Top Best 'Complete Free Pages' to Watch Live NBA from around the World
Top Best 'Complete Free Pages' to Watch Live NBA Basketball from around the World

The NBA season right now has been the strangest and most unexpected season in professional basketball history. In fact, it is probably fair to say that it has been one of the strangest seasons in all of professional sports. With the COVID-19 pandemic putting things on pause, splitting up the playoffs and leaving sports fans everywhere unsure of what was to come.

As a basketball fan, you'll want to know how to watch your favorite the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams and players without paying and sign-up.

If you want to know how to stream NBA games for totally free. Here is our selection of the best complete free and reliable NBA Streams sites, pages, platforms and mobile apps for you (latest update: March 2023). Note to Watch Live NBA Games for Free:

1.So how do we watch such games without purchasing a horribly overpriced NBA League Pass membership? Fret not, free sites for streaming NBA matches do exist, but getting to them can sometimes be a little complicated.

2.When it comes to streaming, you’ll probably know that this highly depends on your internet speed connection. There are two main types of internet feeds: Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). SD streams are made for people with slower connections (less than 1MB per second) while HD streams cater to faster connections (greater than 1 MB per second).

3.The links to the free streams for each NBA match or game usually don’t become available until one day before the event starts.

4.Here are the NBA streaming sites to watch live games legally. The illegal sites may have malicious links designed to steal your information, thus putting you at risk. The sreaming NBA from illegal websites is a crime punishable by law.

5.There are two different types of NBA streams available: USA & international. USA streams are only available to residents of the United States, but you can access these streams using a high quality VPN. Many of the best free NBA streaming websites are not available in certain countries and they do come with some limitations. Geo-restriction is usually the first obstacle you need to bypass so you’ll need to use a VPN to access such Geo-Blocked websites. Free sports streaming sites usually put your privacy at risk and you need an extra layer to protect your privacy. You’ll need to get a good and reliable VPN. Then connect to a VPN server located in the country of the NBA streaming site that broadcasts the live sports event.

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Top 20+ Best 'Totally Free' Sites to Watch NBA Basketball from Everywhre in the World
Best Free NBA Live Streaming Sites

Top 20+ Best 'Totally Free' Sites to Watch NBA Basketball - Complete Free Pages, Platforms and Mobile Apps


NBA TV offers the best damn way to watch all NBA playoffs without cable. You will be informed of the latest NBA scores and matches.

To watch NBA online free is dependent on good internet connection. If you are undergoing any network restriction or miss the NBA 2022 live matches, please turn to an online video downloader to download NBA playoffs/finals videos from these best NBA sports streaming sites and watch it offline.

Link to the Free NBA Site: (HD) is my favorite HD live streaming website for NBA games. It’s both desktop, table and mobile friendly.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

3.NBA Live Stream (HD)

NBA Live Stream provides live NBA streams for people with faster international connections.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

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4.NBAStreams.xzy (SD)

NBAstreams.xzy is another alternative for people who slower internet connections. They focus solely on NBA basketball games and have good playback speeds.

Link to the Free NBA Site: (HD) is dedicated to only NBA basketball and does a nice job of organizing the games based on your favorite teams.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

6.NBA TV 24/7

Top 20+ Best 'Totally Free' Sites to Watch NBA Basketball from Everywhre in the World
Best Free Pages to Watch NBA

NBA TV is a basketball-specific sports television network that is run by the NBA. There are 60 million American homes with access to the National Basketball Association's (NBA) official broadcast channel. For the majority of subscribers, it is also accessible as a live and on-demand stream, giving them access to numerous out-of-market games each week.

You can watch every live game from your favorite team with an NBA League Pass membership, along with other benefits.

Live access to every game

No commercials

Watch up to four games at once with MultiView

DVR fast-forwarding & rewinding

With NBA TV Live Stream, you can watch online NBA Streaming, NBA Replays, NBA Finals. You also get access to real-time scores and stats on any device, anywhere, without blackouts or restrictions.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

7.NBA Bite

NBA Bite is one of the best resources for finding free live NBA games. Not only on free live sports streaming sites like this one, but on streaming sites in general, the site had a warm, welcoming, orderly, and intuitive feel to it from the moment you landed on the home page. Whether you want to browse by team, schedule, conference, or game, it offers a minimalistic approach that is game focused and creates an incredibly user-friendly experience. You alone are responsible for making the decision.

