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Every government in the world has had to deal with coronavirus using some kind of restrictions on its residents. The number of days each city has spent in lockdown around the world is hard to monitor as each city has different definitions of stay-at-home orders, however, the numbers are based on the best available data.

While Buenos Aires last year endured 234 straight days of lockdown, from March until November, Melbourne has one of the highest numbers of individual lockdowns in the world.

The current lockdown will have lasted 82 days – just shy of three months – if it ends on time, compared to 111 days in Melbourne’s second lockdown last year.

Behind Buenos Aires are Dublin at 227 days in lockdown.

The List of Top 10 Most Locked Down Places In The World

10. Malaysia (entire nation)

9. Scotland (entire country)

8. Czech Republic (entire country)

7. Mitchell Shire, Victoria

6. Wales (entire country)

5. England (entire country)

4. Northern Ireland (entire country)

3. Ireland (All 26 counties)

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

1. Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

10. Malaysia (entire nation)

Photo vietnamplus
Photo vietnamplus

Malaysian authorities have implemented two lock downs to stem the outbreak of coronavirus, leading to a total of 187 days over the course of the entire COVID-19 pandemic. They are the 10th most locked down place in the world.

On June 10, restrictions on educational, social, and recreational activities eased, the Jakarta Post reports. Schools began to reopen in stages starting June 24. The border with Singapore has reopened.

The majority of businesses in the country could already reopen, Al Jazeera reports. Cafes and restaurants must practice social distancing and record those who eat there.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, over 21,000 violators have been arrested since the lockdown began.

9. Scotland (entire country)

The country of Scotland - like many of the United Kingdom - endured a lengthy lockdown to defeat an exponential rise in cases. Scotland is the ninth most locked down place in the world having endured 195 days in total.

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8. Czech Republic (entire country)

Photo BBC
Photo BBC

The entirety of the Czech Republic spent 201 days in a lock down in an attempt to stop coronavirus spreading, landing them in eighth place.

Following a rise in cases, residents will now have to wear face masks at indoor events with over 100 people, according to Reuters. A new health minister has been appointed.

On June 5, borders with Germany, Austria, and Hungary reopened.

7. Mitchell Shire, Victoria

Mitchell Shire, the region just north of Melbourne with a population of just over 44,000, is the seventh most locked down place in the world.

Residents in the shire have endured 206 days in lockdown (and counting), placing them above almost every other country.

6. Wales (entire country)

Wales is the next United Kingdom country on the list, coming in at sixth place after residents waited out a combined 212 days in lock downs.

5. England (entire country)

Photo DW
Photo DW

Trafalgar Square in London is perhaps one of the most heavily visited spots in all of the UK. Here it falls quiet in 2020 as residents of England were enduring a lockdown that lasted 213 days.

The coronavirus alert level has risen in the UK, and pubs will now have a 10 p.m. curfew.

New restrictions were announced last month, according to the BBC. Among other measures, pubs, restaurants, and bars will have to close at 10 p.m. — and may only have table service.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized and spent three nights in intensive care for the coronavirus. He was discharged on April 12. "The NHS saved my life," he said.

4. Northern Ireland (entire country)

However the most locked down country in the UK - and number four on the list - was Northern Ireland, where residents stayed at home for 227 days in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

3. Ireland (All 26 counties)

Photo France 24
Photo France 24

Ireland beat its northern regions by just four days, coming in as the third most locked down place in the world.

The Irish battled through a combined 227 days of COVID-19 induced lock downs.

According to the Irish Post, Dublin is under lockdown although libraries and schools can stay open with restrictions.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The capital of Argentina is usually a bustling tourist mecca - but the scourge of COVID-19 has seen the local government bring in extended lock downs to prevent the spread of the virus.

In total, residents of Buenos Aires have spent 245 days in lock downs.

1. Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

Photo Herald Sun
Photo Herald Sun

Melbourne is now guaranteed to become the most locked-down city in the world by a long margin, with stay-at-home orders extended for at least another month.

If lockdown ends as planned on October 26, Melbourne will have spent 267 days in hard lockdown since March last year – a total of nearly 9 months.

It will beat the next most locked-down city in the world, Buenos Aires, by 22 days.

Melbourne surpassed the Argentinian city’s record as the world’s most locked-down city on Monday, October 4.

Premier Daniel Andrews revealed the roadmap out of lockdown on Sunday with freedoms triggered once the state hits 70 and 80 per cent of its population double-dosed.

