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The Internet is a great way to kill time and conduct research, as well as a great resource for studying.

Even if you have faith in the Internet, you will not be able to visit every website there is. There are now billions of websites online.

If you visit a new website every second for 31 years, you will have seen every page in the world. Knowinsiders has compiled a list of 30 of the most helpful websites for you to peruse.

These 20 useful websites provide you with a lot of knowledge in various fields such as culture, society and science. You'll have some wonderful experiences.

1. Wikipedia

Most likely, you've heard of this scientific website. If there's something you want to know more about, you should go there frequently. Because this is a huge and extremely scientific, meticulous website providing everything you need to know.

You'll witness astounding diligence and research done specifically for you. Additionally, this website is highly convenient for people worldwide because it is available in a multitude of languages.

2. TED talks

Photo CEI
Photo CEI

Have you heard of the renowned TED community? Online, you can view helpful videos on a variety of subjects at any time and from any location. This website has a ton of amazing content.

talks, lectures, ideas, opinions, and insightful insights from the most renowned scientists worldwide in every field. Your perspective on life will be "enlightened," your life skills will be developed, and your mindset will be broadened. is a particularly helpful website for learning English. You will learn a great deal from just 18-minute or less videos.

3. Duolingo

Photo wowhay
Photo wowhay

Using their user-friendly app, Duolingo provides five-minute games and quizzes to help you learn new grammar and vocabulary. To add to the enjoyment of each lesson, adorable illustrations and animations are included!

Each lesson on Duolingo is divided into categories, such as "food vocabulary," "family vocabulary," and verbs like "to be." In case you require further clarification, it also includes useful notes and tips.

With Duolingo, you can learn words in context rather than just by themselves by starting to construct sentences from the very beginning. You can hear how to pronounce each new word you learn by listening to the audio recording that goes with it.

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4. LinkedIn Learning (formerly

LinkedIn Learning replaced, a seasoned online learning platform, in 2020. A vast library of video skills and tutorials is available through LinkedIn Learning, with monthly subscriptions starting at $19.99. LinkedIn's Premium Career features are also included in your subscription, which can help you advance your career.

The majority of the service is concentrated on technological skills, such as multilingual programming. The company says it will offer courses and make recommendations based on your skills, current job, and what professionals like you are learning. You will need a LinkedIn account.

5. Coursera

Photo lifehack
Photo lifehack

One of the biggest educational organizations in the world, Coursera is connected to prestigious universities and other establishments across multiple disciplines.

The major goals are to focus on education in the home and community and to motivate everyone with life lessons. There are countless, priceless learning resources available to you on this fantastic website.

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6. How stuff works

Photo lifehack
Photo lifehack

For those who are both skeptical and inquisitive about everyday objects, the solution is extremely straightforward. Just click it. This website answers all of your questions regarding phones, pencils, cars, machines, and a host of other topics.

The website has also won awards for being a wealth of information and providing clear, engaging explanations of how everything in life functions.

7. Freerice

Photo wowhay
Photo wowhay

Freerice is an educational trivia game that not only makes you smarter but also has a positive global impact. The World Food Programme (WFP) receives 10 grains of rice for each correctly answered question, which helps fund its efforts to save and improve lives all over the world.

From the humanities to the sciences, the website provides a broad selection of topics on which you can test your knowledge.

The rice donations made through Freerice are matched by private sponsors, which results in a monetary transfer to the World Food Program. The organization's ongoing emergencies are supported by the money placed in the "greatest needs" pot. The World Food Programme receives 100% of all proceeds raised through Freerice. Any money raised is not earned or retained by Freerice.

More than 214 billion grains of rice have been raised for those in need by Freerice since 2010. That is equivalent to US $1.5 million in cash! Join our international community to begin changing the world right now.

For example: What does ‘information’ mean?





Engage your followers

Organize a trivia night to engage your followers on social media! Make quizzes in Instagram Stories with a weekly theme that you decide on. Please tagging @wfpfreerice so we can reshare! To commemorate significant international holidays like World Food Day or the International Day of Charity, you can also arrange a virtual volunteer event.

8. Spreeder

Photo lifehack
Photo lifehack

Here is another interesting website you should visit to make your Internet use useful. This is a free reading software designed to practice your reading comprehension speed.

9. LifeHack

Lifehack is distinct in that it offers free courses and an extensive library of insightful articles authored by professionals. The platform is a must-have resource for anyone's bookmarks since it covers a wide range of topics, from learning progress to goal setting. It is not like many other platforms that provide "fast" fixes for all problems.

You can find useful advice that genuinely works here. There are many interesting things to think about on Lifehack's YouTube channel.

10. Wired

It could appear that Wired is solely a digital magazine for entertainment and that you can only get ideas for new hobbies from it. Actually, Wired offers a wide range of subjects that could be pertinent to your studies and inspire you to delve further into novel fields of technology and the arts. There are thousands of articles on science, business, security, and other topics in it.

