Top 10 Most Beautiful & Attractive Cuban Women Under 40 Top 10 Most Beautiful & Attractive Cuban Women Under 40
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Everyone should make it a point to see the Caribbean nation of Cuba at least once in their lifetime. Cuba has influenced popular culture in many ways, including with its stunning beaches, unique architecture, cocktails, music, cigars, and vintage automobiles. In addition, Cuba is widely acclaimed for its stunning female citizens. Without a doubt, the natural beauty and sexiness of Cuban women are well-known all over the world. set out to compile a roster (which may, of course, be expanded indefinitely) of stunning Cuban women who also happen to have an impressive profile in the public eye.

The following list is not simply a showcase of attractive people; it also features a wealth of talent.

We include both local and international cultural figures (actresses, singers, ladies of culture) on our roster.

Top 15 Most Beautiful and Hottest Cuban Women 2023/2024

1. Ana de Armas

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas was born on April 30, 1988, in the village of Santa Cruz del Norte, which is now a part of the Mayabeque province (what used to be part of the province of Havana).

Now one of the most attractive and well-known Cuban women in the globe 2023, Ana has hazel-green eyes.

After moving to Hollywood, her international fame soared. She has acted in movies including Blade Runner 2049 and, most recently, the 25th film starring Agent 007, No Time to Die, where she plays Bond girl Paloma (the James Bond movie).

Knives Out earned Ana de Armas an Oscar nomination. In the biopic titled blonde, she will portray Marilyn Monroe. She has received a plethora of honors.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Ana de Armas

In Spanish, Ana de Armas's acting career has grown. She made her acting debut while still a teen in Cuba, and in 2006, her love play Una rosa de Francia attracted attention. She played a key role in this. She was hired by El Internado for six straight seasons after moving to Madrid.

In both the comedy-crime film War dogs and the thriller Knock Knock, Ana de Armas portrayed a character who spoke English. She was imprinted for the science fiction role of holographic AI projection in Blade Runner 2049. She also gave a standout performance in Knives Out as a nurse. She won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for her performance.

2.Camila Arteche

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Camila Arteche

Cuban actress and presenter born in Havana on April 12, 1990. Today, Camila Arteche is regarded as one of the most beautiful women to have ever been born in Cuba. She is stunning!

She has experience in theater, film, television, and radio. Many recall her for hosting the reality TV program Bailando en Cuba in 2017 and 2018.

Her participation in the Evoluciona campaign, which took place in 2019, is a result of her advocacy in support of women.

She is one of the most well-known performers from Cuba today. Her social media posts condemn street harassment and gender violence and call for the rights of women.

3. Camila Cabello

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Camila Cabello

In addition to being a well-known composer and performer, Camila Cabello is regarded as one of Cuba's most attractive and seductive women. She gained recognition in the Billboard Top 100 thanks to her solo performances of the collaborations "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "bad things." She enjoys singing R&B and pop.

Her solo, Latin-influenced album Camila, which was published in 2018 peaked at number one on the Billboard 200. Her songs have topped international charts. She also received two American Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, and a Billboard Music Award.

Her followers' obsession with her music results in her billion YouTube views. Havanna, Senorita, I know what you did last summer, bad things, never be the same, crying in the club, OMG, liar, my oh my, and repercussions are just a few of her fascinating songs.

4. Andrea Doimeadiós

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Andrea Doimeadiós

The teenage actress Andrea Doimeadiós made the unmistakable step to public notice in Cuba with her role as Noelia Bermellón.

The daughter of well-known Cuban actor Osvaldo Doimeadiós is not only a versatile actress but also a stunning woman whose ability and attractiveness shine out wherever she goes and in whatever work she performs.

Andrea was born in Havana on March 20, 1994, and she earned her acting degree from the National Academy of Arts in 2013.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Andrea Doimeadiós

She has written texts for the theater in addition to being an actress. Andrea Doimeadiós is unquestionably talented in comedy on stage, but she is also excellent in other dramatic subgenres.

Doimeadiós has already been in a number of plays, soap operas, and movies despite her youth. Currently, she ranks among the most well-liked and reliable actors in the nation.

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5. Ariadna Romero

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Ariadna Romero

Ariadna Romero takes the fifth spot among the sexiest Cuban women. The Broken Key, Ovunquetusarai, and Finalmente la Felicita are among her best-known works. As reported by Forbes and a business expert, she is one of Cuba's wealthiest models. She is essentially an Italian model of Cuban descent with a sizable fan base. She is an actress, showgirl, and television personality as well.

