Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World. Photo KnowInsiders

Given that so many publications today have become overly politicised and preachy, as well as living on borrowed time in the wake of internet media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody in their right mind buys magazines anymore.

Despite this slow death, some super niche mags are still doing it the old fashioned way—providing the reader with stuff they want to read about… if you really like potatoes or corpses, that is.

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World

1. Girls and Corpses

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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Having possibly the most accurate title ever, Girls & Corpses is exactly what it sounds like – a magazine filled with pictures of pretty girls and dead things. Publisher and “deaditor-in-chief” Robert Rhine got the idea when girls would ask to take pictures next to the fake corpses at his graphic novel booth at Comic-Con. It works because, according to Rhine, “you can put a beautiful girl next to anything and sell it — even a corpse.”

To be fair, Girls & Corpses started as a parody publication, poking fun at Maxim and others, but other than the prop zombies, everything inside is real. The magazine features morbid articles about celebrity death, funerals, mummies, death row prisoners and horror films. To give you an idea of how twisted some of the stuff is: when his business partner was mauled by a bear, Rhine featured the bear in the magazine. So, sure, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this magazine is totally real, and its existence is totally depressing.

2. Portable Restroom Operator Magazine - PRO

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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Yes. Now, the next time you want to refer to yourself as a ‘PRO’, it’ll be ruined by the fact that that’s the name of a magazine about folks that deal in mobile shitting equipment.

In every industry, you can usually find a trade magazine specific to its interests. To the outside observer it seems like it would be a boring magazine, but industry executives use them to observe business trends and to share ideas.

Then, you have Portable Restroom Operator. How could anybody who works in the porta-potty industry want to have anything to do with them off the clock? It’s literally a magazine about how to collect crap more efficiently. Luckily, the entire March 2013 issue is readable online.

3. Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine

This is a monthly magazine for owners of small donkeys, because it’s not like donkeys haven’t stayed the exact same for 30,000 f^$&^(& years or anything.

There is a full sample issue available, but interestingly, the main articles are blurred out. You can still read all the letters, ads, jokes, some of the minor articles, and see all the pictures. For example, one of the first ads is for a book called “Caring For Your Miniature Donkey.” This ASScyclopedia (their joke) claims to be the only book ever written about how to care for a miniature donkey, so you’d think its existence would render a monthly magazine about the exact same thing completely obsolete. Apparently not though, which explains why we’re not the donkey ASSperts (see? We can do it too.)

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
Photo pouted

For 25 years magazine founders and miniature donkey farmers Bonnie and Mike Goss have been providing this niche community with informative, newsletter style articles and a hub for buying and selling goods and services to keep these tiny pack animals looking sharp.

PDF Free Download:

4. Serial Killer Magazine

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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For people in love with horror movies, this one is not for you, because it is not for any human being with heart. The writers and editors of this magazine take their work seriously enough that they list for you all the serial killer the history knew. Not just that, they announce to have the best killers in case you need to hire.

5. Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas

This magazine is not about sheep, goats and alpacas that can assemble an IKEA bookcase without the manual, it is another guide to ownership that will ensure you are kept at the cutting edge of livestock rearing… unless you own a llama or two, in which case (we assume) you can fuck off.Very much of the same stripe as ‘Emu Today & Tomorrow’, this magazine tells you everything you need to know about raising the types of animals that so kindly allow us to wear their coats and eat their flesh. Starting out back in 2013, this quarterly magazine is a handy guide for anyone thinking about getting themselves a sheep or a goat or an alpaca. For instance; what breed of goat are you going to get? How will you keep your alpacas? What happens when your sheep contracts orf virus? What if your llama escapes? This magazine has the answer for you (save the last question, you know where you can go, pal)


6. Spudman Magazine

Formerly known as ‘The Times of Ireland’ (sorry guys, this had to be said, we love you really), this publication allows you to really get to know potatoes, giving you an academic understanding whilst you shovel them in your mouth in chipped form.

Another industry magazine, Spudman gets way more technical than the jocular name suggests; items include research papers from the University of Idaho (Ok, still pretty jocular) on the best practices of potato storage, forecasts on the fiscal wealth of the potato chip industry and, in an online subsection called Spudwoman, you can see profiles of the leading ladies in the bumpy, beige, potato shaped world.

Published 8 times a year, you’ll get your money’s worth if you’re a lover of spuds.

7. Twins Magazine

They’re siblings that look alike. Sometimes not even that. How the EFF did they create an entire magazine about them? And it’s been around since 1984! What is the world coming to!

8. Fashion Doll Magazine

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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And speaking of Creepytown! Dolls donning the latest designs, posing like dead, plastic models and going about their plastic-y doll lives is just what we need as a society that has a Serial Killer Magazine!

9. Crappie Now!

No, this is not another magazine dedicated to portable toilets as the title suggests, rather it is a magazine for very specific fishermen. The crappie is a North American genus of freshwater sunfish and they look utterly delicious. One popular method for catching these delectable little beasties is called ‘spider rigging’—this fishing method employs multiple rods arcing over the water (if you imagine looking down at the multiple rods with the boat at their centre, it’d look like a spider, see?) How do I know this? Thanks, Crappie Now!

10. Cranes Today

Cranes Today is another ridiculously specific trade publication that cannot be explained to an outsider. It appears to be a monthly publication about cranes. Were not sure what you could write every month about cranes, or even how much the technology has really changed. Big trucks lift other big stuff, lather rinse repeat.

Well, there is a sample issue, but what kills us is that they publish 80 pages of crane articles, every month. Again, there are a lot of ads, but there is a picture of a crane on pretty much every page. So many mutha-flippin’ cranes. What news is there even to report about cranes? Maybe this is just Playboy for construction workers and we’re not perverted enough to get it.

One of the most hilarious magazine you can ever read. The Bear’s magazine revolves around a certain idea, a group of nice men like the ones living on earth, eating, behaving and going around just like them. The only difference is that much hair cover their bodies like bear. All the essays are bout this world of bears.

11. Recumbent Cycling News

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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If you can’t ride a bike while also lying down, are you really even living?

12. Private Islands

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, we have the magazines for the ultra-rich. Forget yachts and mansions – we’re talkin’ Private Islands rich.

The sample Winter 2013 issue (guest edited by David Copperfield who apparently now owns a private island) contains a plethora of real estate and travel information. Let’s be clear about one thing – the kinds of people who legitimately read Private Islands magazine live in a reality that we will never comprehend. For them, having a butler who doesn’t also have his own butler is a sign of peasantry. And all the advertisers know this. One of them proclaims that owning your own island is easier than you think, ignoring the morally questionable things you would have to do to even come close to having that much money.

13. Audiofile

Top 13 Weirdest Magazines In The World
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The strange thing about a magazine called Audiofile is that you feel that it should actually be on audio book rather than an actual printed magazine. It just seems to go against what the magazine is about and makes no sense whatsoever.


Above are the 13 strangest magazines in the world compiled and ranked by These magazines, though strange and unbelievable, continue to exist because there is still a part of readers who accept them. In a way, these exotic magazines are still useful to life and should continue to be well received from readers and advertisers.

If you know of other weird magazines around the planet, let us know in the comments.

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