Top 15 Best Lipstick Brands In Korea
Top 15 Best Lipstick Brands In Korea. Photo:

As the beauty leader in Asia and around the world, Korea has long been known for producing high-quality skincare and make-up products such as cushion, mascara, lotion, toner, serum, and so on.

Lipsticks are probably the most popular of these products. If you've ever seen a Korean movie, you've probably fallen in love with the super cute lipstick colors that the actresses wear. Every girl wants to look pretty, and lipstick works like a charm to make you look more radiant and beautiful. If you're still unsure about what type of lipstick or lipstick color is best for you, look into popular lipstick brands.

Selection criteria for lipsticks

Small Mouth and Thin Lips
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When shopping for new lipstick, keep in mind what you already own to avoid buying duplicates. At the same time, we all have favorite colors or formulas, brands, and textures, so there's no need to be too hard on yourself when it comes to color selection.

Remember that the texture and type of lipstick will take center stage here, so why not make the difficult decision with us?

Choosing the best Korean lipsticks can be difficult the first few times. Most popular brands are not available in physical stores outside of Korea, so walking in, picking up a tester, or even seeing the product is not an option.

These are the things you may consider in buying a Korean lipstick:

1. Complete

Korean lipstick has the same finish as its Western counterparts: matte, wet, shine, gloss, and sparkle. So, before purchasing one, you must clearly define your style and the look you want to achieve.

2. Protection

In general, lipstick coverage refers to how long it takes to achieve the desired look. If you like gradient lips, you know that sometimes in K-Beauty, less is more, but less is achieved by putting in a lot of effort. In general, you should be aware of how smooth the lipstick is and how long it may take to achieve the desired look, even if you don't want to spend a lot of money.

3. Water intake

While wearing lipstick, always moisturize your lips. Nothing is worse than wearing what we believe to be the perfect lipstick in the perfect shade only to end up with dry lips and a lack of comfort. Matte lipsticks are usually the worst because they harden and stick to your lips.

Choose the right lipsticks based on the shape of your lips:

Lip shape is extremely important: most women are never satisfied with their lip shape, which leads to poor decisions. However, if you start looking at the shape of your lips to find the perfect lipstick, you will be rewarded 100% of the time.

These are some lip shapes, along with recommendations for the type of lipstick to use:

Bottom heavy lips: any color that matches your undertone, plus a touch of nude in the center of the upper lip to give the appearance of a larger top lip.

Asymmetrical lips: every single undertone-appropriate tone, plus a lip pencil to outline the lips.

Thin lips should be treated with glosses, creams, and lipstick.

Top 15 Best and Famous Lipstick Brands In Korea

1. Laneige


The majority of Laneige's lipsticks have a simple but luxurious design that fits comfortably in the hand. Laneige's lipstick palette ranges from bright light tones to deep dark tones. The benefit of this brand's lipstick is that it is nutrient-rich and smooth on the lips, resulting in attractive lips. Laneige lipstick's ingredients are completely extracted from nature, making it safe for users while also nourishing lips to be healthier and more beautiful every day, giving you an attractive, confident smile.

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2. 3CE

Top 15 Best and Most Popular Lipstick Brands In Korea
Photo 3CE


3 Concept Eyes, also known as 3CE, is a makeup brand created by the well-known Korean fashion brand StyleNanda. This is a well-known Korean cosmetics brand. Not only is 3CE famous for its make-up and skin care products such as eyeshadow, powder, brush, cream, and so on, but 3CE lipstick has also become a popular symbol in the beauty world.

Because the 3CE lipstick palette is popular in Asia, the colors are frequently appropriate for Asian women's skin and trendy makeup styles. Besides the color tones suitable for daily use, 3CE also launches natural nude lipstick colors with Western European style, suitable for those who want to try a new makeup style. 3CE lipsticks are becoming popular in these colors.

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3. The Face Shop

Top 15 Best and Most Popular Lipstick Brands In Korea
Photo The Face Shop


The Face Shop is a well-known cosmetics brand in Korea, particularly among young Asians. The brand was established in December 2003 as a subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, a division of the LG Group. Since its inception, The Face Shop has been committed to creating products that are inspired by nature, always respect nature's balance, and effectively penetrate the skin without harming the skin.

