Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Having neighbors you can call for a cup of sugar or some eggs are the kind of neighbors we all aspire to be and hope to live near. So if you're looking to move and want to live in an area with neighbors that fit that description, you're in luck.

In honor of Good Neighbor Day, a day to acknowledge and celebrate the good neighbors around you, OfferUp, an online marketplace, released a report where they analyzed American cities and states to find which were the friendliest to live in.

To find which cities were the most neighborly, OfferUp used user meet-ups and sales data from August 2020 to July 2021. They judged each city on six key traits which included, "communicativeness, friendliness, generosity, honesty, punctuality and reliability."

So, which Minnesota city landed on the list of the most neighborly cities in America?

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranked 30th out of 50 of America's most neighborly cities.

The list of top 10 most neighborly cities in United States today

Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose, California

Los Angeles, California

Miami - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Baltimore, Maryland

Chicago, Illinois

Denver, Colorado

New York, New York

Birmingham (Anniston & Tuscaloosa), Alabama

Portland, OR

What are the top 10 most neighborly cities in America today?

1. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Nestled against Commencement Bay and the South Puget Sound with sweeping views of Mt. Rainier in Tacoma, Washington. Tacoma is located between two of America’s trendiest cities: Portland and Seattle, and many are surprised to learn that Tacoma is not only as equally trendy and exciting of a destination to call home as its better-known neighbors, it also boasts affordable cost-of-living, beautiful year-round weather, and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities making it one of the best places to live.

2. San Francisco - Oakland - San Jose, California

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Talk to a Californian about what it's like to live there, and they'll likely call out three things first: the weather, the food, and the relaxed, easy-going culture. California's location and topography mean that much of the state, especially along the coast, experiences remarkably consistent warm weather year-round. (For example, Los Angeles has an average of 263 sunny days per year.) And there are plenty of opportunities to make use of that great weather. California is home to 28 national parks, including Yosemite, Sequoia and Joshua Tree. And there are many places statewide for outdoor activities, including beaches, hiking trails and more.

Great food is also readily available. California's Central Valley is a major agricultural center, so fresh produce is inexpensive and very high-quality. What's more, California has a diverse array of cuisines available to its residents, due in part to its strong immigrant communities.

3. Los Angeles, California

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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The city of Los Angeles is many things to many different people. Depending on your experience, it can be the City of Angels, La-La Land or Lost Angeles. Moving to Los Angeles (colloquially referred to as “LA”) can be exciting, overwhelming and daunting all at the same time.

It’s no urban myth that relocation to LA spikes during the winter months. Those freezing in the Midwest and East Coast are dreaming of warmer days. They may even catch a glimpse of LA’s sunny skies and 70-degree weather during the annual televised Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day.

4. Miami - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Metro Miami is close enough to several other counties, and if you’re not from around here, suburbs and municipality distinctions can get confused. If Miami is on your radar, you’ll also benefit from researching metropolitan areas like Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

The best places to live in Miami for families are not going to be the same places single millennials usually opt to live. Research is especially important because the neighborhood you choose to live in is going to have the largest impact on your experience of Miami.

5. Baltimore, Maryland

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Baltimore is a thriving city full of opportunities. In fact, Baltimore County (which completely surrounds the City) is home to more than 21,000 employer establishments. The County’s economic diversity is reflected in the variety of industries it is home to, including manufacturing, research and development, federal government, healthcare, utilities, education and financial services firms.

In addition, Baltimore is 27 miles from Washington, D.C., making it an attractive commuter community for those working in the nation’s capital and further boosting employment opportunities for those moving to Baltimore.

6. Chicago, Illinois

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Chicago is a populous city located in the northeastern state of Illinois. The history-rich city is situated on the south-west side of the famous Lake Michigan. The Loop, Chicago’s Central Business District, is home to some of the United States’ tallest skyscrapers. In addition to being an economic center, the city is also an interesting place to live. Chicago boasts several public beaches that grace the waterfront. It’s also a melting pot of diverse cultures and people from various walks of life.

7. Denver, Colorado

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Denver is among the likes of the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle when it comes to home price appreciation outpacing income growth and affordability. Apartments rent for an average of $1,519 a month, with median home prices jumping 10% to $420,000 in 2018.

If you can stomach the prices, one major pro of living in Denver is the views. No matter which neighborhood you choose, the metro area is surrounded by 140 miles of panoramic mountain vistas, including 200 visible peaks.

8. New York, New York

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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It may surprise you to learn that living in New York City is not unsafe like most people assume.

It’s hard to blame anyone for thinking that life in New York City could be dangerous. With 8.2 million residents, NYC is the most populous city in America and things are bound to happen.

However, relative to its size, New York City is considered one of the top 5 safest large cities in America. After living in New York City for so long, I can honestly say I’ve never felt unsafe in the city and that’s mostly because I’ve never really been alone on the streets.

9. Birmingham (Anniston & Tuscaloosa), Alabama

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Birmingham is the most populous city in the Midlands. In fact, it even comes second only to London. The city has established itself as the cultural, financial, and commercial centre of the Midlands. It can provide you with almost anything that you would want from a metropolitan city, and it will treat your budget better than the cutthroat capital.

10. Portland, OR

Top 10 Most Neighborly Cities in America Today
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Only three hours north is Seattle, and an hour west to the Pacific Ocean coast, Portland is close to whatever big city adventure or nature wonderland you’re looking for. Portland, Oregon is also known for its wonderful sports teams, including the Blazers basketball at Moda Center, or our recently expanded Providence Park stadium which hosts our two incredible soccer teams, the Timbers and the Thorns.

The city of Portland itself is also divided into distinct neighborhoods, each with their own flavor of activities, shops, restaurants, and breweries to explore.

Of course, the trade-off to living in a popular city with a million activities is that other people are going to be using the roads to get to their own adventures as well.

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