You don't have to worry at all about navigating a difficult or cluttered menu in order to quickly tune into your game of choice thanks to an easy-to-browse schedule that allows you to quickly track every upcoming and live NBA game. NBA Bite makes it simple to stream NBA games for free in real time. Just select a stream by clicking "Live". Thanks to a live Twitter feed, NBA Bite users can follow scores and stay informed about all NBA news (customized to include all relevant and major NBA related tweets). You can also filter here based on your preferred team. NBA Bite is not only a fantastic source for free live NBA games, but it's also a good place to keep up with the most recent NBA news (which, as we have already established, is ever-changing these days).

Link to the Free NBA Site:

Where & How to Watch NBA Basketball from Anywhere in the World Where & How to Watch NBA Basketball from Anywhere in the World

8.Facebook Watch

There is another way to watch the action as the NBA season begins: Facebook Watch. This season, the social media platform has teamed up with the NBA to stream games on a weekly basis, including Tuesday's ring ceremony and banner raising for the Golden State Warriors.

A similar partnership between Facebook and Major League Baseball (MLB) was announced a few months prior to the deal. The MLB Games will still be available the following year, but this is the first time Facebook has broadcast live NBA games.

Before and after each streamed game, Rachel Nichols will host an interactive show that will be broadcast from ESPN's Los Angeles studio. Fans will be able to take part in polls, chat with commentators live on Facebook, and more.

Before some Thursday night doubleheaders, the NBA on TNT Tip-Off Show will be broadcast exclusively on Facebook Watch and feature analysis from former NBA players Grant Hill, Shaquille O'Neal, Candace Parker, and Dennis Scott.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

9.NBA Streaming on YouTube TV

Given that ESPN and TNT are available on YouTube TV and that both of those networks air every NBA national game, watching NBA games there is a good idea. With YouTube TV, you can watch any NBA out-of-market game on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV.

Click "Try it free" on the YouTube TV website to get started. Enter your zip code to see if you qualify because YouTube TV is only available in a few countries. If not, you might want to try using a VPN to spoof your location when you sign up.

Make your channel plan and add-on choices. For live TV broadcasts, choose "local channels".

Set up an account. To create an account, you'll need your email address, password, and phone number. Additionally, you'll need to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy and supply your payment information.

Once you've registered, you can watch content on the website on your computer or download the app for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Android phones, or iOS devices (including iPhones and iPads) (including Amazon Fire TV). Even videos from compatible apps can be cast to Google Chromecast-compatible devices.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

10.VipBox TV

This website, which offers free streaming for a variety of sports, including rugby, tennis, basketball, baseball, and soccer, may become familiar to sports fans who enjoy watching live sports online.

This is one of the best websites for free streams of the NBA playoffs if you want to watch NBA online. Additionally, you can check any sources you like to check out upcoming events, information, and FAQ.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

11.BuffStreamz (HD)

BuffStreamz is another top high defintion stream for basketball games. The only thing I don’t like is I experienced more buffering time with their service. You may have to refresh frequently but the chat room is one of the best ones online.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

Top 20+ Best 'Totally Free' Sites to Watch NBA Basketball from Everywhre in the World
Best Free Websites to Watch NBA

Ice hockey, cycling, cricket, NBA, and other sports are available for free streaming on Even many mobile devices can use it. So, to watch the NBA playoffs live on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, just go to this channel. The fact that the best NBA streaming website is completely clean and makes it simple to find all the information about the live stream right from the home page means that you won't have to put up with any annoying ads or links, which is another amazing feature.

Note: Free from any ads or pops-ups; Download extension to watch NBA online.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

When other sports streaming websites are unavailable, LiveTV is the best option for free online NBA live streams. On the left side, information about current and upcoming NBA games as well as information about other sports will be displayed. The schedules and scores table are displayed in the right lower corner to show you the performances of NBA teams, and there is a list of highlights about the NBA or other sports on the right side, though it looks a little disjointed.

Note: Deliver high quality and fast speed when watching NBA or other sports streams. Not working for users from the United Kingdom unless you use a proxy; Registration is required to access all the services.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

BossCast is another excellent NBA streaming service you should not miss; it offers a huge selection of channels, including ESPN, NBA TV, and Fox Sports. You have the option of changing the time zone to suit your requirements. On the homepage's center, the most recent sporting events are highlighted. The ability to chat with other users about your thoughts on NBA players and games, such as Spurs vs. Rockets, is undoubtedly the site's best feature.

