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Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet. Photo: Animalhi

1.Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp - Most Beautiful Sea Creatures
Mantis Shrimp - Most Beautiful Sea Creatures

Mantis shrimp has a very similar shape to a mantis, especially the second pectoral legs have a rudder shape with large, flexible spines.

The body of the Mantis Shrimp is only covered by an outer shell from the back of the head to the first 4 segments of the body. Body length can be up to 40 cm, weight 250 g.

Body color varies depending on species from brown, green, light black to pink, light yellow.

These species of mantis found in the sea are very beautiful, due to which they have a bright color which can be blue, orange, green, and red, but their beauty is not limited to this. On seeing them, your attention will first go to their eyes, which are also big. Different and also a treasure trove of beauty.

Mantis shrimp eat smaller animals, mollusks and crustaceans, they live buried, hide in burrows or crevices, only come out of shelters to find prey and depending on the species can live during the day or at night.

Widely distributed in temperate and tropical seas globally. Delicious meat, can be used as food for people or pets.

2.Leafy Seadragon

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon has the scientific name is Phycodurus Eques, is a species of fish in the family scad.

It is the only species in the genus Phycodurus and lives for 7 years. They are found along the south and west coasts of the Australian Sea.

The name comes from the leaf-like shape, used for camouflage.

The leafy sea arowana is the state emblem of South Australia and the centerpiece of the marine museum.

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Leafy Seadragons have a lot of leaves on their back and this is what makes these creatures stand out

Leafy sea arowanas use their long, small mouths to suck their prey inside. Their favorite food is usually small invertebrates that live among the kelp in the sea.

The leaf-like body helps them camouflage well, making it difficult for fierce fish to eat meat. When they need to defend themselves or attack, they crouch and stick their thorns out. This species can stand still for up to 68 hours.

3.Sea Cucumbers

Sea Cucumber From Okinawa, Japan
Sea Cucumber From Okinawa, Japan

Under the ocean, sea cucumbers have more than 3,000 species and live in seas around the world.

Sea cucumber - scientifically known as Enypniastes eximia. This deep-sea sea cucumber is called the "headless chicken monster" by scientists because it has no real brain and no sense organs.

They are molluscs, living in all seas of the world. Sea cucumbers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, so they are called "sea slugs".

Sea cucumbers have many types, many colors, bright and beautiful patterns. Although most colorful animals are poisonous, sea cucumbers are not.

Their diet is based on sponges, bryozoans, or hydroids, but some may even be predisposed to cannibalism.

They can be found in seas around the globe, including the frigid waters of Antarctica as well as in tropical regions of the world.

Sea cucumbers are also known as the "laborers" of the sea because they eat animal carcasses, plankton and organic matter on the seabed.

The color of Enypniastes eximia varies from bright pink to reddish brown. Notably, the body is also transparent, making it possible to see their digestive system.

4.Christmas Tree Worms

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Christmas Tree Worms

This worm has the scientific name Spirobranchus Giganteus, widely distributed throughout the tropical oceans of the world. They are often found when "head" into large coral reefs on the sea floor.

The most noticeable feature of this worm is two "crowns" like two Christmas trees. These pines are responsible for transporting food into the worm's mouth.

In addition, this is their respiratory organ, working like gills. Like other worms, Spirobranchus giganteus has a tubular body, surrounded by many hairs, and very small limbs that allow it to move on the reef.

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Christmas Tree Worms

However, this worm is very sedentary, once it has found a favorite place, it will not move much anymore. When attacked, these Christmas trees can also quickly move into the hollows of coral reefs to hide.

These little creatures spend their whole life i.e. about 40 years in one place. By the way, Christmas Tree Worms mostly live together and on seeing them, it seems that a beautiful fruit garden is made underwater.

In fact, about 100 feet below in the Tropical Ocean, there is such an organism, which may be only 5 cm. But if you have seen this creature once, you will want to see it again and again. They are also found in red, orange, yellow, and pink colors.