For her photo shoot, Romero received a modeling offer from an Italian group. She makes her acting debut in the movie "Finally the happiness" by Leonardo Pieraccioni. For her performance as Luna in Finalmente la Felicita, she received credit. Her roles in Pechino Express and Dancing with the Stars were well received. She additionally participated in La Papera non-fa L'eco in 2014 as a showgirl.

6. Livia Brito

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Livia Brito

On July 21, 1986, Livia Brito was born in Havana.

She is a Mexican actress of Cuban descent who made her acting debut there in 2010 and whose beauty and magnetism in front of the camera grow every day.

She is the daughter of Cuban actor Rolando Brito, whose credits include José Mart: El Ojo del Canario, Amor Vertical, La Vida es Silbar, and Páginas del Diario de Mauricio, to mention a few.

Livia's story may be summed up as going from working as a waitress at her father's shop selling Cuban treats to becoming a model and Cuba's beauty queen. Her mother was a trained belly dancer, and her father was a Cuban actress, thus she was born with acting talent. She is the richest person in the industry and a seasoned soap opera star.

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Livia Brito

Livia became well-known after making her screen debut in the telenovela Triunfo del amor on Televisa. She also received recognition for her performances as Natalia in De que to quiero, tequiero and Paloma in Abismo de pasion. Being the Premios TVyNovelas Best Young Lead Actress, a well-known Cuban-born celebrity on the elite list, and Miss Photogenic at the Reina Mundial del Banano pageant in 2009, she won numerous honors.

7. Jamillette Gaxiola

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Jamillette Gaxiola

In 2023, Jamillette Gaxiola ranks seventh among the ten sexiest Cuban women. She is a well-known actress of Mexican and Cuban descent who also happens to be a fashion model and style icon. She was crowned Miss Earth 2009, representing Cuba.

Gaxiola is renowned for her performances in the Sheroes and Norte Sin Horizonte. She prefers eco-friendly and green modes. Her most recent reality TV hit, "The Sheroes," helped her gain notoriety. Also, she had won the 2013 Cuba Grand International title.

She competed in pageants at the local level starting at age three. Her eyes are grey, and she has black hair. On the Fox Sports broadcast of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, she was portrayed as an octagon girl. She participated in the Miss Mexico USA pageant as Miss Sinaloa. She is also a qualified classical dancer and fitness enthusiast.

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8. Heydy González

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Heydy González

It's possible that Heydy González's straightforward name is unfamiliar. If you are Cuban, you will undoubtedly recall the name Hidroelia. She was a comical figure with romantic connotations who made Cuban viewers sigh each week.

Hidroelia, the seductive and credulous nurse from Punto G, won the hearts of the nation's television viewers as well as a huge following of unwavering admirers of her flamboyant beauty.

Cuban actress González has performed in theater, movies, and television. On Instagram, where she has approximately 500,000 followers, the social media platform occasionally melts with provocative pictures that show off her sculptural shape, which is full of impossibly curvy features.

9. Malu Trevejo

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Malu Trevejo

Another stunning Cuban woman in 2023 Malu Trevejo is an actress, singer, dancer, and Instagram pro. She moved to Miami, Florida after living in Spain for 12 years. She became well-known thanks to her Tik Tok belle dancing videos. She also became well-known because to the app Her solo singing debut was "Luna Llena," which received 113 million YouTube views.

According to Pandora Radio's 2018 listing, Trevejo was ranked as a Latin actress. Another number-one hit for HRVY was "Hasta Luego," which received about 50 million streams. She had a brief love relationship with the rapper Central Cee from London.

10.Karina Valero

Another stunning woman from Cuba, Karina Valero, rose to international fame as a result of an Enrique Iglesias music video. There is no denying that the Spanish artist has a keen eye for Cuban beauty.

The creators of the music video for the song Sbeme la radio, which was also extremely famous a few years ago, were captivated and won over by Karina, a clarinetist and model.

On June 12, 1996, the model and musician was born in Havana.

She has become a symbol of the delicate and gentle beauty of the Cuban lady, which is somewhat different from the idea of traditional Cuban beauty, which is connected with curves and a voluminous physique. She has dark skin, a magnificent laugh, and touches of enticing tenderness.

Karina Valero, who is also a citizen of Spain, took part in the Miss Universe Spain competition in 2019.

