Top 10 Biggest Bread Brands in The US Today Top 10 Biggest Bread Brands in The US Today
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Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Top 10 The Biggest Bagel Brands In The United States

Bagel (sometimes called bagels) in English, also known as beigel, is a type of bread of the Polish Jewish community. Bagels are usually hand-shaped into a ring from yeasted wheat flour, about the size of a hand, briefly boiled in water and baked.

The bagels often have toasted seeds on the outer shell, with the traditional coffee beans being anise or sesame. Some bagels may have salt sprinkled on them, and have different types of flour, such as whole grain or rye.


How to use Bagel correctly?

1. Bagel should be sliced and re-baked: Unlike Donut (which is quite similar in appearance, and a lot of people confuse it with Bagel), Bagel needs a little crunch, a bit of dryness and takes twice as long to enjoy. . Even if after baking, the bagel does not clearly see the dryness of the surface, the cake needs to be baked again.

2. Bagel should be served with savory dishes. Bagel can be served with sweet or savory fillings, but the ingredients to make this line of cakes are suitable for more savory meals. It would be great if a slice of hot bagel crunchy with a little onion or garlic, spices, combined with bacon or smoked salmon.

3. Bagel is most often used with cream cheese, cut the bagel in half and spread cream cheese over it, don't spread it too thin if that's not your intention. A slice of bagel with a layer of cream cheese evenly spread across the cut is indeed very appealing to both the eyes and the taste buds.

4. The most special thing about the bagel is the soft, indescribably chewy taste of the cake, which comes from the artistic process of boiling the cake. Enjoying the delicate traditional taste takes time. It would be remiss to enjoy bagel in a hurry, it's like drinking wine from a glass of whiskey.

Top 10 The Biggest Bagel Brands In The United States

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1. Thomas’

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels

Thomas' is a North American brand of English muffins and bagels that was founded in 1880. Bimbo Bakeries USA, one of the largest baking companies in the United States, owns the Entenmann's, Boboli, Sara Lee, Stroehmann, and Arnold bread companies. The "nooks and crannies" of the muffins are highlighted in advertisements. In addition, the company makes toasting or swirl breads, pitas, wraps, and bagels.

After emigrating from England to the United States in 1880, Samuel Bath Thomas invented the Original "Nooks & Crannies®" English Muffin. He created a muffin that was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside using a top-secret process that included griddle baking. Later, in New York City, he opened his own bakery.

2. Einstein Bros Bagels

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels, founded in December 1995 by restaurant chain Boston Market, has grown significantly in its 25-year history and now ranks as the second-largest bagel brand in the United States in terms of average annual sales.

The breakfast chain, headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, specializes in coffee and bagels and takes pride in providing customers with hot and fresh bagels every day of the year. Einstein Bros Bagels serves hundreds of millions of Americans each year from nearly 700 locations across the United States.

Einstein Bros Bagels is best known for its classic and specialty bagels, in addition to its extensive menu of breakfast products and meals.

3. Sara Lee International

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Sara Lee International

Sara Lee, another company known for their desserts such as pound cakes and pies, would presumably go after the cinnamon raisin bagel-loving grocery shopper. Sara Lee Plain Bagels have the classic bagel taste and chewy inside that people love, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time snack.

Sara Lee, already a shell of its former self, was fending off a number of suitors in 2012. Downer's Grove officials realized that the company couldn't withstand a hostile takeover, so they decided to split it up.

Hillshire Brands was formed from a portion of the company. Another component was D.E Master Blenders 1753, a collection of global coffee brands such as Pilao, Douwe Egberts, and Senseo that was an early player in the single-serving coffee market.

4. Nature’s Own

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Nature’s Own

Nature's Own, founded in 1980, is a trusted brand with a long history of producing natural products based on science and supported by research. Nature's Own was founded by two idealists who sought better nutrition with a genuine desire to improve the nation's health.

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5. Pepperidge Farm

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Pepperidge Farm

Margaret Rudkin founded Pepperidge Farm, an American commercial bakery, in 1937. She named the brand after her family's 123-acre farm property in Fairfield, Connecticut, which was named after the pepperidge tree. Norwalk, Connecticut, U.S.

Although Pepperidge Farm began with bread, you are probably most familiar with them for two other products: Goldfish crackers and cookies. There's a fascinating story behind the origins of their cookies and recipes, which Slate learned from retiring Pepperidge Farm president Pat Callaghan.

6. Udi’s

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels

Boulder Brands owns Udi's Health Foods, a vegan and gluten-free packaged food company based in Boulder, Colorado.

Udi's bagels are made with brown rice and tapioca instead of wheat flour. The plain ones can be found on Instacart for about $6 for five. These contain no dairy or soy. Each 79-gram Udi's plain bagel contains 37 grams of carbohydrates, 4 grams of sugar, and 410 mg of sodium. The fat content is higher than in some other store-bought bagels, at 7 grams, with 6 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. The ingredients list includes pea protein, xanthan gum, and cultured corn syrup solids - both solid and liquid corn syrup are added sugars/

7. Trader Joe’s

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's own brand of bagels has quickly gained popularity, rising to one of the largest bagel brand in the United States.

The private retail grocery store, which has over 520 locations across the United States and primarily specializes in organic and specialty food products, is now known for its extensive store-branded products, which include a line of bagels, breads, and other breakfast foods.

Pretzel bagels, artisan bagels, plain bagels, and a variety of other specialty and seasonal bagel flavors are marketed primarily under the Baker Josef's label by the California-based grocery store.

8. Franz Family Bakeries

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Franz Family Bakeries

Since 1906, Franz Family Bakeries, also known as the United States Bakery, has been boiling and baking bagels. Engelbert Franz, the company's founder, immigrated to the United States as a 15-year-old to work at his uncle's bakery in Portland. United States Bakery was the original name of the bakery. Franz's brothers followed him to America shortly after his arrival and quickly took over the bakery from their uncle.

Engelbert Franz invented the 5-inch-diameter hamburger bun in collaboration with the owner of Yaw's Top Notch Restaurant, which is now permanently closed. Franz is the holder of the Guinness World Record for the longest hot dog bun. The record-breaking bun was 104 feet, 912 inches long. The Spokane Franz facility produces buns for all of Wenspok's Wendy's franchises. The Spokane location was previously known as Boge Bakery before being purchased by Franz.

9. Lender’s Bagels

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Lender’s Bagels

Lender's pioneered frozen bagels and the first packaged bagels sold in supermarkets, eventually becoming the world's largest bagel manufacturer. In 1984, the company was sold to Kraft Foods. Pinnacle Foods acquired it in 2003. It began producing fresh bagels at room temperature in 1994.

Lender's Bagel sells refrigerated and frozen bagels in 11 different varieties. All are significantly smaller than what you'd find at your neighborhood bagel shop. Each 57-gram Lender's Original 100% Whole Wheat Bagel, for example, has 27 carbs, 270 mg of sodium, and 4 grams of sugar.

10. Ray’s New York Bagels

Top 10 Largest American Brands of Bagels
Ray’s New York Bagels

Ray's New York Bagels is one of the top ten largest bagel brands in the United States, and for good reason: New York bagels are celebrated around the world for their tender, chewy texture and refined taste.

Ray's bagels are boiled in New York water, which is celebrated among bagel bakers for its low concentrations of calcium and magnesium, and then shipped and sold at stores across the country, as the secret to delicious New York bagels is the water.

Ray's New York Bagels has expanded significantly since its inception in 1999. Ray's bagels are now available in over 10,000 supermarkets and grocery stores across the United States and are rapidly expanding globally.

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