5.Flying Gurnard

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Flying Gurnard

The Atlantic Landfly is a common English name of the Flying Gurnard, a marine fish in the family Dactylopteridae.

This fish inhabits warm temperate to tropical seas on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Habitat depth from 1 to 100 m.

This fish has a variable coloration, either brownish or greenish with streaks of red or yellow. When agitated, they spread "wings" that are almost transparent, with bright blue at the edges.

Wings are used to repel predators, not helping them move in the ocean like the fins of other flying fish.

This fish also has large eyes. Their bodies reach up to 50 cm in length and 1.8 kg in weight.

6.Blue Tang

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Blue Tang

The Blue Tang, scientifically known as Paracanthurus hepatus, is best known for its beautiful blue and black color with a yellow tail.

This fish can grow up to 12 inches long and has small scales as well as a pointed nose.

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Blue Tang

These fish mainly feed on plankton, while the more mature ones are omnivores so they sometimes eat algae.

Because this fish emits a strong odor, it is often used as bait. However, due to its breathtaking beauty, this fish is also found in aquariums.

7.Sea Slugs or Sea Angel

Top 10 Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Sea Angel or Sea Slug

This sea slug has the scientific name Clione Limacina (meaning "angel under the ocean"). However, according to scientists, this is actually a special snail "without a shell". This species is only the size of a pea and is the "favorite" of many other creatures in the ocean.

This sea slug is completely transparent and you can see its red heart. It has a shell at birth, but as it grows, it disappears.

Sea Angels have wing-like legs that help them move through the water. They catch prey by shooting tentacles out of their heads, and its head has 6 tentacles.

Video: Sea Angel (Sea Slug) - the Most Beautiful Sea Creature on the Planet


Top 10 Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet

The Mandarinfish has the scientific name Synchiropus splendidus. A small, brightly colored and attractive fish that belongs to the family Callionymidae. The fish's natural habitat is in the western Pacific Ocean, approximately from the Ryukyu Islands south to Australia.

It is impossible to discuss gorgeous marine life without mentioning the mandarinfish since this blue and red fish is as stunning as it is vibrant. Everyone wants to capture or touch these fish because of their blue skin. But it also contains poison. These lovely fish have a maximum length of only 3 inches, with males being larger than females.

Everyone wants to be surrounded by these stunning fish, but Mandarin fish only eat copepods, which are plankton and not readily accessible. It is therefore exceedingly challenging to keep them up. The mandarin fish is a dancing rainbow in and of itself.


Top 10 Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
Lionfish is a beautiful but very poisonous fish that lives in the Indo-Pacific waters

The lionfish is a beautiful but very poisonous fish. They live in the Indo-Pacific waters. The scientific name of lionfish is Pterois volitans.

Lionfish have gills with white, red, brown or black bands as well as a fearsome set of fin rays on their backs.

Being stung by one of these fin rays is very painful, the venom is not usually lethal, but it is a very good weapon against predators in the natural environment.

Lionfish can grow as large as about 19 inches. She lives mostly alone. These fish are together only at the time of mating. After one mating season, a fish can lay up to 30,000 eggs, and then the tiny and beautiful babies of this beautiful fish are born.

10.Snake-tailed Starfish

Top Most Beautiful Sea Creatures on the Planet
The Snaketail Starfish has more than 2,000 different species.

The snake-tailed starfish, also known as the brittle starfish (Scientific name: Ophiuroidea) is an echinoderm in the class Ophiuroidea that is closely related to starfish.

They are also very colorful creatures with many different colors, extremely attractive.

They are capable of surviving in both shallow and deep seas.

The brittle starfish has distinctly separate long arms in the central disc region. These arms are long and brittle, very fragile when injured but also recover quickly.

Crispy star's digestive system is not yet complete. Although they have a mouth, esophagus, and stomach, they do not have an anus. Therefore, the expulsion of waste takes place through the mouth. These are also scavengers or carnivores.

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