Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Shoe Brands You Must Try
Top Best Japanese Shoe Brands In The World

When considering Japanese products, individuals frequently associate them with garments and cosmetics; however, it is worth noting that sneaker brands also enjoy significant popularity.

The global recognition of Japanese shoe manufacturers has been steadily increasing. provides a comprehensive selection of ten esteemed Japanese shoe brands that are widely recognized as the foremost and highly sought-after choices globally in contemporary times.

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Top 10+ Best Japanese Shoe Brands In The World

1. Onitsuka Tiger

Founded: 1949


Uma Thurman brought attention to one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in Japan when she wore a pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes in the Quentin Tarantino film Kill Bill.

The company had a modest beginning in 1949 in Kihachiro Onitsuka's hometown of Kobe because he wanted to design the best shoe for athletes.

The suction mechanism in Onitsuka's first pair of basketball shoes was inspired by an octopus salad, which would provide the solution. Later, he would produce additional pairs of shoes that became famous thanks to the Olympics.

This company creates footwear for a range of sports, including tennis, football, volleyball, and martial arts. Originally a manufacturer of athletic shoes, this company has since grown to produce chic athletic-inspired footwear.

Each pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes combines traditional design elements with contemporary fashion. This fantastic combination gives the sneakers their originality and creativity. The company expanded its operations to 500 sports stores throughout Japan in 1955. In 1953, Toru Terasawa, a marathon runner, and Onitsuka Tiger collaborated to create a running shoe that would prevent blisters in long distance runners. Abebe Bikila, an Ethiopian runner, began donning Onitsuka Tiger shoes in 1957, the first time in his career that he had ever worn shoes. Onitsuka was persuaded that they would be superior to his barefoot running style.



As one of the best performance footwear brands among the various Japanese shoe brands, Asics has the best selection of sports shoes that are worthwhile trying.

While his business changed its name to ASICS in 1977, the Onitsuka Tiger brand has continued, bringing back its popular styles from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. But its most iconic design is the pair of striped Mexico 66 shoes that Bruce Lee famously wore in movies.

The Latin proverb "amina sana in corpore sano," which translates to "healthy soul in healthy body," is abbreviated as ASICS. In essence, that is what the Japanese sportswear company aims to provide with its selection of running shoes and performance shoes, many of which feature its recognizable GEL cushioning.

The company has also entered the lifestyle Japanese sneakers market in the last ten years, thanks in large part to highly regarded partnerships with cutting-edge fashion houses like Vivienne Westwood and Kiko Kostadinov. Because of this, ASICS has a wide selection of shoes that can be appealing to anyone, whether they are looking for form or function.

3. Mizuno

Founded: 1906


This Japanese shoe company is known for being the best-selling innovator in athletic gear. They appear to be working toward the delivery of innovative or specially crafted footwear that focuses on performance.

Even though Mizuno was founded in 1906, American athletes didn't start clamoring for the Osaka sportswear company's running shoes until the 1980s. It debuted the Wave Ride shoes in 1997, which featured the recognizable wave plate system that is now present in many of its shoes.

The brand has emerged from obscurity in the twenty-first century as a result of partnerships with major global fashion companies like GCDS and Margaret Howell. It has also enlisted the help of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama this year to bring its shoes into the future.

shoes with a distinct style, excellent performance, and cutting-edge price. They were designed specifically with running in mind. most, if not all, made of the finest fabrics. They are durable and comfortable. You can use them for a run or a quick judgment.

4. Hiro Yanagimachi

Founded: 1999


Popular Japanese shoe company Hiro Yanagimachi is well-known for making more than 50 different styles of shoes and boots. This company was established in 1999 by metal artist Shuji Yoshimura and is now well-known throughout Japan.

This company is well known for its bespoke handmade shoes made in Japan from the best materials. Hiro Yanagimachi takes three weeks or more to produce each pair, which is well-designed.

A final inspection must also be performed before any product is shipped. They manufacture both shoes and boots. With each having classic standards and original, distinctive designs. A pair of these babies costs a lot of money, but they can last for up to five years.

5. Eiji Murata

Founded: 2004


When the company's founder, Eiji Murata, first began producing men's shoes in 2004, he later advanced to producing women's shoes as well.

The Eiji Murata shoe brand is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship and makes some of the best shoes. Each of their products is committed to providing you with the ideal amount of uniqueness. The best materials available in Japan are used to handcraft their footwear.

They wear a variety of shoes, including loafers, slip-ons, and any other color and design that appeals to you. Their footwear ranges from everyday footwear to elegant formal wear ideal for weddings and balls. Although Eija Murata shoes are quite pricey, they are very durable. Shoes by Eiji Murata might be the ideal present for your loved one.

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6. Rendo Shoes

Founded: 2013


Unusual best describes Rendo shoes when describing this brand. Unlike other brands, Rendo uses unique materials to make its footwear. This brand has a long history in Japan, having been around for more than six years. They have won numerous awards as a result of this over the years.

Teppei Yoshimi, the owner of Rendo shoes, founded the business in 2013 after quitting his job. For maximum comfort, Rendo's footwear is made with dyed leather, rubber soles, and mesh uppers.

Shoes by Rendo have a timeless, elegant, and balanced design. They have a smooth, oiled leather upper and are expertly made. You can go anywhere in a pair of Rendo shoes.

