Top 20+ Best Free Sites Video Editors Online
Top 20+ Best Free Sites Video Editors Online

The emergence of social video sharing platforms such as Vine, Vimeo, Instagram, and YouTube has made video editing and production no longer limited to experts. Right now, all you need to become a video editor is a good computer system. All you need is a strong network connection to the internet to edit videos online on a Windows or Mac computer without the need to download any software. The top 10 best free online video editing programs that you can use to edit videos online will be discussed in this article.

Even if you're new to the world of video editing, you can quickly create a video with these online tools because the majority of them are free of cost. If you're an accomplished video editor, see our selections for the top editing programs for professionals.

Checking out the list of the top, user-friendly online video editing tools below can be beneficial for novices. Prepare your videos in just a few minutes so you can post them to social media.

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1. FlexClip

Photo: nypl
Photo: nypl

FlexClip is at the top of this list. FlexClip is a fully online video editor that offers a wide range of customization options. With FlexClip, getting started is simple.

FlexClip gives you access to an extensive collection of templates that you can utilize for almost any kind of event. There's no shortage of variety with 13 distinct categories to pick from, and if you'd like, you can even start editing from scratch.

All of this is free to access with FlexClip, albeit there are some restrictions. Your free videos can only be downloaded in 480p resolution, with a maximum file size of one minute. Videos will also have a FlexClip intro in addition to a watermark. Additionally, you can only use one stock footage per project—a maximum of 12 projects—if you wish to use any.


2. Clipchamp

Everything you need for videos is available on Clipchamp. In addition to a webcam recorder, compressor, and converter, it offers a free video editor. While providing all the basic editing features you would expect from a contemporary video maker, such as speed control, titleblocks, filters, trimming, and cutting, the user interface is as straightforward as it gets. All you need to do is drag, drop, and click to get your video started. In addition to all of these fantastic features, Clipchamp allows you to work on as many projects as you want and export finished work in 480p quality.


3. Online Video Cutter

Your journey to create and edit videos has begun as soon as you land on the Online Video Cutter website. The website has everything you could possibly need for basic video editing, despite its ostentatious design. The video you uploaded can be readily cropped, rotated, trimmed, and saved in a variety of file formats. No license purchase or payment for additional features or downloads is required. You can use it for free at all.


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4. InVideo

Photo: invideo
Photo: invideo

InVideo is the next item on the list. InVideo might be the solution you're looking for if you want to add something special to your most recent presentation.

There are many different video editing tools included with InVideo. While starting from scratch is always an option, InVideo really shines when you consider the vast array of over 5000 templates available. Whatever you're looking for, it's easy to search through these templates and select the perfect shape for your template.

But InVideo's Text to Video templates—which it also refers to as storyteller templates—are its most interesting offerings. These templates maintain their captivating and eye-catching design while highlighting your text.


5. Magisto

Magisto's advanced artificial intelligence (AI) video maker is truly remarkable as it has the ability to magically convert your images and videos into captivating narratives. Your video stories are prepared for sharing in a matter of minutes. Magisto is still the one that will appeal to you if you are a marketer. You can use it to produce product and marketing videos with previously unheard-of effectiveness and scale. iStock, with whom they have partnered, offers an abundance of professional images and video clips.


6. WeVideo

It's possible that WeVideo is the most potent editor on this list. WeVideo offers remarkable customization and functionality, but similar to other products on the list, it also has certain drawbacks.

WeVideo also includes preloaded formats and advanced features like green screen support, so you can quickly prepare your video for the web or social media. In addition, there are pre-made drag-and-drop templates and tools for recording your webcam, microphone, or screen.

WeVideo's free version has a watermark and lets you share up to five minutes of video per month. It goes without saying that you can get rid of these restrictions by signing up for one of the many premium plans available. These premium plans come with better resolution, longer videos, and additional online storage.


7. Wideo

With a large selection of video templates, Wideo is an online platform for making animated films, explainer videos, and other marketing videos. To use this animated editor to make an online video, log in first. Then, drag and drop the website's editing service elements to create an animation series.

Unlike other websites, Wideo does not restrict you to using stock elements (text, cartoons, drawings, and images) or components. You are free to use the various elements as often as you like to create your video. It appears that Wideo only lets you upload your own backgrounds or music files in the.jpg,.png, and.gif file formats. I was unable to figure out how to add my own video footage to this online video editor.



