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Top 10 Cheapest And Most Expensive Cities For A Student Night Out In Britain. Photo KnowInsiders

A new study by The Sun took the price of a pint of beer, a cocktail, a fast-food meal and a taxi fare from each student hotspot to see who is forking out the most cash for a night on the town.

Top 10 most affordable cities in the UK for a student night out based on total average cost

1. Dundee - £25.35

2. Cardiff - £27.33

3. Swansea - £27.35

4. York - £28.14

5. Norwich - £29.36

6. Newcastle - £29.36

7. Leicester - £29.95

8. Southampton - £30.26

9. Belfast - £30.34

10. Liverpool - £30.42

No 1: Dundee

Photo eveningtelegraph
Photo eveningtelegraph

It revealed that revellers in Dundee get the most bang for their buck with an average cost of £25.35.

In terms of drinks, Dundee offers low prices such as an average of £3.08 for a pint and £7 for a cocktail.

After finishing their drinks, students in Dundee only need to spend an average of £5.27 for a fast-food meal and then an average £10 taxi fare to get them home for the night.

Best places to have a perfect night out in Dundee:

-Cask and Cork

Big and bold, confident and lively — the Cask and Cork is all these things and much more.

The Cask and Cork provides a weekly blend of entertainment, ranging from monthly tribute acts to their own DJ Rikki Harrison every Friday and Saturday.

With one of the finest selections of wines, spirits, lagers and ales in the whole of Tayside customers are spoiled for choice – and that’s before they look at the menu! There are also drinks offers, including house spirits from only £1.80 and draught lager from just £1.99.

Or if you are your pals are on a night out, why not book one of the booths? There are silver, gold and platinum drinks packages available for anyone who wants to drink, dance and cavort the night away.

-Bruach in Brought Ferry

For those who enjoy a drink or two on their nights out, Bruach in Brought Ferry offers up an extensive cocktail menu and around 50 different gins from around the world – making it one of the best gin bars in Dundee!

Open until 1am on Fridays and and Saturdays, Bruach is perfect for a quiet catch up with friends over a meal and a couple of drinks, or for a special night out.

The staff at Bruach are what help create the vibrant atmosphere and they make sure that everyone who comes through the door enjoys their visit to Bruach.

-Nicoll’s bar and restaurant

Located in Dundee city centre, Nicoll’s bar and restaurant offers live music, entertainment and sports on top of quality food and drink.

The welcoming atmosphere is perfect for a night out with friends and family or to celebrate a special occasion. And Nicoll’s even has a stunning mezzanine which can be booked for large groups – retirement and work dos, hen parties or birthday celebrations.

Starting next weekend, there will be live music every Saturday, everything from modern hits to classics from the 60s and 70s.


The contemporary bar with traditional values, Clarks opened in the summer of 2011 and quickly established itself as one of the busiest spots on Dundee’s night-time scene.

With a comfortable and quirky feel, the bar buzzes with atmosphere, especially at weekends with live music and late nights being a great attraction. Open until 2.30am and with the best covers bands from this area and beyond helping to create a real party atmosphere, the bar is a popular choice for birthday parties, hen nights, etc.

No 2: Cardiff

Photo Walesonline
Photo Walesonline

The city of Cardiff came in second with the average cost of a night out for a student being £27.33.

The Welsh capital offers low prices on many aspects of a student night out such as the average cost of a pint of beer being £3.43, the fourth most affordable in the UK.

Cardiff also has the fourth most affordable taxi fare in the UK with an average trip of five miles totalling to £11.

Things guaranteed to happen on a night out in Cardiff:

1.Whoever's busking at 2am - you will become their biggest fan/back-up dancer

2.It's a good thing the pavements are smooth in town - because you will either fall because of your heels or be parading around barefoot

3.You will re-evaluate your life choices when the lights come on at 4.30am in Live Lounge and they tell you to go home

No 3: Swansea

The research found that Swansea was the third most affordable city for a student night out.

The average cost of a night out in Swansea for a student would be £27.35, and it is the cheapest city in the UK for students to drink cocktails, with an average price of just £5.66.