This means Melbourne is all but guaranteed to become the most locked down city in the world with freedoms not expected until October 26 on current vaccination rates.

From October 26 (70 per cent double dose):

No restrictions on leaving home

No curfew

Travel limit increased to 25 kilometres

Students return to school. Year 3 and 4 (Tue-Wed), Year 5 and 6 (Thurs-Fri), Year 7 (five days), Year 8 and 9 (Tues-Wed), Year 10 (Thurs-Fri), Year 11 (five days)

Early education open for children of fully vaccinated parent

General retail - outdoor service only (and click and collect)

Hairdressing - open for five fully vaccinated people

Food and drink seated service and outdoors only, for 50 fully vaccinated people

Possibly reduced quarantine requirements for vaccinated residents returning home from interstate

Public gatherings of up to 10 fully vaccinated people or five unvaccinated people.

Lockdown lifted in many other places in the world

France reopened bars, restaurants, and cafes

Photo BBC
Photo BBC

Following a rise in cases, masks are now required in many public places and workplaces, according to the BBC.

Cafes and restaurants can fully reopen, NPR reported. The Louvre has reopened with limited online reservations.

Following a rise in cases, mask wearing has become mandatory in more areas of the country, according to The New York Times.

On June 2, restaurants, bars, and cafes reopened for outdoor dining, as well as parks and gardens, Euronews reports. Secondary schools and high schools can also reopen, and nursery schools, primary schools, and junior high schools reopened with mandatory attendance on June 22.

Poland has mostly reopened, although some restrictions have been imposed following a spike in cases

A medical official wearing protective gear stands outside an emergency tent, which was installed for patients infected by the coronavirus near a hospital in Czestochowa, Poland, March 11, 2020. Grzegorz Skowronek/Agencja Gazeta via Reuters

Clubs, theaters, and fitness clubs were allowed to reopen on June 6, The First News reports. The country opened for EU tourism on June 13.

Hotels, outdoor sports venues, and shopping centers are allowed to reopen, according to the Irish Times. Libraries, art galleries, and museums will also reopen on a "partial basis," and preschools can reopen.

However, as cases rise, cinemas, gyms, sporting events, and concerts have been banned in some counties, according to Reuters.

In Kuwait, teachers are back to work

Teachers have returned to work in Kuwait, although the first semester — which begins October 4 — will be conducted virtually, according to Gulf News.

The country banned all commercial flights, and prohibited citizens from going to restaurants and gyms, The New York Times reported.

Norway has significantly eased restrictions

Universities have reopened, although they could return to online teaching if cases continue to increase, according to Reuters.

Schools there reopened in April, according to Time.

El Salvador began to reopen its economy on June 16

Voice of America News report that businesses in El Salvador are now allowed to open without restrictions.

El Salvador's latest lockdown ended on June 6. The economy slowly began to reopen on June 16; the second stage of reopening, which was set to begin on July 21, was delayed, according to Reuters.

President Nayib Bukele's initial reopening plan was declared unconstitutional by the country's Supreme Court, according to US News & World Report.

Citizens have been under a strict curfew — only one person from each family was allowed to leave to procure essential goods.

Those who did not comply with quarantine orders could be sent to contingency centers, where they would be required to quarantine for 30 days.

Denmark was the first European country to reopen primary schools.

Denmark was the first European country to reopen primary schools; stores, hairdressers, restaurants, theme parks, and museums are also open.

However, following a surge in cases, masks will now be mandatory on public transportation, according to Reuters. On September 19, more restrictions were put in place, according to VOA News. Gatherings are limited, and restaurants have to close earlier.

Restrictions have again been lifted in New Zealand

The Associated Press reports that restrictions lifted everywhere but the city of Auckland on Monday.

On Wednesday, the number of people who can gather in Auckland will rise from 10 to 100, and restrictions will be completely lifted after two weeks.

China implemented what was then the largest quarantine in human history to contain the coronavirus, locking down at least 16 cities at the end of January. The lockdown on Wuhan ended on April 8

Photo Getty
Photo Getty

Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, went into a "wartime lockdown" on July 19, according to CNN, but a massive "testing blitz" helped bring the surge under control.

On May 11, the city of Wuhan ordered that all 11 million residents be tested for coronavirus after six new cases were reported, ending the city's 35-day streak of no new infections. In two weeks, 6.5 million were tested.

At its peak, China's quarantine spanned at least 20 provinces and regions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Nightclubs are back open.

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