One of the finest ways to unwind when you're bored is to watch some of the greatest Bollywood films. One of the best places for Indians and people from other nations to get both fun and education is through Bollywood films.

But since you can't view these movies whenever and whenever you like, we've compiled a list of the top 13 websites where you can download Bollywood movies for free, so you may watch them at your convenience! These websites offer free online downloads of all Bollywood film genres, including action, thriller, comedy, romance, and more.

Top 13 Best Free Sites To Download Indian Movies
Top Best Free Sites To Download Indian Movies

Top 13 Best Free Sites To Download Indian Movies

1. KatMovie


The UI of KatMovie attract the eyesight of many movie fans. Visit its homepage and you will naturally believe that there is a huge collection of high-quality movies from Bollywood and all over the world. The tags of time and rate gives people a straight clue whether to dig deeper and move to other options.

Most of the movies on this website can be downloaded directly as a video document or a torrent file.

Nevertheless, ads are actually inevitable through the process of downloading free movies, so you might need several clicks and tries until you finally get the downloading finished.

2. Snaptube


With the help of the innovative program Snaptube, users may download the newest Indian films for free from a variety of websites and social media networks. Additionally, it allows you to download music and movies from well-known websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Important characteristics:

accommodates a variety of platforms and websites

user-friendly smartphone app

Music and video player within the app

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3. Erosnow


Another great resource for free Bollywood movie downloads is Erosnow. The website features a range of Hindi movies in addition to Hollywood and regional productions. ClubMp4's intuitive layout makes it simple to locate and download your preferred films.

Important characteristics:

Hollywood, regional, and Bollywood films

user-friendly interface

recurring updates

Is it legal to download movies from those sites?

Depending on the copyright status of the movie and the jurisdiction you are in, downloading Bollywood movies from these websites may or may not be permitted. It is imperative that you are cognizant of the laws and regulations in your area prior to downloading any anything from a website. To stay out of trouble with the law, always try to use authorized digital retailers or streaming services.

4. Vegamovies


Top on the list for best websites to download Indian movies is Vegamovies. A vast array of the greatest and most recent Bollywood movies are available for you to pick from. You can watch any Hollywood film you want to watch whenever you want by downloading it from the website swiftly and simply.

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5. MoviePublish


Almost all of the most recent Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and Hindi-dubbed English films are available on this Hindi movie website, among many others. Hindi movies are available for free online and may be downloaded to your computer. After watching the movie, you can discuss and debate it with other users and viewers by leaving a remark on it.

6. Khatrimaza


A well-liked website for free HD downloads of Indian movies is Khatrimaza. It provides a large selection of Hindi movies, including 1080p full HD Bollywood movie downloads. The website also offers Hollywood and regional movies.

Important characteristics:

Hollywood, regional, and Bollywood films

superior video formats (720p, 1080p)

user-friendly interface

Are accounts required for downloading Indian movies?

For users to download movies, the majority of the websites on the list don't require them to register or form an account. On the other hand, certain websites could require registration in order to access particular features or download video formats in greater quality.

7. MovieStars


As a popular destination for movie enthusiasts, MovieStarsattracts a significant number of visitors each month. Its popularity can be attributed to the vast library of Indian films available for download. With regular updates and new releases, MovieStars keeps users engaged and provides access to the latest and popular movies in the Indian film industry.

8. ClubMp4


Another well-known website for people looking to download Bollywood movies for free is ClubMp4. The primary disadvantage of this service is that every movie is published by other members on ClubMp4, so each time you want to download a movie, you have to make sure it's available.

Alternatively, you can use the given search box to manually look up the movie by name. Once you've located the preferred movie's link, you may begin downloading it to your phone or computer. This website's primary benefit is that the 2G network still supports it. Therefore, users don't need to switch to a 3G or 4G network to complete their task.

9. HD Movies Maza


With the aid of this fantastic website, downloading Bollywood movies will be easy even though the graphic user interface is not particularly beautiful or appealing. Despite the website's initial unimpressive appearance, users choose it because of its large selection of excellent films.

Ultra HD Movies You will definitely feel as though you are in the right place to finish your assignment if you use Maza. You won't be bothered by this website in any way because it doesn't have any unsolicited advertisements or backlinks.

10. My Download Tube


Despite the sponsored content on every page, this free website appears to be quite orderly and tidy. There won't be any visible advertisements. Alternatively, a variety of movie genres, such as Hollywood, Bollywood, animation, and Arabic films, are available. Bollywood filmography spans a broad period from the 1990s to 2020. Most significantly, using this website to get Bollywood movies actually works.

The videos are housed on, where you must register for an account. Nevertheless, the user account is limited to a 14-day free trial. It is a good option if you plan to use it frequently and don't mind creating new accounts every two weeks.

11. Vidics


Vidics encompasses a broad range of genres, including as independent films, regional cinema, and Bollywood blockbusters. Vidics offers a wide range of Indian movies that may be downloaded, from exciting action flicks to romantic comedies. The website features an intuitive interface that makes navigating around it simple and the downloading process seamless.

12. Skymovies


You can watch or download movies from this Hindi movie website without having to register. Not only can you see all of the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood releases here, but you can also watch them in high definition the day they are released. This website will notify you when a new film is under development and available for free download.

13. Zega Television


ZegaTV is a fantastic option for live channel streaming in addition to being one of the greatest websites for Indian movies. On the main page, there are a lot of classic games that stream at a reasonable pace. The website also offers live channels covering a wide range of topics, including news, entertainment, kids, local, food, lifestyle, and much more.

In Summary

That's all, folks—a thorough list of places where you may get free Indian movie downloads for your viewing enjoyment.

Every fan of Bollywood has plenty to enjoy with the variety of websites that offer everything from the newest blockbusters to classic favorites.

So why hold off? From the comfort of your home, explore the fantastical world of Hindi cinema and go on an exciting adventure full of drama, action, and romance.

Just be careful when using the internet, and enjoy your favorite Bollywood movies in moderation. Action, camera, lights!

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