Best-seller The Face Shop lipsticks:

Collagen Ampoule Lipstick

The Face Shop Tint Glow

The Face Shop Lip Care Stick

The Face Shop Moisture Touch Lipstick

4. Merzy

Photo Merzy
Photo Merzy


Korea owns numerous cosmetic brands that are useful to women. Merzy is a standout candidate among them. With youthful and trendy makeup styles, this is a popular cosmetic brand loved by many girls. This brand has successfully won the hearts of Asian countries by selling products at low prices.

Merzy launched two collections of matte cream lipsticks and matte lipsticks in the beginning of 2018, sparking a strong craze. The lipstick has a simple design that is both unique and trendy. This Korean lipstick brand's quality and color palette are huge pluses. No girl can resist the lovely lipstick color palette, which is soft, not powdery, and long-lasting.

5. MacQueen


MACQUEEN, which stands for "My Awesome Cosmetics QUEEN," is a Korean makeup brand that prioritizes its customers' skin health by using eco-friendly ingredients in its product lines. In order to maximize the efficacy of its green ingredients, MACQUEEN's products have a one-year shelf life rather than the standard three-year shelf life for cosmetics. The company sells skin care and makeup products made from traditional Korean ingredients known as hanbang. Hanbang cosmetics make use of highly concentrated natural ingredients as well as traditional fermentation techniques. MACQUEEN products are all made in Korea. YesStyle is a MACQUEEN authorized retailer.

6. Black Rouge

Top 15 Best and Most Popular Lipstick Brands In Korea
Photo Black Rouge


Black Rouge, which debuted in 2016, quickly made an impression in the beauty community with products such as foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and so on. The very popular lipstick line, however, was the product line that brought the name Black Rouge closer to users.

Black Rouge lipstick collections are constantly released and have made a big impression. Rose Velvet Lipsticks, Mousse Blending, and Air Fit Tint are a few examples. The packaging in these collections is minimalistic yet appealing and eye-catching. Black Rouge is also concerned with product quality. Furthermore, this brand has a diverse palette of lipstick colors that are carefully researched and mixed to be suitable for Asian skin, so the lipstick colors can usually make your skin tone brighter.

Which is the best Korean lipstick brand?

Because there are so many great options, deciding on the best Korean lipstick brand can be difficult. Etude House, Innisfree, Aritaum, and Clio are among the most popular options. Each of these brands provides a diverse range of colors and formulas, so it is ultimately up to the individual to determine which one best meets their requirements. Finally, no matter which lipstick brand you choose, you can be confident that you are using a high-quality product.

7. Innisfree


Innisfree is a Korean cosmetics brand founded in 2000 by the Amore Pacific cosmetics group. This is one of the few Korean cosmetic brands that has received certification from the French organic certification organization ECOCERT. The Innisfree brand concept emphasizes nature, particularly as it relates to Jeju Island in South Korea.

Innisfree lipsticks are well-known as one of the most popular product lines among Asian beauty enthusiasts. Innisfree lipsticks are easy to fall in love with because of their low prices, bright and trendy lipstick colors, and all-natural ingredients. An Innisfree lipstick is not a luxury makeup item, but rather one aimed at students and people with average incomes.

8. Mamonde

Top 15 Best and Most Popular Lipstick Brands In Korea
Photo Mamonde


Mamonde, a Korean cosmetic brand owned by the well-known Amore Pacific corporation, was founded in 1991. The brand's name translates to "My World" in French. The brand is extremely popular in the Asian market due to its extremely impressive design - the signature "lipstick pencil" is the brand's highlight. Mamonde lipsticks are meticulously crafted, with notable improvements in color and design.

The smooth matte lipstick on standard color is the outstanding advantage of Mamonde lipstick, limiting lip prints. Mamonde's lipsticks are appropriate for a wide range of makeup looks. The lipstick shade is unconcerned about skin tone. The majority of the ingredients in Mamonde lipstick are derived from nature, such as Jojoba oil, beeswax, flowers, and so on, to help maintain moisture throughout the day when applying lipstick.

