Top 10 Most Handsome Asian Celebrities 2024
The Most Handsome Asian Celebrities Today
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Many Asian countries are achieving success by leaving their mark on the world in economic, technological, political, and even entertainment spheres. Asian actors, singers, and models have a long history in Hollywood films, though due to the region's conservative culture, they were frequently cast as villains, morons, sexists, and racists. Asia is also well-known for its martial arts.

Many Asian celebrities are making their mark in Hollywood film capital, alongside A-list celebrities, and have been nominated for several prestigious academic prizes. As Hollywood strives to diversify and break down racial barriers, several Asian stars are on the rise, injecting new life into the industry.

Top 10 Most Handsome Asian Celebrities Today

1. Jimin (BTS)

Top 10 Most Handsome Asian Celebrities 2024

Born: 1995

Park Jimin is the lead vocalist and main dancer of Big Hit Entertainment's worldwide sensation boy group BTS.

Jimin was a top student in Busan High School's modern dance department when one of his teachers suggested he audition for an entertainment company. Following this, Jimin auditioned for several companies before landing a spot with Big Hit Entertainment.

Jimin made his debut with BTS in 2013 and went on to become one of the most well-known and beloved artists of his generation.

Jimin released his first solo album 'FACE' in 2023, and with the release of his title track 'Like Crazy,' he became the first Kpop Soloist to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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2. Lucas

Born: 1999

Lucas is an SM Entertainment Chinese-Thai singer and rapper. He previously belonged to NCT and its sub-units NCT U and WayV.

Through SM's Global Audition in Hong Kong in 2015, he was cast into SM Entertainment. He was introduced as a member of SM's pre-debut training team, SMROOKIES, on April 5, 2017, and he appeared in NCT member Ten's "Dream In A Dream" music video the same month.

Through the NCT 2018 Yearbook, Him, Kun, and Jungwoo were announced as NCT members in January 2018. On February 18, 2018, he made his official debut as a member of NCT with the song "Boss" in the unit NCT U. He received NCT's first studio album, NCT 2018 Empathy, on March 14, 2018.

On December 31, 2018, it was revealed that he was a member of NCT's Chinese subunit, WayV, which made their debut on January 17, 2019, with the digital EP The Vision.

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3. Jung Jaejoong (JYJ)

Top 10 Most Handsome Asian Celebrities 2024

Born: 1986

Kim Jae Joong (; also known as Jaejoong and J-Jun in Japan) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, actor, director, and designer who works under the iNKODE label. He is a former member of TVXQ! and a member of the boy group JYJ.

On January 17, 2013, he released his first solo album, I.

2023: Departure from C-JeS Entertainment, establishment of a new agency

Kim Jae Joong announced his departure from C-JeS Entertainment after 14 years on April 19.[6]

Kim Jae Joong launched his new agency, iNKODE, on May 4.

4. Dimash Kudaibergen

Born: 1994

Interesting facts

Swimming, taekwondo (in his youth).

Dimash works out on a regular basis to build stamina for performing on stage for 23 hours. During his stay, he also frequently uses the swimming pool at a hotel. On YouTube, we can see him playing basketball or juggling footballs.

On-stage musical instruments include the piano, dombra, and drum.

He enjoys playing the marimba, guitar, violin, and cello in videos.

People he admires or respects include his parents, grandparents, Marat Aitimov (his vocal teacher), Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Jackie Chan.

Rap, heavy metal, metal rock, and classical opera are among my favorite musical genres.

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5. Xiao Zhan

Born: 1991

Zhan Xiao (or Sean Xiao) was born in Chongqing, China on October 5, 1991. He is a singer and actor, best known for his roles in The Untamed (2019), Jade Dynasty (2019), and Oh! My Emperor (2018).

Zhan Xiao was admitted to Chongqing Technology and Business University's School of Modern International Design and Art in 2010. He was a member of the class art and literature and joined the chorus branch of the school art troupe, eventually becoming the director of the university student art troupe's vocal music department, the director of the male voice department, and the actor of the school language arts branch. Zhan Xiao traveled to Beijing during his freshman year to perform "I Have a Dream" with the language arts branch. In his sophomore year, he competed in Chongqing Technology and Business University's "Top Ten Singers on Campus" competition and won the honorary title of "Top Ten Singers on Campus."

