20 Funniest Arpril Fool’s Day Jokes
April 1. Photo: ThreatQuotient

Google's Funniest April Fools' Jokes

Google April Fools' Joke: TiSP

Google's broadband initiative may be the real deal, but back in 2007, the G-team joked that it was launching a wireless broadband service that'd run through the sewers.

TiSP -- short for Toilet Internet Service Provider -- was described as a "self-installed, ad-supported online service that will be offered entirely free to any consumer with a Wi-Fi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system." To use the service, all you had to do was flush a fiber-optic cable down the john and connect the other end to a specially provided router.

Google April Fools' Joke: Pigeon Rank

Google April Fools PigeonsForget PageRank: On April Fools' 2002, Google came clean and said the real secret to its search technology was something called PigeonRank. Yes, PigeonRank.

The system, according to a page published at the time, was built by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin during their time at Stanford.

"Page and Brin reasoned that low cost pigeon clusters (PCs) could be used to compute the relative value of Web pages faster than human editors or machine-based algorithms," the page said. "And while Google has dozens of engineers working to improve every aspect of our service on a daily basis, PigeonRank continues to provide the basis for all of our Web search tools."

Just imagine all those tiny beaks pecking away with your every search. Man, I'd hate to get on those pigeons' bad side.

Google April Fools' Joke: MentalPlex

One of Google's earliest April Fools' pranks, MentalPlex was presented in the year 2000 as a cutting-edge new way to search by brainwave. Just stare into a swirling circle, project a mental image of what you want to find, and MentalPlex would do the work.

"MentalPlex is the only search engine that accurately returns results without requiring you enter a query," a FAQ created specially for the joke explained. "Google's CEO and co-founder Larry Page calls MentalPlex 'a quantum leap in finding what you are looking for on the Internet. Typing in queries is so 1999.'"

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Google April Fools' Joke: The Topeka Name Change

Google TopekaThis first one may have only happened today, but it's far too brilliant to leave off the list. Bright and early this April Fools' morning, Google announced it was changing its name...to Topeka.

The gag comes one month after the real Topeka decided to temporarily change its name to Google. Topeka's mayor signed a proclamation to help convince Google his city was the best place for its soon-to-be-launched broadband network.

Today, Google fired back, replacing its standard home page logo with the word "Topeka." A photo showed the Google headquarters with a freshly updated sign. And a placard was even provided to help you learn the proper way to use the new name in conversation, as reported by PCWorld.

April Fools Pranks To Play On Your Spouse At Home

20 Funniest Arpril Fool’s Day Jokes
Photo: Mommy Poppins

Place Poppers Under The Toilet Seat – You know those little white “firecracker” type things that come in the cute little boxes? I bet you wouldn’t think they were so cute after sitting down for an explosive moment at the toilet. Simply place them on the rim of the toilet underneath the toilet seat so when they sit down, they get an explosive surprise!

Special Outfit – Tell your husband that you are headed to bed and that you are putting something “special” on for him. If he thinks what I think he might think, he won’t be too far behind you! Be hiding under the covers in footy pajamas, or something ridiculous that will have you both laughing for years to come.

Turn the Water Blue ~ Turn the kitchen water blue with nontoxic dye pellets, designed to tint children’s bathwater. Simply unscrew the cap on the faucet, and set a couple of the colored tabs inside before replacing it. When the water is turned on, the burst of color will be surprising and temporary.

Hidden Toilet Paper Roll Edge – Everyone hates it when you can’t seem to find the edge of the toilet paper when you need to use it. To make it next to impossible to find, spray it down with a little hairspray. Even if you’re able to find the edge, it’ll be so sticky you won’t want to use it. See the video above to see how we did it.

Drawer Switch – Move your husband or wife’s drawers around so that they can’t find what he is looking for in the morning!

Best April Fools Phone & Text Jokes

Put His Car Up For Sale – OK, this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I did this to my husband last year and he was getting calls all day. Post an ad on a local classifieds website with his car “for sale” and advertise it with a ridiculously low number. I was a little extra mean and took a picture of his car with a For Sale sign in the window and posted it on social media asking all my friends to call on it.

Mess With His Phone – Change his ringtone to something totally lame or obnoxious or promiscuous and then call him while he is at work. Or set random alerts/messages to go off all day.

Auto-Correct Madness – In Microsoft Word on their laptop, use the Auto correct feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!” You can also do this with his iPhone by setting up a keyboard shortcut. (My husband actually did this for me a few months ago!) Every time I texted the word “and” it came up with “I have the best husband ever!” Not sure how to set this up on their phone, watch the video above to see how to do it.

Don't Hold Your Breath for That Next Message - You're engaged in an intense conversation and expect a witty reply any second. You stare at your iPhone, waiting for the message, but nothing. Moments pass... still nothing. Then, the "typing" dots come up and you can't wait to see what appears after! They disappear. They come back up, then vanish again. Minutes go by like this, and there's still no actual response!

This is a scenario that happens all too often, and is extremely frustrating if you're staring at your screen in anticipation. But it can be even worse...

Just save this GIF file on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then send it to your recipient (who also has a iPhone, iPad, or Mac) as an iMessage in the Messages app. It replicates the typing indicator and will continue churning along, and they'll think you're writing the longest message in history.

April Fools Pranks To Play On Your Friends

20 Funniest Arpril Fool’s Day Jokes
Photo: Practical Jokes & Pranks - WonderHowTo

Harmless Shenanigan’s for April Fools ~ Plan some silly pranks for your family this April Fool’s Day with these Harmless Shenanigans. Some of the hilarious pranks include covering up the remote control sensors with tape, replacing sugar with salt in cookies, googly eye pranks, straw pranks, and several more.

You Broke My Android - Make your buddy think you ruined his device's display. Grab the Crack Your Screen app and set it to activate it by motion (dropping motion) and give the appearance of a broken Android device. It also displays their actual apps and wallpaper in the background for a more realistic effect.

Surprise Candy in a Fruit Can ~ What a fun idea for a school lunch surprise. Clean out a fruit cocktail can and fill it with little candy treats for April Fool’s Day. They will love it! You could also be mean and fill a candy box with vegetables, but I like this idea better.

April Fool’s Day {Dinner Party} ~ Dixie Delights surprised her family with a “silly and goofy and mixed up” un-birthday dinner party! They wore silly hats and glasses and ate dessert before supper. They ate rice krispie meatloaf and ice cream potatoes with caramel gravy. Make sure you click the link to read her silly post ditty.

Solid Milk ~ Ever wondered how to make solid milk? Well, wonder no longer because it’s really very simple and the results are phenomenal and perfect for an April Fool’s Day prank.

Switch Out Their Ringtones - If you're looking to really embarrass someone, apply a ridiculous ringtone, like an orgasm sound clip to their ringer. Then set their volume on high and call 'em when you're out in public. You can even make your own ringtones for them. Don't know how? There are plenty of ways.

Give Their Phone Number in a Craigslist Ad - This has been done to me, and it's not for the timid. It's against Craigslist regulations, but you can create a fake ad advertising a ''really cheap iPhone", or something similar, and place your friend's number in the ad as the contact number. Get creative with this one, and do it to someone who won't rat you out. This is effectively the same thing as the classic number-on-the-bathroom-stall prank.

When Is April Fool?

Every year, April Fools Day is the first day of April ~ April 1. Also known as All Fools’ Day, April 1 isn’t nationally viewed as a holiday ~ but it’s celebrated by playing all kinds of practical jokes and silly tricks. It’s simply a fun way to ring in Spring and give family members, friends, teachers, and neighbors a good laugh!

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