easily match the beoplay M5 to your personal taste and home decor.

For distinctive speaker brands, look no further than Bang & Olufsen. These top-notch speakers come in a variety of sizes and styles, including floor-standing models that support Bluetooth. Find your new favorite at their shop today if you want an excellent sound experience that is unmatched.

4. Sony (Japan)

Top 10+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the U.S and World
Sony - Best Speaker of Japan

Sony is a Japanese multinational electronics company headquartered in Tokyo. Sony has been around for over 100 years, and they have made some of the best speakers ever!

Sony produces audio equipment, including digital cameras, video game consoles, televisions, and smartphones. They are one of the leaders in developing new technologies. Their products often have features that differentiate them from competitors, like Dolby Digital Sound or Bluetooth functionality.

Sony just might be the most well-known speaker brand in the world today. And that’s not the result of good marketing campaigns. The Japan-based company makes genuinely excellent products.

There’s almost no audio platform that Sony does not cover. From earphones and wireless speakers to home theater systems, they have them all. The speakers not only have great sound quality but are also built to last. This characteristic is something common to most Japanese products.

5. Harman Kardon (USA)

Price: $161.32

Website: vn.harmankardon.com

Instagram: @harmankardon

Twitter: @harmankardon

Top 10+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the U.S and World
Harman Kardon

American audio equipment manufacturer Harman Kardon has been in business for more than 50 years.

The Harman Kardon brand is thought of as representing both the US and the global audio market as a whole. The ideal stylish, liberal, and modern person is employed by Harman/Kardon. The products that the company produces typically satisfy the demands of the most discerning audiophiles.

A renowned manufacturer of home audio and auto audio equipment, Harman International Industries, houses the Harman Kardon division. Sidney Harman and Bernard Kardon founded the Harman Kardon company in 1953. In the world of audio equipment, Sidney Kardon is a successful businessman and Bernard Kardon is a gifted architect. Harman/Kardon has achieved many victories thanks to the fusion of these two personalities, and it enjoys an exceptional position in the market for high-end audio hardware.

The company unveiled the first quick minimal CDR-2 recorder in 1999. The Harman Kardon AVR-7000 sound video collector, which can handle and translate HDCD and transmit clear images from picture to sound, was introduced in 2000. The Harman Kardon company has recently steadily improved, confirmed its position, and established its name on the global market for audio hardware. The flagship speaker from Harman Kardon is the Onyx Studio 6. Its predecessor, the ONYX 5, was one of the best-selling speakers and was highly regarded for its value.

6. Sennheiser (Germany)

German audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser has been in business for more than 50 years. A well-known name in the professional audio industry is Sennheiser. There are many individuals, from musicians to sound engineers, who can support the German company's audio quality. Some of the best speakers available are produced by Sennheiser.

They manufacture headphones, headsets, and microphones, both wired and wireless. With products like Bluetooth-enabled models that can connect anywhere from your PC or tablet up to 100 meters away, they have made it simple. Sennheiser is a fantastic speaker brand, so check them out right now!

One benefit of a company like Sennheiser is that it offers something for everyone. Whatever your budget, you will have a lot of options to choose from. They have a staggeringly broad range of products, including wireless audio systems and in-ear monitors.

There is no law prohibiting you from using Sennheiser products for personal use, even though the majority of them are geared toward professionals. Actually, it simply guarantees that you'll have a fantastic listening experience.

7. Klipsch (USA)

Price: $251.99

Website: www.klipsch.com

Instagram: @klipschaudio

Twitter: @klipschaudio

One of the most well-known speaker companies in the US is Klipsch, known in the audiophile and home theater communities as the best amplifier ever.

In order to recreate a regal sound in his living room, Paul W. Klipsch hand-built a loudspeaker in the small Arkansas town of Hope in 1946. Since then, his business, Klipsch, has been producing premium speakers.

Klipsch speakers have a perfect design with an exceptional style brimming with complexity and taste, but it's no less difficult to help you set it up anywhere in the house. The speaker bureau's high-quality wood construction can reduce vibration and prevent unfavorable effects from emerging while the speaker is being used. To improve the overall feel of the product, a copper line connects the Klipsch logo to the speaker surface. The speaker has a very large amount of amplifier—300 W—allowing it to work at a higher level of efficiency. This makes it easier for you to immerse yourself in the party's energetic, upbeat music from this speaker.

The Klipsch brand of amplifiers has steadily expanded from its inception through the board's adjustment and right up until the present. Numerous of its audio products, ranging from small earphones to large speaker systems, have been delivered to customers, meeting their needs. The Forte II was one of Klipsch's best-selling speakers ever because of how lauded its design was.

