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Forensic science involves the study of cutting-edge topics in criminology, forensic environments, toxicology, drug chemistry, and other related areas. These programs often combine practical laboratory experiences with theoretical science, providing a rich background in chemistry, biology, and environmental studies as they relate to exciting fields. This specializations offered with this degree include serology, forensic pharmacology, forensic toxicology, and forensic digital.

Forensic science graduates often enhance their attention to detail and develop the ability to analyze a wide variety of materials and generate specific information. They may also gain the necessary qualifications to testify in court. These assets have positioned graduates as pioneers in forensic science and can help them develop long and successful careers.

Forensics is an exciting field and expertise in it can pave the way for many industries. While best known for working alongside law enforcement, forensic scientists are also important pillars in the fields of genetics, clinical laboratories, and education. Graduates can find work as toxicologists, analytical chemists, laboratory technicians, and, of course, forensic scientists. This degree can also be used to supplement qualifications for higher education careers and other work within the criminal law framework.

Schools offering degrees in forensic science online

1. Liberty University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Online Programs for Forensics Today
Liberty University

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Liberty University, a nonprofit Christian institution, offers an online forensic science bachelor's degree. Coursework in general education, religion, and criminal justice is included in the curriculum. Students take courses in criminal investigations, crime scene management, and crime scene photography. Graduates have the option of working as crime scene technicians, forensic analysts, or investigators.

Participants in the program are given free digital textbooks. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.0. SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission to Liberty.

2. Columbia College

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The online Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science program offered by Columbia College, which has its headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, is regarded as one of the most well-known in the Midwest. This online forensic program combines several fields of study, including:

  • criminal justice and law,
  • biology,
  • chemistry,
  • and physics to prepare students for a promising career in an exciting, and fast-growing field.

Undergraduate forensic science students at Columbia College have the chance to work with the local police departments on actual unsolved murder cases. To obtain this degree, students must have 120 credits.

3. American Public University System

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An undergraduate degree in criminal justice with a focus on digital forensics is available through the American Public University System. This field deals with the recovery, examination, and analysis of data from digital devices, frequently in the context of mobile and computer crime. Students who enroll in this 120-credit program take entirely online courses in criminalistics, criminology, and constitutional law. These courses all lead to an eight-week capstone project. To graduate in four years, most students commit to a full-time schedule.

Brightspace is used by APU, a sizable private university, to deliver and manage its online coursework. Academic advising and personalized career guidance are additional online resources for students. After graduation, you could become a forensic analyst or a computer forensics investigator.

4. SUNY Canton

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SUNY Canton offers a degree that stands out from the rest because it is a Bachelor of Technology in Criminal Investigation rather than a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. Numerous online courses are offered by this program. The same courses, though, can be taken in person. In the end, the program's online success rate was 75%.

One thing to keep in mind about this bachelor's degree program in forensic science is that the upper-division requirements MUST be completed "immersion" style in a physical classroom. This guarantees that each graduate has received the practical instruction required to work on a crime scene. Every student will also have the opportunity to complete a 600-hour investigative internship for additional practice.

5. Maryville University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Online Programs for Forensics Today
Maryville University

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One of the top online forensic science bachelor degree programs in the country is Maryville University's BA in Forensic Psychology. One of America's Top Colleges is Maryville University. There is no requirement for the student to travel to the campus in St. Louis, Missouri, as the program is entirely online. The SAT and ACT exams are optional for students. Maryville's mission is to emphasize its dedication to educational excellence with a focus on experiential learning.

Students in the online forensic science bachelor's degree program at Maryville gain practical experience by helping the community. Along with the faculty, students collaborate on research projects. Students in this program will combine the fields of psychology and criminal justice to increase their marketability in the medical field and law enforcement. Students examine criminology, psychology, and sociology in greater depth. They develop their capacity for critical thought, improve their knowledge of research, and discover the advantages of paying close attention to details. Students can apply for jobs in the government, probation and correctional facilities, or substance abuse clinics after they graduate.

6. Colorado Technical University

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A forensic investigation-focused Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program is available online from Colorado Technical University.

To apply, candidates need only show that they have a high school diploma or an equivalent. The program requires 182 credits for students to graduate. For those looking to receive credit for previously studied subjects, CTU Fast Track exams are available.

The Higher Learning Commission has accredited Colorado Technical University.

7. Miami Dade College

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The online Bachelor of Applied Science in Public Safety Management program at Miami Dade College features a Crime Scene Investigation concentration. Students with an associate's degree and a Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher are eligible to apply for this online forensic science program. Crime scene safety, criminal evidence, crime science technology, and fingerprint technology are among the topics covered in the curriculum. Finish the 60-credit specialty degree in two years on average. Graduates are prepared to join the Secret Service, FBI, ICE, and Marshall Service, among other public safety organizations.

8. Oklahoma State University - Main Campus (OSU)

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Public university OSU (Oklahoma State University) offers a Master of Science in Forensic Sciences. 32 credits are needed for this degree, which typically takes two years or more for full-time students to complete. Forensic Investigative Sciences, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Biology/DNA, and Forensic Chemistry/Toxicology are the four areas of emphasis available to students. Overall, this graduate degree prepares students to successfully protect the public by utilizing cutting-edge research, developing technologies, and interdisciplinary partnerships.