6. Jungkook (BTS)

Top 10 Most Handsome Asian Celebrities 2024

Born: 1997

Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-guk) is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and music producer signed to Big Hit Entertainment. He is the lead singer of the popular boy band BTS.

Jungkook used to want to be a professional badminton player, but after seeing G-Dragon perform on TV, he was inspired to become an idol. Jungkook auditioned for the show 'Super Star K,' and despite failing, he received casting offers from various entertainment companies. Jungkook decided to join Big Hit Entertainment after seeing RM perform.

Jungkook debuted with the group in 2013 and went on to become a worldwide sensation.

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7. Lee Joon Gi

Born: 1982

Lee Jun Ki began his career as a model, playing minor roles in Korean dramas. He first appeared in a television commercial for the So Basic fashion label in 2001. He made his film debut in 'The Hotel Venus' (Japanese Production). In 2004, he made his first drama appearance in 'Star's Echo,' a two-part mini drama series produced by MBC and Fuji TV. He then appeared in 'Nonstop 4', 'Drama City: What Should I Do?', and the film 'Flying Boys'.

His first major acting role was as Gong Gil in the film 'The King and the Clown' in 2005. Lee's acting abilities shone through his ability to portray the characteristics of a homosexual clown, propelling him to stardom and popularity throughout Asia, where he won numerous awards. Seo Jung Woo, a supporting character in the 2005 hit drama 'My Girl,' was his next role. He had changed his image from a homosexual clown to a wealthy play boy as a result of this drama. Lee's popularity skyrocketed as a result of these roles, allowing him to become well-known not only in Korea, but also throughout Asia and beyond. Other films and dramas he has worked on include 'Virgin Snow,' 'May 18', 'Time Between Dog and Wolf,' and his 2008 hit drama 'Iljimae'.

8. Lee Min Ho

Born: 1987

Lee Minho is a well-known artist in South Korea. He has worked as an actor, producer, and creative director. He has a remarkable global reach with 95 million social media followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Weibo. From 2018 to 2021, the Korean government's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism ranked Lee as the top Korean actor among international audiences for four years in a row. Aside from being a critically acclaimed actor, he is also a filmmaker who creates short form content and films for his YouTube channel, "leeminho film."

Lee is currently starring as 'Hansu' in the multilingual international drama series Pachinko (2022) on AppleTV+. Pachinko is based on the best-selling novel of the same name, which follows four generations of a Korean immigrant family's hopes and dreams. The show was filmed in North America and South Korea, and it is told in Korean, Japanese, and English.

9. V (BTS)

Born: 1995

Kim Tae-Hyung (V) is a South Korean singer and actor signed to Big Hit Entertainment. He rose to prominence as a member of the global sensation BTS.

V accompanied a friend to an audition at Big Hit Entertainment when he was only fifteen years old. He was only there to support a friend, but an executive took notice and encouraged him to audition. V had to call his parents for permission to audition because he had no intention of doing so. He eventually passed the audition and was hired as an official trainee.

V made his official debut with BTS in 2013, and he went on to become one of the most popular and well-liked artists of his generation.

10. Super Junior's Donghae

Born: 1986

Donghae from Super Junior is also on the list!

Netizens and the survey's creator both agreed that he was the most attractive celebrity of all time.

Plastic surgeons have long admired Donghae's stunning beauty and symmetrical face. K-pop fans agreed that the idol, along with Siwon, should be the main visual.

Donghae has maintained his timeless appearances since Super Junior debuted in 2005, becoming even more handsome with age.

Interesting Facts

Donghae has dangerous hands; he's broken lightsticks and cellphones!

Donghae and Dara have been friends for over a decade.

He enjoys drinking lemon water on a daily basis, and he and Hyukjae refer to it as 'Hitsumi-chan'.

Donghae was a conscripted police officer from October 15, 2015 to July 14, 2017.

His hobby is photography. He'll bring his cameras everywhere and photograph everything. He used to take blurry photos in the past, but he has worked hard to improve himself and become one of the best photographers in Sup.


That's all about the majority of Asian celebrities right now. The majority of them are from South Korea. Many are young, but some are of the 8X generation.

Do you think their faces are the most attractive? Please share your thoughts and suggestions for more attractive Asian men.

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