11. Anabelle Acosta

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Hottest Women in Cuba Today
Anabelle Acosta

When ranking the top 10 sexiest Cuban women in 2023, Anabella Acosta, a Hollywood actress, cannot be disregarded. She was raised in Queens, New York, but was born in Havana, Cuba. She appeared on the covers of prestigious magazines and modeled for several print advertisements.

Acosta made his acting debut in a supporting part in the movie "The Next Hit." Rob Burnett and John Beckerman launched Anabelle as the lead actress in their "We Created This Movie" project after an arduous casting process. In the films Arrangement, Ballers, and We Made This Movie, she was at her best. She frequently appears on Quantico as border officer Natalie Vasquez. She also plays the character of Anabella in the HBO comedy series "Ballers." She received a lot of acclaim for the series.

12. Daryanne Lees

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Daryanne Lees

Another gorgeous Cuban woman who took home the 2008 Miss Puerto Rico Universe crown is Daryanne Lees. She is also well-known as the owner of Mincling Minimal, a travel and lifestyle blogger, and a digital influencer. His mother was from Puerto Rico and his father was from Cuba. This femme fatale, 34, was born and reared in Miami, Florida. As a representative of the Puerto Rican community, she has triumphed in numerous pageants in the USA, including Miss Tampa USA, Best National Costume, and Miss Florida US International of 2009.

Lees finished second in both the 2014 Miss Earth USA and Miss Grand International pageants. She is a fervent supporter of initiative for world peace, morality, and order. She takes great pride in representing her historically and culturally rich motherland, Cuba.

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13. Natalie Martinez

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Natalie Martinez

American model, actress, and celebrity Natalie Martinez is of Cuban descent. When this gorgeous Cuban woman appeared in Jennifer Lopez's clothing line, everybody took note. After then, she made appearances in music videos and on magazine covers. In 2008, she made her acting debut in the major motion picture "Death Race." She appeared in notable science fiction films like "Under the dome," "CSI: NY," and "End of Watch."

She became a sensation thanks to her persistent hard work on the hit movie "Under the dome." In films like Death Rate, Magic City Memoirs, The Baytown Outlaws, Keep Watching, Ugly Dolls, and many others, she demonstrates her exceptional acting talent.

14. Yany Prado

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Yany Prado

Mexican actress Yani Prado is of Cuban descent. She became well-known for her portrayal of Estela Carillo in the Mexican teleseries La doble Vida de Estela Carillo. La Reina Soy Yo was another role she was well-liked for. In 2022, she also made an appearance in the Netflix series Sky Rojo. For her performance in La Doble Vida de Estela Carillo, she received a nomination for best young lead actress at the 36th TVyNovelas Awards.

Prado began acting in 2010 and has since been in numerous Mexican films and television shows. She is currently listed as one of the sexiest and most attractive Cuban women in 2023.

15. Imaray Ulloa

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Imaray Ulloa

Without a doubt, Imaray Ulloa is one of the most attractive Cubans alive today. She is a well-known and highly esteemed actress and influencer in the Miami-area Cuban community.

She was born in Sancti Spiritus, where May 19 is designated as her birthday, but she went to the capital city of Havana when she was very young. More specifically, she lived in Guanabacoa until she left Cuba.

On December 23, 2012, Ulloa immigrated to the US, ten years after leaving her home country.

Ulloa spends a lot of time engaging with her online community of fans in addition to her acting career. She frequently urges people to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Her toned body and the unmatched beauty of her face can be seen in the images she puts on Instagram for her admirers to enjoy.

Ana Karla Suárez

Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Cuban Women in the World Today
Ana Karla Suárez

Do you recall the music video for Enrique Iglesias and Gente de Zona's song Bailando? You will no doubt recall it.

The form of a Cuban girl, a very attractive and seductive dancer with dark hair and piercing eyes, stands out in that video clip.

Ana Karla Suarez became well-known because to that video. After the success of Bailando, the dancer gained worldwide recognition and thousands of adoring followers who began following her on social media.

On July 7, 1995, the lovely Ana Karla was born in the capital of Cuba. She developed a passion for dance and dancing at a very young age. At the age of 4, she started taking ballet lessons.

She took a summer training with the renowned dance company Lizt Alfonso when she was 9 years old. She immediately found her path.


You have just discovered the list of Top 15 famous and beautiful Cuban women not only in Cuba but in many countries around the world.'s ranking criteria are youth, beauty, talent, awards, achievements and popularity on social networks.

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