Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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These are the best Valentine's songs to listen to, share, or reflect upon on February 14th based on zodiac sign.

Aries and Best Valentine’s Songs

“That’s the Way Goes” by Janet Jackson

When an Aries falls in love, they do so with vigor and passion. Nothing can hold them back from giving their all to the person they’re crushing on. To be real, they are known to pursue their boo until they get a commitment from them. As any Aries can attest to knowing, relationships are full of desire, as well as rich in infatuation and lust. This explains why they’ll be drawn to Janet Jackson’s 1993 soulful song “That's the Way Love Goes.” No other song will get their blood pumping and heart beating fast when it comes to love.

Aries Love Horoscope 2021

According to Yearly Horoscope 2021, the wait is over! Those born in this zodiac sign will find their great love in 2021. If you are an Aries, you will finally find the person next to whom you will live endless moments full of tenderness and romance, and every second spent together will be like a fairytale. Those who are already involved in a stable relationship must know that the stars encourage devotion in the new year, thus they will enjoy special moments in two. The connection between the two of you will be more and more profound and you will realize how lucky you are to have each other.

Taurus and Best Valentine’s Songs

"Lingerie" By Lizzo

Leave it to Lizzo, a Taurus queen herself, to make the perfect earth sign Valentine's Day anthem. A tune about waiting for your boo in the comfort of your own home, there's nothing better for the bull this Feb. 14.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2021

The new year brings plenty of love for Tauruses because it also comes with a lot of fun, which will increase their chances of finding their great love. There’s no place for pessimism , so the natives of this zodiac sign must keep an optimist and positive attitude in order to find their chosen one. He or she can be closer than they think. Tauruses who are not bachelors will go on an unforgettable adventure with their partners, and love will float around them stronger than ever.

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Gemini and Best Valentine’s Songs

"Hate That I Love You" By Rihanna Ft. Ne-Yo

Sweet Gemini can be a little indecisive about matters of the heart. They'll love this Rihanna and Ne-Yo throwback about falling in love and yet, questioning everything.

Gemini Love Horoscope 2021

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
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You will fully enjoy love as the months pass by, and you are going to pay special attention to love. You will know how to fully take advantage of the beneficial influences of stars to quench your thirst for love. This period is favorable for the single natives. They will meet new people, which is going to increase their zest for life. The new relationships are under the mark of sentimentalism and sensuality. The stars will instill many ideas and will enhance your sensuality, especially after the first half of the year has passed. Geminis will enjoy pleasant dates and there are chances to find the man or the woman of your dreams. From that moment, you will no longer have peace! You are going to do everything in your power to seduce him or her and, in the end, you will realize that it was worth the effort. You will share the same feelings and you will vibrate in unison with your partner. You will live everything at maximum intensity because the two of you are going to get involved both physically and emotionally. The last part of 2021 is going to be favorable especially for the young lovers, but not only. The Twins have all the chances to strengthen the connection with their partners or they will find their way to a relationship where they appreciate each other enough. It is the time to convince yourself that love is not a gift from God, but a delicate flower that needs constant care.

Cancer and Best Valentine’s Songs

“I Could Fall In Love” by Selena

When it comes to matters of the heart, Cancers aren’t the most vocal about their feelings. The reason why they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves is that they want to protect themselves from being hurt. This means that they often find themselves daydreaming and fantasizing about the person they are crushing on, instead of taking the lead. Selena’s timeless ballad “I Could Fall In Love” accurately depicts the sentimental nature of every Cancer who’s catching feels or already has them for someone. Hopefully, this song will motivate them to take a chance and open themselves up to love.

Cancer Love Horoscope 2021

2021 is the year of spiritual healing for this zodiac sign. Finally, Cancers will be able to get over all the failed relationships from the past and be ready for a new life next to their partner. When they will find their soul mate, they will realize why no relationship worked so far. The partner from 2021 will be the chosen one, so the Crabs need to get ready for the big meeting! Those who are already in a relationship will be emotionally overjoyed and surrounded by understanding.

