At least when its films are big and successful, Netflix continues to release the viewership figures for them. Army of the Dead is the newest film to be added to the streamer's updated list of the top 10 most-watched original films, which it fully released to Deadline.

Netflix has revealed the top films for the second year in a row, and it appears that a lot has changed since the list was first revealed in July of last year. The Old Guard, Enola Holmes, Project Power, and The Midnight Sky—which is tied with Army of the Dead after Zack Snyder's zombie film was released last week—are some of the recent releases that made the list. Regretfully, this implies that The Irishman is no longer the sixth most viewed original film ever on Netflix.

Top 10 Most-Watched Movies on Netflix of All Time
Netflix is continuing its trend of revealing viewership numbers for its movies. Photo: KnowInsiders

Here’s the full list along with the number of viewers each movie had:

1. Extraction – 99 million views

Hemsworth is taking us on an exciting journey through Bangladesh's streets. Explosions, humor, gunfire, and him taking off his shirt. Is there anything not to love?

To date, Chris Hemsworth's most successful roles have capitalized on his charm. Thor: Ragnarok deftly replaced the solemn aspects of the god of thunder with a puppylike eagerness, and his turn as a handsome but naive assistant in the Ghostbusters reboot was a revelation. Regretfully, Extraction, the recently released action film on Netflix, receives a zero on the star's charm scale. The mini-Marvel reunion, which depends heavily on action and violence and drowns Hemsworth's inherent charm in blood, is a result of Joe Russo, director of Avengers: Endgame, and Sam Hargrave, a stunt coordinator on multiple Marvel movies.

Hemsworth portrays Tyler Rake, a mercenary, in the movie Extraction. Rake is sent to Dhaka, Bangladesh, to save Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the teenage son of a drug lord (Pankaj Tripathi), who has been abducted. Still, the work is a setup. When Ovi is safe, the drug lord's second-in-command, Saju (Randeep Hooda), intends to kill the mercenary because she doesn't have the money to pay Rake. Rake and Ovi find themselves in a tight spot where they have no choice but to fight their way out when the kidnappers—Ovi's father's rivals—step up their efforts to get the boy back.

2. Bird Box – 89 million views

The new thriller Bird Box on Netflix is a mixed bag. There's a lot that catches your attention, and then there's the ending, which is regrettably so absurd that it instantly deflates the metaphorical balloon of Bird Box.

Bird Box, which is helmed by Susanne Bier (After the Wedding, AMC's The Night Manager) and is based on Josh Malerman's 2014 novel of the same name, is told in two parts: one in which Sandra Bullock's character Malorie tries to guide Boy (Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair) through a post-apocalyptic environment while all three are blindfolded, and another set of years earlier that explains what led the three of them on their initial journey.

3. Spenser Confidential – 85 million views

Mark Wahlberg can now add another buddy cop comedy to his collection. Occasionally humorous. Pay attention to Post Malone. Wahlberg's character, Spenser, is shown in Spenser Confidential as being arrested after assaulting his police captain (Michael Gaston). Yes, he was investigating why his captain was hiding a murder, but that's all that matters to Spenser. The same will apply when he is released from prison five years later (following a farewell altercation with Post Malone). A movie about Mark Wahlberg moving out of Boston and into a quiet suburban life would never be made, even though Spenser's original plan was to leave the city and live a peaceful retirement. He takes matters into his own hands after learning that the sequence of events that led to his imprisonment is far from over and his old captain is murdered.

4. 6 Underground – 83 million views

Ryan Reynolds plays another Reynold’s caricature that was funny in Deadpool but not so much in this. Ngl, I turned it off after 30 minutes. Armageddon and Pain & Gain are the two foundations upon which I’ve built my Michael Bay apologist house. Armageddon is genuinely ridiculous fun, as NASA recruits everyman Bruce Willis to go into space and stop an asteroid from colliding with Earth. And Pain & Gain, where bodybuilders played by the Rock, Mark Wahlberg, and Anthony Mackie kidnap Tony Shalhoub in an attempt to extort him, is not only a perfect satire of American excess, it suggests Bay might be self-aware about his reputation for excessive action. They’re exceptions to the usual rules for Bay movies, which can be an endless grind of “heavy on the explosions and light on everything else” Transformers action. But they’re distinct enough to suggest that Bay, given the license and freedom to escape the studio system, would be capable of producing something more.

5. Murder Mystery – 83 million views

Murder Mystery revolves around a murder mystery, as the title suggests. Terence Stamp's character, billionaire Malcolm Quince, has died, and Nick Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's character, Audrey Spitz, must determine who killed him. The details propel the narrative into a humorous realm: Nick and Audrey are on a much-postponed honeymoon and are the only American visitors on the yacht where Quince is killed. They were invited on board by the alluring and enigmatic Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans). Since Quince is related to everyone else on the boat, the Spitzes are the obvious suspects because they aren't.

6. The Old Guard – 78 million views

In this film, which is based on the same-titled comic book, Charlize Theron plays a fierce woman. We believe it's worth seeing.