Photo: comes next in the list. For those of you who run businesses and want to maintain a consistent brand in your videos, is ideal.

Similar to numerous other editors on this list, offers a vast collection of templates for selection. also has an amazing stock library with a ton of usable footage. is unique in that it has brand presets. With, you can personalize the templates you select and keep track of your changes. With the help of these brand presets, you can apply your favorite fonts, colors, and logos to show a consistent message in video after video.


9. Kizoa

Kizoa is widely known for its extensive collection of transition effects, which can help you easily create videos with a professional look. A video on Kizoa can be created using images, videos, and music. To make the clip look better, add text, special effects, music, and transitions. In addition, Kizoa offers various aspect ratios, including 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, and 9:16, 3:4, and 2:3 portrait formats. It can also handle 4K UHD video. Photos and videos from your computer or from social media accounts, such as Facebook, can be added.

Kizoa's library is crammed full of animations and effects that can be used to tailor videos to the unique requirements of different editing projects. Customizing various aspects of video clips, such as position, size, duration, timing, etc., will be considerably simpler. The majority of experts and novices alike choose to use Kizoa for their daily requirements since it doesn't require registration to access all these amazing features. However, you still need to register if you want to download or share the video.

There isn't a timeline; all you have to do is add your images and videos to the storyboard at the bottom and press the Play button to see a preview of the finished product. Beginners will find it easier because Kizoa will always explain what to do next when you select an effect. However, the exported video is only allowed to be 720 pixels wide with the Free plan, and you will need to upgrade to the paid plan in order to get rid of the watermark.


10. Renderforest

We were amazed by RenderForest's detailed tutorial, which made understanding their features a complete joy. If anything, the templates page lacked some guidance. Their prompts are intricate and beautifully rendered, but that doesn't help when using different categories, etc. It's also a little concerning that you cannot start something from scratch based on what we observed.

Although Renderforest claims to have "115.000 + Royalty free Stock Footage," we were unable to access even a library to peruse their selection as free or trial users.


11. VideoToolbox

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

And lastly, there's VideoToolbox. VideoToolbox doesn't watermark your exported videos and doesn't offer any premium options. Although using VideoToolbox will require some compromises, it differs from the majority of this list in a certain way because of this.

Comparing VideoToolbox to some of the other editors on this list, it is noticeably less user-friendly. It really is a free service, and on occasion that is evident. Although the interface is dated and can be challenging to use, with a little bit of effort, you can accomplish almost any basic functionality you could want from it.


12. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark gives users access to a few advanced tools. Videos, web pages, and graphics can all be made to order. Despite how simple it is to select templates, we discover that this is a fairly sophisticated tool.

Additionally, it works with educational programs, but for the purposes of this list, we'll be concentrating on Spark for businesses and making videos. Please feel free to view their other offerings and share your thoughts with us regarding their innovative online video creator!

Spark includes a tonne of extremely detailed templates. Though they are limited to 30 seconds, their videos do a fantastic job of provoking thought and sparking (haha) originality.


13. Kapwing

Many products related to online video editing are offered by Kapwing, including an all-in-one online video studio, an online meme generator, a video maker, a video resizer, a video trimmer, the ability to add subtitles, audio, and looping video. With this video studio, you can create a new video by combining images, GIFs, and videos with text and audio.

Simply upload your media file from your computer or paste the video URL to begin editing videos. With Kapwing Video Studio, you can alter the final video's aspect ratio to 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, or 5:4. You can also perform basic editing tasks like trimming, cropping, adjusting speed, or mudding audio. In order to create a PIP mode video, you can also add images to the video and add some fun shapes to the video. Additionally, you can use the samples that this online video maker offers before uploading your own media. The edited video can be shared on social media or downloaded directly. If you didn't sign into a Kapwing account, there will be a watermark. Simply log in with your Facebook or Google account to remove it.


14. Animoto

Photo: Animoto
Photo: Animoto

Animoto Memories and Animoto Marketing are the two services offered by Animoto. We'll be concentrating on Animoto Marketing since the former is utilized for more individualized social media or family gatherings.

For either product, Animoto recommends using the two tutorials shown above. They are detailed and simple to understand. Additionally, they offer you the option to follow them "step-by-step" when you create your first business or personal project if this is your first time creating anything.