Leo and Best Valentine’s Songs

“True Blue” by Madonna

Leos go big when it comes to declaring their love for another. Leave it to Leo to want to be the best lover their partner has ever had. And, they won’t even care to know anything about the past other than the fact that they won their boo’s heart. Known for their need for attention, dramatic vibes, and generous spirits Leos require a lot of affection which is what the lyrics of Madonna’s “True Blue” state. After all, this song was written for a Leo Sun sign (Sean Penn) by another Leo (Madonna).

Leo Love Horoscope 2021

In 2021, the stars are on the side of all the female Leos . You will try to do everything possible so that the relationships you are involved in to evolve in a positive way, and your actions will be well received by your loved ones, who will contribute with everything they can in this process. If you don’t have anyone in your life, the chances for this to change are very big. This zodiac dating guide gives you suggestions for dating every zodiac sign . After the first half of the year, you are going to meet someone who will help you rediscover long-forgotten feelings.

Virgo and Best Valentine’s Songs

“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Brian Adams

Fully committed when in a relationship, a Virgo is trustworthy and loyal, weighing every detail before committing to someone. She would rather be alone than with the wrong person – she’s not only looking for the right one, she’s looking for the perfect one. This is not to say that she is looking for someone who is perfect (because there is no such person), but someone who will be the perfect match. When a Virgo woman finds love, all the effort she puts into each area of her and her partner’s life gets a stronger, deeper meaning. A Virgo woman would do for a loved one all that Brian Adams’ cult ballad “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” best describes, according to Viral-storm.

Virgo Love Horoscope 2021

Whether you want it or not, 2021 is announcing to be one full of success in your personal life. If you are already involved in a relationship, things will evolve on their own, and the steps you will make are going to be very important, and there is even the possibility of a wedding or to increase the number of your family members. In case you have no one in your life, you need to get ready for an intense period, when the med will be charmed by your personality, so all you will have to do is pick the most suited one.

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Libra and Best Valentine’s Songs

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
Photo: Fado

“At Last” by Eta James

Libra is looking for a firm relationship and a partner who will shower her with attention. Although they seem calm and laid-back, when they relax, the female Libras can be very playful and romantic, and they will find the ideal love partner in an Aquarius or Gemini. The Libra will be fully committed to the chosen man and in turn, will seek support and advice. When she finds the right partner, life for the Libras (after all) becomes real bliss. Her legendary song “At Last” by Eta James best suits her sensibility and aesthetics.

Libra Love Horoscope 2021

During the first months of 2021, Libra’s love sector is going to fall under the influence of Neptune, a star with not a very good reputation. It is true that this planet increases the risk of loneliness, in the same way in which it can make everything become too overwhelming. However, in love, Neptune gives a great advantage: it is the best guaranty of honesty and of long-term commitment.

Libras who wish to have a stable and genuine relationship will be completely satisfied. Yet, the first half of 2021 is an excellent time for getting engaged, married or for rebuilding your life. The astral climate will consolidate the love between the already formed couples. The free hearts will get engaged in an unexpected manner, in uncommon places, with unknown people; in short, you will fall in love at first sight! But if you are born in the first decan, your character, which is too reticent and a bit inclined to sentimental demonstrations, might hurt you without realizing it. Make an effort to be more expressive: this will facilitate the relationships with your partner. In the second part of 2021, Libras are going to face some issues in the couple life coming from outside. Don’t bend the ear to gossip: nothing is true; everything you hear is only meant to make you even more jealous. Analyze carefully what people say and do not trust blindly these so-called friends. Go out from time to time with your partner; you will have a great time together and you will get closer to each other even more; in any case, this way, you will be able to exchange ideas in a positive manner. The Libra women, very confident, will put in difficulty the men. It’s not going to be easy for you to behave in a less dominant way. But tell yourself that the men you love, although they love your temperament, they will feel the need to protect you out of manly pride. The choice is yours! Gentlemen, the weapons of seductions will fall out of your hands this time, the initiative coming from your partners. This is not going to sit well with you because you regard yourself as respectable conquerors. Your patience will be harshly put to test.