Every student who wants to keep up to date and inspired by the latest ideas and trends should have Wired on their bookmark list. You can easily access it and contribute to the Wired community for free.

11. Open Culture

Photo wowhay
Photo wowhay

Open Culture is a website that compiles resources for online education and offers free audio lectures, videos, and classes to promote lifelong learning. The nonprofit searches the Internet for free educational materials and compiles them into a collection that makes it simple for you to browse, sort, and discover what you want to learn. At the moment, it offers over 1,500 free courses, most of which are offered by universities.

You have the option of finishing some of its classes with a certificate or credit. This is a paid option, and the platform that hosts the course (edX or Coursera) pays Open Culture an affiliate fee.

12. Udacity

Udacity is a technology-focused platform offering a limited but carefully curated list of courses. Udacity's data science program features an impressive roster of instructors from companies like Salesforce and Facebook, if you're looking to break into the fields of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or data science.

As part of what Udacity refers to as a "nano degree," its pricing structure enables you to pay for your courses on a monthly basis. These typically cost $339 a month, but if you want to save a little money, you can pay for several months at a time. Real-world projects, tech support, and career services are all included in the course fee.

13. Memorado

With the aid of this iPhone brain app, you can comprehend new subjects more quickly, remember new names, and make fewer mistakes when under pressure. You can improve your mental math skills, gain a deeper understanding of complicated problems, and more with the Memorado IQ test app.

It helps you learn new names more quickly, comprehend new material more thoroughly, make fewer mistakes when under pressure, improve mental math, comprehend complicated problems in detail, follow to-do lists, sharpen your quick thinking, block out distractions, remain composed in high-stress situations, and enhance multitasking.

Playing Memorado - Brain Games is a lot of fun. I had fun putting it to the test by doing exercises that resembled IQ tests. Stepping Stones is a game that involves sequencing.

You have to reorder the stones in it by least to greatest. There are only two or three stones at first, but as you go on, there are more and more. Additionally, they transition from a straightforward sequence like 1, 2, 3, to a more intricate arrangement like 1, 9, 10, 22, 25, and so forth.

14. edX

Photo lifehack
Photo lifehack

Since its launch, the online learning platform edX, which was founded by Harvard and MIT, has instructed over 20 million students. This international non-profit organization offers classes in subjects like computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, and marketing from instructors and universities across the world. The majority of courses are offered without charge, but you can also purchase a verification certificate attesting to your course completion.

The platform can also be used to begin looking into degree programs.

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15. Udemy

An established provider of online education, Udemy charges $10 to $500 for classes, depending on the instructor. Most are low-cost, but costs can quickly rise as the topic becomes more specialized or complex. When you start taking more than one class, the price goes up slightly in comparison to the other platforms on our list.

One of the best things about Udemy is that it has a ton of classes on both traditional educational subjects and business-related subjects, like how to use Excel specifically for financial analysis. All of these classes have ratings from previous students.

16. Archive

It took them more than 20 years to create a vast and comprehensive digital archive that is available for free and contains 475 billion web pages, 28 million books, 14 million audio files, and much more.

They deserve special recognition for their book collection because it contains excellent works on a wide range of subjects, including science, the arts, fiction, biographies, health and wellness, and business and finance.

Additionally, the website features an open student library with a K–12 focus.

Suggested for: An accessible collection of books covering a wide range of topics, including art, science fiction, fantasy, biography, reprints, history, medicine, religion, music, and science.

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17. Memrise

This lively website makes learning a language less tedious and more effective. It's a social network where you can meet people who are native speakers of different languages and learn over 200 different languages. Not to mention the incredibly well-designed website.

Suggested for: Proficiency in up to 22 international languages

18. Project Gutenberg

Photo lifehack
Photo lifehack

A free eBook library is available online at Project Gutenberg.

The first source of free electronic books, or eBooks, was Project Gutenberg. eBooks were created in 1971 by Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, and his legacy continues to influence the development of eBooks and related materials.

19. CogniFit - Brain Training

CogniFit is an interactive game and brain exercise training app that can help you improve up to 22 other cognitive skills, including focus, concentration, processing speed, reaction time, and more, as well as short-term memory.

Benefits of the website:

- Easily access your cognitive score data with a number between 0 and 800

- Attend personalized brain training sessions based on the areas you want to focus on

- Create a custom weekly plan at your convenience.

- Check out your score for various cognitive domains, including reasoning, coordination, memory, perception, and attention.

- Monitor your cognitive age and compare it to your actual age.

- Choose training sessions based on core cognitive domains, such as concentration and coordination.

- Access guided mindfulness techniques that can benefit your mental health.

- Enjoy interactive games, including Penguin Explorer, Mahjong, Reaction Field, and more.

20. This American Life

Photo wowhay
Photo wowhay

This American Life is a podcast and weekly public radio show. Every week, they select a theme and compile a variety of stories around it.

Every week, the program airs on more than 500 public radio stations across the United States to over 2 million listeners. Additionally, each episode is downloaded as a podcast by an additional 2.3 million individuals.

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