In previous centuries, acquiring knowledge necessitated dedicating an entire day to visiting libraries, bookstores, and cultural centers, or engaging in direct interpersonal interactions to seek information.

However, the process of obtaining information becomes significantly easier when technology becomes dominant and almost everyone has access to a smart device with an Internet connection.

To broaden your knowledge and acquire new information on a daily basis, it is advisable to bookmark these 100 websites and revisit them repeatedly. Expanding your knowledge and comprehension, even if it is not within your primary area of study or area of interest, will position you for success as you embark on the journey of acquiring knowledge. You may require them in the future.

Top 100 Best Websites For Learning, Health, Shopping and Selling
Top 100+ Helpful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things. Photo

Top 100+ Most Useful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things

Top Most Useful Websites for Business Learning

Top 100+ Useful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things
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1.edX – Take online courses from the best universities in the world.

2.TED Talks – A collection of presentations sharing the most groundbreaking ideas in science, education, and design.

3.Khan Academy – A collection of Math, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Business courses which are completely free with great interface and experience

4. ALISON – Learn free online courses from British and American universities and experts from Google, Microsoft.

5. MIT Opencourseware – Courses in all fields are taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offering books, soft copies and video lectures.

6. Open Yale Courses — Courses in all subjects taught at Yale University.

7. Coursmos — Take a micro-course (short duration) anywhere, on any device.

8. Coursera – Learn free online courses from leading universities in the world. You can choose a free study package (full materials, learning videos) or paying a fee (to get a certificate from reputable universities after completing the course).

9. Highbrow — Get courses delivered to your inbox daily (free).

10. Skillshare — Online courses and projects that unleash your creativity with $12/month to access to a massive repository of the hottest skills for today's jobs.

11. Curious — Develop skills with online video lessons on a beautiful interface (both web and app).

12. []— Learn technology, creativity and business skills

13. CreativeLive — Learn free creative courses from the world's top experts.

14. Udemy — Learn all the hottest skills for the job, from design, web/app development, marketing or business with thousands of free and paid courses from industry experts.

15. Open Learn — A collection of free courses in all fields for everyone.

16. How to start a startup — A collection of lessons (via videos and reading materials) taught in the world's leading startup incubator Y Combinator.

17. — Detailed tutorials on everything from writing content marketing to starting a business.

18. Useful website for startups.

19. Reddit Lectures – A collection of top lectures from experts, academia, government and leaders.

20. Fast Company's 30-Second MBA: This is a resource for short clips made by executives. You will learn a lot from great business tips, life lessons and really fast.

21. HubSpot Academy – Portal about marketing, SEO, sales, advertising… for anyone interested.

22. University of the People – Non-profit organization with free courses in business administration, computer science and health.

23. Platzi — Free online learning about design, marketing and coding from experts in the US tech startup world.

24. FutureLearn – Free online courses from over 40 universities.

25. Investopedia: - This is a source of information you want to learn about the world of investing, markets and personal finance.

26. Learnvest – The most successful entrepreneurs know how to manage money in their businesses as well as in their personal lives. In addition to extremely affordable finance classes, LearnVest also offers a number of free classes, such as “Build Better Money Habits” or “How to Budget”.

Top Useful Websites to Learn Coding

Top 100+ Useful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things
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27. Codecademy — Learn to code for free with fun, hands-on interactive lessons

28. Microsoft Virtual Academy — Learn web design, game, app, cloud platform development, big data, … for free with Microsoft experts.

29. Udacity — Learn coding and data science from A to Z through amazing visual videos from experts at Google, Facebook. Similar to Coursera and edX, you can choose a free plan (no degree) or a paid plan (to get a nanodegree as career leverage).

30. CodeCombat — Learn to code through games

31. Code School — Learn to code practice

32. Code4Startup — Learn to code quickly for startups through tutorials on recoding famous websites and apps like Airbnb, Product Hunt, Tinder, etc.

33. Thinkful — Raise your level with an expert one to one.

34. Free Code Camp — Learn to code for free to help the community.

35. []— Start learning today with basic lessons

36. BaseRails — Practice Ruby on Rails and other tech skills.

37. Treehouse —Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps, and more

38. One Month — Learn to code and build apps and websites in 1 month

39. Dash — Learn the latest web design techniques

Top Useful Websites for Design Learning

Top 100+ Useful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things
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40. Wix: With more than 900 free templates, Wix has several specifically aimed at graphic designers, with built-in galleries for you to showcase your work in an easy and attractive way. It also offers seven blank templates, including one built around a gallery and another around a portfolio.

41. Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design – Learn design with competitive classes, graded classes, and graded quality of classes like on Yelp.

42. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Learn online as a free database of courses through professional teachers and course teachers.

43. A Brief History of Typography – The key to the work of a graphic designer, for any aspiring beginner graphic designer.

44. Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline – List the resources you need to create a self-taught graphic design course.

45. Veerle's Graphic Design Blog – Learn helpful tutorials, tips and tricks, insights on working with clients; portfolio development; as well as simple solutions to problems that many graphic designers may face.

46. ​​Canva Design School – Learn the basics of fonts; colors, images, backgrounds, layouts and shapes.

47. Envato Tuts+ Illustration and Design Courses – Learn any design software and process.

48. Creative Pro – Learn skills deep and hard, for designers who want to expand their skills.

49. CreativeLive – An online course geared towards designers and artists.

Website Teaching About Data Science

50. DataCamp — Lectures and Data Science

51. DataQuest — Learn data science right in the browser.

52. DataMonkey — Develop your data analysis skills in a simple fun way.

Websites that teach foreign languages

53. Duolingo — Learn multiple languages ​​for free.

54. Lingvist — Learn a foreign language in 200 hours.

55. Busuu — Free language learning community.

56. Memrise — Use flashcards to learn vocabulary.

57. Freerice: Helps you expand your vocabulary as quickly as you eat when hungry. This is the best way to feel yourself and learn words you can use for the rest of your life.

