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Top 7 Richest Kids in the World in 2023 Top 7 Richest Kids in the World in 2023
Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World

Whenever we see a list of the richest people in the world, we always think of entrepreneurs, billionaires who own businesses, empires of hundreds of thousands of billions of dong.

Every year, we see an increase in the number of new millionaires and billionaires on the list of the richest people. When their children grow up, most of the wealth of these billionaires is mostly passed on to their children and makes these poor boys instantly rich, even if they don't understand how money works. operate in this society.

From children born into the royal family to children with celebrity parents, everyone holds a certain amount of power or promises to hold power in the future. Please take a look at the list of the most powerful children in the world below, ranked by for 2024.


1. Prince George of Cambridge

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Prince George of Cambridge

DOB: July 22, 2013

Prince George of England is currently sitting pretty on the throne as the most powerful child in the world. George, the first grandson of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, will be the third heir to the throne of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. He is the son of Prince William and Princess Catherine, and the first grandson of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The arrival of the baby boy was cause for celebration not only in the palace but also across the entirety of the nation. In April of 2014, Prince George went on his very first vacation with his parents, who took him to both Australia and New Zealand for a total of three weeks. Even though he only made two appearances during the trip, the BBC has referred to the Duke as a main character throughout the coverage.

At Parliament House in Canberra, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott made a prediction that George would one day be welcomed as Australia's king.

The Duke of Edinburgh made his first appearance in public in June of that same year on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Trooping the Colour ceremony, which was held in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's birthday celebration.

2. Margaret Laura 'Mila' Hager

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Mila Hager

DOB: 13th April, 2013

Margaret's first child, Jenna and Henry, was born on April 13, 2013. Although the young child - being the first grandchild of former President George W. Bush - goes by Mila, the first name and Her middle name carries many meanings to both Jenna and Henry, as she was named after her grandparents: Margaret "Maggie" Hager and Laura Bush. Margaret Laura Hager, nicknamed "Mila", joined the Bush family in 2013 and became the first granddaughter of both former US presidents.

Bush Hager told People Magazine that her father, who absorbed art in life after the White House, had prepared three paintings for the baby - a portrait of Hager's cat, Bernadette, to place above the bed crib; landscape with a human baby tree from his Texas ranch; and a still life of the stone cross of the ranch where Hager was married in 2008, CBS News reported.

3. Alexis Martin

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Alexis Martin

DOB: 2011

Alexis Martin, a child prodigy from Queen Creek, Arizona, is the Arizona chapter's youngest member.

This girl has become one of the youngest members of the exclusive high IQ society Mensa, scoring 160 points, the same as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Nicolaus Copernicus. Martin reads at a fifth-grade level and learned Spanish on her iPad.

4. Phoebe Adele

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Phoebe Adele

DOB: 14th September, 2002

Phoebe Adele Gates is the daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, the two richest people in the world. Her full name is Phoebe Adele Gates.

Phoebe is not a well-known face or name among Internet users. This is due to the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates choose to maintain a low profile and keep the details of their personal lives private. The majority of the time, his face is obscured from view, and there is not much information that can be found about him. In spite of the fact that she is the oldest child in the family, she ought to be the one to inherit her parent's fortune when they pass away. She is the last child of the highest family.

5. Quvenzhané Wallis

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Quvenzhané Wallis

DOB: 28th August, 2013

Quvenzhané Wallis is a famous child singer and actress from the United States. Her birthday is August 28th, 2003. For her performance as Hushpuppy in the film "Beasts of the Southern Wild," this adorable young lady has made history by becoming the youngest African-American actress to ever be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. This adorable child actress was born on August 28, 2013, and she is already considered a prodigy in the film industry due to her extraordinary talent.

Wallis was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as Hushpuppy in the film "Beasts of the Southern Wild" when she was just 9 years old, making her the youngest actor ever to receive such an honor. When she went in for the audition, she had to tell a lie about her age, and she had to compete against 4,000 other people for the part. In 2013, Quvenzhané Wallis assumed the role of a daughter as well. In the film "12 Years a Slave," Margaret Northup, the daughter of Solomon Northup, plays an important role. She continued to star alongside Jamie Foxx in the title role of "Annie" in the year 2014.

6. Kelly Xu

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Kelly Xu

DOB: 2004

Only 19 years old, but young golfer Kelly Xu has achieved admirable achievements for many female golfers.

At the age of 9, Kelly Xu won the prestigious Augusta National title. Not only that, but this girl is also the first female champion to be named at the Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA.

Young and full of talent, she is supported by many people around the world and becomes a promising golfer in the future.

7. Leonor, Princess of Asturias

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Leonor, Princess of Asturias

DOB: 31 October 2005

The media affectionately referred to Princess Leonor as the "Sleeping Princess." After her father abdicates, she will ascend to the throne as Queen of Spain and take her place as the monarch. Leonor always manages to capture the attention of the Spanish media as well as the rest of the world thanks to her stunning good looks and charming intelligence.

After her father, Leonor is currently the second most senior member of the Spanish royal family. She was given the official title of Princess of Asturias and the historical titles of Princess of Girona, Princess of Viana, Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera, and Lady of Balaguer upon her father's accession to the throne on June 19, 2014, making her the heir presumptive under the Constitution of 1978. This happened when her father became King of Spain.

8. Evan Moana

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Evan Moana

DOB: 1st December, 2015

If you are a YouTube savvy, you probably know Evan, the highest earning celebrity on YouTube.

Since the age of seven the boy has been one of the most famous faces on the internet. Evan comments on video games and toys for young children. The boy's annual income is estimated at $1.32 million.

In just a few years, the boy has amassed more than 443 million views on YouTube. Evan's father does the recording and adds special effects to the video.

Often in his videos, Evan's mother and sister appear in cameos.

9. Blue Ivy Carter

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Blue Ivy Carter

DOB: 7th January, 2012

On January 7, 2012, the little princess of pop diva Beyoncé and male singer Jay-Z was born. She also appeared in her father's song "Glory" and her mother's song, "Blue".

Blue Ivy Carter is the paparazzi's favorite kid. This is a very cute kid and ranks in the top 10 most powerful kids in the world.

As one of the most powerful "boys" in Hollywood, Blue Ivy is always praised by the public for her unique fashion style and star's charisma.

Just turned 7 years old, she surprised fans when she owned an expensive branded wardrobe with her own stylist. That's why Blue Ivy always stands out and even "overwhelms" her parents at every event.

10. Benji Brin

Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in The World
Benji Brin

DOB: 2008

The most powerful and influential couple in the tech industry, Brin (Google's co-founder) and his wife, who is also an entrepreneur in the biotech industry, are the parents of Benji Brin.

Soon after Benji was born, the website domain name was registered in his name. Benji will become an extremely wealthy and famous adult who will have inherited billions of dollars from his parents.

Benji's mother, Anne Wojcicki, is the founder of the genetic technology startup 23andMe. This means that Benji is more than just the son of the co-founder of Google.

Benji Brin reportedly started working for his mother's company just a few days after he was born, according to a source. This is due to the fact that a well-known couple working in the field of technology provided 23andMe with Benji's DNA so that it could be used for research purposes.


In this world there are many special children, especially in that they are strangely shaped because of their extraordinary abilities, especially because of the wealth they possess or especially because of the power in which they lie. in hand. The power here is that they have social status and can influence many people. It can be children from the Royal Family, the children of famous stars or the most intelligent children in the world.

Above is a list of the most powerful children in the world. Despite their small age, their influence is not small at all.

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