9. Nova Southeastern University

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Students can learn about the relationship between law and psychology in the 36-credit online master's in forensic studies and psychology program at Nova Southeastern University. Students can choose from two tracks to focus on forensic psychology careers in the legal or mental health fields or as first responders. Introduction to Forensic Psychological Science, Methods and Tools of Psychological and Violence Risk Assessment, Psychopathology and Behavioral Interventions in Forensic Settings are among the core courses for both pathways. A statement of goals, official transcripts, and two letters of recommendation from professors or other authority figures are all required for admission. Nova is ranked #191 among the best national universities by U.S. News and World Report.

10. Fayetteville State University

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Online Programs for Forensics Today

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The BS in Forensic Science from Fayetteville State University is an experiential degree that provides a thorough overview of the field as a whole. The low-cost forensic science degree program was created to incorporate lectures and practical training to give students a sense of the industry. The co-curricular activities that support this low-cost 120-credit forensic science course of study include student clubs and study abroad options. Students are prepared for employment or to continue on to graduate school through this program. From chemistry to forensic psychology are covered in the courses.

11. National University

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The Bachelor of Criminal Justice with Forensic Investigation program at National University is offered online, and it gives students the knowledge and abilities they need to use science and technology to actively investigate crime scenes.

The students in this online forensic program gain analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities that will help them get ready for rewarding careers as forensic investigators in local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. To complete the program and receive this degree, students must complete 120 credits.

Students also gain the ability to recognize methods for data collection and analysis in order to organize reports of research or conclusions.

12. Oakland City University

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Small, private Oakland City University (OCU) offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Investigative Forensics. The majority of this 120-credit, four-year program exposes students to the ideas of criminal justice system investigation. But a minor in investigative forensics can help narrow the focus of learning by emphasizing advanced crime scene investigation, investigative photography, and criminal investigation. Criminal justice graduates from OCU may consider careers as private investigators, crime and intelligence analysts, or public policy experts.

Some students complete the requirements in 24 months while others may treat this as a full-time program. The main system used by distance learning students is called Moodle. These students also have access to a variety of resources, including academic support, career advice, and counseling.

13. Purdue University Global

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One of the top producers of public safety programming in the nation is Purdue Global. Excellent proof of their academic leadership in the subject can be found in their Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice—Crime Scene Investigation or Forensic Psychology. Students in this program will gain a practical foundation in the history, philosophy, and law of the country's criminal justice system in addition to learning the ins and outs of applied forensic research and techniques.

The following concentrations are available to students: forensic psychology, law enforcement, crime scene investigation, homeland security, and juvenile justice. Students can also take part in a relevant internship program to get practical experience in the industry.

14. Kent State University

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The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies with a Concentration in Fraud Examination and the BS in Information Technology with a Concentration in Applied Computer Security and Forensics are the two specialized degrees offered by Kent State University's online bachelor's in forensic science program. No trips to their Kent, Ohio campus are necessary to complete either degree because it can be done entirely online. For students who are freshmen or have an associate's degree, the bachelor of technical and applied studies is the best option. Students receive coursework on preventing fraud and financial abuse in businesses as well as a foundational understanding of business. Students will comprehend how strong moral principles and wise choices are used to prevent fraud as well as how to examine and analyze fraud cases.

15. University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Online Programs for Forensics Today
University of North Carolina at Pembroke

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Graduates of the Criminal Justice Studies Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Forensics program at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke are prepared for careers in traditional police work, courts, or corrections. General Education, Core Educational Requirements, Elective Requirements, and Forensic Specialty Coursework are the four educational components that make up this criminal forensics degree. With a thorough education and hands-on training, graduates are prepared for career advancement or even the chance to launch their own business.

16. Stevenson University

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A private university called Stevenson University (SU) offers a 32-credit hour online Master of Forensic Science program. Normally, students who are taking classes full-time finish their degrees in two years. The program's core objective is to teach students how to properly gather evidence using the right tools and technologies.

The Blackboard LMS, which SU uses to deliver all of its online courses, enables learners to complete their coursework entirely online and asynchronously (i.e., at their own pace). Classes like Physical Evidence at Crime Scenes, Toxicology, and Crime Scene Investigation are among the primary requirements. The two concentration options for this online degree are biology and chemistry.

17. Northcentral University

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A reasonably priced, entirely online forensic psychology degree program is available from Northcentral University. Ten courses make up this 30-credit program, which takes about 20 months to complete. A earned bachelor's degree from a college or university that is accredited is required for admission. Additionally, there is no GMAT or GRE requirement for the program. Weekly start times for classes are created to accommodate the hectic schedules of working students. These courses cover forensic psychology, research methods in forensic psychology, and ethical principles in academics and research. Despite not being ranked by U.S. News and World Report, Northcentral is acknowledged as a top national university. Additionally, a number of online graduate programs have been ranked among the top 200.


There is more to forensic science than just fingerprinting and crime scene investigation. Investigation, forensic chemistry, and crime scene photography are additional specialties you can pursue. Apply to one or more of these online programs if you're thinking about pursuing an online degree in forensic science.

Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Forensics and Crime Solving Careers in US Today Top 10+ Most Prestigious Schools for Forensics and Crime Solving Careers in US Today

Today, forensic medicine serves legal issues and develops rapidly. Students can study this field more. We'll examine the nation's top forensic science programs here.

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