Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today

The United States is a leading country in science and technology, especially in computer science. The United States produces the world's leading technology corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google ... and Silicon Valley is the cradle of computer science technology worldwide. It is not difficult to understand that many American universities are world leaders in computer science and technology training.

Data science is the most promising career in the US, according to LinkedIn. Glassdoor's data also shows that this is the best profession in the United States for three consecutive years due to high demand for human resources, attractive salaries and high job satisfaction.

The average salary of this industry is about 130,000 USD / year, the demand for human resources in the industry also has an amazing growth of 56%.

Glassdoor director Andrew Chamberlain also said, “For years, data science has been among the hottest careers in the US. Not only technology companies but many other fields such as healthcare, retail, etc. also have a need to recruit this industry.”

If you are looking for reputable schools that specialize in data science to study, the information about TOP US schools below is for you.


What is data science?

Not simply working with data, Data Science is a diverse synthesis of many fields, or in other words, an interdisciplinary field of processes or systems that extract knowledge and insights from data. different. In particular, the fields of data science can be mentioned are Data mining, Statistics, Analysis and Programming, Machine learning.

Data science consists of three main parts: Creating and managing data, analyzing data, and developing analysis results into actionable value. To perform data science, learners must have an understanding of mathematics (mathematical statistics), information technology (machine learning), and knowledge of the specific application area mentioned above.

Data Science is applied to solve countless problems in daily social life thanks to its ability to decipher complex phenomena in human life.

Data Science graduates can take up jobs as data analysts, data scientists, data managers, data engineers, data analysts in business. …

Best Schools for Data Science In the US Today

1. University of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
University of New Jersey Institute of Technology


The Data Science major at NJIT in the Department of Computer Science, with the support of the Department of Mathematics, helps you keep track of calculations and statistics, and equips you with the basics and applied tools to solve data science problems.

NJIT was the first University in New Jersey to offer an independent master's degree in Data Science

Salary for fresh graduates is $101,000

NJIT is ranked #97 of National Universities “National Universities – U.S. News & World Report”

Ranked #41 “Best Value Schools”

Ranked #43 Top Public Schools “Top Public Schools”

Currently, the school is applying scholarship program for Bachelor level $10,000 - $25,000 and Master program $2,000 - $4,000 for international students.

2. University of Utah


The University of Utah offers exceptional education, premium real-world learning, and numerous work opportunities for international students. The Data Science degree program assists students in applying sufficient knowledge of basic computer science and software engineering to be able to build, modify, or use software tools for analysis. data. Students also learn the fundamentals of data analysis and processing so that they can make effective decisions based on information in different data sources.

Graduates of the Data Science program at the University of Utah will be qualified to meet the growing demand for data science and qualified to work in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance and internet. Typically, they will work with data consumers to analyze, manage, and supplement large data sets, or work in industries that require automated forms of analysis and decision-making. In situations that require large and complex software development for data analysis, these graduates can work with or lead teams of computer scientists or software developers. in a joint effort.

In addition, the university organizes many contests and scientific seminars for Data Science such as the UofU Datathon4Justice contest – a week-long data contest in which teams will tackle environmental justice issues related to the environment. SLC community, Fall Data Science Conference, co-hosted by UCDS and Utah Data Science Club. The conference is hosted on a virtual platform with data science experts from across the US, as well as rising stars from universities and other research labs.

3. Oregon State University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
Oregon State University


Students at Oregon State can explore more than 200 academic programs, and graduates can choose from more than 100 master's programs, including those in the schools of business, engineering, and education. Oregon State University uses cutting-edge technology in groundbreaking research. OSU students, faculty, and alumni develop cutting-edge technology in areas such as nuclear energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Programs of study inspire students to learn, explore and solve important problems.

Students pursuing a bachelor of science degree in data science from Oregon State University (OSU) will learn the foundations of data management, mathematical analysis, computer thinking, statistical thinking, and modeling. data visualization, communication and visualization.

The university encourages students to do research, so the school always offers summer research opportunities for students and instructors. The program offers on-the-job training to undergraduate students interested in data science. Students will gain valuable advanced data analysis skills that they can apply to a variety of interdisciplinary scientific research projects.

4. University of California - Berkeley


This university is one of the top data science colleges in the USA because not only do they have some of the best faculty and lab facilities, they also work closely with industry to develop develop new technologies to solve real-world problems.

As a result, their undergraduate programs include internships or co-op education options that provide valuable hands-on experience working with leading companies on a variety of issues facing the business community. face.

The school's data science department was established in July 2019, and is an industry that is registered by thousands of international students. Specifically, in the last year, there were 1500 international students participating in the study, 16 times more than 4 years ago.

5. Northwestern University

Northwestern University- Best) Law School in the US
Northwestern University


Northwestern University's Data Science program will provide knowledge and skills in advanced data mining, predictive analytics, and statistics.

In this program, you have the choice of taking a 15-month course on campus or online. Accordingly, students who choose to study full-time at the school will be able to participate in a 3-month summer internship and an 8-month internship at large companies.

Most of the alumni of this course have received job offers right after graduation from big companies like Apple, IBM, NASA, Nike, etc.

6. Johns Hopkins University


Data science degrees come in length, scope, and focus at Johns Hopkins University.

They offer graduate degrees that are perfect for professionals hoping to transition into a data science career path. Johns Hopkins also offers undergraduate programs designed to help students begin careers as data scientists or prepare for graduate studies.

Still others are self-paced online courses designed to teach you the technical skills needed to enter the field. The best part is that their course is developed with you in mind, they consider:

Learning style

Professional goal

Financial situation.

7. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
University of Illinois at Chicago


Located in the heart of one of the world's great cities, the University of Illinois at Chicago – University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is an important part of the region's educational, technological and cultural systems. As Chicago's only public research university with more than 33,000 students and affiliated schools, UIC provides students with an excellent learning environment and many opportunities to go further.

This data science course from UIC gives you a fundamental background in the field and allows you to choose an area of expertise that interests you: healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, shipping, media, education, insurance, finance, science, security, retail, law, and more.

Chicago is also a dynamic city with more than 400 large companies, including more than 30 Fortune 500 companies in the US and 12 Fortune Global 500 companies. 90% of UIC graduates will have jobs. jobs with starting salaries up to $40,000. This is especially beneficial for Data Science at UIC! There will be many positions being filled each year through UIC's affiliate program, although the level of competition is high, the salary is really not bad.

8. University of the Pacific


Pacific University, founded in 1851, is now a leading university in the United States with three campuses including the Stockton campus, the Sacramento campus and the San Francisco campus. The school's Stockton campus is recognized as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States.

UOP is currently home to more than 6,000 students, including 3,800 undergraduate students and 2,700 graduate students. Pacific students benefit from small class sizes with an average student population of 18 and a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1.

The starting salary is $14,000 higher than the average student rate of other schools. In particular, the average salary of Data Science students receiving a bachelor's degree at Pacific is $55,076.

Right from the school chair, students can participate in co-op for 7 months, the average salary is up to $4,000/month (Guarantee). From there, you will be able to hone practical working skills, beautify your CV and easily find a job right after you graduate.

9. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology opened its doors to the first class of 15 students on February 20, 1865, four years after its founding charter was approved. The event marked the culmination of an effort by MIT's founder and first president, William Barton Rogers, to create a new type of educational institution relevant to the times and the needs of the nation, where students would be educated in a way that emphasizes the application of knowledge.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigious data science universities in the world, known for its specialized scientific research.

MIT is a big data research facility, so after completing the program you will have a diverse knowledge of economics, science, data, computers... anywhere in the world.

The academic program at MIT aims to provide students with a solid command of fundamental principles, versatility of insight and perspective regarding natural and social phenomena, the habit of continuous learning, and the power that comes from a thorough and systematic approach to learning. These characteristics provide the best assurance for continued professional and personal growth, particularly in today's rapidly changing world. MIT provides a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of subject areas.

10. Carnegie Mellon University


This is an extremely prestigious university that is always in the top universities in the United States and around the world. The school has good relationships with large companies and corporations in Silicon Valley such as Amazon or Google. Many of our students have the opportunity to do internships and even work full-time here. The school's Data Science program focuses on the latest technology trends such as machine learning.

The school's Master of Computer Data Science courses specifically delves into the latest technological applications in statistics and data science such as machine learning and data mining.

Graduates from CMU typically receive an average starting salary of up to $100,000, and most receive more than one job offer.

11. Stanford University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
Stanford University


Stanford University is one of the top 5 universities in the world for data science ranked by US News. When participating in data science at Stanford, students will be taught methods, processes, algorithms, scientific systems that can be structured or unstructured. If you want to consider applying to Stanford, you need to know that its tuition is quite expensive compared to other schools.

Students will gain extensive knowledge and experience working with large areas of data science, including statistical modeling, programming, and data mining. In addition, students will also delve into a variety of specialized content such as medical data, machine learning, business intelligence, and distributed data management.

This course is only available full-time at the school, located right in Silicon Valley. This is also a favorable condition for students to pursue, find job opportunities, and practice more easily with the "neighborhood" technology tycoons.

12. Harvard University


Data science is a relatively new field with its applications in many fields.

It is part of business decision-making, it helps solve crime, and can be used to increase the efficiency of some healthcare systems. It is a multidisciplinary field that uses algorithms, methods, and systems to extract knowledge from data.

Data scientists are also known as data analysts or data engineers. As one of the most important jobs in today's world, it can earn you a lot of money.

According to, the average salary for a data scientist in the US is $121,000 plus benefits. This is no surprise as universities around the country are focusing on modernizing their courses, hiring new faculty and allocating more resources to data science programs. And Harvard University doesn't miss this either.

The university offers Data Science as an area of study within the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Here, prospective students apply through GSAS.

There are no official prerequisites for applicants to their master's programs in data science. However, successful applicants must have sufficient background knowledge in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics, including fluency in at least one programming language and knowledge of calculus, algebra, and calculus. linear numbers and statistical inference.

13. New York University (NYU)

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Data Science In the US Today
New York University


The NYU Data Science Center offers a graduate certificate in the Data Science program. It is not a stand-alone degree but can be combined with other degrees.

This certificate program provides students with a strong foundation in data science-related core technical subjects.

In addition to a strong background in computer science and technology, you should expect programs to include subjects in statistics, mathematics, and electrical engineering as well as an understanding of business fundamentals.

At NYU, the data science program covers all the highly demanding skills needed to work with data. Although some schools have begun to offer undergraduate degrees specifically in data science, NYU has kept their more traditional programs but offers courses and certificates that teach students how to manipulate data sets. big data.

They believe that Data Science is an essential component of 21st century education.

All students can benefit from the learning process to evaluate and understand data, even if they are not pursuing a career as data scientists.

That is why they are struggling to incorporate data science into their curriculum.


Hopefully the article Data Science majors in which school has given you a brief overview of the TOP prestigious and best quality universities in the country. From there, you can choose a school that is right for you and prepare more mentally and spiritually before starting a journey to discover a new land.

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