The economy is growing, with the strong explosion of domestic and international trade and goods exchange services, the logistics industry is gradually becoming a profession chosen by many students because of its unique advantages. that the discipline offers. Logistics & Supply Chain Management is a business field that contributes greatly to the import and export activities of each country.

So, which school should you choose to study supply chain management – good logistics in the US? Explore with us through the following article!

What is Logistics Industry?

Logistics is a part of supply chain management that includes planning, implementing, controlling the efficient movement and storage of goods and services, as well as controlling related information from the point of origin. delivered to the point of consumption to meet customer requirements. In simpler terms, logistics is an intermediary stage that brings goods from the place of production to the consumer.

Logistics industry includes activities such as transportation of goods in and out, fleet management, warehousing or materials and order fulfillment or inventory management, supply/demand planning. To some extent, logistics also has the function of sourcing input materials, planning for production and packaging of products, and customer service.

If you are a person with foresight and good judgment, then Logistics is the field you should pursue. This course will help you anticipate market needs or customer requirements to increase efficiency in the product supply chain.

Career opportunities in the logistics industry

A university degree or master's degree in logistics will help students have many job opportunities. With specialized skills and knowledge trained, students have many positions to choose from to develop their careers.

Here are some career options that students majoring in Logistics can choose from:

– Supply Chain Manager

– Warehouse Logistics Manager

– Transportation Analyst

– Inventory Manager

– Procurement Manager

– Customer Service Representative

– Logistics Consultant

– International Logistics Manager

How much does a logistics graduate earn?

Logistics students studying abroad often face difficult online exams. Even, stress because online assignments are delivered monthly. However, this is still a hot industry, attracting the attention of many students. Because with difficult online exams, students can use Online Test Service of reputable units like MAAS.

Just graduating from Logistics with an impressive GPA, students have the opportunity to receive a good salary and many attractive job opportunities. Specifically, according to US New, Logistics graduates in the US are receiving an average salary of $74,750 per year. Moreover, the unemployment rate of students majoring in Logistics is very low, only 1.6%. That is, if you study Logistics in the US, the opportunity to find a job to stay, work, and settle down after studying abroad is great.

This is also an industry with constantly expanding job opportunities. According to statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in the 10-year period from 2019 to 2029, the number of logistics jobs in the US will increase by 4.4%, equivalent to more than 8,200 new jobs.

What Are Best Schools for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The US?

1. Foster School of Business - University of Washington

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The US Today
Foster School of Business - University of Washington


Michael G. Foster Business School is a prominent school in the US with courses in the major of Logistics. Students will take courses in this industry such as strategic sourcing, data analytics channel management, multi-disciplinary business and practical courses, formal internships to accumulate skills. power.

Besides, according to some surveys by Foster's EY Career Advancement Center in Logistics, students who get high scores throughout the course have a very high recruitment rate. Thanks to business networking opportunities, portfolio consulting and seminars on logistics events, Michael G.Foster School of Business has become a trusted destination and choice. The first choice of many international students when choosing to study Logistics.

2. Arizona State University


Arizona State University (ASU) is the largest public university in the United States, ranked among the best in the world. With 4,700 faculty members from different countries, ASU has always been at the forefront of promoting scientific research and discovery. They inspire students with new ways of thinking, innovation and solving social, cultural and economic problems in the region and in the international community.

Besides, the university has many research and training facilities such as hospitals, theatres, cinemas, museums, exhibition halls, stadiums, gymnasiums, and a number of interesting production and business complexes. Factories, livestock or farming farms affiliated or linked to ASU are built and put into service and support for students, helping students feel comfortable and secure in studying at ASU.

The Bachelor of Logistics program in Arizona focuses on teaching content on global supply chain management and aims to train students to become strategic thinkers, excellent analysts, and effective communicators. and team leaders who focus on performance, efficiency, and revenue growth.

3. Central Michigan University


Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The US Today
Central Michigan University

As you all know, the logistics industry is now and will still be a hot industry in the world. In recent years, students studying in the US have also tended to learn and orient their aspirations in this field, because it plays a very important role for small businesses and multinational corporations. family.

Understanding that need of students, many universities in the US invest very carefully in the curriculum as well as facilities and outputs of this major, including Central Michigan University (CMU).

The opportunities students have when studying in the US in Logistics at Central Michigan University

- Receive a Lean Six Sigma certification and demonstrate management, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

- Receiving Central Michigan University Logistics Management Board Honors Board certification offers professional development, access to the board's annual conference, and more.

- Meeting and interviewing for job opportunities with more than 200 business partners recruited directly from the school's logistics program.

4. Western Washington University


Western University's BA Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management course is the product of a collaborative faculty-industry effort, offering a curriculum that combines leadership, technology, and operations management, helping students can apply in practice and earn income while still a student.