It produces some excellent speakers for every situation. They also include soundbars and headphones in their scope of audio engineering. Klipsch should be able to handle your needs whether you're looking for something for your living room or to install on the walls of a theater.

8. Focal (France)

Top 10+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the U.S and World
Focal - Best Speaker of France

French audio equipment manufacturer Focal has been in business for more than 30 years. Their premium speakers come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and styles!

Whatever you're looking for, Focal has it, from floor-standing models like the Motion One series to large bookshelf models like the Chorus Line, or outdoor-friendly options. Check out Focal right now if you're looking for a top-notch speaker brand.

9. Bowers & Wilkins (UK)

A British manufacturer of audio equipment with more than 50 years of experience is Bowers & Wilkins. B&W manufactures high-quality speakers and amplifiers with a focus on powerful bass.

British audio company Bowers & Wilkins creates speakers with a strong emphasis on sound quality. For instance, they frequently include Bluetooth or Dolby Digital Sound in their products to set them apart from rivals.

Their speakers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including large floor-standing models and compact bookshelf speakers like the Play One. Visit Bowers & Wilkins right away for the best audio quality!

10. Fyne Audio (UK)

A relatively new British company, Fyne Audio, was established in 2017. Despite their recent existence, they already have a solid reputation for creating speakers that have a realistic and detailed sound.

The F300 Series, which provides a more affordable option without compromising quality, and the F1 Series, which features floor-standing speakers with powerful and dynamic sound, are two of their top product lines.

11. Martin Logan (USA)

Price: $450.00

Website: Martinlogan.com

Instagram: @Martinlogan

Twitter: @Martinlogan

Top 25+ Best and Popular Speaker Brands In the World
Martin Logan

A well-known speaker company called Martin Logan sells consumers goods that reproduce sound in the purest form. It has successfully restrained the greatness of the specialty so it can deliver precise and reliable firm execution.

Martin Logan is a 1979 founding member of the American startup community. In Lawrence, Kansas, in the United States, it has established a base camp base. The company deals in the assembly of hybrid speakers and subwoofer speakers, which ties it to the hardware industry.

Electrostatic amplifiers like Monolith and Statement e2 age, subwoofers like Dynamo, Abyss, Grotto, and Depth I, in-divider speakers like Passage and Voyage, The ESL Series, and The Motion Line are just a few of the many products it offers. A great-sounding and reasonably priced entry-level audiophile speaker is the Martin Logan Motion 40i. Its sophisticated appearance and controlled, precise, and punchy bass.

12. Kanto (Canada)

Kanto might be for you if you value appearance and want a stylish speaker that complements your decor. The Canadian audio company makes some gorgeous speakers that are a visual treat.

The sound quality of the speakers is also excellent. Despite having a small selection of products, Kanto sells high-quality speakers, passive speakers, subwoofers, and accessories.

13. Fluance (Canada)

Since 1999, the Canadian company Fluance has been making waves in the audio sector. Their speakers are renowned for their high fidelity audio, stylish appearance, and reasonable price.

The Reference Series, which offers a more neutral sound signature and a wider frequency response, and the Signature Series, which includes premium components and a warm, natural sound, are two of their top product lines.

14. Pork Audio (USA)

Price: $69.00

Website: www.polkaudio.com

Instagram: @polkaudio

Twitter: @polkaudio

Polk Audio speakers are made by the renowned Polk Sound company in the US. The brand was founded in 1972 by its founders Matthew Polk, George Klopfer, and Sandy Gross in Baltimore, USA.

The majority of Polk Audio speakers compete with some of the more well-known brands and offer great value for the money. If you want to have an immersive listening experience, they are a good option.

Polk Audio has continuously researched, enhanced, and produced speakers over the course of arrangement and development to help lift the sound insight in line with professional home theater setups.

Polk Audio speakers have quickly won over all customers since their release on the market thanks to their cutting-edge design, fresh colors, and suitability for use in any gaming environment. The speaker bureau has a stylish shape and is made of top-notch, excellent MDF, which is an amazing feature. The delightful and luxurious select bent shell plan of the American brand is another excellent component of this product line. In order to transmit perfect, precise sound, support creating ideal damping, more dormant sound, and minimal reverberation.

One of Amazon's top-selling in-ceiling speakers is the Polk Audio RC80i. The RC80i's popularity is primarily due to the fact that it is both inexpensive and simple to use.