Note: Easy navigation, Popups and ads are annoying.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

How to Watch Live NBA in USA, Canada, UK - Live Stream, TV Channels How to Watch Live NBA in USA, Canada, UK - Live Stream, TV Channels

15.NBC Sports

With the help of NBC Sports, the NBA will be able to stream its games online. NBA games can be watched live on and the NBC Sports mobile app. The NBC Sports app is available for Apple iOS, Android, as well as other platforms like Roku and Xbox.

However, you can visit their website to view some of their sample videos before registering. Free high-definition video streams of NBA game footage are available on NBC Sports. You'll at least have a better idea of what you're getting into if you subscribe as a result.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

16.ESPN Online

ESPN is arguably the most well-known sports network in the world. It is a division of Disney and airs a variety of live sporting events, newscasts, and talk shows. Since the 1980s, it has become a necessity for all sports fans, but especially for basketball fans.

NBA games will now be broadcast on television and online thanks to ESPN. However, if you want to watch NBA streaming on ESPN while you are outside of the house or outside of the United States, you will need a VPN. Through the WatchESPN website or WatchESPN mobile app, you can also watch ESPN live.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

17.Fox Sports

You don't need cable for the best NBA streaming experience. A number of the best on-demand video services and live TV streaming services offer Fox Sports Channel. NBA streaming is now available online without a cable subscription.

Through its sister network, FS1, Fox Sports provides national coverage of a few select games as well as regional coverage of games played in the United States. Through its additional sister network, FS2, it additionally provides national coverage of a few games. You can stream live games to your mobile device or smart TV using the Fox Sports app.

This site has been around for years and has a great reputation. It is a fantastic option for viewing NBA games from anywhere in the world because it also has a very good selection of NBA streams.

All major sporting events, including NFL football, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, NCAA college football, and NCAA college basketball, are streamed live on Fox Sports Go.

Link to the Free NBA Site:


Some of the most well-liked sports in America are played at this location. You can stream sports like NBA, MMA, MLB, NFL, and more. It provides HD streams. The player's smoothness and quick loading time are the best aspects of the service.

The website is flooded with advertisements, just like other free streaming services, so you might need an ad blocker to stop them. However, if you don't mind advertisements, WorldCupFootball is the best option for you to watch sports on your smartphone or computer.

Link to the Free NBA Site:


Top 20+ Best 'Totally Free' Sites to Watch NBA Basketball from Everywhre in the World
USTVGO Offers Free NBA games

a user-friendly, uncluttered live TV streaming service where you can watch US sports events. The USTVGO is straightforward and devoid of many ads, in contrast to other websites that are awkward and overrun with advertisements. Even with a reasonable internet speed, the very basic video player loads videos without any buffering. There are a few sports channels on the website, and they might have the broadcast rights to the sports you're interested in.

USTVGO provides free access to NFL games on the official broadcasters of the sport, including NFL Network, NBA TV, Fox Sports, CBS, ESPN, and NBC. Although it is not a very legal streaming site, it is the best choice if you need to watch the sport for free.

Link to the Free NBA Site:


Although Cricfree focuses on providing cricket streams, it also has a ton of other sports that you can watch without interruption wherever you are. You can watch live broadcasts of your favorite baseball, football, soccer, motorsports, tennis, rugby, and other sporting events. You get a day-by-day calendar and a list of shows that are live-streaming right now.

You can click on them to access the free live streaming of the content. Although intrusive pop-ups may annoy you, they must make money somehow in order to offer free streams of your favorite sporting event, as was already mentioned. If you can get used to the unexpected pop-ups, Cricfree could end up being your go-to location for watching live NBA games.

Link to the Free NBA Site:


SportSurge is yet another terrific website for streaming NBA, NFL online. Sportssurge is completely free to use. And another similarity between the two is that they don’t require sign-ups. Sporting events of sports like football, boxing, soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, motorsports, and MMA can be streamed on Sportssurge.

It works exactly like other streaming platforms that house links for streaming events, but, unfortunately, it has ads. Because it offers free streaming, it earns revenue through ads. However, the ads are not disruptive, and using an ad blocker can get rid of them instantly.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

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22.UStream Live TV

Another popular source of all of your live NBA games is UStream Live TV. The website offers over 200 channels to watch your favorite sports on. There is one caveat, though. You need to use a VPN in order to access the website, as it is apparently not available for users in India. But if you live in the western part of the world, you can access it without using a VPN.

Some of the popular channels that you can watch on UStream Live TV are ESPN USA, Sky Sports, Eurosports, BT Sport, TSN, NBA TV, NFL Network, and more. Do note that this website has a good amount of ads and you will come across one when you click on any link on the interface.

However, it is a good source of watching free NBA games.

Link to the Free NBA Site:

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