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Top 10 Best Online Schools (Courses) For Small Business Management Today
Best Schools for Small Business Management

What is Small Business

Small business management is far from managing a big corporation with a handful of branches, which explains why both fields call for separate skill sets.

Students who earn degrees in small business management learn the fundamentals of running a company from the ground up. A small business management program can be more useful than a traditional business degree for those who are enthusiastic about working directly with small businesses.

A small company is generally understood to have fewer than 500 employees, though this number can vary widely from industry to industry. According to a survey conducted by the Census Bureau, small businesses account for somewhere around half of all jobs in the United States.

Freelancing, consulting, food trucks, e-commerce, tech startups, photography, HR management, and many other services are all examples of small businesses.

Small businesses, on the other hand, are tenacious and offer even more room to realize one's dreams. One can learn the fundamentals of business and how small businesses function in general by pursuing a degree in small business management online.

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Top 15+ Most Prestigious Online Colleges for Small Business Management in the US Today

(Compiled and Recommended by KnowInsiders based on updated datas for 2023 and 2024)

1. Mitchell Technical College

Location: 1800 E. SPRUCE STREET, MITCHELL, SD 57301


Mitchell Technical College is pleased to be recognized as one of the community colleges in the United States that achieves the highest levels of student success, and we are committed to enhancing your educational experience by providing an even higher standard of technology, student services, and affordability.

• Aspen Prize Top 150 U.S. Community College

• Many Dual Credit Options Available

• Fully Accredited

• 99% Job Placement*

• Numerous Program Accreditations

• The Newest Campus in the Region

• Regionally Unique Programs

• Military Friendly School Since 2010

2. Lake Tahoe Community College



#4 in Best Community Colleges in California

Lake Tahoe, in South Lake Tahoe, California, is a public university that is above-average in quality. There are only 636 undergraduates enrolled, making it a relatively small school. Lake Tahoe has a 100% approval rating. Natural sciences, social science research methods, and psychology are all highly sought after fields of study. Only 41% of students at Lake Tahoe make it through the program, but those who do have an average starting salary of $20,700.

Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college:

Cost: $8,136 / year

Average Total Aid Awarded: $3,748 / year

Students Receiving Financial Aid: 68%

3. Aurora University

Location: Aurora, Illinois

Private university Aurora University also has two additional campuses: the George Williams College campus in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, and the Woodstock Center in the heart of Woodstock, Illinois.

It also provides online programs. About 50 majors and minors, numerous master's degree options, graduate certificates in social work and education, and online doctoral degrees in social work and education are all provided by Aurora University.

An online business management degree is available from Aurora University, and it is intended to teach students strategic planning and leadership abilities.

Learners gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of marketing, business acumen, human resources, operations management, and more through this online business management program.

Students will acquire more specialized management knowledge and skills, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that will enhance business outcomes.

This online business degree program's classes are handled and taught by knowledgeable faculty who share their in-depth knowledge of the relevant industries with the online class.

Open educational resources (OER) are used for this online business management degree in place of conventional textbooks.

Free, open-source digital content is made available to students.

This online bachelor's in business management program combines challenging coursework with practical experience to prepare students for success in the workplace.

4. University of Mar

Location: 7500 UNIVERSITY DR, BISMARCK, ND 58504

#1 in Best Colleges in North Dakota

Best Online Colleges in America: 7 of 252

Mary University, a top-notch private Catholic institution, is situated in North Dakota. It is a small university with 1,812 undergraduate students enrolled. Given that Mary's acceptance rate is 72%, admissions are a little competitive. Nursing, business, and psychology are popular majors. Alumni of Mary University graduate at a rate of 64%, and their starting salary is $44,300.

Cost: $18,167 / year

Average Total Aid Awarded: $11,838 / year

Acceptance Rate: 72%

SAT Range: 1000-1220

ACT Range: 20-26

Application Fee: $30

SAT/ACT: Considered but not required

High School GPA: Required

5. University of Maine

Location: Orono, Maine

Originally founded as a Maine land-grant college, the University of Maine is a public research university. The institution, which serves as the system's flagship institution, provides a top-notch education across more than 100 academic programs and majors.