15. Definitive Technology (USA)

Price: $999.00

Website: www.definitivetechnology.com

Instagram: @Definitivetechnology

Twitter: @Definitivetechnology

A hi-fi sound company called Conclusive Technology is based in Vista, California, in the United States. The main products offered by Conclusive Technology are soundbars, earphones, home theater speaker frameworks, and greetings fi speakers. Along with other illustrious sound brands like Denon, Marantz, Classe, Polk, HEOS (Denon), and Boston Acoustics, the brand is crucial for the audio behemoth Sound United.

Sandy Gross, Don Givogue, and Ed Blaise, who also founded Polk Audio, another well-known American speaker brand, founded Authoritative Technology in Owings Mills, Maryland, in 1990. Sandy Gross plays the role of the organization's first owner and CEO in it. Solid bipolar amplifier towers were among its initial products.

Since its founding, Definitive Technology has grown to become one of the leading premium speaker brands in the US, and has since expanded to the global market. The organization's plan theory is geared toward the sound's clarity, completeness, and outright exactness. Similar to the advancements made to the items, they don't significantly alter the plan.

All things considered, they make an effort to complete them with every adaptation to usher in new eras of the highest quality results. Try the Definitive Technology BP-9020 Tower Speaker, Definitive Technology Pro Cinema 6D, and Definitive Technology D15 Demand Series if you're looking for the best Definitive Technology speaker.

16. Altec Lansing (USA)

Price: $950.00

Website: Alteclansing.com

Instagram: @alteclansing

Twitter: @alteclansing

By creating a few excellent products like studio screens, speakers, coaxial amplifiers like the Altec Lansing Duplex 600-Series, and the "Voice of the Theater" Line used in stage performances, show corridors, and movie theaters, Altec Lansing has made new advancements.

The privately held American company Altec Lansing was founded in the year 1927. It is a subsidiary brand owned by its parent company, Infinity Lifestyle Brands, and it manages all of its operations from headquarters in New York City, which is located in the United States.

Altec Lansing is involved in the sound hardware sector because it manufactures amplifiers and other devices for media applications, automobiles, home use, and professional use. A dependable brand used at Woodstock gatherings all over the world is Altec Lansing. One of their most well-known models, the Altec Lansing IMW577-AB, keeps up with all the portable designs we require in daily life.

17. Cambridge Soundworks (USA)

In Massachusetts, Cambridge Soundworks was founded in 1988 with the intention of creating outstanding loudspeakers and audio products at competitive prices. They had exactly that in the end.

The speakers have excellent sound quality and are very reasonably priced. They are also fairly strong. The company currently sells a fantastic line of Bluetooth speakers under the name OontZ. They are only available online, too.


Perhaps not the most popular brand for the average listener is Ultimate Ears. However, you probably already know about this American brand if you work as a professional in the audio sector.

Great custom in-ear monitors, wireless earbuds, and portable wireless speakers are all produced by Ultimate Ears. Its products are regarded as being reasonably priced, innovative, and user-friendly. If you like that, you should check out this brand because their speakers do a good job of capturing bass and low-end.

18. KEF (USA)

American speaker company KEF was founded in 1961. It is the highest quality audio product available. Its speakers have a sophisticated appearance and sound.

They offer a respectable selection of wireless speakers, headphones, hi-fi speakers, architectural speakers, etc.

19. Sonos (USA)

American audio equipment manufacturer Sonos has been in business for more than 15 years. Every home can have great sound thanks to the wide selection of products from Sonos. Additionally, they produce speakers and amplifiers.

Their speakers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including large floor-standing models and compact bookshelf speakers like the Play One. You should check out Sonos right away if you want excellent sound quality.

20. Elac (Germany)

German company Elac has been in business since 1926. They are renowned for their meticulousness and dedication to creating excellent speakers.

The Debut Series, which provides a great entry-level option for those seeking high-quality sound, and the Uni-Fi Series, which includes speakers with a more refined and detailed sound, are two of their top product lines.

21. Audio Pro (Sweden)

Since 1978, the Swedish company Audio Pro has been in operation. They are well known for both their excellent sound and their stylish and original designs.

The C10 and C5 wireless speakers, which provide a more traditional speaker experience with a modern twist, as well as the Addon Series, which includes portable Bluetooth speakers with a powerful sound, are some of their best-selling product lines.

22. Dynaudio (Denmark)

Danish audio equipment manufacturer Dynaudio has been in business for more than 50 years. Their premium speakers come in a variety of forms, dimensions, and styles! With such a wide variety, Dynaudio is sure to have something for you.

For instance, their wireless DM-Series speakers have a modern look. Dynaudio is a brand you should try if you want great sound quality!

23. Yamaha (Japan)

Yamaha is a well-known multinational Japanese company that produces electronic devices, audio equipment, and musical instruments. Yamaha has been in business since 1887.