Scorpio and Best Valentine’s Songs

“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gay

Scorpio woman demands from her partners what she gives herself, complete fidelity, loyalty and devotion, and she is ready to do anything for her man. She will praise him by building his confidence, defending him when others speak ill of him and helping him build a career. They are real Amazons in bed – they have a high libido, they are very passionate and love to give and receive sensual pleasures. What other songs would be better suited to sexy Scorpios than Marvin Gay’s classic “Sexual Healing”?

Scorpio Love Horoscope 2021

It can be said that beautiful times are awaiting Scorpio in 2021. Laughter, hugs, and kisses – everything is within your reach when starts are giving you eternal love. The first months of 2021 will bring you all the happiness in the world, so you will be impressed. In case you are single, you can take advantage of some wonderful opportunities in order to put an end to this status.

Hunt your luck with a lasso and go to conquer the West…Happily! Yet, as we approach the middle of the year, the need for freedom is going to be more intense and you will have a hard time accepting the limits impending your independence. You will tend to behave based on your own wishes. This is exactly why many Scorpios will live the love at maximum intensity, and the relationships established during this period will certainly be happy. But, don’t mix love and business, such a combination might end up explosively. In your couple relationship, whether we talk about a marriage or a friendship, you will enjoy harmony, especially after the middle of 2021. Because of this, try not to neglect your partner – a sweet word, a warm gesture can make miracles. On the contrary, any lack of interest might lead to unnecessary disagreements. Think of how you could develop your social life because this can help you have a better idea of how the life in two should be, how to simplify the relationship with your partner and how to obtain new, constructive ideas. The stars really want to inspire you forever! During the last months of this period, expect to meet that exceptional love that you dreamed about so many times. The single Scorpios will meet an intelligent person or someone gifted with an outstanding personality. They are going to discover true affinities with the new partners – same political, psychological or religious inclinations, similar aspirations or social concerns.

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Sagittarius and Best Valentine’s Songs

Valentine’s Day Songs That Suit Each Zodiac Sign
Photo: India TV

“Hanging By A Moment” by Lifehouse

Sagittarius is known to live impulsively and use the same sentiment in matters of love. They like to never know what’s coming next when it comes to romance and always keep their partners on their toes. One day, they are professing their hearts and a day later they are dragging their boo on an adventure that spans the globe. Spontaneity can make dating and commitments super exciting, especially if the passion and heat are there. All the more reason why the 2000 classic rock ballad “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse is the ultimate love song for the rambunctious archer.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2021

Love will float in high spheres for the Sagittarius in 2021. With its pure feelings, with its discrete outbursts and with its cerebral instincts, you’ll dream of perfection, but it’s going to be unlikely that you will meet your dream man/woman. You better come back down to earth: you shall see that the charm of mortals equals the charm of angels from our dreams. Open your eyes wide and, above all, make the best choice, otherwise you risk making mistakes in the couple life.

The couples already formed will oscillate between the need for harmony and the desire for adventure. Due to the climate of this month, you will doubt your partner, although nothing can justify your attitude. During the spring months, there is a risk of becoming very jealous, although it’s not the case. You have every interest in fighting against this feeling because, on long-term, it can cause only painful, unnecessary and even catastrophic conflicts. Above all, love is about trust. With the blessings of stars, the couple life is going to be harmonious staring from the second part of 2021. However, avoid neglecting your partner – a sweet word, a small attention can make miracles. Instead, any lack of interest could cause unnecessary disagreements. Think of how you could develop your social life because it can help you have a more objective idea of conjugal life and a more refined relationship with your partner. An already existent friendship can transform into a more profound and tender feeling, just as you like. On the other hand, if you are already involved in a long-term relationship, during the last part of 2021, you might enjoy multiple satisfactions, such as engagements, marriage or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Capricorn and Best Valentine’s Songs

“Halo” by Beyoncé

Capricorns are tough to get to know. But, when they let people in and allow them to know the real them (beneath their rough exterior), it’s for life (or a very long time). Like the song “Halo” by Beyoncé, Capricorns let the walls they’ve built to protect their hearts crumble down when they’ve met the one. Also, they won’t “put up a fight” because the reflective earth sign is a secret romantic at heart (even though they put on a fake front and facade of being a cynic). And, their love is forever, as the lyrics of “Halo” clearly dictate.