A 100% online BS in Business Administration in Management program is available from the University of Maine. The following courses are part of the online bachelor's program:

Financial Accounting Principles

Enterprise Finance

Management of Production and Operations

The Business Legal Environment

Learn how to navigate the challenges of managing an international, corporate, nonprofit, or small business with this business administration degree. Additionally, they will learn how to master organizational behavior and administrative skills, including leadership, organizational change, strategic analysis, production system analysis, and human resources.

AACSB has granted the Maine Business School accreditation. Only 5% of the world's business schools have received this accreditation, which is the gold standard for excellence in business education.

The New England Commission of Higher Education, or NECHE, granted the University of Maine its approval.

6. The University of Charleston

Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Private University of Charleston, with headquarters in Charleston, West Virginia, also maintains UC-Beckley, a campus there. More than 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available at the school, either on-campus or online.

The University of Charleston offers an online or on-campus Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Management degree program.

The goal of this business administration program is to give students a firm foundation in management ideas.

This online degree combines general education, major, and core business courses with professional preparation experiences and certifications.

There are professional certification options for internships within the major, Microsoft Office, and Google Analytics.

The principles, procedures, and practices of people and organizations are thoroughly explained to online students.

This online program focuses on small business management, human resource management, team development, and leadership for aspiring business professionals.

Students are allowed to minor in subjects other than business, such as political science or communications, so they can concentrate on their career objectives.

7. University of Arkansas-Little Rock

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock University, a private four-year institution, was founded as Little Rock Junior College in the beginning and later changed its name to University of Arkansas-Little Rock. Only 12 years later, the institution reverted to public status after joining the University of Arkansas System.

More than 100 undergraduate degrees and 60 graduate degrees, including master's degrees, doctorates, and graduate certificates, are offered by this public research university through conventional and online courses.

An online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management program is available from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

The academic year for this online program is structured around 17-week semesters.

Principles of Accounting I and II, Data Analysis and Visualization, Legal Environment of Business, and many other topics are covered in depth in the program's core courses.

Students gain a firm foundation in the fundamentals of business through the business administration in management program. Along with improving their knowledge of various business practices, business finance, market research, customer relations, and the business world in general, this will assist them in developing their communication and management skills.

The 120-hour online bachelor's program with a management focus will prepare students for careers in professional leadership in large and small businesses as well as in the government.

8. Southern New Hampshire University

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

Private Southern New Hampshire University is renowned for having the most affordable online tuition in the US. Students can simply choose any of the school's more than 150 accredited bachelor's degree programs to fit their future goals, with undergraduate degrees costing just $320 per credit and graduate degrees costing $627 per credit, respectively.

A fully online Bachelor of Business Administration program in entrepreneurship is available from Southern New Hampshire University.

Students will learn how to create and manage their own small businesses through this online business degree.

Transfer credits can be up to 90 credits, and there is no application fee or need for ACT or SAT scores.

This ACBSP-accredited bachelor's in business administration program is taught by professionals from the field.

Small business management is a major focus of the courses. Students are given opportunities for experiential learning through hands-on activities. They will graduate from the program with the analytical abilities, information, and self-assurance to support the development of their marketing concepts into successful business ventures.

This online course was created with the assistance of business professionals to provide future marketing managers, academic advisors, management analysts, and other relevant financial occupations with real-world and pertinent scenarios.

Students will learn more about every facet of successfully operating a business through this online education, from market research to the first day, ongoing operations, and management principles.

From the first day of classes at Southern New Hampshire University until they graduate and beyond, students receive support. Students have everything they need to succeed with 24/7 access to their online program, readily available learning resources, and other factors.