Animoto appears to provide only a music library and pre-written narratives. You could reduce these, but in the end, you would need to include the original material that you either took yourself or that you downloaded or purchased from somewhere else. This implies that rather than paying Animoto directly for access to their stock collection, you would frequently run into issues getting a license for your non-original work.


15. Biteable

The Biteable sign-up process was fairly simple to use. They do inquire as to why you are using their online video maker. After completing their survey, we were directed to a landing page where we could select from 5 different templates or "start from scratch."

They had an amazing stock library, which falls into a few different categories.

To begin with, they have "Scene Categories," a kind of buffer for switching between clips. Their enormous variety is shown in the picture below. They include overlays of IT graphics, seasonal animations, and clay animation. Every occasion has something to offer.


16. Hippo Video

Video editing tools are also available on Hippo Video, an all-in-one platform for video marketing. You have the option to import media files from a computer or Google Drive. However, it has been reported that the supported video file sizes are 500MB and that the only video formats available are mp4, Mkv, Flv, 3gp, and mpg. Hippo Video allows you to record your desktop screen, webcam, and voiceover in addition to importing videos.

While you can split, trim, crop, add text or resize, add simple titles, emojis, and callouts, and perform other basic editing tasks with the free version, you might need to upgrade your account or recommend it to your friends if you want to do more intricate editing.

Before editing, you must first register for this online platform. Additionally, neither stock music nor video footage are available (perhaps they are hidden in the Pro editing mode). You have the option of sending the video by email or straight to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The video can be downloaded to your desk as well. The Free Plan has NO watermark.


17. Flyr

Flyr is ideal for you and your brand if you're searching for eye-catching template ideas and social media inspiration. Flyr can also be the ideal online video creator if your business or agency values aesthetics and appealing to millennials.

Flyr is easy to operate. To get started, just sign up, choose a style from their templates page, change the text to say what you want it to say, and maybe resize the background video if necessary. That's it! straightforward and fundamental.

Flyr says that their stock library contains "millions" of HD videos that are available for use. Since users of the free trial are only allowed to download one copy of any given video, you can get a sneak peek below.


18. Fastreel by Movavi

Photo: premieregal
Photo: premieregal

With Movavi's Fastreel, an online video editor, even novices can easily learn the fundamentals of filmmaking. Using this toolkit, you can edit video files, add special effects, and make videos and slideshows from scratch. All of these tasks can be completed within an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

An online slideshow creator featuring music, filters, and transitions Special effects include looping, reverse, slow motion, split screen, and more. One-click tools for online video compression, merging, and cropping premade, editable templates for corporate films, advertisements, reviews, testimonies, and other kinds of videos Handle subtitles: add, modify, or make your own, then download as an SRT file.


19. Wave Online Video Editor from Animatron is a free online video editor with all the features needed to create a stunning video for social media, Youtube, or other projects. With you can: trim clips, add text to video, dim/brighten clips, combine clips and fade them with transition effects, resize video, and more.


20. PowToon

A fantastic tool for making videos with an explanational function is PowToon. PowToon is undoubtedly the website you want to use if you need a video to act as a kind of teacher or guide. It lets you work with what are effectively paper cutouts on colorful backgrounds superimposed digitally. Your video will look like it was edited using a drag-and-drop interface, much like in the Common Craft aesthetic.

To use this online, you must log in. It offers a variety of video templates for various purposes, including presentations, infographics, marketing videos, explainer videos, and video ads. You can also use the built-in Storyblocks video sources or upload your own video footage to create 1:1 square, 16:9 horizontal, and 9:16 vertical videos. One of the numerous people and object drawings available on PowToon can be chosen, and it can then be arranged on a blank canvas or a colorful background of your choosing.

In addition to not allowing you to download the video in MP4 format, the free version allows you to export videos in HD quality for up to three minutes but leaves a Powtoon branding watermark on the exported file.


Is There Any Online Video Editor No Watermark?

It is true that there are some watermark-free free online video editors available, like ClipChamp, Online Video Cutter, and Hippo Video that exports. However, keep in mind that the free plan of some online video editing tools may only allow for 480p video resolution.

Although the quality is only available in 480P, free online video editors such as Clip Champ did not watermark your video. Although Video Toolbox does not have a watermark and can maintain its original quality, its user interface is not very clear. If you don't require a lot of editing features, Kapwing, the rising star, is a great option.

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