Capricorn Love Horoscope 2021

For Capricorn, the year 2021 comes with a sentimental climate rather contrasting in the first months. Capricorn will go from one extreme to another, at short intervals, and you will hesitate between carnal passion and tenderness. You will go through a difficult conflict with yourself and, by doing so, it is likely that you will not spare those you love. You will be well-inspired to control your indecisive nature; otherwise, people will no longer know how to deal with you.

As the summer months are getting closer, Capricorns risk facing some sentimental issues rather difficult to solve. No matter how attached you are to your partner, you wish to fly from flower to flower. Think of the consequences of this behavior and don’t forget that some social rules are never going to disappear. If you are born in the third decan, a charming person who you thought was innocent could make you fall in love. Therefore, you will be captive in her or his spell! Don’t be afraid, it’s not as bad as it seems! Your feelings are so strong that, even though the meeting took place a few weeks ago, you will want to make the relationship public right away. Don’t let yourself be blind. Make sure your desire to immortalize everything immediately is not only the simplest solution, the method to calm down and to excuse the lack of reason. Give yourself some time to analyze in depth the subject. Before you decide to be together forever for better or for worse, you should both give some serious thought. A relationship hastily decided can make you suffer for a long time. Your relationship with the opposite sex will be full of romance during the months before the end of the year. The single Capricorns will have their chance to fall in love. The meetings are going to be pleasant, but it is rather unlikely to end up in marriage, according to Lovehoroscope.

Aquarius and Best Valentine’s Songs

“You and Me" by Lifehouses

When in a relationship, an Aquarius woman appreciates her independence, freedom, and “breathing space” (which coincides with her affiliation with the air sign group). Aquarius woman will always keep a part of herself that she will not reveal to even the closest people. Aquarius is friends with everyone, which may not be their partner’s liking. The song that suits them is Lifehouses “You and Me”. Aquarius will be found in this poem because it talks about how much one can remain astonished by intense emotions like love, which is certainly true for Aquarius.

Aquarius Love Horoscope 2021

“Love” is the word of 2021 for Aquarius. They will be more loved and appreciated than ever, and any disagreement with their partners will immediately pass. Love is stronger than any fight. Aquarians who are not involved in any relationship have no reason to despair. During this year, they will fall in love, and their partners will be like out of a dream. Good emotions will reign in this zodiac sign.

Pisces and Best Valentine’s Songs

“I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

No matter what happens in life, you can count on a Pisces for unconditional love. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they deeply relate to Whitney Houston’s 90s mega-hit “I Will Always Love You” to their current and former crush/boo during Mercury retrograde. Don’t be shocked if they’ve even gone as far as reciting a few classic lines of this ballad to the person they have feelings for and are trying to romance. Chances are, Pisces has ripped a few verses off of the song that pledges endless devotion when professing their love to the person that they are pursuing.

Pisces Love Horoscope 2021

Pisces are the luckiest in love in 2021! Jupiter will guide Pisces to find their soul mate. All they need to do is to stand out: in clubs, out with their friends, when they take a walk, and even on the social platforms. This is how they will find an ideal partner, who will not only have the same taste as them but also the same mentality, which is just perfect. Birds of a feather flock together. Once they have found a partner, Pisces will be loved like in a love story, and the romance will not be missing not even for a second from their life.

This year, will see the end of the Saturn Pluto conjunction which for the past two years has forced us to change our values and our habits. That said, many of us have grown internally and adopted fresh views. As we all know, 2020 was a tough year for all of us with numerous crises and not to mention the global Coronavirus pandemic. Susan Taylor's 2021 horoscope predictions emphasize the importance of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, meaning freedom, change and revolution will play major roles over the next 12 months, as cited by My.astrofame.

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