Yamaha produces a range of synthesizers, keyboards, and drums. But the Japanese company also makes some of the best speakers in the world.

The production of earbuds and headphones is not Yamaha's primary focus. Due to their focus on developing high-end audio equipment, they only make speakers, ceiling speakers, and studio monitors.

Because they are aiming for the professional market, you can be certain that the speakers are loud and clear. The speakers are expertly constructed and faithful to Japanese trademarks.

Yamaha makes some of the best speakers, and they are also portable! They have made it simple with products like Bluetooth-enabled models, which can connect anywhere from your PC or tablet up to 100 meters away.

24. Pioneer (Japan)

Electronics supplier Pioneer is based in Japan. They have been around since 1919. Turntables, Blu-ray players, CD players, amplifiers, and other audio products are all produced by Pioneer. Pioneer has always placed a high priority on sound quality, making them stand out from competitors.

Their products frequently have features that distinguish them from competitors, like Bluetooth functionality or Dolby Digital Sound. If you want to listen quietly, look into their floor-standing models, but if you want something loud, Pioneer also has options that are appropriate for outdoor use.

25. Denon (Japan)

In Japan, Denon was established in 1910 as an electronics company. Currently, the company makes some of the best home theater systems on the market.

Despite concentrating on home theater systems, Denon makes some of the best speakers, amps, headphones, and other audio gear. Although more expensive than average, the speakers' build quality, design, and sound quality are all of the highest caliber. You experience the full range of sounds in a natural, balanced way.

26. QSC (USA)

Price: $560.00

Website: QSC.com

Instagram: @QSC

Twitter: @QSC

Although QSC is unheard of in the market for consumer speakers made in America, they are extremely important in the corporate world. Dependability and adaptability have helped QSC maintain prominence in sectors with a range of requirements, including retail, movie theaters, and performance venues. They offer their services to assist in establishing a general media environment that takes into account the requirements of a specific client. the perfect synthesis of innovative design, top-notch audio performance, high functionality, and straightforward, simple operation. It offers users excellent outcomes for both installed and ported apps.

Although their assembly interaction primarily consists of a variety of audio and visual hardware that you would need to use in professional applications, convenient PA speakers account for the majority of their sales. A great speaker that will liven up the stage at a gathering is the QSC K12.2 Powered Speaker, and it is reasonably priced.

Sonos is an American company that produces audio equipment and has been around for more than 15 years. Thanks to Sonos's wide range of products, every home can have excellent audio. They also manufacture speakers and amplifiers.

Large floor-standing models and small bookshelf speakers like the Play One are just two of the many sizes and shapes of their speakers that are available. If you want excellent sound quality, you should check out Sonos right away.

27. SVS (USA)

SVS, an American business, has quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the best subwoofers on the market. They have expanded their product lineup since they were established in 1998 to include speakers and audio equipment.

Two of their most popular product lines are the Ultra Series, which offers a powerful and accurate sound, and the Prime Series, which offers a less expensive option without sacrificing quality.

28. Edifier (China)

In 1996, Edifier was established in China. Since then, it has produced a variety of excellent audio equipment, primarily for home use.

The speakers typically produce a warm and rich sound. not too bass-heavy or boomy. Additionally, they can withstand loud noises without damaging your ears.

However, Edifier speakers not only have good sound quality, but they also have a classy appearance. While others appear quite futuristic, some look more renaissance. Therefore, if you are influenced by product design, you should consider this brand.

How to choose the best speaker brand for your needs?

When it comes to selecting speaker brands for your needs, there are many factors to consider, such as budget requirements, size space available, desired features, etc. Always research before buying anything because even if something says “best,” it may not be best for you!

One of the most important things to do is set a budget. How much are you willing to spend? You can’t buy everything on this list, so be sure your purchase will suit what you’re looking for in terms of features and price point. Next, consider the size of your space. How much available floor space do you have? What about bookshelves? You don’t want to buy a sound system you can’t fit in your house!

It would be best if you also considered whether there are any features you’re looking for, such as Bluetooth capabilities (wireless music streaming), audio inputs/outputs, etc. This way, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs and wants.

Finally, reading customer reviews will help tremendously decide which speaker brands have satisfied customers with good experiences and produce high-quality products.


Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, having great loudspeakers can take your listening experience to a whole new level. Luckily for you, there are a plethora of excellent speakers to choose from.

Above is a list of the famous speaker brands in the US and around the world. TWe believes that Americans are no stranger to the great things these speaker companies bring. Please consider your finances and needs to choose the most suitable speaker model for you.

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