Who is BTS Kim Nam-joon - World’s Most Handsome Man?
Who is BTS Kim Nam-joon - World’s Most Handsome Man?
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Recently, TC Candler - an American film, art, and beauty review site - updated the voting process for the title of "The most handsome man in the world in 2022".

Accordingly, RM, the leader of BTS (Korea), currently holds the highest number of votes, pushing Hollywood actor Henry Cavill - who has held this title for many years - to second place.

Although this is only a temporary statistic, the final results will not be announced until December, but the fact that RM surpassed the popular "Superman" guy made the social network "surprise".

Army (BTS's fanclub name) is very excited with this news. They celebrate and celebrate their idols on social media. Contrary to the proud reactions of the ARMYs, a large number of international viewers were quite shocked by the voting results. Many people compare the photos of the two stars and do not understand why the "Monster Hunter" actor is behind the leader of BTS. Some people even suspect that TC Candler's vote is a fraud.

Who is Kim Nam-joon?

RM BTS, real name Kim Nam Joon, is known as one of the most talented and omnipotent leaders in Kpop. Not only possessing an impressive rap ability, RM is also very famous as a music producer and a male idol with a "super brain" with IQ 148. The following article will share a Some interesting information about the leader of the globally famous group BTS.

BTS Kim Nam-Joon Personal Information

• Real name: Kim Nam Joon

• Stage Name: RM (formerly Rap Monster)

• Nickname: God of Destruction, Genius Leader

• Born: September 12, 1994

• Birthplace: IIsan, Gyeonggi, South Korea

• Height: 182 cm

• Weight: 67 kg

• Blood type A

• Zodiac: Virgo

• Hobbies: Music, fashion and art. Enjoyed visiting museums around the world.

• Being the eldest child in the family consisting of father, mother and younger sister

• Ideal type: A girlfriend who has a pleasant voice and can talk for hours with the guy.

Stage name - RM

Photo: laodong
Photo: laodong

RM chose the name "Rap Monster" as his stage name during his trainee period. Although it is often misunderstood that the name means he "raps like a monster", it is actually derived from the lyrics of a song he wrote, inspired by San's "Rap Genius". E. The lyrics have a part where San E states that he should be called a "rap monster" because he "raps non-stop". He chose this stage name because he felt it was "cool". RM describes himself as having a love-hate relationship with the name, feeling that it should not have been chosen because of its "incredible value" to him.

He officially changed his stage name to "RM" in November 2017, when he determined that "Rap Monster" no longer represents who he is and the music he makes. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, RM said that "[the name] can stand for many things. It can have more scenes." and "Real Me" is considered a meaning of it at the present time.

Kim Nam-Joon Career

A boy with a smart mind

Although not the oldest member of BTS, RM was chosen as the leader of the group. The reason is not only because of his impressive artistic talent but also because the male rapper possesses a smart intellect with an IQ of 148. Before debuting with BTS, he was always an excellent student, ranked in the group of 1% of students. the best in Korea through a competency test including many subjects: Korean, Math, Foreign Languages ​​and Social Studies.

At the age of 15, RM achieved a TOEIC score of 850/990 just by teaching himself English through movies and music.

In the Korean reality show "Problematic Man", RM showed his outstanding intelligence when he was able to answer all difficult and troublesome questions from the show. Not only good at foreign languages ​​and mathematics, RM also has a wide understanding of all areas of life.

Thanks to that, RM is the main spokesman of BTS when the group is active in the international market. He answered fluently and skillfully in English and gave the members a chance to express themselves.

The male idol has twice represented BTS and is also the only Kpop artist to be honored to speak at the United Nations General Assembly with an inspirational speech to the audience.

In addition to his remarkable foreign language ability, another factor that makes RM always admired is the way he answers questions from the press at concert press conferences or product launches.

RM does not shy away from difficult questions from the media, he takes careful notes and answers in a concise, humorous way and always avoids "slander" incidents. It is this that makes BTS members respect and admire RM, considering him the indispensable "ace" of the group.

The road to the music career

If including the time working as an underground rapper, RM has been active for 10 years so far.

From an early age, RM showed a special interest in poetry and words. He used to write a lot of poems in his notebook. Until 2016, RM was inspired after hearing Epik High's ace Fly and wished he could also tell his own stories through music. After that, RM practiced writing rap lyrics and worked as an underground rapper under the stage name Runch Randa.

After finishing high school, RM had to convince his mother a lot to pursue a musical career, becoming a rapper and a music producer. Always a good student with excellent academic records and a bright future, it was very difficult for RM to convince his mother to make music.

