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Love during the time of COVID-19 has proven to be strange times, indeed. Given the new normal, people are learning how to navigate dating and make meaningful connections while social distancing and abiding by the CDC guidelines—which means finding fun and romantic virtual Valentine’s Day date ideas is a necessity.

What Day Is Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day is celebrated/ observed on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or The Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on February 14th each year in the United States.

The day originated as a Christian feast honoring an early saint in the church called Valentinus and over the years has gradually changed to become a day to celebrate romantic love expressed with the giving of flowers, sweets, and cards. The day is not a public holiday so government and business offices will be open.

When Did Valentine’s Day Start?

Dating Ideas For Stay-At-Home Valentine’s Day
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Like some unofficial holidays we celebrate, (we’re looking at you, April Fool’s Day), it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how Valentine’s Day began. What is known is that there are three possible saints who were named Valentine or Valentinus, and all of them (ack) lost their heads when it came to matters of the heart — literally. Yup, all three saints were killed for their contributions to legalizing love, reported. St. Valentine, who lived in third century Rome, secretly performed marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry by decree of Emperor Claudius II.

Yet another St. Valentine of Terni (a bishop, no less) was executed by Claudius II. The third Valentine was a prisoner who was helping Christians escape Roman prisons. As the story goes, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and wrote her letters signed “From your Valentine”.

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day With A Partner At Home

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1.Flowers are always a good idea. Order some from a local florist for delivery or hand pick some garden blooms.

2.At home spa day! This can be fun with homemade face masks or foot rubs to help each other relax.

3.Sign up for a virtual cooking class. Lots of options are available through AirBnb Experiences, though local culinary centers or even from Top Chef winners.

4.Music and Lyrics

Some say that exchanging music to a new beau is a new and beautiful type of love language! If you and your match want to get to know each other on a deeper level via musical tastes, have them send you their favorite album and send them your favorite. Listen to it throughout the workday and then swap notes when you meet up online!

5.Fancy date night in with candles, take out food and dressing up even though you are staying in.

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Photo Hello Giggles
Decide on your menu

If you like to cook, you can go all out with a multi-course extravaganza. (Check out a few easy-yet-impressive Valentine's Day menu ideas for inspiration.) Or go ahead and get creative—maybe you want to make it a night of fun appetizers and mini desserts, or serve a slew of aphrodisiacs in your feast.

And if cooking's not your thing, take a look at the local takeout offerings—odds are your go-to romantic restaurant is offering a Valentine's Day menu to go.

6.Couples Retreat

2020 was a famously hard year for everyone involved. So we don’t blame you a bit if you and boo thing need to zen out for a minute! Download or head to the YouTube channel, Headspace and choose a meditation that will put both you and your sweetheart’s troubles at ease. Want to get moving a little? Check out the YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene to see how your date mellows out in child’s pose.

7.Say Anything

Are you passionate about a certain subject? Create a very serious slideshow and come up with your very own TEDTalk. Present them to each other and watch the giggles unfold!

8.French Kiss

Send your boo thing to the grocery store with a list of your favorite wines and vise versa. Then before your date, uncork each bottle and pour a little bit into wine glasses. On your date, sip and chat and compare notes!

9.Walk and Talk

When all else is shut down, taking a walk together is an active way to “have a meaningful conversation without the pressure to spark romance,” said O’Reilly.

In her book, “The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay,” O’Reilly provides hundreds of prompts to spark intimate conversations, including the following intended to encourage reflection on the past:

  • What was the first thing you noticed about your lover?
  • What first attracted you to your lover?
  • On your first date, what excited you most?
  • On your first date, what made you nervous?
  • Do you remember the first time you kissed? What was it like?
  • Do you remember the first time you slept together? What was it like?
  • What is one awkward intimate moment you wouldn’t want to relive, but are able to laugh about now?
  • Can you remember the wildest/hottest encounter you ever had? What made it so memorable?
  • How has your partner changed for the better since you first met?
Pampering yourself

Treat yourself! Try to make time for yourself. It’s been a tough year and you deserve some pampering. Try journaling, watching your favorite movie or video chatting with your friends.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day With Kids

Photo Edible Blog
Photo Edible Blog

1.Decorate your house with Valentine’s Day décor, reds, pinks and hearts. One simple and inexpensive craft is coloring hearts on paper and display them in windows.

2.Ask the kids to plan the menu for a special Valentine’s Day family dinner and get them involved in some way, like setting the table or washing the veggies.

3.Help your child write a letter of gratitude to special people in their lives and drop it in the mail.

4.Film a quick video on your phone and send it to loved ones. The video can be your kid singing a favorite song, showing a fun dance or even a quick Valentine’s Day greeting.

Celebrating with others

If you are having gatherings or celebrating with people outside of your household, here are ways to make it as safe as possible.

Find a place outdoors where you can social distance.

Open doors and windows if staying indoors.

Practice social distance with 6 feet of space between people.

Limit the number of people attending.

Wear face coverings.

Have guests bring their own food, drinks, plates, cups and utensils.

Avoid singing or shouting.

Wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.

Share cards and notes of love rather than candy and food.


$13,290,000,000 – The average annual spend on Valentine’s Day

180 million – The number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged every year

198,000,000 – The number of roses readied for Valentine’s Day

85% – The percentage of Valentine cards that are purchased by women

73% – The percentage of flowers bought by men

$116.21 – The average spent by a consumer on Valentine’s Day

14% – The percentage of women who send flowers to themselves

61.8% – The percentage of consumers who celebrate this holiday

53% – The percentage of women who claim they’ll end their relationship if they don’t receive something

Take a look at how love is celebrated in different ways on different days around the world.

– The number of children conceived on Valentine’s Day each year

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