The ease of wearing these shoes is one thing that sets them apart from other brands. Comfortable boots are the Rendo Chukka Boots. You would hardly feel any discomfort wearing this shoe. The stitches flow, and the pattern line is intricate. Compared to already-made shoes, the heels are smaller.

7. TYE shoemaker

Founded: 2011


Another well-known manufacturer of made-to-measure shoes for people with foot issues is this one. Comparatively to the ready-to-wear products from other shoe brands, their distinctively designed shoes frequently take about 8 months to be ready.

Since its founding in 2011, TYE Shoemaker has produced products of the highest caliber. They use some of Japan's finest materials to make their products. They are simple to put on and feel cozy on your feet.

The eco-friendly policy of this company is just one of the many wonderful things about it. They take the weather into consideration when making their shoes. They can use it to decide what kind of material to use when creating something.

Both men's and women's leather shoes are made by them. Handcrafted shoes are expertly crafted.

8. Union Royal Yohei Fukuda

This brand sells both ready-to-wear items and some of the finest bespoke men's shoes and boots. They import top-notch leather from nations like Italy. The finest materials available in Japan are used to handcraft and hand weld the shoes produced by this brand.

These handcrafted goods are made for you by skilled artisans who perform the handcrafting and hand welting. The Union Royal Yohei Fukuda is long-lasting, comfortable, and strong. Teddy bears, ready-to-wear, and leather designs are just a few of their product designs.

This company, which Yohei Fukada owns, was established in 2008. They stand out for producing elegant shoes with a high level of design and quality. The goal of this brand is to produce shoes with a classic design that consumers can use for many years.

9. Visvim

Founded: 2001


Hiroki Nakamura established the Japanese menswear company Visvim in Ura-Harajuku in 2001. It has since evolved into a mainstay in some of the most coveted wardrobes. For instance, John Mayer's devotion to the company has been well-documented ever since legendary rock musician Eric Clapton first introduced him to it.

The company is best known for reintroducing classic silhouettes as something completely new by enhancing them with opulent fabrics (think Adidas Stan Smiths, Nike Air Force 1s, and Converse Chuck Taylors). It also employs cutting-edge techniques when making its footwear, whether it be by treating all-natural textiles with contemporary innovations like Gore-Tex or adding robust Vibram outsoles to its moccasin-inspired FBT shoes.

This relatively new Japanese footwear company offers customers a unique fusion of contemporary designs with historical culture and traditional Japanese design in addition to instantly recognizable American designs. The secret to the originality of this Japanese cult sneaker brand is this incredible sneaker design.

10. Miyagi Kogyo

Founded: 1941

Looking to buy shoes that are made to order? Stop searching because Miyagi Kogyo has got you covered. This company, which has been in the shoe manufacturing business since 1941, has made significant advancements and now produces some of the best shoes for local Japanese consumers.

They created the first pair of women's low heels in 1977 and have followed international fashion trends ever since. More than 60 models in various colors and styles are available.

This company is well known for making footwear for your feet. They offer you a run for your money because their shoes are not only simple to wear but also comfortable. You can choose from a variety of sizes and classically inspired designs there.

Additionally, the Goodyear welting technique used in the production of their shoes makes them strong and repairable. Despite being quite expensive, their shoes offer good value.

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11. Scotch Grain

Founded: 1964

Scotch Grain is a Japanese footwear company that has been around since 1964. They are renowned throughout the world for their superior leather quality. They use the Goodyear melting process to make their shoes.

This company makes comfortable, long-lasting shoes for daily use. When worn, they support your feet and add comfort. The wooden mold used to create these exquisitely crafted goods is what makes it even more distinctive. They become durable and fashionable as a result.

12. Losers

Founded: 1975

One of the coolest brands in Japan, Losers is a Tokyo-based streetwear company that takes pride in curating looks that are inspired by Japanese culture. Losers was founded in 1975. The Japanese idea of "iki," which expresses originality, sophistication, and simplicity, is incorporated into the brand's sneakers. Therefore, "Stick to your guns" is the Losers' catchphrase.

And Losers has, in particular by making shoes in the "48 browns and 100 grays" that common Japanese people were permitted to wear during the Edo period. Since then, the company has become well-known for its simple, understated footwear, which is distinguished by its signature V-shaped toe design.

13. Hender Scheme

Founded: 2010

Hender Scheme was created in 2010 in Tokyo by leather craftsman Ryo Kashiwazaki, who wanted to contrast his favorite sneaker silhouettes with traditional Japanese "shokunin" craftsmanship. Raw leather was his material of choice because it can absorb the natural wear and tear of its surroundings, giving each pair of shoes a distinctive character that is specific to the wearer.

Hender Scheme is best known for hand-crafting premium leather replicas of well-known sneaker models like Nike's Air Force 1 and Air Jordan IV as part of its Manual Industrial Products (MIP) line. Additionally, it recently worked with well-known international companies like Tod's, The North Face, and Adidas.


The present inquiry has yielded a compilation of the ten most prominent Japanese shoe brands that enjoy widespread recognition on a global scale. Japanese footwear is highly regarded among consumers due to its exceptional durability, aesthetically pleasing and intricate designs, and notably affordable pricing.

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