He has to choose between two options, one is to continue his studies, the other is to pursue his passion for art. RM shared in his autobiography that he struggled a lot and told his mother, "My score is ranked 5000 in the nation, but if it's rap, I can be first. Do you want your son to be 5000th or first?". After this sentence, his family let him pursue his musical dream and RM worked hard to get where he is today, regardless of his mother's trust in him.

Along with Kidoh (ToppDogg), RM then with the stage name Runch Randa was active as a member of the underground group "Daenamhyup" and was quite popular. RM is known for his good rapping skills and deep rapping lyrics.

Overcoming prejudice and succeeding with BTS

Photo: biographymask
Photo: biographymask

In 2009, RM was invited to audition for a Hip Hop Studio, where he met rapper Sleepy and impressed Sleepy with his rapping skills. Sleepy then introduced RM to Bang Shi Hyuk - president of Big Hit Entertainment. And then in 2010, RM became the first member of BTS. In 2013, RM debuted as the leader of BTS, leading the group up from hardship to the success it is today.

Giving up the underground and becoming an idol was extremely difficult for both RM and bandmate Suga, because underground followers often have prejudice and hatred towards the idol world. They think that idols are just people who dress and makeup like girls, step on stage to sing and dance according to what is arranged in advance. The fact that RM and Suga abandoned the underground at that time and debuted as idols received much criticism and mixed opinions from many other underground rappers.

Fortunately, until now, after debuting with BTS for 7 years, RM has proven to those who hate him that idols are also true artists, dedicating and transmitting music. around the world rather than performing robots.

Facts about RM surpassed Henry Cavill, leading the poll of Most Handsome Man in 2022

Recently, on Twitter and some news sites like Marca, The Daily Star spread the news that TC Candler magazine held a vote for The Most Handsome Man of 2022 (The Most Handsome Man in the World 2022). Through the voting of global users through official channels, TC Candler is said to have announced the results of the vote.

The truth is – this is yet another example of FAKE NEWS created to generate hype for the page views and ad money, and here are the reasons why:

Fact 1: Henry Cavill Was Never Voted World’s Most Handsome Man

As handsome as Witcher star Henry Cavill is, he was never voted World’s Most Handsome Man in any TC Candler annual lists.

In fact, both Henry Cavill and RM (Kim Nam-Joon) were never even in the Top 5 of any TC Candler annual list ever!

So the claim that RM from BTS beat Henry Cavill for the top spot is already wrong.

Fact 2: Voting Only Takes Place In December

TC Candler only opens voting for the 100 Most Beautiful Faces and 100 Most Handsome Faces in December of every year.

In other words, voting has not even occurred for the 2022 edition of either list, so any claim that Kim Nam-Joon or Henry Cavill won the 2022 list is false.

Fact 3: TC Candler Refuted The Claim

On the evening of August 23, TC Candler's official Twitter posted a notice stating that this is incorrect information.

Full annoucement from TC Candler:

"For those who have been asking and spreading the meme… No, we have not released the 2022 Lists yet. We only ever release the Top 100 lists in late December.

As much as we like both RM (Kim Nam-Joon) and Henry Cavill, neither of them has ever been crowned the winner or even been in the Top 5.

Nothing has been decided in 2022 and nothing will be until we hold a vote in December.

If you see the meme or the news story floating around social media, please ignore and don’t share.

Thank you — TC Candler"

Personal Life of Rap Monster

After nearly 9 years of operation, BTS received a huge salary thanks to the global success. Business Insider reported that each member of the group owns a huge fortune estimated at 20 million USD (about 450 billion VND).

In which, RM is estimated to own a huge fortune of about 20 to 22 million USD (about 455 to 500 billion VND). His income comes from activities with BTS and royalties on more than 170 songs composed over the years.

Thanks to the huge remuneration, at the end of May 2021, RM spent $ 5.7 million (more than VND 130 billion) to buy a house in the Nine One Hannam area - one of the most expensive real estate areas in kimchi.

In addition, the male idol owns countless branded clothes and gadgets. Fans had many opportunities to see RM's expensive Kaws bear collection through livestreams in the studio. Moreover, RM is also a follower of the Rolex watch company with the price of each piece reaching up to billions of dong.

Currently, despite being 28 years old, RM is still hard at work and keeps his love life private. He has never been seen dating any girl and always denies baseless dating rumors.

The male idol revealed, his ideal type is a girl with a beautiful voice and white skin, a well-proportioned body, smart and beautiful red converse high boots.

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