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With the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, there will be a lot of matches to follow. Now is the perfect time to be clued up on the tournament itself, the players likely to be involved, and how to be a more engaged fan. Use these apps to get more involved!

Top 11 Best Apps To Watch World Cup 2022

1. FIFA+ – Official FIFA World Cup App

In March 2022, FIFA launched a streaming platform called FIFA+. The app is dedicated to streaming all FIFA events including opening and closing ceremonies, matches, and FIFA films. On the FIFA+ app, fans get to see never before seen footage of teams in their training ground, in their dressing room, and sometimes, at their recovery sessions.

Highlights of every World Cup game right up to the first World Cup alongside special commentaries of those games are available on the app. For relaxation, discussions or work, you can also rewatch matches from the 2022 World Cup (they will not be streamed live via the app) to enjoy or pick points to analyze.

World Cup Russia 2022 App

This is unofficial app for FIFA world cup Russia 2022. Based on the past experiences of users globally, this app has gathered a lot of appreciation due to its lightweight and all-in-one informative nature. Apart from scores and feeds, the app contains the information of all the players such as age, team, performance and matches played. You can sync the dates of important matches with the calendar so that you never miss them. Information of different football stadiums such as its capacity and its action based on the atmosphere.

The countdown has already begun, tune into live updates and news for FIFA World Cup 2022. These apps will help you sync with every minute this FIFA journey.


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Photo wethegeek

For the past four decades, ESPN has been the best sports channel for information. And what makes the most esteemed sports platform is this exact fact.

Now, if you are a football or sports fan in general, you already know about ESPN. And it goes without saying that this platform covers every major sports event like FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, NBA, ICC World Cup, etc.

ESPN has been the best sports information channel for the past 4 decades. Its experience in this segment makes it the most esteemed sports service. ESPN covers almost every sports and major sports event like FIFA, NBA, ICC World Cup and many more. You can stream live matches and even documentaries made on renowned sportspersons by ESPN. The news feed is based on your interests and past searches.

You can subscribe to ESPN+ for surplus content like live games, films and shows. You can access your subscribed account from any Android or Apple devices.

3. Forza Football

Forza Football is a popular app among football fans because of its fan forum. Alongside the real-time notifications on goals, injuries, kickoff times, player bookings, team announcements and news, as well as the feature to select teams to follow, it also gives fans the space to interact with each other in forums and polls. Using the Forza Football app, you can connect with fellow World Cup watchers and banter away after every game.

In addition to this, the app allows you to select teams you want special insight on. And the best part is, that there are various fan forums and polls that you can take part in. Clearly, this is one of the best apps for FIFA world cup.

You can use the Forza app to keep track of the Qatar world cup even when you are working or in an important meeting.

4. Onefootball

One football is also a trusted app for notifications on matches, goals, injuries, kickoff times, player bookings, team announcements and news. The difference lies in the match analytics which it provides. One football breaks down every player’s game, providing graphs and stats to explain performances in every match. It has evolved past an app into a tool that fans and football media use in discussions and work. It is great for any fan to have if they need context on certain players, teams or games.

5. YipTV app

This is one of the most versatile apps to watch the World Cup 2022. It is available in English and Spanish and you can watch it in many different countries. The down part is that the app is only available for Android and it costs $9.99. But let’s focus on the good news! The YipTV app will stream every game of the World Cup so you don’t miss a thing.

6. FuboTV app

FuboTV app is one of the most complete sports apps in the market. On a regular basis, it streams all the major sports and leagues in the world. For the football World Cup, it will stream all the games from the group stage to the grand finale.

You can find the FuboTV app in the Google Play Store and you don’t need to have a subscription to enjoy the basic benefits of this amazing streaming service.

7. BBC Sport app

The BBC Sport app is another excellent option for watching live matches during this year’s World Cup. It has a simple and easy to use design and offers a good selection of videos, news stories and audio commentary from BBC Radio 5 Live’s World Cup coverage team.

Since BBC will be producing live streaming feeds via their online platform called BBC iplayer anyone from the UK can access live coverage of World Cup absolutely free. All they need PC/mobile or smartTV and a working internet connection. Since BBC produce the best coverage of big events like World Cups, Olympics and European championshop many people from outside the UK want to access BBC coverage. But because its geo restricted you need to bypass via proxy to get BBC iplayer coverage from outside the UK.

BBC Sport channel is free ?

Yes, BBC sport channels are absolutely free. However only in the UK and these are geo-restricted meaning you can not access BBC coverage from outside the UK without VPN.

Can I Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the World ?

Yes. Although it is geo-restricted to only UK audiance. You can always use VPN to bypass the geo restriction and get free world cup coverage via BBC.

How can I watch BBC Sport from outside the UK ?

You can watch BBC sport live via BBC’s official iPlayer app which can be dowloaded on PC or Mobile devices. However if you are access the app from outside the UK, you will need an VPN account.