9. New Mexico State University

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Public university New Mexico State University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state. Including education, agriculture, education, and the sciences, this land-grant research institution offers a wide range of program choices. Over 4,400 courses are offered in 96 baccalaureate programs, 58 master's programs, 28 doctoral programs, and across 54 academic departments.

In keeping with its land-grant mission, New Mexico University also provides online courses, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business, through the Cooperative Extension Service.

This program will equip students for a successful career through innovation, discovery, and encouraging creative achievement, similar to the majority of online business degrees.

Students who complete this online education will have a foundational understanding of the major business disciplines. To enhance their organizational behavior, performance, and efficiency, they will learn the value of theoretical frameworks for the analysis of group, interpersonal, individual, and organizational-level behaviors.

Any one of the four concentrations—Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Project and Supply Chain Management, or Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship—can be chosen by students enrolled in the 100% online bachelor's in general business program.

The AACSB has accredited this online business management degree.

For students in need of financial assistance, NMSU provides financial aid. Grants, loans, and scholarship opportunities are some additional types of financial support.

Top 15+ Best Online Schools For Small Business Management In The US Today
Best Small Business Management Degree

10. Lorain County Community College

Location: Elyria, Ohio

According to the College Affordability and Transparency Center of the US Department of Education, Lorain County Community College is one of the 10% most affordable institutions in the nation. For associate, bachelor's, and master's degree programs as well as programs that make it simple for students to transfer to other colleges and universities, the school offers a wide variety of traditional and online courses.

The Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Small Business Management, is one of LCCC's online courses.

Those who have always envisioned themselves as business managers can begin by registering for business programs. With a degree in small business management, students can pursue a thorough analysis of how small businesses operate.

The core business courses are taught to students in conventional business fields like management, marketing, and accounting. Additionally, they will gain knowledge about managerial accounting, human resources, project management, and business law.

This online degree is intended for students who have just graduated from high school, as well as transfer students, adult learners, veterans, and those who already hold an associate degree in a business-related field or another.

This online bachelor's degree program is open to both traditional and non-traditional students and is transferable. This includes managerial competencies like marketing and accounting. An academic advisor is available at school to assist students who need assistance planning their academic program.

11. Husson University

Location: Bangor, Maine

Private Husson University offers more than 110 undergraduate, graduate, master's, and doctoral programs in the fields of pharmacy, business, counseling, criminal justice, education, and communications. Also available are a number of online programs.

A BS in Business Administration is offered online by Husson University. There are several start dates each year for this program, which offers students individualized support and experiential learning.

The 122 credits needed to finish this business administration bachelor's program. Students will enroll in general education classes as well as core classes like financial accounting, operations management, financial management, international business, healthcare management, corporate finance, business law, and much more, all of which are intended to give students practical experience handling challenges and tasks encountered in the workplace.

The course is completed in four years. Additionally, students can transfer credits from another recognized institution.

The International Accreditation Council for Business Education has accredited this bachelor's degree in business administration.

12. DeVry University

Location: Naperville, Illinois

Private, for-profit DeVry University has campuses across the US but is primarily an online institution. Within its six areas of study—business, healthcare, accounting, liberal arts, technology, and media arts and technology—the school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs both online and on-campus.

As a part of its Bachelor's in Management, Technical Management, or Business Administration program, DeVry University offers an online Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship specialization.

A number of business core courses are included in this online small business management degree program to assist students in developing cross-disciplinary skills necessary for professional success.

The courses in this online bachelor's program in small business management introduce students to the fundamental fields that support careers in business. Additionally, they cover topics related to fundamental business procedures like marketing, accounting, management, and the analytical abilities that support business judgment.

Courses for this online business management degree expose students to modern workplace applications. Through activities that encourage students to apply their course material while influencing their future educational and career choices, all of the courses improve their learning for each individual student.

Students can take courses in entrepreneurship, customer service, e-commerce, customer service, financial management, business and financial occupations, business law, and product development as part of this concentration.

The ACBSP has accredited the online business management degree program. By selecting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) course alternatives for their Humanities and Social Science courses, students can also customize their curriculum.