The popular Welsh beach city can offer students the third-cheapest pint in the UK with the average cost coming to £3.21.

No 7: Leicester

According to Ukuni, The University of Leicester is the most affordable destination in Britain for both first and second-year students, according to research from HSBC. First-year students can expect to spend £196 on average per week, which includes rent in halls, weekly essentials (food, activities and university supplies), a weekly bus pass and beer and wine. The research looks at the cost of living at universities in the twenty towns and cities in Britain with the largest student populations.

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Top 10 most expensive cities in the UK for a student night out based on total average cost

1. London - £49.66

2. Oxford - £42.30

3. Brighton - £37.12

4. Edinburgh - £36.36

5. Cambridge - £33.36

6. Nottingham - £33.01

7. Reading - £32.77

8. Exeter - £32.72

9. Glasgow - £32.49

10. Aberdeen - £32.29

No 1: London

Photo The Guardian
Photo The Guardian

London was revealed to be the priciest city for students to enjoy a night out with an average total cost of £49.66, almost double that of a night out in Dundee.

London had the highest cost for every aspect of a night out apart from the cost of a fast-food meal. Cambridge is the most expensive city for a fast-food meal with an average cost of £7.

With the cost of a night out in London being almost double that of a night out in Dundee, students in the capital will need plenty of money-saving savvy to have a good night which doesn’t drain their bank account.”

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No 2: Oxford

Oxford was the second most expensive city for a student night out.

It has the second highest taxi fare for an average five-mile journey, costing £24, only two pounds less than London, which could be attributed to the city’s status as a cycling city.

The total cost for a cocktail and a pint in Oxford was found to be an average of £12.49.

No 3: Brighton

The analysis revealed Brighton as the third most expensive city in the UK for students to have a night out, setting a student back by £37.12.

Brighton had the third most expensive fast-food meal prices from the UK cities analysed, costing £5.96.

The popular beach city also had the second highest beer price in the UK, totalling £5.16 per pint.

Commenting on the study, a spokesperson from Xendpay said: “Freshers is right around the corner for new and returning university students.

The analysis was conducted by Xendpay, which aims to reduce the cost of international money transfer while maintaining the best possible customer service.

Other wesbites listed top 10 best cities for a student night out in the UK

WhatUni looked at those factors to name the best cities:

-The number of nightlife options in each place

-The average price of a pint

-The price of a taxi

-The safety index score (how safe each nightclub has been rated)

-The number of takeaways

From this data, they created the following list of the top 10 best student night out locations in the UK.


Home to The University of Huddersfileld, this Yorkshire town has come out on top, with an overall score of 63.70 out of 100.

With not one, but 31 different venues to choose from for a night out, Huddersfield has something for everyone. Fancy rock one night but your housemates want some cheesy hits? No problem, there’s enough places to keep everyone happy.

For those of us who love a bit of late night grub, there’s a massive 163 eateries for you to choose from. So if you’re feeling Chinese, Pizza or just about anything in between, the town has you covered. A pint here averages out at £3.05 too, so buying a round won’t be too costly.

Huddersfield is also a safe night out – a very important factor – with a score of 76/100. This is one of the most reassuring factors about a night out in the town, so worrying about safety won’t tarnish your evening.

Here's what students at the University of Huddersfield said about their 'city life' in our annual review collection.

Some were in agreement with I Saw it First's findings...

"Lively on student nights but mostly calm." Rami, Engineering Foundation (General) BEng (Hons)

"Fun, engaging and always something going on." Fungai, Medical Biology BSc (Hons)

"Huddersfield has a good atmosphere when the university is open and there is lots to do." Jill, Social Work MSci

However, others were less enthusiastic...

"From my experience, it has been a little unsafe." Natalia, Psychology BSc (Hons)

"Not great, few clubs, very expensive, lots of aggression" Jenna, Psychology with Counselling BSc (Hons)

"Not good as there is no good food places." Mizanur, Interior Design BA (Hons)










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