Interesting Websites in Many Fields

58. Pianou — New way to learn to play piano online.

59. Yousician — Private guitar tutor for the age of technology.

60. Digital Photography School: Learn to take photos.

61. Factsie: Find interesting, unusual facts about history, science, plus other linked sources.

62. Today I Found Out – Website that summarizes interesting facts.

63. Gibbon: This is where the list of learning resources is compiled. Users collect articles and videos that help with learning everything from iOS programs to effective storytelling.

64. Instructables: You can learn to make anything, from a tennis ball launcher to a backyard fortress.

65. Lumosity: This site trains your brain with fun, scientifically designed games. You can improve your memory and ability to concentrate.

66. Powersearching with Google: Learn to search for anything you want by improving your Google search skills.

67. Quora: You can learn anything from productivity tips to lists of the best foods of all time. Questions, no matter how silly, are answered kindly by intelligent and well-known people.

68. Recipe Puppy : Enter all the ingredients you have in your kitchen and this awesome tool will give you a list of dishes you can create with them.

69. Spreeder: Free online reading software that improves your reading speed.

70. StackOverflow: A Q&A site for programmers, it's basically a coder's best friend.

71. Unplug The TV: The video content here is quite rich, including topics such as learning about the Silk Road, war history, science.

72. Vsauce: This is a YouTube channel that provides the internet's best interesting facts, where you will realize how strange our world is.

73. Squareknot — Similar to Wikihow, offers lively and beautiful tutorials on everything in life.

74. Google World Wonders – Explore the ancient and modern world with lots of useful resources.

Top 100+ Useful Websites Where You Can Learn Lots Of Things
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75. Lifehacker – A website that helps you learn everything from many angles.

76. Library of Congress – Online knowledge library.

77. Boundless – Free, online library of books.

78. MeetUp – Learn from experiences, share what you know and look at issues from new perspectives.

79. PBS Video – Free, in-depth documentaries.

80. Project Gutenberg – Website offering more than 50,000 literary works.

Top Useful Websites for Health

81. The Ultimate Health Food Guide-This guide will be a lifesaver throughout student life for times when you’re feeling wrung out, stressed or ill. Whatever your ailments, visit this resource to find out what foods to eat to build your immunity and vitality back up.

82. WebMD

WebMD allows you to check your current health status using its symptom checker. Although this resource is great for hypochondriacs, it doesn’t replace the knowledge of a real doctor – go offline and visit your university’s health center if you’re really concerned.

83. NHS

The website of the UK’s National Health Service provides information on all kinds of illnesses, conditions, diseases and treatments. The site also gives comprehensive information on sexual health.

84. Don’t Pass It On

DontPassItOn provides free chlamydia and gonorrhea testing kits by post to UK citizens aged 16-24.

85. ASHA Sexual Health

Sexual health advice and resources for those based in the US.

Top Useful Websites for Shopping & Selling

86. Ebay

Well-established consumer-to-consumer site Ebay allows you to buy, sell or auction off almost anything, including clothing, electronic devices and antiques. It could come in handy if your student budget needs a boost, or if you want to find some bargains.

87. The Book Pond

The Book Pond allows you to sell your old academic textbooks or buy the ones you need from other students who are ready to pass them on.

88. Amazon

Amazon sells everything under the sun, including books, e-books and textbooks you may need for your program. However, its critics say it’s damaging to independent bookstores, so you may want to consider using your local store instead of always shopping online.

89. Gumtree

Gumtree advertises jobs, second-hand goods, properties and services for people around the UK. If you’re a student in the UK, it can be a good place to search for part-time job opportunities, look for accommodation, sell things you don’t need any more, or even swap goods or skills.

90. Craigslist

The global version of Gumtree, Craigslist is big in the US and has many city/area divisions, so you can find listings close to you.

91. Freecycle

This online platform allows you to give away your unwanted things or get your hands on what other people are giving away. Handy for furniture and general bric-a-brac.

Top Useful Websites for Money-Saving

92. Groupon

Groupon offers daily deals on things such as spa days, fancy restaurants and city breaks. It’s not exactly the place to go to for the essentials of student life, but it’s a good way to treat yourself at the end of a stressful exam period, perhaps.

93. Money Saving Expert

MoneySavingExpert has advice on everything from cheap flights to the best bank interest rates, helping your student budget stretch further.

94. Mint

Free to use, Mint can help you organize your finances and track your spending.

95. My Voucher Codes

MyVoucherCodes offers vouchers and discounts for a huge number of retail stores and restaurants within the UK. If you’re in the US, RetailMeNot is the place to go.


Just one of many student websites offering discounts, UniDays lists thousands of student discounts and offers around the globe. It’s free to join and also available as an app.

97. Honey

Honey is a really smart idea that’s worth investigating. It works as a browser extension, which you add to your browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, etc).

98. Parkopedia

If you’re heading out on a trip somewhere, working out where you’re going to park is always an important consideration.

The last thing you want to do is shell out for an expensive parking space, when you could park for free just down the road.

99. PriceRunner

Shopping around is always a smart tactic, no matter what you’re looking to buy. Comparing retailers means you can find the best possible price.

Going between the websites of each individual retailer will take a while, which is why it’s a good idea to use a shopping comparison site.

100. Skyscanner

It’s been a difficult couple of years when it comes to foreign travel, which has only added to the value offered by Skyscanner.

The site allows you to swiftly compare deals across flights, hotels and even car hire packages, helping you put together an affordable trip in no time.

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