13. Campbellsville University

Location: Campbellsville, Kentucky

Campbellsville University is a private Christian university that was originally founded as Russell Creek University. At the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree levels, it provides more than 80 programs. The school also offers online courses where students can receive a specialized education to support them in landing lucrative careers.

A Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is available online from Campbellsville University.

Students in this online program will examine current trends and critical ideas that shape the quick-paced economy of today.

Students who complete this online business degree program will be equipped with the knowledge and abilities needed to manage their own businesses or to assume leadership roles in the global economy of the future.

The curriculum for this bachelor's degree is overseen by professionals in the field who draw on their practical experience.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of business law and the necessary managerial skills through this bachelor's program in business administration, preparing them to assume leadership roles in various business organizations.

This online program's emphasis options include marketing, healthcare management, human resource management, and many more.

The International Accreditation Council for Business Education has fully accredited this business administration degree. In addition, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission has accredited Campbellsville University.

14. Florida Institute of Technology

Location: Melbourne, Florida

The Florida Institute of Technology, also known as FIT, has four academic colleges that house its more than 200 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs: Psychology and Liberal Arts, Aeronautics, Engineering and Science, and Business.

Numerous bachelor's degree programs from Florida Tech are available online, including the BA in Business Administration/Management.

The significance of effectively managing a business in a global economy is emphasized in this online business administration and management degree program.

The ethical ramifications of managerial and human resource decisions will be clear to the students.

This bachelor's degree program is divided into general liberal arts courses and management and business courses that are tailored to particular professions.

Students are given a thorough overview of all aspects of management in this online bachelor's program, from staffing and strategies to planning and leading. Students can also investigate effective techniques for communicating, managing change, and making decisions.

This online bachelor's program has IACBE accreditation.

15. Bryant and Stratton College

Locations: New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin

Private college Bryant and Stratton offers individualized learning opportunities and career preparation that prepares students for high-demand professions and future life pursuits.

In addition to emphasizing career skills, Bryant and Stratton College places a strong emphasis on imparting life skills to its students. These essential intangibles include interpersonal, critical, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving abilities. As a result, they provide Career LifePrep, a program that integrates life and career skills.

Bryant and Stratton College offers online programs in addition to traditional on-campus courses, such as its online BBA in General Management degree.

A big focus at Bryant and Stratton College is preparing students for the difficulties of management positions. Active learning methodologies, presentations, group projects, and real-world applications of research methodologies are used to accomplish this.

More Prestigious Online Schools For Small Business Management

Colorado Christian University

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

Private Christian university Colorado Christian University trains students to change the world with truth and grace through Christ-centered higher education. For traditional on-campus and online students, CCU offers more than 200 academic programs in a range of disciplines.

The Bachelor of Business with a concentration in Management is one of its online undergraduate programs.

Strayer University

Location: Washington, DC.

Private, for-profit Strayer University was formerly known as Strayer's Business College before gaining university status in 1998. Following the merger with Capella University, it underwent a rebranding in 2018. Today, it has 64 additional campuses spread across 15 US states and enrolls more than 50,000 students through its online programs.

In business administration, accounting, criminal justice, information technology, health services administration, and public administration, the school offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

A 100% online Bachelor of Business Administration: Entrepreneurship program is available from Strayer University.

Keiser University

Location: The main campus is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Private university Keiser University has a residential main campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. Students can easily find the ideal career path that is ideal for them in both online and traditional delivery formats with more than 50 degree programs to choose from.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with Accelerated Track to MBA program is available from Keiser University. Students who choose this online business major will learn all there is to know about management, leadership, and business.


Completing a course or degree in small business management can equip you with the skills necessary to be a successful manager and entrepreneur, whether you want to start and run your own business or are seeking a high-level leadership position within your company.

Accredited and convenient, these online programs make it possible to advance your career as a small business owner without sacrificing your current obligations or lifestyle.

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