8. Youtube

YouTube is the most popular video site in the world, with over a billion users. It has also become one of the best places to watch sports matches on your Android TV Box. The app supports live streaming, which means you can watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup matches anywhere and anytime.

9. Hulu Live TV

The 64 matches of the FIFA world cup 2022 will be telecast on Hulu live TV. If you have a Hulu + Live TV subscription, you can stream every match live on Hulu’s major sports channels, including Fox Sports, ESPN, and many others. If you are a new subscriber, you must purchase a premium package first to avail of the streaming service from Hulu.

Hulu-live tv is listed as the home of 75+ sports channels from where you can easily watch the FIFA World Cup without a cable connection. In the United States, all 64 matches of the world cup will be televised on the three major channels that, include Fox, FS1, and Telemundo.

You can enjoy the complete football coverage of these channels online with Hulu+ Live TV. It also bundles with two more streaming services include, Disney+ and ESPN+. It enables customers to stream live matches at a very small monthly subscription cost, starting at only $69.99.

You can update pre-match information with FIFA – Football News & Scores

The official app of the world football governing body FIFA is the top app to get information on every game, pre match event, exclusive interviews, and so much more. It also provides information on past World Cups that you can use as reference in fan discussions as your favourite teams battle it out for the greatest and the most beautiful trophy in football.

10. Sling TV

Here is the step-by-step guide to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 using Sling TV:

→ Visit the Sling TV official website (

→ If you are a new user, register yourself using your email id. If you are an existing user, then sign in using your own credentials.

→ Choose the plan which suits you best. If your sole purpose is the FIFA World Cup then we would recommend you Sling Blue pack.

→ After finalizing the package, enter the payment details. One can easily complete the purchase using credit/debit cards, net banking etc.

→ Once the payment is successfully processed, you will be able to access the FIFA World Cup matches on Sling TV.

Sling TV comes in three packages. These packages are categorized as Sling Blue, Sling Orange and Sling Blue+Orange. The Sling Orange has 31 channels including Disney and ESPN. While Disney and ESPN are missing in Sling Blue. But Fox and NBC make it up for Sling Blue. There are 41 channels in Sling Blue packs including Fox and NBC. Both packs are available for $35/month. If you want the benefits of both, SlingTV has Sling Orange+Blue which is available at a mere $50/month.

SlingTV Info Sling Orange Sling Blue Sling Orange+Blue
Cost $35 $35 $50
Channels 31 channels including Disney and ESPN. 41 channels including FOX and NBC channels. Benefits of both Orange and Blue
FIFA World Cup 2022 ❌ ✔️ ✔️
Sling TV is the best budget-friendly streaming service available in the market. If you are a bachelor or facing money issues, but a huge football fan, Sling TV is for you. Sling TV is not the best when compared to other streaming services as it does not provide access to most of the channels in the market. But if you are looking for a budget-friendly option or want an option cheaper than cable, then Sling TV is something you need!

Sling TV offers 50 hours of DVR. But again when compared to the market, its competitors do provide unlimited hours of DVR. All in all, if you have a tight budget, FIFA World Cup will be accessible easily on Sling TV.

11. 365Scores app

Together with the ESPN app, 365scores app probably has the best high-quality live streaming service among all. It allows you to customize the content, you can enable the notifications and… You can watch all the World Cup games directly from your phone or your Google Chrome cast or Apple TV.

365scores app is available for Android and iOS! You can easily download it from the app stores.

Betting app: Overlyzer

This is the best app for fans who enjoy betting. While providing all the usual information on games, leagues, teams and players, it goes one further.

It has a software feature called Live Statistics which displays match information in graph form as the games are being played. The higher a team’s graph, the higher the pressure they are currently exerting and the more likely they are to score a goal soon.

MEETUP: App for football fans

Since you are at Qatar to attend the FIFA world cup 2022, why not explore other attractions of the beautiful location, right?

Well, this is why you need the Meet Up app on your phone. Here, you can find local experiences and amazing places that you would love. You can explore and find interesting things related to tech, cooking, photography, sports, or music.

While this is quite similar to hayya app world cup, it still has something unique that you need to check out for yourself.

Hayya to Qatar 2022 is the all-in-one solution for those who are attending the FIFA world cup. In their own words, “Hayya to Qatar 22 gives you the ultimate fan experience during FIFA World Cup 2022™.

What makes these essential applications is the fact that you can do everything and anything you need to have a comfortable stay in Qatar.

This app allows you to book hotels in Doha via the official Accommodation Agency website. You can also find places to explore and experience what you should have in your memory.

The best part is, you can also buy tickets for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ with this app. Through the app, users may also request and manage their Hayya Card. Therefore, you need hayya to Qatar 2022 app on your phone.

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