9. Espoir


Espoir does not use media marketing, but its products are always sold out in stores. In terms of design, lipstick packaging is frequently simple and eye-catching. Simple black blue and jet black design, but impressive with the brand name and silver pattern on the lipstick body, bringing a luxurious look to attract users. In terms of quality, the lipstick is matte, smooth, does not dry out the lips, and has a 4-5 hour adhesion. Espoir is a lipstick line with numerous advantages. When compared to high-end lipstick lines, Espoir has the same quality as those lipsticks, but at a much lower price. It is even rated as comparable to MAC.

10. BBIA


Every year, BBIA releases new lipstick collections with new colors and designs that set the trend. BBIA lipsticks are creamy and have a light fragrance. The ingredients are impressive, with moisturizing glycerin to reduce lip flaking and Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate to soften and lighten your lips.

11. Missha


The lipstick color is vibrant, exuding an intense vitality that will make your face look more radiant than ever. Because of the high level of nourishment, the lipstick is neither too shiny nor too wet, but it is still matte. Missha lipsticks are appropriate for all types of makeup. Missha products released a limited collection of Missha Line Friends in 2015. With its lovely packaging design, guaranteed quality, and reasonable price, it has made a significant impact on the Asian beauty market. In addition to low-cost products, the company introduced high-end Missha cosmetics.

12. Peripera


Peripera is one of the most known Korean beauty brands, which can even be found on Amazon and bought to enjoy over and over again. It was founded in 2006 with young, independent, and confident women in mind, but it is made for everyone to use and spring beauty into their life.

Despite the Peripera best sellers being lip products, the company has a wide variety of eye, contour, and nail products in youthful and cute packaging.

Peripera Ink Velvet

The Peripera Ink Velvet is the perfect lip product for those who like a lot of shades and are not fans of lip liners. It glides on rather snug, rich coloring and stays on all day.

Longevity during daily wear is a common theme among K-beauty products. The Peripera Ink Velvet comes in different nude shades, red variants of all sorts, and some pinks to brighten your day.


Wide shade range

Fresh finish

Flattering on most skin tones


Smudges a bit

Swatches online are a bit inaccurate

13. Amok



Amok is a well-known Korean lipstick brand that is praised for its high quality while remaining reasonably priced. That's why Amok's lipsticks captivated girls so quickly. Amok was a relatively new and unusual brand in its early years, but the debut of Amok Luxury Lovefit drew a lot of attention in Asian countries.

Amok lipstick company has introduced numerous outstanding lipstick lines that have been well received in the Asian market. Those who have used this lipstick brand will agree that the color is extremely common. It also conceals all lip flaws and does not darken the lips. The majority of Amok lipsticks have elegant, luxurious designs and a diverse color palette. This will be the case.



TONYMOLY's mask sheets and other skincare products may be better known. I first heard of them because of their adorable makeup packaging, such as the panda packaging gloss. I later discovered that it is a glossy lip crayon, which falls under the lipstick category in this category.

TONYMOLY is a pioneer in bringing Korean makeup and beauty into the world, with headquarters in Seoul. They strive for perfection by combining cute packaging with high-quality products.

15. Etude House


Making customers feel like princesses is a big part of the Etude House brand. The concept piqued my interest.

Staff dressed in stunning pink gowns greet you as soon as you enter the store, calling you a princess and making you live the fantasy until the moment you step outside. With the cute factor, their collections and items also follow this goal.

Due to the packaging and quality of their Dear Darling Water Gel Tint popsicle lip tints, Etude House made international headlines. Because Etude House is so popular, many stores around the world stock their best sellers.


We hope our advice and expertise helped you find the best Korean lipstick for your needs.

Because some of these products can be difficult to obtain outside of Korea, we understand that not all options will be available to you at the same time. With a variety of products to choose from, you can find alternatives if your top choice from this list is unavailable.

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