The program is designed to prepare students to meet the changing needs of the market. The scholarship policy combined with a paid internship in the industry along with a curriculum led by a team of dedicated and accomplished faculty has brought a lot of success to students. The size of the program is relatively small (100-130 students), which means that each student receives individual attention from faculty advisors, senior student advisors, and business advisors, and facilitates the best possible outcomes.

5. University of North Texas

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The US Today
University of North Texas


Like other universities in the US, understanding the importance and position of the Logistics industry now and in the future, the University of North Texas is also a leading school in training students in this field.

Students studying here have the opportunity to earn a Professional Certificate in Transportation and Supply Chain and Distribution from the American Transportation and Supply Chain Association. In addition, the school's teaching staff always appear in industry magazines such as the International Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Journal of Production Economics, etc.

With its location near the Dallas area - Fort Worth - which is the leading area in the US in distribution, transportation and supply chain services, Logistics students at the University of North Texas have the opportunity to practice and receive official positions at more than 250 companies in the region.

6. Michigan State University


Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, Michigan, is a public university. It is a university with over 8,366 bachelor's degree candidates enrolled. With a 71% acceptance rate, the admission criteria are somewhat competitive.

As the leading university in supply chain management training, MSU has affirmed to equip graduates with a competitive advantage; Through an integrated educational approach, MSU prepares students for the next era of SCM and work in the fields of SCM. The ratio of students to admission candidates is: 6.25. The average tuition fee is $59,485/year.

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


This program is consistently ranked among the best in the world. Through its educational programs, the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics brings cutting-edge research from MIT's labs to the global marketplace.

MIT Supply Chain Management is a founding member of SCALE - an international alliance of leading research and education centers dedicated to developing and disseminating global innovation in supply chain and logistics. MIT's supply chain management degree program - SCALE is ranked #1 in the world by Eduniversal. The rate of admission to applicants: 6.7% (according to MIT Admission statistics). The admission rate for candidates who apply early is higher (about 8-10%). Average tuition fee: $51,832/year (about $70,000 if living expenses and books are included)

8. Stanford Graduate School of Business


Stanford Graduate School of Business is a prestigious business school in California. It was founded in 1925 and is one of Stanford University's seven schools. It is well-known in the supply chain industry for its emphasis on technology and innovation.

The following topics are covered: supply chain definition; coordination challenges; pitfalls and opportunities in SCM; inventory and service trade-offs; performance measurement and incentives; global SCM; supplier management; design and redesign of products and processes for SCM; tools for analysis; industrial applications; and current industry initiatives.

9. University of Michigan


The University of Michigan's Ross School of Business has a well-regarded program that focuses on sustainability and social responsibility.

Students will be guided by professional instructors, will have a big picture, learn how the supply chain affects and is affected by other functions of global business. Admission rate is 1:15; the average tuition fee is about 49,559 USD/year.

10. The Wharton School

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The US Today
The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


The Wharton School is the University of Pennsylvania's business school. It was founded in 1881 and is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious business schools. Undergraduate, MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD programs in business and management are available.

Its Supply Chain and Operations course focuses on supply chain management's strategic aspects. The six-week online Global SCM Program at Wharton provides a thorough understanding of today's global supply chain challenges.

11. Washington University in St Louis


Washington University in St. Louis is one of the best schools in the country for obtaining a supply chain management degree. WUSTL, located in a Saint Louis suburb, is a private, non-profit university with a large student body. WUSTL is a great university in general, with a Best Colleges ranking of #24 out of 2,241 colleges nationwide.

Washington University in St. Louis awarded 20 bachelor's degrees in supply chain management during the 2020-2021 academic year. As a result, the school was ranked #92 in terms of popularity among all colleges and universities that offer this degree. This is a 35% decrease from the previous year, when 31 degrees were awarded.

12. University of Maryland-College Park


The University of Maryland, College Park (abbreviated UMD or simply Maryland) is a public research university located in College Park, Maryland, United States. UMD was founded in 1856 and is the largest university in both the state and the Washington metropolitan area, with over 41,000 students representing all fifty states and 123 countries and a global alumni network of over 360,000. Its twelve schools and colleges offer more than 200 degree programs, including 92 undergraduate majors, 107 master's programs, and 83 doctoral programs. UMD is a member of the Association of American Universities and a member of the Big Ten Conference in intercollegiate athletics.

13. Scheller College of Business


The Georgia Institute of Technology's Scheller College of Business is well-known for its emphasis on technology and data analytics in the supply chain sector. It is well-known for its supply chain management program, which is consistently ranked among the best in the country.

The Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business, the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and the Institute for People and Technology are among the school's research centers.


Supply chain management participates in almost all activities of an enterprise and is a discipline that has a great impact on market domination, strategic expansion, becoming one of the decisive factors for the success of a business. enterprise competitiveness. If you are still wondering which university to choose when studying in the US for Logistics, please refer to the list above.

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