Gina Prince-Bythewood, the writer-director of Beyond the Lights, begins The Old Guard, her most recent movie (and her first possible action franchise), with a baton-pass between young Marine Nile (KiKi Layne) and seasoned warrior Andy (Charlize Theron). The group of friends and companions, consisting of Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luca Marinelli), are immortal souls who utilize their healing abilities for the benefit of humanity, saving ordinary people from various forms of death. People with powers used to be despised by mortals, so it's an unappreciated profession. The modern equivalent is to dissect them in an attempt to discover a possible remedy for every human ill. Even the immortals may eventually lose their abilities, which is even worse. As it happens, they are still human.

7. Enola Holmes – 76 million views

Starring as Enola Holmes, the younger sibling of renowned investigator Sherlock, is Milly Bobby Brown. Helena Bonham Carter and Henry Cavill are among the outstanding cast members of this amazing movie. Harry Bradbeer's film, which is based on a Nancy Springer book series, centers on Enola, the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Clafin). Alongside their mother Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), Enola resides in the family home. They play strategy games, practice martial arts, play sports, and do everything else that Victorian-era women were not supposed to do. Enola's world completely collapses when Eudoria vanishes without a trace. Mycroft, who is now acting as her guardian, is furious with the way she has been raised up to this point and tries to send her to a finishing school. Terrified by the thought, Enola flees, only to become entangled in another mystery while searching for her mother.

8. Project Power – 75 million views

The new Netflix film Project Power has an extremely powerful concept. Superpowers are not something you get from a radioactive spider bite or something you are born with in the world of the film. They originate from pills that give the user a five-minute boost to their hidden power. Furthermore, no one knows what superpower they will have until they take the pill; some unfortunate users just burst into a mess of gore and blood at that point.

Requiem for a Dream-style bursts of color and cells that last for a few seconds symbolize the drug's high, called Power. This effect serves as a useful metaphor for Project Power. Project Power, which was directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman of Catfish from a script by Mattson Tomlin of The Batman, has a vibrant color scheme that is derived from both directors' sense of style and the film's central idea. It fades fast despite being lovely and bright. Although Tomlin's concept is novel, the narrative he uses it to tell is stale.

The main character of Project Power, Robin (Dominique Fishback), is a string of platitudes: She would like to be a rapper and is a high school student who deals drugs to support her sick mother. She provides Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a police officer, with Power and assists him in monitoring who purchases what. Since Power makes him bulletproof, Frank views the drug as leveling the playing field against criminals, even as the police crack down on Power use and distribution in the city. Additionally, when Art (Jamie Foxx), a shadowy former soldier, kidnaps Robin in an effort to find the source of Power, he abruptly enters both of their lives.

9. The Midnight Sky - 72 million views

The Midnight Sky is a science fiction film starring and directed by George Clooney that tells the story of a scientist searching for a habitable planet after Earth starts to die.

Clooney's movie was tied to Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder. If you're looking for a movie to watch and not think about for the rest of the evening, it's a fun ride that is lengthy but full of zombie-induced gore and violence.

The science fiction drama isn't set in the Blade Runner movie universe, even though it takes place in 2049. The earth's atmosphere became unbreathable due to a catastrophic event, forcing humanity to relocate to the distant planet K-23. The seasoned scientist Augustine Lofthouse (Clooney) isolates himself at the Arctic Circle's Barbeau Observatory to deal with a terminal illness rather than leaving with the other evacuees. During his last days, Augustine administers life-sustaining blood transfusions and drinks whiskey. After three weeks, he finds a quiet little girl who may have been overlooked by the evacuees. The approaching return of the space station Aether and its oblivious crew to Earth exacerbates his problems even more. While tending to the girl, Augustine rushes to alert the arriving crew about the planet's hazards in the hopes of preventing another disaster. The Midnight Sky is a post-apocalyptic survivalist space film with a ticking clock and an overly complex narrative that offers zero gravitational weight.

10.Army of the Dead - 72 million views

After the unbridled panic, Snyder's thriller adopts the look of a grandiose heist movie: A wealthy hotelier with connections to the government, Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada), recruits mercenaries to enter the beleaguered sin city several months after Vegas fell. $200 million worth of tax-free money is kept in a nearly impenetrable safe in the basement of his former hotel. The team's leader is the massive Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), who now works as a burger flipper in a cheap diner after saving the Secretary of Defense from the Vegas disaster and winning a medal. Along with his estranged daughter Kate (Ella Purnell), he gathers a motley crew of old friends and acquaintances for the mission, and the group embarks on what appears to be a near-suicide mission. The U.S. is going to drop a nuclear warhead on the abandoned city, so they have 48 hours to secure the money.

This movie is Snyder's second attempt at dealing with the undead; Dawn of the Dead, his 2004 retelling of the classic George Romero picture, foretells events that will occur in 2020. In his novel Dawn of the Dead, an unidentified virus spreads throughout the nation, forcing a diverse group of people to seek shelter in a mall as the sickness spreads. Snyder took his cue from 28 Days Later and employed sprinting zombies as the main source of fear. He makes the next logical step for Army of the Dead by creating two kinds of flesh-eaters: alphas, who are highly developed, and shamblers, who are mindless. A strong, sentient Patient Zero zombie is seen in an early scene running away from an Area 51 transport convoy. In the present day of the movie, Vegas is the alphas' kingdom rather than the leader-zombie's prison. These intelligent animals pave the way for intricate action scenes, gory deaths, and plenty of blood.

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