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You must be familiar with Woman’s Day and Children’s Day, but did you know there is an International Men’s Day as well? Yes! You heard it right, 19th November is celebrated as International Men’s day – don’t you think you should take some time off and celebrate this day with the men in your family? I’m so sure they’ll love it!

What is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day was inaugurated in 1992 by Thomas Oaster. This day aims at celebrating – positive masculinity, the contribution of men towards their community and families, and all the social issues faced by them. So, let’s dedicate this day to the men of our family who helped and supported us through and through – even they deserve some special treatment and thoughtful gifts! According to Seniority.in.blog.

7 Best Gifting ideas for A Boyfriend

1. Cooling Shaving Gel - Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

Not all gels leave the skin feeling refreshed and soft. You can gift this Cooling Shaving Gel from Mothers Man to the men who love pampering their skin. It is infused with essential oils and cooling ingredients. It helps treat minor cuts and burns while removing minor acne, blemishes, and dead skin.

2. Nadir Men's Watch - Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

Sometimes it’s about trying different styles in watch design and the Nadir Men’s Watch is a clear example of one such piece. With its unique methodology in displaying time following an inside out format, this watch takes the concept of viewing time to a completely new level altogether, noted by Thegadgetflow.

3. Phone Charging Leather Wallet - Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

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Apart from the general look and feel of a handmade leather billfold, this wallet comprises a sewn-in pocket that stores a rechargeable lithium-ion backup battery. Using this, you can easily draw upto 9 hours of extra talk time for your phone as and when it runs out of charge on the way.

4. High Quality Microphones- Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

This is one of the best gift items for men if you have a music buff in your family. Did we hear you say little brother? Go for a brand renowned for its music quality, amplification and hearing comfort. You don’t need to get ones that cost a bomb. Ultimately, it’s the thought that matters. You can also pair this with an assorted CD with songs your brother loves!, Parenting.firstcry suggested.

5. Vitamin C Face Serum- Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

For the men who love nourishing their skin, gift them this Vitamin C face serum. Its light, quick absorbent formula, penetrates deep into the skin and reduces dark spots. It is a great serum that helps reduce early signs of ageing and effectively removes pigmentation.

Another great idea could be to make a skincare gifting kit and add these products like cooling gel, face wash, moisturizer and face serum! Let the men feel pampered for a change.

6. Timeless Hamper- Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

Some presents never get old. Why not create a neatly packaged hamper full of men-friendly goodies? For instance, you can get your friend a watch, a greeting card and a baseball cap. Or you could get wackier and pack in a gadget he has been longing to get, such as a new mobile phone or even a pair of binoculars. Better still, why not pack in a canvas and paints for your male friend to paint you a stunning landscape?

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7. Index Cards - Best Gifts Ideas for A Boyfriend

Index Cards are another thing that you can gift your male friend as a meaningful gift. It is said as a twist because it contains the reason that why you want to be friends with him, or 50 reasons why he is sweet or 55 reasons he is the best. None of the gifts is ordinary while gifting something you just need the pure heart and Index Cards is the best way to let him know what qualities he has and what are the best things that he has.

Anniversary Gifts are important you keep them for a long time or for a lifetime so make it a little bit twisty and tricky. So make it special with special and creative love ideas.

Besides meaningful gifts for your friends, don't hesitate to express your love to your friends on this day. With so many options, we are sure you have found your perfect gift for your male friends on this International Men’s Day. Plan a special day and make them feel special and loved, just the way they make you feel!

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